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Thrive (THRT) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Thrive ICO?

Thrive is a marketplace where ads can be bought or sold at competitive rates. The concerns of advertisers are growing in terms of brand safety and transparency—especially with the evolution of digital advertising. Advertisers are particularly worried about the type of content next to which their ads will be placed. As a result, today’s advertisers and digital marketers are developing innovative ways to find premium placement for their ads, and their research has led them to blockchain technology.

By using the revolutionary blockchain technology, a team of forward-thinking digital advertisers and developers created a robust decentralized ad marketplace—Thrive, Thrive is a marketplace where ads can be bought or sold at competitive rates.


Thrive History

The world of digital advertising is evolving and becoming monopolized and revenues have skyrocketed over recent years. This sudden, meteoric rise of digital advertising has led to the development of many ad exchanges such as OpenX, AOL’s Marketplace, Criteo, Google DoubleClick, and AppNexus.

Giant ad exchanges have established strict membership criteria and ground rules to make sure that the participating publishers pass the transparency and premium tests. By doing so, these big ad networks are trying to push their own personal interests and financial agenda. That is how Thrive was conceived.

Thrive, also known as Thrive Labs, was built to disrupt the world of digital advertising with the help of the blockchain technology. As the cheapest and most premium ad marketplace, Thrive will use a variety of blockchain technologies such as smart contracts to reinvent the way advertisements are bought, sold, placed, and consumed.

It is interesting to note that before Thrive, several attempts were made to decentralize advertising. However, these blockchain-based products are yet to achieve maturity.

Thrive Analysis

What is Thrive all about?            

Based in Italy, Thrive Labs is controlled by WEBOOM—a company that has rich experience and deep expertise in digital advertising. Thrive is the first-ever community-based, meritocratic advertising marketplace where every participant becomes a solid contributor in defining commercial benefits and crystal-clear publisher interests.

Thrive’s community is the backbone of its business model. Every participant—reviewers, consumers, publishers, and advertisers—is eligible to improve the platform’s economic performance. In addition, the platform will try to improve the conditions of all these participants by:

  • Monetizing a publisher’s content.
  • Bringing down an advertiser’s campaign-management costs.
  • Paying the users for providing their behavioral data.

Plus, every single payment (or any other transaction, for that matter) on this platform will be backed by smart contracts. Users of the ad platform can therefore be confident concerning data transparency and payment processing. Adding to its credibility, Thrive Labs has confirmed to MSFA securities regulations. As a result, Thrive is not just a simple idea. Instead, it is a complete revolution in the making.

What is Thrive

What is Thrive main idea?

Thrive platform aims to revolutionize the way companies and publishers worldwide carry out digital advertisement. The major goal of this platform is to develop one of the first community and meritocratic advertisement market place. This platform will be built on advanced Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Users will be able to sell and buy advertisements at low price using blockchain and decentralized global marketplace. People get will be paid for reviewing websites on this platform and sharing of essential data on this ecosystem.

Philosophy of this platform

Social responsibility

The core development associated with this project effectively believes in the corporate social responsibility. This platform offer users a chance to take part in a survey conducted by this platform for carrying out an annual charity program.

Meritocratic monetization

All the main contributors are eligible to improve their economic performance on this platform.

Data protection

It is not possible to update, delete, change or correct data held in blockchain. In addition, it is impossible to reconstruct the content of a transaction carried out from the one-way cryptographic hash.


Publishers will be able to access this platform with equal rights. They will get the benefits of a transparent. In addition, publishers will also enjoy extremely low market place fee.

Thrive benefits

What are benefits of this platform?

As compared to other similar projects, this open-source, secure, and decentralized platform has several advantages to consumers, advertisers, and publishers.

Benefits to consumers

  • While surfing websites on internet, consumers will be get paid for sharing essential data of different websites present on Thrive ecosystem.
  • Consumers will be paid to review the quality of websites present on this platform.
  • This platform will help consumers to take back the control of the internet.

Benefits for publishers and advertisers

  • Different advertisement services can be attained for lowest fees.
  • This platform will ensure fastest payment in this sector.
  • Brand safety, accurate reach, and premium placements will be ensured by this platform.

Market opportunity of this secure and fast platform

It is forecasted that the global advertising spending will be nearly 228 US dollars in the year 2018. In the year 2016, the digital advertisement spending around the world was estimated to be nearly 200 billion US dollar. The spending is estimated to double between 2015 and 2019.  There is a huge market for decentralized premium advertisement marketplace for attaining remarkable growth in the future.

Potential growth of this platform

The publishers are seeking transparent ad rules and low fee at the supply side. Thrive will ensure the content of the publishers will be premium and clean.

Companies care about effective retargeting and brand protection on the demand side for maximizing the conversion of their advertisement campaign.  Brand reputation of the companies will be ensured through the premium content reviewer’s process of this platform.

