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Vacuum Space Energy (VISE) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Space connects everything in the universe. Contrary to popular belief, space is not empty; rather it is full of sub-quantum vibrations called vacuum fluctuation. These fluctuations when added up amount to an almost infinite amount of energy. This field of energy is known by different names in the scientific community, such as the quantum foam, ether, the vacuum etc. Since this space connects everything in the universe, the energy of the future will be sourced from space itself.

What benefits does it offer?

Tapping into the network of the structure of space will provide a quantum leap to human endeavors. This opens up incredible opportunities and possibilities to explore, and the Vacuum Foundation is perfectly poised to leverage the advantages to make the right move in the right direction.

Vaccum benefits

VISE token technology

The Vacuum Space Energy token or VISE is an Ethereum-based, ERC20 compliant token. Ethereum is an open source, blockchain-based distributed computing platform which is widely used for the development and deployment of smart contracts. Ethereum allows  users to create their own smart contract for effecting transactions in a blockchain-based environment. Smart contracts are applications stored on the Ethereum blockchain. These are cryptographically secure and used to enforce the performance of a contract.

Smart contracts are one of the standard features of the Ethereum ecosystem. Besides cryptocurrency environments, Ethereum blockchain technology is widely used in a variety of industry verticals such as mobile payment systems, commodities and security exchanges, ICOs, distributed exchanges, market clearing mechanisms, verification of legal documents etc. The technology is also used for the sale and purchase of tokens pegged to fiat currencies and commodities, and micropayment systems for distributed computing resources. Smart contracts of the trending ICO list tokens such as Guardium, CryptoLoans, BunnyToken, BitCAD, Zupply, Qurrex, BEtrium and those of the Vacuum.Foundation are based on blockchain which is inherently resistant to the modification of data. Thus, the data stored on the blockchain remains safe and secure.

VISE Token launch

  • There will be a maximum of 100,003 VISE tokens while the minimum will be a symbolic amount of just 0.01.
  • This is the smallest amount for the purchase of VISE tokens.
  • These numbers may change according to the volatility and exchange rate of ETH/USD.
  • The token will be used for investment in scientific research in vacuum and the overall success of Vacuum Foundation.
  • Token exchange rate will be 1 ETH = 3 VISE.
  • ETH can be easily purchased for cryptocurrencies or fiat currency though the leading crypto exchanges.

Vacuum Foundation

Distribution of tokens

  • There will be a total of 100,003 tokens available for the public at the launch.
  • 31,415, 926 tokens will be reserve tokens.
  • VISE token holders will have the right to vote through Virtual Voting DApp on how the reserve tokens should be invested or sold in the upcoming years.

Participating in the ICO

  1. The VISE ICO will start on March 13, 2018.
  2. To participate in the ICO, one has to buy VISE tokens directly and trustless from the token sale smart contract.
  3. One has to send Ether to the smart contract’s address which will be published on the website on the day of ICO listing.
  4. You will automatically receive VISE tokens in your Ethereum wallet through a smart contract.
  5. The wallet must be ERC20 compliant.
  6. The wallet can be downloaded from My Ether Wallet or MetaMask.
  7. The smart contract will not accept any other cryptocurrency than ETH.
  8. Take care not to send ETH from your account on exchanges such as Bitfinex or GDAX, because if you do, your VISE tokens may be lost.
  9. If you have ETH coins in an exchange account, first transfer them to MyEtherWallet or MetaMask wallet.
  10. From there, you can send your cryptocoins to the smart contract address.
  11. This way, your VISE tokens will be automatically transferred to your wallet.
  12. All transactions done through the smart contract of the VISE token sale are viewable by the public.

The budget will be allocated as per the below fragmentation.

  • Investment: 58%

This will allow for the rollout of VISE solutions, including the development and adjustment of the existing concept.

  • Contractors: 13%

The funds will be used for the expenses of third-party providers of the services for marketing, engineering, PR, growth hacking, etc.

  • Administration: 10%

This will include the costs and expenses incurred in legal, administrative, accounting, security, and other administration related costs.

  • Contingency: 7%

This budget will be set aside to meet sudden unforeseen costs that may be necessitated for the smooth running of the platform.

  • Marketing: 12%

The budget will be utilized for the expansion of awareness and adoption of VISE solution and Vacuum Foundation among the masses. The funds will also be used for the growth and maintenance of the worldwide community.

Vaccum mission


Below is the roadmap for the further expansion of Vacuum.Foundation.

  1. A new working team will be assembled and the official registration of the European Union will be obtained.
  2. Thereafter, detailed specifications of the roadmap’s plans, goals and execution will be released.
  3. A new smart contract through DApp will be created. The token holders will have the right to vote on important issues such as grants, investments and expansion.
  4. Efforts will be made for expanding awareness and adoption of the Vacuum Foundation. This will include conducting awareness campaigns and recruiting international ambassadors.

 The team behind the Vacuum Foundation

The Vacuum Foundation was founded by Peter Sumnik. He is the ambassador of the Vacuum Foundation. He is also the Founder and CEO of RandomSign, a complete digital solution.


The Vacuum Foundation is committed to the advancement of research and education in vacuum. The Foundation works in collaboration with other inventors and researchers to make the findings of the research and innovations available to the public. Vacuum Foundation is working on an ambitious project that will make cryptocurrencies of the ICO list such as Celsius, SkyChain, Altair, Lendo, ABYSS, EQUI, Fiancia to be viewed outside of the crypto world as something very beneficial.

The platform developers are working with a mission to raise funds for the development of scientific research in vacuum and provide grants related to the field. VISE token holders will invest in this breakthrough technology and will have the power to leverage the innovation as widely as possible.


  • Peter Šumnik
    Peter Šumnik
    Peter Šumnik
    founder, and ambassador of Vacuum Foundation


  • 1
    Assembling of a new working team and official registration (European Union)
  • 2
    Detailed specification of roadmap (goals, plans, and their execution)
  • 3
    Creation of new smart contract (DApp) where token holders vote on issues (investments, grants, expansion…)
  • 4
    Expanding awareness and adoption of the Vacuum Foundation (international recruitment of ambassadors, awareness campaigns...)

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