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Upline ICO Review – ICO Token News


Today, Network Marketing is considered as a highly effective marketing strategy which is extensively used for promoting products and services.  In Network Marketing, customer can also become an independent distributor of products or services offered by the company. For this, they will get compensated according to the company’s compensation plan. But unfortunately most of the marketers are not able to achieve the desired results due to their lack of experience and knowledge. There are many people who aren’t used to being entrepreneurs and don’t realize it is a time taking work that need extra effort. Thus they will give soon and leave the opportunity of achieving financial and entrepreneurial goals via Network Marketing. At times, they become negative towards Networking Marketing and damaging its reputation

The is the reason why Upline solution is introduced to provide simple and effective solution that helps the marketers for achieving success regardless of their previous experienced and skills.

What is Upline?

Upline is created to provide simple, effective and duplicable solution for Network Marketing. Upline has also released its divided tokens (UPL) for the ICO.  They have a mission of simplify and accelerate the promotion process in the Network Marketing. With this, they want to increase the success rate and improvise the reputation of Network Marketing in general. The company is moving ahead to make their vision possible for providing most effective and duplicable turn-key solutions for the networkers of entry level as well as Network Marketing companies of any caliber. While considering the modern opportunities they work to:

  • Simplify the work in Network Marketing
  • Enhance the quality of transferred data
  • Overcome the fear of Network Marketing for marketers
  • Open the doors of opportunity for everyone in this industry regardless of their previous experience

Upline ICO

Problems with Network Marketing

There are three major reasons due to which people get failed in Network marketing before they even start it.

  1. Skillset

Network Marketing required a specific set of skills. Unfortunately, most of the new people who join the network marketing don’t have that skills and knowledge of this marketing.  They treat it as a lottery ticket rather than taking it as profession that need specific set of skills and actions.

  1. Fears

It is a common problem faced by most of the beginners. They have an intense fear of rejection, feeling of uncertainty and insecurity. Especially, if the mentors will not help them to start off it in right way then they are not able to take right action and don’t receive the productive outcomes.

  1. Outdated Model

The Classic Network Marketing Model is very old, over 60 years, and its communication model not fits well with the today’s interconnected world. The biggest disadvantages of Classic Network Model are:

  • Weal product/offering presentation
  • No follow up
  • Non-existent customer base management
  • No prospects helps to become customers or distributors
  • Incomplete team leading
  • Lack of duplication

These are the reasons, due to which Network marketing industry required a simple, effective and duplicable solution which is provided by Upline to help the marketers in achieving their successful target regardless of their previous experienced or skills.

Upline Marketing Model to Resolve Network Marketing Problems

Upline has dedicated over two years to research and test different approaches for upgrading the marketing model in Network Marketing that would perfectly fits with today’s world. Moreover, in order to simplify the model and make it more effective, they have replaced or automated key bottlenecks while keeping the process usual and natural for its participants. The implementation of model enables the companies and marketers to:

  • Improvise the quality, authenticity and speed of info transmission
  • Improvise the success rate
  • Improvise the duplication rate
  • Helps in making promotion process more professional
  • Reduce the fear of rejection
  • Notified to take action through Google Calendar and SMS
  • It play well in simplify your work process
  • Having an statistics and overview of the sales process

Upline Software and Services

They have created the Upline base software and now they are offering customizable solutions for the companies. These are implemented on the company’s websites through API as well as basic solution for teams which can be easily set up in a couple of hours. Moreover, they are offering all the important services required for completing each step in the model.

Sales Logic and Architecture

When a company requires a custom solution, the team will first understand their products and services and figure out their prime needs.  With the help of that information sales logic and architecture is created a blueprint. It is the first confirmed with the company and after that customized Upline can begin.

Customized IT Solutions

They are having their own core in-house IT team which has been working since the beginning of the project.  They are flexible for different integrations and any other special requirements. IT is scalable option for bigger development.


Professional copywriting is one of the key components for any great content. The company has its own team of copywriters with years of experience in this field and also in Networking Marketing.

Video Filming and Animation

They have in-house animation and video team for creating videos of any type and screenplays.


They have a well-trained implementation team to integrate the Upline Marketing model in a fast way.

Software Modules


This is the first step in Upline Support Solution.  Here, marketers can get symmetrically training through tests, videos and webinars to achieve the productive results through its sales modules. Moreover, they will also get step by step guide to make the whole process simple and easy to duplicate

Advance Notice

This step ensures that people will really watch the presentation you send them.  People get lot of the links and spam emails; therefore you have to write few attractive words that show that you really send some important material to them.  This will increase the conversion rate up to 10 times higher for you. In the training module, this step is covered in the videos.

Presentation Module

The video based presentation module can present the project to millions of people at once at the time and in various languages while maintaining the good quality of transmitted information. It means that marketers can present the project internationally without leaving their place and in different languages.