High conversion and predictive retargeting on this platform will be ensured due to data platform management of Thrive. With the high-quality information across the whole customer journey, the customer’s behavioral anonymous data will efficiently feed the DMP of this platform.

What are essential features of this platform?


The innovative data management platform will improve the conversion by collecting data throughout the entire digital marketing journey of their customers.


Transparent, decentralized, open-source, reliable and sustainable reputation management mechanism of this platform will ensure customers against the risks of fraudulent behavior. The brand of the customers will be safer with this platform.


This platform is built on Ethereum blockchain technology that will improve the efficiency with no more intermediaries. It will mean low fees and value creations for their business.

Website reward

Customers will be able to monetize their end-user data. This platform is fast, secure and do not impact the end-user experience. In addition, this platform will act as an additional revenue stream on the top of any traditional monetization system.

Professional Reviewer

Experienced and reliable reviewer ensures that the websites of the customers published on this platform will represent a premium placement opportunity for advertiser.

User reward

This blockchain based platform will pay the users for their monthly internet browsing charges so that they can unleash the real value of their data.

What problems is Thrive solving?

Currently, there is no definitive way in the digital advertising worldwide for the purpose of addressing the problems surrounding the safety of customers’ brand and transparency.

  • Brands have appeared in damaging, inappropriate and distressing content during the digital advertisement campaign.
  • In the traditional digital marketing and advertisement campaign, advertisers do not have any control if their ads will appear in a reputed premium title.
  • There is no easy and quick way for brands to appear next to several premium placements.

Solution provided by Thrive platform

This platform will use cutting-edge blockchain technology and smart contracts for developing a platform that will ensure better brand safety and transparency. It will be community based premium advertisement marketplace where users will be able to become contributors in systematically defining self-reinforcing processes, commercial benefits, and clear publisher interests. A transparent and meritocratic reward model is used in this platform to strictly regulate the digital advertisement industry.

Thrive Roadmap

Thrive Innovation

As is the case with every successful crypto project such as Celsius, BunnyToken, Altair, Lendo, ABYSS, Apollo, AQwire, Thrive’s foundation is laid on innovation alone. Here are a few key points that show how much innovative is the project’s team.

A thriving, transparent, safe community

When any vertical is successfully disrupted by a blockchain and smart contracts, it will become transparent and safe. This is the case with Thrive. This decentralized ad marketplace uses the capabilities of a blockchain and smart contracts to make data immutable, transparent, and safe. This blockchain-based ad marketplace is building and integrating a robust, active community that is characterized by transparent, clear engagement rules.

Bringing down advertisement costs

  1. As Thrive has fully implemented the blockchain technology and smart contracts, it has successfully reduced advertisement costs.
  2. This is because if there is a blockchain, there will be no need to have middlemen.
  3. As a result, more and more businesses are switching to blockchain-based ad platforms.

Introducing a reputation management mechanism

A dependable, sustainable, transparent reputation management system will definitely minimize the risk associated with fraudulent behaviors. A publisher’s reputation will be regulated by two parallel mechanisms:

Reviewer’s reports: Several reviewers will join the platform to analyze the content a publisher posts on the marketplace. These reviewers will analyze a publisher’s publishing history in order to rate it.

Anti-fraud mechanism: Here, an algorithm will analyze the platform’s transaction parameters found on its blockchain. Based on the analysis of a publisher’s transaction parameters, its credibility will be automatically adjusted.

Thrive Token Sale

Being an ERC20 compliant token just like ODEM, Requitix, Shping, TV-TWO, Signals, Qurrex, BEtrium, the Thrive token (THRT) will be supported by every wallet that supports Ether. The list of wallets supporting this token includes, Jaxx, and Ethereum Wallet.

The smart contracts built for streamlining the token sale will be reviewed by independent third-party auditors, and this review will ensure that the code’s integrity and security are intact.

Thrive distribution

Other Thrive ICO details

  • Token symbol: THRT
  • Token standard: ERC20
  • Hard cap: EUR 50,000,000
  • Token supply: 200,000,000 THRT + bonus
  • Exchange rate: 1 THRT will correspond to 0.5 EUR
  • Payment via: ETH
  • All the unsold tokens will be burnt.
  • Every token sale round will follow AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies.
  • The coins are native to this ad marketplace only.
  • The THRT tokens will not give the rights to revenue sharing and will not even represent company shares.

Token sale details:

  • THRT token private round: Until the end of January 2018.
  • THRT token public pre-sales: The launch is planned just 15 days after the private round ends.
  • THRT token public sales: The launch will be planned few weeks after the public pre-sales is finished.

Distribution of tokens

  • 53% of the tokens will be issued during the ICO sale.
  • 27% of the tokens will be issued for further development of this platform and carry out other expenses.
  • 17% of the tokens will be allocated to the team behind this project.
  • 1% of the tokens will be issued to advisors and partners of this platform.

