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Vanywhere (VANY) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Today we live in a high-tech world, where the internet has become essential to our daily lives. We all use the internet to access various information like searching for a job, finding the latest product on the market, etc. But, our way of searching information has not changed for years. People spend countless hours scrolling through pages of generic search results and various recommendations. Vanywhere wants to introduce a new, easy way of accessing information to meet the prime needs of the user.

All about Vanywhere

The name Vanywhere comes from the concept of video anywhere. It is a live skill-sharing platform that helps people to share their skills with others who really need it. The Vanywhere platform allows the user to interact through live one-on-one video, chat, and voice on a cross-platform system. The company’s vision is to transform the way of sharing and accessing knowledge by providing a new method of assisting with one another and monetizing their skills.

Vanywhere is a diverse community which includes the skills of different people from various sectors such as programmers to designers, chefs to stylists, etc. By introducing Vanywhere, the company wants to enhance the user experience in a completely new way.

Similar to other icos such as VImarket, TradoveSerenity, PocketInns, CubeBunnyToken, this platform is based on Qtum blockchain technology and also has its own digital currency, VANY, which is supported by a QRC20 token.  The token is based on blockchain technology and helps in eliminating the dependency of Vanywhere on any third party providers such as banks, credit cards, and other payment gateways. Moreover, blockchain is beneficial in enhancing the security level of the platform.

Use of the VANY token

Vanywhere is a real-world application and it utilizes VANY tokens, which have a great functional utility within the ecosystem. The token is used for making payment within the ecosystem and can be exchanged every time someone uses the platform. A business model of the platform comprises a commission and additional revenue channels such as promoted content and B2B partnerships which are all underwritten by the tokens.

What are Skillers?

The Vanywhere is a platform that comprises people with different skills who are called “Skillers” within the ecosystem. With this concept, this platform opens the doors of a skill-sharing economy to a larger community of people and provides an opportunity to monetize their skills. It is not compulsory for Skillers to be experts or professionals to become a part of the ecosystem. If a person has really good skill and is willing to share it with the world, then they can be a part of the system.

Skillers are allowed to set their own price for voice and video calls per minute. They will receive payment directly from the users through peer-to-peer smart contracts.

Types of Skillers

  • Professional Skillers: They are experienced and well-trained professionals and freelancers who have great expertise in their fields. This category of skills includes copywriters, makeup artists, fitness trainers, accountants, etc.
  • Influencer Skillers: This type of Skiller is comprised of social media influencers and micro-influencers supported by loyal followers.
  • Everyday Skillers: They are ordinary people blessed with extraordinary skills. These are people with an excellent skill set that they want to share with anyone who is interested in it.

ICO details

  • 1 VANY = USD0.05
  • Cap: USD20,000,000
  • Total supply: 800,000,000
  • Token Sale Date: To be announced soon

VANY Token Distribution

  • 50% has been allocated for the token sale.
  • 23% has been allocated for the company.
  • 13% has been allocated for the team (vesting quarterly over 2 years).
  • 14% has been allocated for the bounty campaign, partners, advisors.


The Vanywhere is a skill-sharing platform that allows experts, freelancers, and hobbyists to share their skills with a large community and opportunity of monetizing it. This company wants to design the first skill-sharing platform based on the advanced technology of blockchain.


  • Rami Shechter
    Rami Shechter
    Rami Shechter
    (CEO and Founder) -
    For the past 30 years, Rami has been at the forefront of the digital advertising industry in Israel. He has founded and lead a number of successful agencies specializing in digital marketing, social media and e-commerce, working with both Israeli clients and international brands including LivePerson, Clinique, Pizza Hut, Warner Brother and Avis among others.
  • Itay Shechter
    Itay Shechter
    Itay Shechter
    (COO and Founder) -
    Itay has extensive experience in product building, product management, and remote team management. For the past five years he was the Media Marketing Manager at an interactive agency with a roster of Israeli and international clients.
  • Gilad Menashe
    Gilad Menashe
    Gilad Menashe
    (CTO) -
    Gilad has over 15 years of experience in internet technologies, security, 
mobile, SAAS, Blockchain technologies, AWS, web applications and computer vision.
  • Dmitry Khmelnitsky
    Dmitry Khmelnitsky
    Dmitry Khmelnitsky
    (Art Director) -
    For the past 7 years, Dima has been working as a Visual Experience Artist and Art Director, conceptualizing and executing design concepts for offline, online and mobile channels.
  • Gil Ram
    Gil Ram
    Gil Ram
    (Community Manager) - For the past five years, Gil worked in the ad-tech industry, as a team leader and then co-manager of a successful company in the performance marketing space, and 1+ year in the blockchain industry as a private investor and a freelance.
  • Paul Fischer
    Paul Fischer
    Paul Fischer
    (Creative Director) - Paul has been working in branding, innovation and marketing for the past 15 years, with a focus on brand identity.
  • Hyeonjin Kim
    Hyeonjin Kim
    Hyeonjin Kim
    (Desk manager Asia) -
    Hyeonjin Kim is a PR specialist, Interaction designer and ioT Developer with a passionate interest in interdisciplinary approach and work among art, design and technology. His background goes from industrial design to interaction design, passing through from brand promotion in diverse areas to researching user centered design.
  • Lisa Chai
    Lisa Chai
    Lisa Chai
    (Managing Partner at Bluemont Partners) - Lisa is a seasoned institutional and angel investor with extensive experience in various asset classes including public equity, private equity, venture capital and hedge funds.
  • Joel Telpner
    Joel Telpner
    Joel Telpner
    (Partner, Sullivan & Worcester LLP) -
    Joel Telpner is a partner with the global law firm, Sullivan & Worcester LLP’s, located in the firm’s New York office. He is a seasoned advisor, strategist and problem solver.


  • 1
    Q4 2015 - Q1 2016
    Concept Roots
    - Research
  • 2
    Creating the User Experience and UI
  • 3
    Q3-Q4 2016
    iOS development
    - Product testing
    - Product optimization
  • 4
    Product testing
    - Product optimization
    - Raised $500,000 Seed
  • 5
    Crossrider Innovations accelerator
  • 6
    Q2-Q4 2017
    Implementing blockchain technology
    Building digital wallet
  • 7
    Qtum collaboration
    Token Sale
  • 8
    Token Sale
    Beta launch (iOS)
    Cross-platform development Web + Mobile
  • 9
    Android launch
    Growing the ecosystem
  • 10
    Web application launch
    Inclusion of premium revenue channels based on promoted content and native advertising

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