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TrustaBit (TAB) ICO Review – ICO Token News

TrustaBit (TAB) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Currently, whenever a passenger’s flight is delayed, there isn’t any proper way to receive a voucher. Conventionally speaking, a passenger has to first explain to a customer-service rep about how, why, and when the flight was delayed. Afterward, the representative and other decision-makers from the air carrier will decide whether the passenger should receive a voucher or not. This process is time-consuming and by the time the flyers receive the voucher from an airline, their loyalty has often already been lost.

There has to be a proper system that’ll accelerate the process of issuing vouchers. That system is TrustaBit—a network or ecosystem that’s based on a blockchain similar to ViMarket, CryptF, CoinMetro, Upline, Dimensions Network, BunnyToken, which seriously adds to this system’s overall security and transparency. 

TrustaBit analysis 

1 – TrustaBit is a robust state-of-the-art SaaS that’ll provide airlines with a golden opportunity to automatically give vouchers to all passengers who have their flights either delayed or canceled.

2 – With the help of this software solution, the development team aims to build and nurture a connection between airlines and travelers.

3 – Put simply, TrustaBit is a complete blockchain that’s committed to processing vouchers for delayed or canceled flights.

4 – Whenever TrustaBit is deployed in a voucher-issuing ecosystem, the users will be immediately compensated on a set of predefined business criteria.

5 – Once the vouchers are issued, they’ll be instantly sent by the air carrier to the passenger’s email address.

6 – By doing so, the passengers will save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on filing a form or calling a call center.

7 – With this system, an airline carrier will serve the customers well and will take concrete steps toward improving its brand loyalty.

8 – The best part of this ecosystem is the creation of TAB tokens.

9 – On this network, a flyer’s expiring voucher can be traded for TAB tokens.

10 – TAB is similar to the proprietary currency that lets you exchange the voucher for something that has tangible value and that’s secure as well as elastic.

11 – But as the voucher ages, it loses its liquidity—so it’s pure logic that is backing this vouching-issuing network. 

TrustaBit innovation

Innovation is the essence of every successful ICO project such as LHC, Inspeer, Storiqa, Perkscoin, Bananacoin, Dragon, CoinStarter. This is the case with TrustaBit. This project attempts to let a blockchain add to the capabilities of a voucher-issuing system.

Here’s a rundown on the top highlights of this crypto project. 

Making the process of issuing vouchers faster 

Generally, airlines spend a lot of their resources sending vouchers to all of their disgruntled customers—and that’s seriously quite an ordeal. But these vouchers are sent using outdated systems, and that actually adds to the delay and inefficiency. Nevertheless, with the help of TrustaBit’s revolutionary software, the customers will receive vouchers electronically and instantly whenever their flights are canceled or delayed.

In short, by introducing the blockchain technology’s capabilities to a voucher-issuing system, the process will become unimaginably faster and more efficient. 


Leveraging the power of smart contracts and Hyperledger fabric

Smart contracts and Hyperledger fabric are popular blockchain sub-technologies, and TrustaBit makes full use of these technologies. This ecosystem allows airliners to set their own scenarios and vouchers within the smart contract. Once those scenarios are completely met in the real world; the vouchers will be released—it’s this simple and quick. Also, with the help of smart contacts and other blockchain-based capabilities, the participating air carriers will even manage the way that vouchers are delivered to existing or new accounts. 

TrustaBit  Bringing customization to the fore 

Another interesting element of TrustaBit is that it gives the possibility of customization to all participating air carriers. With this system, the airliners can simply create their own branded notifications for its customers. This sort of customization will give the network’s strategic partners the ultimate opportunity to build highly positive brand experiences for their consumers at every single touchpoint. 

TrustaBit token sale 

TrustaBit’s ICO units are known as TAB tokens. The total amount of TAB tokens anyone can purchase will be set according to the first-come-first-serve basis. Once the main crowd sale is finished, no more TAB tokens will be minted. Once the token sale is ended, the tokens will even be listed on some of the most popular crypto exchanges.

Some important details about TrustaBit’s ICO campaign are given below. 

TrustaBit ICO details 

  • Ticker symbol: TAB
  • The pre-sale of TAB tokens will run from February 5 to February 12, 2018.
  • The main crowd sale will run on February 14 to March 15, 2018.
  • The minimum crowd sale cap is set at USD3 million.
  • The maximum crowd sale cap is set at USD49 million.
  • The contributions are accepted in ETH only.
  • Total volume: 1 billion TAB tokens.
  • All the unsold tokens will be burnt.
  • The tokens will be received by the buyers 14 days after the crowd sale is finished.


Bonus stages

There are the four bonus stages that’ll be present during the token sale.

  • 20% of the bonus will be given during pre-token purchase.
  • 15% of the bonus will be given during the first week of the crowd sale.
  • 10% of the bonus will be allotted in the crowd sale’s second week.
  • 5% of the bonus will be given during the third week of the crowd sale.

TrustaBit team 

TrustaBit is backed by a robust team of IT experts who specialize in a variety of things ranging from project implementation to machine learning. As a result of such rich experience and expertise, the core development team behind this crypto project has successfully managed to move the concept of TrustaBit from paper to the real world. 

Summarizing TrustaBit 

This ecosystem looks promising because it’s introducing the blockchain’s wonderful possibilities to the airline business. You can refer to TrustaBit’s whitepaper to get a full overview of this crypto project and the technologies it’s using. If you’re satisfied with the business model, you should go ahead and join the ICO sale and buy some TAB tokens.

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