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TontineTrust (TON) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is TonetineTrust?

TontineTrust uses a century old recipe of funding pension plans, tontines, and mixes it with the 21st century Peer-to-Peer tontines, but obviously with a twist. The peer-to-peer longevity risk-sharing platform disrupts the traditional retirement market with the introduction of its first fully regulated tontine of ETFs that generates a variable income anticipated to be 40 percent+ higher than fixed lifetime annuities.

The system replaces the existing unsuccessful retirement/pension system of the US and other nations with welfare problems with the retirement savings solution. Its new Decentralized Pensions Industry dis-intermediates the current $350BN per annum Life Annuity industry and saves global consumers an estimated 30 percent of their pension that is generally lost in commissions and fees.

Scheduled to be rolled out in Q3 of 2018, the Tontine platform aims at incentivizing a global community of Financial Advisors to include Billions of client assets to the platform leveraging the advantage of a $500m reserve of TON$, the utility currency of the platform.


The Tontine project has already obtained considerable support and interest from several of the well-recognized names in the US pensions industry. This way, TON$ plays multiple roles within the platform

  • 5-10 percent of Tontine assets are annually paid out utilizing TON$ bought on the market
  • Distribution Partners need to buy & stake TON$ to earn TON$ commissions from the Reserve
  • TonCards gives privileges to TON$ Holder
  • Platform fees are accumulated in TON$

TontineTrust platform helps in removing the cost layers existing in traditional longevity risk solutions such as life-annuities. The Tontines are administered by an unbiased, mathematically robust “Smart-Actuary” which is estimated to provide variable lifetime incomes for retirees starting 40 percent+ higher than many conventional annuity products.

With a strong team & advisory board, TontineTrust takes advantage of a decade of academic research to introduce to world an “Always-Fully-Funded” Social Security & Retirement Income Platform in accordance with the most famous financial product in history & secured by blockchain. Similarly, Influencer marketing is a powerful route to market for your ICO, where well known brand campaigns reach engaged audiences.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered platform offers a mathematically secured lifetime income taking advantage of inexpensive passive investment strategies backed up by founded global index funds and/or physical gold held at the Royal Mint.

TontineTrust also offers a fully regulated recourse to erratic government pensions & expensive insurance based products. 100 percent of the platform economics are drawn from the TON Tokens, which succeeds in achieving their maximum available supply when TontineTrust will have reached USD1 Trillion in Assets Under Management.

How does TontineTrust function?

The company characterizes these tontines as “decentralized annuities, where only the tontine members get benefitted instead of the annuity issuers. With the re-introduction of these tontines, the company breaks through consumers’ reluctance to purchase products they find as exceedingly expensive but which they would otherwise value. For this token, the ICO countdown has already begun.

Moreover, TontineTrust guarantees annuitants’ investments through Blockchain technology and eliminates the possibility of being eroded by other tontine participants through pseudonymous accounts. Trust members are allowed to make a collection of their benefits through an ATM taking advantage of biometrically authenticated “TonCards.”

Thus, you get more money, more security, and payouts that continue to grow over time for survivors of the trust, as other trust members die. The company allows for several flavors of annuity and investment sub-account and guarantees transparency.

Tontines immediately offer highly competitive products with yields that may grow faster than inflation, especially in later years. It has created a prototype robo-actuary exploiting actuarial formulae and investment risk management into a system that is easy to encode into smart contracts to create the Smart Actuary decentralized application (“DAPP”).

It also makes use of the Stellar Network, which helps in rapid deployment and integration of a secure system to the blockchain custodians and/or execution venues. Once the Tontine Trust system of record integrates into the biometric platforms and the DAPP hooks up to the custodians/investment execution venues, the company will issue the first Tontines in 2018.

Pre Sale

What is TON$ token?

