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TrustedHealth (TDH) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Health is the greatest asset for anyone. However, just because of the fragmented healthcare ecosystem across the world, patients often put their health at stake. Moreover, the field of specialized medicine has become more complex; also, there are so many roadblocks to implementing a streamlined medical system that’ll ensure a smooth flow of the deliverables. Today, healthcare systems are frustratingly slow—some of them are downright inefficient.

Owing to their inefficiencies, these healthcare systems favor some while excluding others. Plus, some of them have a high misdiagnoses rate; a few of the systems have less transparency around all the right medical specialists; last, the finest medical care isn’t always centralized just because of sub-specialization. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg as there are other gaps in the legacy healthcare world, making it inefficient to a great extent. In such times, there has to be a solution that’ll tackle every challenge the patients are facing in this landscape. TrustedHealth is such a solution.

TrustedHealth analysis 

TrustedHealth is a complete ecosystem that’ll connect medical practitioners, patients, and the whole healthcare landscape with each other. For instance, with this system, it won’t be a big deal to establish a direct link between the patients of one country and the best specialists located in the other. Put simply, this end-to-end healthcare network will deliver the right diagnoses and the best patient care possible.

Trusted Health

The ecosystem will integrate the networks of different medical specialists, helping the patients and caregivers improve the quality of care. Right now, the medical systems are more focused on creating new revenue streams instead of resolving the problems faced by practitioners and patients every day. However, TrustedHealth will change that by resolving the healthcare challenges first because it’ll be a solution that’ll help in the following tasks.

  • Letting the patients access the advice of the best specialists worldwide
  • Providing the finest medical support
  • Helping research the right medications
  • Eliminating the total travel time

This ecosystem is built in collaboration with Trustedoctor—the founding partner. Trustedoctor is the first-ever virtual platform that has a global scope. This platform is specialized in medicine and is designed to break all the barriers of geography and time, and it’s engineered to reconstruct the broken health landscape.

In short, this ecosystem will become one of the biggest healthcare networks worldwide. The company behind this platform will soon launch its ICO sale where the participants will help develop a very impressive network of specialists worldwide. This is the first-ever patient-led, doctor-guided digital corporative for delivering better health outcomes for patients suffering from life-threatening diseases. 

TrustedHealth market

TrustedHealth innovation 

Like with any other successful project present on the ICO list, TrustedHealth is committed to upholding the highest standards of innovation. Just like its other ICO siblings such as ArmPack, BunnyTokenTrustaBit, MedTokens or Play2Live, this project has its own highlights that make it truly unique. In this section, we’re covering some of those highlights.

Letting blockchain improve healthcare

Blockchain has disrupted a number of industries. And, now, with TrustedHealth, it’s all set to reimagine the healthcare world. With blockchain coming to healthcare, things will definitely streamline. Here are some of the points for which TrustedHealth will be known.

  • Improved interoperability of the patient data
  • Indisputable integrity and control of the data
  • Better security of the stored data

Receiving immediate healthcare with HealthPass 

A HealthPass can be thought of as a health access insurance that’s stored on the buyer’s Ethereum wallet. As its supply is quite limited, the HealthPass will be given to every investor whose contribution is above 50 Ether coins. A HealthPass will have its own registered Ethereum address that’ll allow the investors to access all the premium services across the TrustedHealth network.

The HealthPass’s value will gain as the array of service providers on the TrustedHealth grows. All the registered users will automatically get a basic account where the services can be bought using either the fiat currency or the native tokens. The HealthPass will be operated using specially written smart contracts. 

TrustedHealth ICO sale

Apart from being used as the main currency that’ll fuel this network’s transactions, TrustedHealth tokens are also a store of value. With this token, it’ll become simple to reward all the early investors whenever the number of doctors and patients grows.

TrustedHealth sale

Also, as more and more service providers will join the Trustedoctor network, the value of these tokens will rise; soon, the token will become a key to that unique network. Overall, on the ecosystem, these tokens will be used for the following activities.

  • Payment automation
  • Peer-to-peer settlements
  • Low fees
  • Instant settlements
  • Enhanced security

Here are a few details on this project’s tokens; these details should be known by the prospective investors who want to join the ICO sale.

Other ICO details 

  • Ticker: TDH
  • Token type: ERC–20
  • Accepted currency: Ether coins
  • Total tokens minted: 300 million TDH tokens
  • Tokens allocated for public offering: 150 million TDH tokens
  • Presale starts from March 20, 2018
  • Crowdsale begins from March 27, 2018
  • Market soft cap: 1,000 ETH coins
  • Market hard cap: 7,500 ETH coins

TrustedHealth team

The core development team behind this platform is passionate about connecting patients with the right medical specialists. This team includes a range of blockchain experts, healthcare strategists, technologists, and FinTech specialists. All in all, this team is working really hard to make sure that this blockchain-powered medical ecosystem is up and running within the defined time frame.

Summarizing TrustedHealth 

So to sum up, we can say that TrustedHealth is a doctor- and patient-centric ecosystem that’ll disrupt the healthcare world—it’s the same as other successful ICOs, including Cibus, Amon, Aktie Social, Alttex or THEFANDOME, that have successfully transformed a specific sector. With the correct implementation of the blockchain tech and the timely issuance of the TDH tokens, this ecosystem will have its own network of healthcare services with time. This system will, further, specialize in medicine and focus on finding the right methodologies for delivering better health outcomes for patients located worldwide. On paper, this crypto project is worth investing in. But, as always, we’ll advise you to go through the project’s site before making the final decision.


  • Greg Jarzabek
    Greg Jarzabek
    Greg Jarzabek
    Founder & CEO – Founder of Trustedoctor
  • Philippe Schucht
    Philippe Schucht
    Philippe Schucht
    Chief Medical Officer
  • Lukasz Rzeczkowski
    Lukasz Rzeczkowski
    Lukasz Rzeczkowski
    Founder & Chief Development Officer
  • Dariusz Jastrzebski
    Dariusz Jastrzebski
    Dariusz Jastrzebski
    Chief Technology Officer
  • Jure Pozun
    Jure Pozun
    Jure Pozun
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Peter Merc
    Peter Merc
    Peter Merc
    Legal crypto council


  • 1
    2015 - 2016
    Concept creation based on personal cancer family experience
  • 2
    Creation of trustedoctor
  • 3
    Trustedoctor company created
  • 4
    OCT - DEC 2016
    7 patient organisations onboard & endorsement from first renowned oncologists
  • 5
    $575k Investment from doctors and business angels
  • 6
    European finalist of Harvard New Venture Competitions
  • 7
    First doctors, first virtual consultations on the platform
  • 8
    17 patient organisations, 50 world's leading specialists in brain cancer, 160 patients in brain cancer from 25 different countries
  • 9
    Expansion to lung and prostate cancer
    Semi-finalist of Astellas prize in Oncology
    Creation of TrustedHealth
  • 10
  • 11
    Token generation event

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