Answer Center (FAQ)

The potential customer will redirect to the Answer center after watching the presentation video.  To make the navigation easier, the project related topics are divided into categories.  The answer and questions can be found in two formats – written and video.

Follow-Up Module

The follow-up activities are associated with event calendar. As a closing step and follow up, live webinars and events are constantly performed by the specialist of the specific project or trained sales experts who works for the Upline.  The event calendar is directly programmed with the system so that potential customers get updated and join one of the upcoming events to get all the questions answered.

How Upline Support Solutions Prove Beneficial?

  • Provide detailed instruction, how to invite people to explore the available opportunity
  • Represent the project in most common spoken languages of the world while maintaining the quality of information
  • Consult and respond to the questions
  • Guide and assists the client in taking right decision
  • Help you how to build efficient team quickly
  • Simple and user friendly so that anyone can work on it

Technical Details of Upline Module

The module is developed on the bases of latest methodic and technologies that streamline the development process. The system comprised various modules which can be easily modified at the time of new requirements are arises.  Security is a major aspect of the module therefore user’s sensitive data such credit cards are handled by reputed authorities and never stored on the Upline servers. Additionally, the system tested for most common types of security vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site Scripting, SQL injection or Cross-Site Request Forgery.

Business Model

It offers win to win solutions for team and Network Marketing companies.

  • According to the company needs, they will charge a one-time fee for setting up the solution
  • The solution is being sold to marketers as monthly or yearly package
  • Income comes from selling packages is split with the company as the agreement made

Accordingly, the marketers are being offered with duplicable and effective solution in to order to increase their success rate.  The company increases its revenue and generates extra income by selling Upline package.

Pre-ICO Structure

Upline is generating funds in order to deliver the respective product. ICO will help in improving their service and make it accessible across the world as well as speed up creation of ecosystem around it. This is the reason why Upline is issuing an Upline Tokens (UPL) via smart contract system operated by Ethereum. The raised funds will be retained by Upline until they will be utilized.

Upline Solutions (OÜ) is a public registered body in the Republic of Estonia, with legal responsibilities. This will ensure the transparency of operations and secure custody of the funds. The ICO will increase the profit as well as income of the investors.

Information about Token and ICO

  • Token name: Upline Token (UPL)
  • UPL shows the right to receive a part of distributable profits of Upline Solutions OÜ.
  • They will issues 111,100,000 UPLs. They may be increase the numbers of UPLs up to 222, 200,2000 UPLs.
  • Tokens are available for subscription with bonus during closed Pre-ICO and Presale
  • During the ICO, tokens will be generated and transferred to the purchaser’s wallets. Additionally, tokens can be purchased during the ICO with no or small bonus
  • Tokens will be assigned pro-rata to the funds offered to applicable bonus percentage and Upline.

Payout Structure

At least 20% of the distributable profit of Upline solution is transferred to the specific Ethereum (ETH) wallet, at the end of financial year.  After that ETH is redistributed to all the UPL Token holders as per the smart contract conditions (that include the stake of profits is received pro-rata based on share of tokens owned).


Token Supply during Pre-ICO

  • Percentage of profit to be shared : 20%
  • Token Supply : 13,500,000 (13.5 million)
  • Token price : 0.1EUR (10 cents)
  • Accepted Tokens : BTC, EUR, ETH, USD


  • MAR 2015     : idea and initial team assembly
  • FEB 2016    : First test product/ feedback phase
  • MAR 2016    : Growing in-house Team and developing MVP
  • DEC 2016     : Upline MVP demo Feedback from power users
  • JUNE 2017   : Upline 3.0 release/ fully customizable solution
  • JULY 2017   : ICO preparation starts
  • JAN 2018          : Start of Public token pre-sale
  • FEB-MAR 2018 : start of public token crowd sale
  • APR-MAY 2018 : UPL available on public exchanges/Global scaling starts


They are supported by the talented team of 21 people who are having specialization to cover every required area.  The key members of the team are:

  • Mihail Polonski (Strategist / Co-founder)
  • Jaan Rammul (CEO)
  • Oliver Solntsev (Creative Manager / Co-founder)
  • Aram Sahradyan (CTO / Co-founder)


Like other ICO tokens such as  BitnationCappasityLotuscoreDIWWorld WifiPumaPayShopInBunnyToken, Network Marketing is very popular and day by day many companies are implementing this marketing program to promote their products and services. There are millions of people joining different Network Marketing Companies but this independent distribution model is very complicated for the marketers. If this model gets simplified then it can increase the usage of Network Marketing across the world and considered as a preferred way for buying products and services. The Upline was initially developed the simplified model for Network Marketing and offer all the additional software and training for raising the success rate of this industry.

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