Similar to other ICO tokens, such as Darico, Bountie, Fintechbit, Bunnytoken, and many more, the Ton or Ton$ token empowers the Tontine Trust platform. However, this digital currency, instead of running on Ethereum, sprints on Stellar Network. The token rewards financial advisors and partners so they can help the platform in growing its assets and expand its reach to new markets. The company has a goal of funding up to USD 5.000.000, while tokens for sale include 340.000.000 TON$. The accepted currencies are ETH, BTC, EUR, GBP, USD, XLM plus others as supported services in the Token Sale platform from time-to-time.

This way, the primary role of the TON$ token in the TontineTrust ecosystem is to do the following functions:

  1. It empowers the tontines to pay all administration and custody fees in TON$ repurchased from the open market,
  2. It allows tontines to buy and hold 1 years’ worth of fees in advance,
  3. It facilitates uniform member payouts from Tontines with multi-currency assets,
  4. It will be provided to the global network of financial advisors and distributors to bring Tontines to all corners of the globe,
  5. It is mandatory for the global distribution partners to first purchase and lock down TON$ having an equal value to 5 percent of monthly expected referral volumes if they want to market,
  6. It allows TON$ holders to utilize this Partner staking system to generate a 5% bonus for themselves by staking their TON$ and using their own partner code when joining the Tontine,
  7. Moreover, if the TON$ Holders don’t use an advisor, get rewarded for holding the TON$ if they invest in the Tontines,
  8. It is accepted by the Robo-Actuary as one of the permissible contribution currencies to many Tontines (but limits will apply.

Above all, the company aims to develop a source of lifetime payouts for members the growth of which will be exceeding inflation. The value proposition of the tontine structure corresponding to annuities is lying in their ability and cost effectiveness to do investment independently but for being subject to reserve requirements and regulatory investment.

Use of TON$ token sale proceeds

The capital acquired through the sale of the TON$ will be distributed in the following ways:

1 – Development and Management of the DAPPs

2 – Partnering with appropriate regulated entities for product regulation

3 – Integration with selected Card Issuing Platforms covering target Regions

4 – Acquiring Regulatory Approval plus distribution Licenses in target markets as necessary

5 – Deployment of the first Tontines

6 – Growing Brand Awareness in the Financial Advisory Industry as well as with Consumers

7 – Getting engaged with and incorporating to a global network of distributors and platforms

8 – Development and deployment of the TontineTrust Member apps with biometrically secured access, e.g. IRIS and facial recognition etc., Liveness Detection, etc.

9 – ICO Marketing and Distribution Costs

10 – Initial and Ongoing KYC and Survival monitoring

11 – Legal and Administration


Why to participate in TON$ token sale

If you want to see a sea change in the lives of retires living around the globe, then you must take part in the TON$ token sale because it eliminates the cost structures of having multinational corporations as guarantors and retains these funds for the benefit of the Tontine Members. Also ICO Ratings are crucial as investors will get an overview and will be able to know about the best ICOs to invest.

By sharing this risk through a secure, low-cost peer-to-peer Tontine, the potential for financial concerns can be brought down and eliminated. Another possible source of anxiety is the effect of inflation upon the purchasing power of fixed monthly payments. Based on investment and mortality experience, the Tontines should incrementally increase monthly payouts at a rate prior to inflation, bringing down this source of stress.

Ultimately, subject to the possible future payout escalations, the Tontines provides a monetary incentive to members for looking after themselves.

Why and what is Actuarial Smart Contracts

Actuarial science is an established field, which derives several types of smartest smart people on the planet to highly lucrative positions.  Since they are forward-looking, probability based calculations, actuarial mathematics are simply as trustworthy as their ability to handle, and be accountable to, stochastic inputs. As such, any state or organization that allows for forward-looking financial guarantees depend for its future existence upon:

  • the future accuracy of existing actuarial calculations and
  • its capability to give extra capital, in case the actuarial models forecast a shortfall.

In case, a deficit is expected, and the sponsor(s) don’t or have no capability to provide extra capital, this may create a moral hazard for those assigned with the task of managing the actuarial models, investment models and payout strategies of the pensions.

