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THEKEY (TKY) ICO Review – ICO Token News

THEKEY (TKY) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The evolution of the digital economy has brought radical changes in the way we interact and do business with one another. This paradigm shift has further led to the rise of an obvious need to digitally identify one another and to ensure that every individual digital footprint is unalterable and secure.

As the already-thin line between reality and digital continues to blur, the need for having a sturdy identification verification (IDV) tool is becoming more and more prominent. In today’s digital world, IDV technology identifies individuals online so that they can use the products/services for which they have already paid. However, lots of tech players and government agencies have failed to unleash the full potential of IDV technologies. That is exactly where THEKEY comes into play, as it will blend IDV tools with cutting-edge blockchain technologies.

Let us dive a bit deeper into this crypto project and its imminent ICO sale. 

THEKEY analysis

THEKEY is an IDV tool that is built using big data and blockchain technology. (To be technically precise, this platform uses blockchain-based multi-dimension identification (BDMI) techniques that include smart contracts.) In short, this project aims to develop a robust verification system based on a blockchain.  This system will use government-authorized personally identifiable information (PII) fragments.

Apart from analyzing the PII fragments, this ecosystem will also make sure that all the data entered within the blockchain cannot be altered or edited. The authenticity and integrity of data, which is received from several government sources, will remain intact with THEKEY.

Because of its high importance, THEKEY has planned an ICO for its tokens. Furthermore, the company has successfully raised seed funding. The team backing this project has even obtained a number of patents and copyrights. Also, the firm’s robust identity verification system has already been deployed as a pilot project in two Chinese cities—Kaifeng and Jiaxing. In other words, this crypto project is not any of your run-of-the-mill ICO campaigns looking to make a few quick bucks. Instead, this ICO has successfully established a rock-solid presence within the market just before the token’s crowd sale.

In relation to the ecosystem’s ICO sale, more than ¥ 10 million has been successfully raised by the project—which is why, this ecosystem looks credible not only on paper but also in the real world. A pre-ICO sale took place from October to December last year, and a general crowd sale of THEKEY tokens will take place in February 2018.

Now, let us see what makes this project innovative in the evolving world of crypto tech. Through its ICO sale, the platform will successfully embrace the blockchain technology. 

THEKEY innovation 

Every single ICO project—such as LALA World, TBIS, FintruX, CUBE—that is planning to disrupt the world in one way or the other relies heavily on innovation. So here are the top three innovation highlights that are unique to THEKEY.

Bringing unmatched reliability to the fore: The supporting data sets are always gathered by the ecosystem in real time, and they are accurate, reliable, and comprehensive. Furthermore, the data is even validated in advance by different government agencies or other public-recognized institutions. So, as far as the ecosystem’s data reliability goes, it is absolutely unmatched.

Reducing the overall cost by a wide margin: This crypto project uses all the existing data sources. As it is using the available data sources to the max, all the duplicate work associated with data collection, authentication, and processing is avoided. And since no duplicate work is done, the overall cost is brought down. 

A seamless user experience builds happy customers: THEKEY always prioritizes the user experience—that is because the core development team believes that happy users make a successful crypto ecosystem. Unlike many other crypto projects, this one is all about making the interaction between the users and the platform as hassle free as possible. For this reason, this crypto ecosystem does not make it necessary for its users to upload information or install any application for ensuring a smooth interaction. 

THEKEY token sale 

THEKEY network will be a completely decentralized autonomous community that has three components: participants (individual users, validators, and service providers), TKY tokens, and smart contracts. THEKEY tokens are one of the most critical components available in this ecosystem. These tokens are used as a method to settle every single smart contract that is signed between different participants within the ecosystem. 

Other ICO details 

  • Ticker: TKY
  • ICO crowd sale: February 1–February 28, 2018
  • ICO Token price: 1 TKY = 0.0134 USD (0.000001 BTC)
  • Bonus: Yes
  • Token type: NEO
  • Accepts: NEO
  • Goal: USD22,000,000
  • Raised in presale: USD16,500,000
  • KYC: Yes
  • Restricted areas: USA, Singapore, and China

THEKEY team 

Prospective investors will be more than happy to know that this crypto project is backed by a team of data scientists, R&D experts, and computer programmers. This team is led by Catherine Li (CEO) who is also the principal architect behind the Data Acquisition Program—the same program that enabled the team to acquire critical data of 210 million people located in 66 cities. Furthermore, the team has established an Administration Committee that is decentralized and totally committed to the popularization and standardization of this specific identification system. 

Summarizing THEKEY

All in all, THEKEY is delivering a sophisticated ICO campaign that serves the growing needs of a digitized world—much like any other ICO such as Hamster, Storiqa, Hade, Flying Money, Havven and  Amon. Looking at it with a positive vision, this project may be one of the most significant innovations to take the crypto world by storm. The development team behind this crypto project is taking all the PII fragments from reliable government sources and placing them on a powerful blockchain. By doing so, this network is also developing a robust ecosystem where validators, users, and service providers can easily and quickly interact with each other. So if you are still blowing hot and cold about this project, then it is always good to remember that the company behind it had already created related programs that have delivered tangible results.

For more information about this specific ICO campaign, visit its website.

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