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Tradove (BBCoin) ICO review – ICO Token News

 Tradove (BBCoin) ICO review – ICO Token News

What is Tradove?

Tradove is a blockchain-based business social network, which comes integrated with all the best facets of internet marketing and partnership. The social network platform unites all businesspersons of the world and enables them to carry out their business relations, advertising campaigns, sales of goods and services, communication and negotiations among employees of one firm. Tradove in fact creates a cloud of presentations, documents, whitesheets and any other files. Any user connected to the platform can download or view any corporate file no matter he/she lives around the world.

Dissimilar to other leading Internet market players like Facebook, LinkedIn or Google, this social network platform makes possible quality of traffic in some niches and business structures, which certainly brings about more advantages in the Internet advertising market.

Moreover, it cannot just be called a platform, which will allow you to sell or buy a service instead it is a structure that abets entrepreneurs to discover each other and found a long-lasting business relationships, which certainly generates more profits for both sides.

Last but not the least, the social networking business platform abridges the lengthened time of transactions and makes the B2B relationship more transparent and clearer.

What are the key challenges?

  • Restricted transparency in B2B
  • Difficult buyer & seller discovery
  • Lack of targeted b2b advertising
  • Limited trust in international trade

What solutions Tradove offers

  • Creates B2B transparency
  • Facilitates buyer/seller interaction
  • Precision B2B advertising
  • Disrupts B2B payment solutions

What is BBcoin?

Quite like other ICOs, such as Arcblock, Pundi X, SapphireCoin, TrakInvest, GIMMER, KWHCoin, Tradove christens its token as BBcoin. The ERC20 standard utility token can be used to avail of Tradove’s services. The company has promised to generate a total number of 1 billion tokens; out of the created number of tokens, 50 percent or 500 are reserved for ICO.

Built on Ethereum platform, the company wishes to allocate these tokens to investors’ Ethereum wallets until the ICO sale has completed on 15 February 2018. The company expects to receive all tokens before the end of Q1 2018. It has set a hard cap of 52 million USD, and promises to burn off the unsold tokens.

The accepted forms of payments the company allows for include ETH, BTC and Fiat. During the pre-sale, the company kept its token price USD 0.12, while during public sale, it will be USD 0.16.

How to participate:

  • Sign up to Tradove’s platform following and filling out all necessary boxes, get there from the “visit site button” on top of the page.
  • Mention the number of BB tokens you wish to purchase through this platform.
  • Select the way you want to make the payment, such as BTC, ETH or FIAT
  • Now click submit
  • Start uploading proof of your transaction so if you are using BTC maybe use block-explorer and for ETH use Etherscan.

How to use BBcoins

If you are a corporate buyer, you can use the BBcoins to avail of Tradove’s services free, and if you are a corporate seller, you can make use of the tokens to avail of company’s basic services free. In addition to that the company also allows the corporate seller to make use of its tokens to pay for value-added or prioritized utilities like informing sellers about what buyers searched for and what latter needed.

Key dates of Bradove token sale

Bradove token presale already ended on 31 January 2018, while its public sale is scheduled to start from 1 February 2018 to 28 February 2018.

Pre-sale bonus schedule

  • 30 percent bonus before and on January 10th
  • 20 percent bonus after January 10th and before and on January 20th
  • 10% bonus after January 20th and before and on 1 January 31st

Tradove global B2B token allocation

Following are the specific areas where Tradove promises to allocate the raised funds:

  • 50 percent or 5000,000,000 for the token offering
  • 5 percent or 50,000,000 for use in the next 3-5 years
  • 20 percent or 200,000,000 for marketing, user acquisition and other needs
  • 15 percent or 150,000,000 for future company usage
  • 10 percent or 100,000,000 for the team and some for stakeholders

Tradove token offering proceeds allocation

Tradove has planned to raise USD 52,000,000 hard cap through this token offering. The company also has plans to do USD 36 million for presale and USD16 million for public sale totaling 400 million tokens. It will use 100 million tokens as bonuses for early birds and big purchasers. Following is the details the company has decided to use its raised funds:

  • 30 percent for marketing, user acquisition, etc.
  • 24 percent for product development, team hiring, network infrastructure
  • 40 percent for compliance, tax and other uses
  • 6 percent for token offering as to costs, such as legal, marketing and token offering team, etc.


People behind Tradove

Dissimilar to other ICOs, such as Adhive, Sharpe Capital, RepuX, DenCity, Globitex, Tradove boasts of having a first class team of highly professional people from companies, such as MIT, LinkedIn, Amazon, Facebook and Alibaba. Other key members who make the Tradove team best are as follows:


  • Kent J Yan: Business, Finance, and General Management
  • Matt Ciantar: Sales, Marketing and Business Development
  • Jian Zheng: Blockchain Technology, AI, Product Development

Investors & advisors

  • Richard Rosenberg: Former Chairman and CEO of Bank of America
  • Phil Duff: Former CFO of Morgan Stanley
  • Gerhard Schulmeyer: Former CEO of Siemens, Inc

Tradove roadmap

The mission of Tradove is to connect business partners with its business social network, and so reflects its roadmap right from the very beginning, which is as follows:

  • In Q4 2017, it revamped and improved UI in web platform
  • In Q1-2 2018, it improved existing iOS app and completed Android app development
  • In 2018-2019, it aspires to reach critical mass in leading industries
  • In Q2-3 2019, it expects to get sales personnel to BBCoin for sales activities and get companies to use its token to pay for precision advertising
  • In Q3-4 2020, it decides to get companies to use BBCoin to pay for international trade.

Final remarks

If you can wait, then great opportunity lies ahead for you to invest in a B2B marketplace. Though not a new concept from Tradove, it does have many potentialities if everything is served as per the plans. Moreover, there are possibilities that such marketplaces will continue to increase in near future, as well.

Keeping these indications, you can ahead with your investment decision, and this is expected to be more positive for those investors who have just now had the experience of investing in the pre-ICO.

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