Usage of funds collected during the ICO sale

  • 13% of the funds will be used for development of this platform/.
  • 22% of the funds will be used for marketing and promotion work around the world.
  • 57% of the funds will be used for hiring professionals for this project.
  • 4% of the funds will be used for carryout legal expenses.
  • 4% of the funds will be used as contingency procedures.

Thrive Team

Every successful ICO campaign, such as LH Token or Inspeer or BananaCoin, relies on a robust team. Similarly, Thrive is backed by a squad of expert digital advertisers, marketers, and cryptographers. This team has brought the best version of decentralization to the digital advertising ecosphere. The core team behind this project consists of Viviana Carcione (Chief Marketing Officer), Giuseppe Calabrò (Chief Operating Officer), and Cataldo Franzone (Chief Technology Officer).

Summarizing Thrive

All in all, Thrive has planned to bring much-needed premium decentralization to the digital advertising landscape. Based on blockchain and smart contracts, this marketplace will introduce the highest levels of transparency and safety of the stored data. Furthermore, the platform will use smart contract-backed payment systems to lower advertisement costs and make compensation frictionless.

Put simply, Thrive is the future of digital advertising—and that is why any ICO token investor should consider joining Thrive’s ICO sale.

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  • Cataldo Franzone
    Cataldo Franzone
    Cataldo Franzone
    (Chief Technology Officer) - Passionate and curious about cutting edge technologies, all around geek, strong oriented business mind, advanced IT knowledge, critical thinking.
  • Giuseppe Calabrò
    Giuseppe Calabrò
    Giuseppe Calabrò
    (Chief Operating Officer) - Experienced Business Development Executive with demonstrated result in the events services industry. Strong business development professional with a major focused in Online Marketing and Business Performance, Mobile Value Added Service, Advertising and Direct Media Buying.
  • Viviana Carcione
    Viviana Carcione
    Viviana Carcione
    (Chief Marketing Officer) - Degree in foreign languages. Curious and hardheaded, arts and culture supporter, fully dedicated to brands creation and marketing strategy. Intrigued by the intersection of design, elegance and technology. Words matter, passion wins and thinking is the way.
  • Giuseppe Scordino
    Giuseppe Scordino
    Giuseppe Scordino
    (Chief Strategy Officer) - MBA, ΒΓΣ, Digital Strategy (INSEAD). Business results-oriented with entrepreneurial innovative mindset executive. Strong record track in Business Intelligence & Analytics, Strategy, Competitive intelligence, CRM and Omni channel Digital Transformation.
  • Alessandro Santoro
    Alessandro Santoro
    Alessandro Santoro
    (Computer Science Engineer) - Keen on innovative technologies and mining. Computer Science Engineer. Senior Software Engineer, Experienced web developer and UI optimizer.
  • Gaetano Nuciforo
    Gaetano Nuciforo
    Gaetano Nuciforo
    (Blockchain Expert - Smart Contract) - Blockchain consultant and coder . My philosophy is that bitcoin & blockchain technology should be both accessible and understood by the people who use it. I am a web applications developer too.
  • Rosamaria Chillemi
    Rosamaria Chillemi
    Rosamaria Chillemi
    (Social media manager) - The ceaseless search for trends in social and digital ADV branches, in conjunction with a strong lateral thinking are the first steps to create a winning social media strategy. Writing and digital art enthusiast, I don't give up to any challenge I face.
  • Gianfranco Ciaurella
    Gianfranco Ciaurella
    Gianfranco Ciaurella
    (Community manager) -
    Technologies and Computer Science lover, multi-tasking crypto enthusiast and early investor. Expert in subscriber relations and communication, with also a good understanding of the finance markets and experience in promoting brands through social media and online communities.
  • Hokumdar Hasanov
    Hokumdar Hasanov
    Hokumdar Hasanov
    (Consultant - Russian Community Manager) - Expert in managing crypto projects, web communities and in executing promotion plans for large corporates. Recently founded "Orange Library" startup.
  • Dr.Joseph F. Borg
    Dr.Joseph F. Borg
    Dr.Joseph F. Borg
    (Advisor) - Dr.Joseph F. Borg is an advocate, currently a Senior Advisor to WH Partners. He lectures Gaming Gaming Law at the University of Malta and he is the Vice-President / Co-Founder of Bitmalta.


  • 1
    Company Registration
    Team Assembled
    Project Start
  • 2
    Website development
    White Paper preparation
  • 3
    Ethereum Smart Contract Prototype
  • 4
    Thrive Smart Contract on Ethereum test net
    Thrive Smart contract on Ethereum main net
    Private Round Preparation
  • 5
    Private Token Round
    Public Token Round
  • 6
    Thrive BC release Alpha Testing
    Ad platform development
  • 7
    Beta Testing
    Thrive Ecosystem 1.0
    Mass Launch & Ramp Up
  • 8
    DMP Integration & AD Market Place Launch

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