This may create disruption between the pension fund and financial regulators. Or it may lead to speculation that one set of stakeholders is being favored over another set or vice versa.

Indeed, it is deduced that the unsuccessfulness to acclimate to the economic reality has given rise to around 1m US workers and retirees covered by pension plans on the verge of collapse and corporate pension schemes do not appear to be performing favorable with “big American corporate.

Case for Smart-Actuary or Robo-Actuary

In a tontine, the members become the sponsors; which means there is no risk of arising conflict of interest.

By eliminating political decisions as well as human emotions and biases from the payout calculations, the company just follows correct processes, as a result; the Robo or Smart Actuary starts following a set of rules especially crafted to ensure that the pension fund never goes insolvent.

The set of rules can be integrated into a system of Smart Contracts that derive data from authoritative third party and independent oracles such that the actuarial models stay tied to reality and not past assumptions.

At present, TontineTrust is creating a Smart-Actuary prototype that functions autonomously and reacts to corrective data inputs from member data, actuarial data and investment return data.

The Smart-Actuary is primarily designed to fairly and effectively autopilot the Tontine in its mission of sustaining payouts to all members for as long as they live.

Token Sale

What is TonCard?

The TON$ or Ton Account card is an integral part of your TonAccount. It is a kind of debit card that you can use for shopping at more than 40,000,000 merchants and ATMs worldwide to withdraw cash and make payments. Some of the key benefits of  a TonCard are as follows:

  1. Member benefits: special card privileges will be awarded along with selected promotional offers such as: travel discounts, airport lounge access etc.
  2. Supports platform: the low transaction fees of the platform make it possible for you to buy back TON$, backing up the TontineTrust TON$ ecosystem.
  3. Smart card: It helps you manage your card though TonAccount app, which enables you to spend, convert or transfer all in one place
  4. Maximum utility: issued by a major payment card provider and accepted by a network of more than 40 million merchants worldwide
  5. Fair conversion: conversion to fiat currencies conducted immediately as per real-time exchange prices in global markets

Final remarks

Tontine’s first ETF-based tontine slates to roll out in the Q3 of next year. However, it is yet to be seen whether TontineTrust will be living up to its promise and if new competitors are going to enter the fray with different models. But its plans to squeeze out more retirement income for already squeezed retirees are undoubtedly a step in the right direction.

Overall, the project is good enough if you invest in it though its token pre and main ICO token sale is yet to take place.

Until the dates for TON$ tokens are announced, you can learn more about other ICOs by visiting ICO Wiki.


    Founder, CEO
    Chief Operating Officer
    Chief Financial & Risk Officer
    Chief Investment Officer
    Quant / Programmer responsible for Robo-Actuary Optimisation
    Lead Developer Blockchain, Fintech Integrations
    Technical Architect
    Govt. Scale Systems
    Digital Strategy &
    Project Manager
    Strategic Adviser Bitcoin & Blockchain Entrepreneur
    Board Member, Strategic Adviser BTC, Blockchain, Tontines Expert Cryptoeconomist
    Pensions Investment Director acting as Expert Adviser


  • 1
    Concept Development with a view to solving a major, growing global problem on the blockchain
    Robo-Actuary Concept
  • 2
    Tokenomics refined to generate network effects
    Team Expansion Commences
  • 3
    Website Launch
    Incorporated in Gibraltar
    Regulatory Analysis
    Robo-Actuary Prototyped
  • 4
    Patent Filed
    Release Whitepaper
    Strategic Partnership Development commences
  • 5
    Team Expansion
    Platform Development
    Token Pre-Sale
    SAFT Pre-Sale
  • 6
    Public Token Sale
    SAFT Main-Sale
    Continued Platform Development
  • 7
    Regulatory Permissions
    Continued Strategic Partnership Development
  • 8
    1st Tontines Launched
    Biometrics & TonCard
    Expansive Global Marketing Program begins

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