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TV-TWO (TTV) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The TV ecosystem’s model for distributing and delivering content has become broken. In recent times, leading TV stations have increased their advertising prices while cutting the revenue shares for content developers. Additionally, big networks have substantially hiked their subscription costs and this has made viewers cut the cords and rely on online streaming services. As a result, a need exists for a robust platform that’ll mix regular television experience with personalized video streaming.

That’s exactly what TV-TWO is offering. 

TV-TWO ICO analysis 

According to the company, this network is a blockchain-based open platform that’s decentralizing the fragmented TV ecosystem. With this ecosystem, spreading the oligopolistic surplus of different TV networks among content creators, advertisers, and consumers becomes simple and quick.

This new system is capitalizing on the Ethereum blockchain’s trusted nature; that’s how the network makes it possible for market participants to engage directly with each other without relying on any middleman. To fuel the interactions between the participants, the network has designed its native token—Token for Television (TTV). This is an ERC20 token that manages and controls the exchanged value.


TV-TWO lets its users view traditional television along with premium content without any subscription cost; they just need to pay for premium content, and the payments will be made using TTV tokens. However, the consumers can even earn the tokens by seeing sponsored messages from a variety of advertisers. Likewise, the content creators too earn if their productions are viewed by consumers. Lastly, on this network, the advertisers can target their ads more accurately. So, all in all, this system is quite transparent for every user in a variety of ways. 

TV-TWO innovation

Many ICO projects of the recent past, including Fabric, BunnyToken, Lympo, Shping, Joinwell, have been driven by innovations. This is the case with TV-TWO—a platform that brings the power of blockchain TV’s existing ecosystem.

The difference of watching TV over a blockchain 

TV-TWO is all about building a platform that’s blending personalized, ad-supported video streams with regular broadcast television. The video stream services on the network will play premium content, which otherwise costs a pretty penny. The best part is that accessing the premium content is just a click away. This network brings all these benefits by following the principles of the blockchain technology (Like other ICO token such as ViMarket, Dimensions Network, Cryptoneum, DenCity, SapphireCoin. 

TW-TWO Revolutionizing the way ads are published and viewed 

The premium content shown through the TV-TWO stream has specific advertisements. With this system, the consumers share their personalized data with an advertiser on their very own terms. This, lets the advertisers gain crucial insights into a consumer’s viewing and buying habits. All of this finally lets the advertisers relay relevant and highly personalized messages that can boost the return on advertising spend or ROAS. 


TV-TWO token sale 

Every transaction on this network is tied to TTV tokens; any other currency—whether crypto or fiat—is not valuable on the network. As a result, the token’s value will be sustained across the network. The tokens will be sold during the crowd sale; once the public sale is finished, no additional TTV tokens will be issued. Additionally, the transparency in the payments is established and sustained through smart contracts.

Other ICO details

  • Ticker : TTV
  • Price : 1 ETH = 10,000 TTV tokens
  • Crowd sale period : April 24, 2018 to May 24, 2018
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • Currency accepted : ETH and BTC
  • Soft cap : 2,500 ETH
  • Hard cap : 50,000 ETH
  • Whitelist/KYC : KYC
  • Restricted areas : USA

Summarizing TV-TWO 

In brief, TV-TWO’s offering is quite unique—and that’s what puts this ICO campaign in a favorable position and also easy to know how to invest in ICOs. Plus, the absence of any major competition gives this network the edge. The idea of bringing together conventional television with premium content is very appealing; but in the end, it’ll all come down to the quality of the available content.

So, join the ICO sale if you believe that blockchain will considerably improve the TV ecosystem.


  • Jan Phillip Hofste
    Jan Phillip Hofste
    Jan Phillip Hofste
    (Co-Founder TV-TWO) - Industrial Engineer.
    Distributed Systems, State Channels, Semantic Web.
    Experience: Chief Product Officer at Minodes.
  • Philipp Schulz
    Philipp Schulz
    Philipp Schulz
    (Co-Founder TV-TWO) - Entrepreneur.
    Communications, Sales, Partnerships.
    Experience: Lead Business Development at Minodes.
  • Nicolas Schnorpfeil
    Nicolas Schnorpfeil
    Nicolas Schnorpfeil
    (Chief Financial Officer) - Economist.
    Quantitative Finance, Token Economy, Game Theory.
    Experience: Finance Student at University of St Andrews.
  • Jonas Schmidt
    Jonas Schmidt
    Jonas Schmidt
    (Head of Business Development) - Strategist.
    Strategy, Operations, Exchange Management.
    Experience: Intl. Management at Bocconi, Strategy& PWC.
  • Rodrigo Acosta
    Rodrigo Acosta
    Rodrigo Acosta
    (Blockchain Developer) - Supporter.
    Experience: IoP Token Server and Open Asset Protocol.
  • Joschka Kintscher
    Joschka Kintscher
    Joschka Kintscher
    (Software Engineer and Crypto Investor) - Supporter.
    Experience: Software Engineer at Harvest.
  • Michael Brand
    Michael Brand
    Michael Brand
    (Back-End Developer) - Supporter.
    Experience: Mathematics at Berlin Institute of Technology.
  • Dave Barton
    Dave Barton
    Dave Barton
    (Startup & Cryptocurrency copywriter) - Supporter.
    Experience: Founder/Lead Writer at Startup Copy Guy.
  • David Ben Kay
    David Ben Kay
    David Ben Kay
    (Governing Board of Ethereum (2016)) - Advisor.
    Experience: General Counsel Microsoft (China), Pundi X ICO.
  • Tim Wegner
    Tim Wegner
    Tim Wegner
    (Tech Entrepreneur & Angel Investor) - Advisor.
    Experience: Physics at Imperial College and MIT, McKinsey.


  • 1
    Company Foundation
    Resource Planning
    Development of the Smart TV Application
    Development of Smart Contracts for Operations and Application
    Development of the Campaign Platform
    Publication of Whitepaper
    Start of the Marketing & Bounty Campaign
    Community Building
    Adjustments based on Community Feedback
  • 2
    Token for Television Private Sale
    Early Adopter Program
    Formation of TV Task force
    Announcement of as partner
    Meetups & Conference in US & Asia
    Partner Expansion with Advertisers and Content Providers
  • 3
    Meetups & Conference in Europe
    Sale Launch: Interactive Coin Offering
    Withdrawl Lock: Interactive Coin Offering
    Sale Completion: Interactive Coin Offering
    Application Release for Samsung & LG
    Introduction of TTV to the TV-Two platform
  • 4
    Onboarding of Advertisers and Content Providers
    Evaluating Set-Top Box Manufacturers for Partnerships
    Release of application for Toshiba, TP Vision and Panasonic
    Version-2.0 Refinement of User Interface and Experience
    Moving Off-chain aspects On-chain
    Evaluating of TV-Two Hardware (Open TV or Set-Top Box)

  • 5
    Release of Applications for Sony, Hisense and Sharp
    Negotiations with Manufacturers for a Pre-Installation of the application
  • 6
    TV Networks offer content through the Decentralized Ecosystem

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