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XTRADE (XTRD) ICO Review – ICO Token News

XTRADE – Expect More

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The cryptocurrency trading market is inefficient in terms of pricing, execution speed, execution, automated access, security, account setup, and liquidity.  XTRADE was developed in order to solve those problems by consolidating and improving current cryptocurrency trading practices.

XTRADE (XTRD) Analysis

What is XTRADE (XTRD) all about?

The primary goal of this project is to develop trading infrastructure (hardware and software) in the cryptocurrency exchange and trading market. The core development team aims to make this project one of the first full-service shops in the cryptocurrency exchange markets for large funds and traders.


What problem is XTRADE (XTRD) solving?

The following problems are associated with cryptocurrency trading: 

  1. A complex web of exchanges

A combination of differing KYC policies associated with APIs, funding, and interfaces will result in a fragmented patchwork of liquidity for the cryptocurrency. Major concerns for traditional cryptocurrency market participants range from liquidity and hacking prevention to unmitigated slippage and counterparty risks.

    1. High fees

The exchange commissions associated with trading of cryptocurrencies typically are in 0.1%-0.25% range per transaction, which are 10 to 25 basis points. The effective fees of transactions are much higher when taken into spreads and bids maintained by the exchanges.

There is generally no central regulator or authority for examining internal exchange orders that systematically separates customer activity from proprietary activity, which can ensure fair pricing.

  1. Thin liquidity

If not managed correctly and executed only on the exchange, a single order to purchase USD1,000,000 worth of cryptocurrency can cost an additional USD50,000-USD100,000 per transaction to the investors due to the lack of liquidity.


 XTRADE offers the following solutions:

Three separate products in sequential stages will be launched by XTRADE to solve the problem of low per market liquidity, decentralized execution in cryptocurrency space, and unfamiliar interfaces.

Stage 1. Implementation of the Multi Exchange Fix API

Xtrade will launch a universal low latency Financial Information eXchange (FIX) based API that will be connected to all cryptocurrency exchanges to make it easy for major algorithm traders, major institutions, and hedge funds to access all cryptocurrency markets by coding to just one FIX application.

Stage 2. Launching the XTRADE pro-trading platform

A highly robust, multi-exchange stand-alone trading platform will be launched by Xtrade in 2018 for active cryptocurrency traders around the world.

Stage 3.  SPA (Single Point of Access) cross-exchange/liquidity aggregation

This platform will create a single unified point of access during stage 3 of development. It will aggregate liquidity across exchanges for cryptocurrency traders. In addition, it will allow traders to clear at the best possible price while systematically delivering the lowest possible transaction cost. It will also deliver atomic swap capability all within just one client-side account.

 Why is XTRADE (XTRD) a good project?

This platform wants to it simple for investors to effectively interact with cryptocurrency markets.

  1. Price transparency: It will aggregate prices from all exchanges in real-time. It means that if any cryptocurrency is trading at a discount half across the world, cryptocurrency will know.
  2. Lower execution cost: This platform will be able to access lower trading fee tiers by trading at high volume across exchanges and aggregated trades. It will then pass the saving onto clients.
  3. More liquidity: This platform will allow cryptocurrency investors and traders to instantly access liquidity. It will allow for improved arbitrage opportunities, higher execution quality, and better price.
  4. Reduced counterparty risk: This platform gives traders the benefits of worldwide price liquidity and improvement without the counterparty risk.
  5. Reduce Slippage: The liquidity pool aggregation and smart routing tools break into smaller pieces for ensuring that slippage is a non-issue.
  6. Multiple Markets with One Account: This platform allows investors and traders for trading multiple markets with a single account with no need to open separate accounts at different exchanges and systematically track price manually.

What is XTRADE’s (XTRD) new innovation?

This platform will make use of IPsec technology for end-to-end encryption on its execution network for protecting customers’ important data. Private internet transatlantic fiber connections and demarcation points are used by this platform to ensure that even non-collocated orders will execute 40%-60% faster, more securely, and more privately.

Traders can write to the standard FIX API wrapper for accessing market data and executions for all exchanges. Users will be able to trade “100X faster” on this platform. Compared to public internet pathways, execution times can drop from 150-200 milliseconds to 1-2 milliseconds. XTRADE has a point of presence in many major data centers.

Token price and token sale

  1. XTRD token is an ERC20 compliant utility token, which is developed on the Ethereum blockchain just like other popular ICO tokens such as  BunnyTokenCibus, Amon, Aktie Social, Alttex, THEFANDOME.
  2. It will be used as a primary means of payment by users for obtaining services rendered by this platform.
  3. XTRD tokens will be sold by this platform to accredited investors through a SAFT (simple agreement for future tokens).
  4. The price of one token will be USD0.10 during the ICO sale.


Participants need to be an individual or an institutional investor with a minimum of USD200,000 income/year to participate in the ICO token sale. In addition, investors with assets over USD1 million can also participate in the token.

Allocation of tokens

  • 50% of XTRD tokens will be issued for sale during the ICO event.
  • 29% will be held in reserve.
  • 10% XTRD tokens will be allocated as an advisor pool.
  • 10% XTRD tokens will be allocated to a team.
  • 1% tokens will be allocated for bounty rewards.

Use of XTRD funds

  • 70% of the funds will be used for SPA development.
  • 5% will be used for tech acquisition.
  • 5% will be used for sales and marketing.
  • 5% will be used for legal and compliance purposes.
  • 15% of the funds will be used for platform developments and operations.

The team behind Xtrade

The core members associated with this project include:

  • Alexander Kravets,
  • Sergii Gulko,
  • Jon Giacobbe,


The final thought

It is a trading platform that systematically connects multiple cryptocurrency exchanges into one simple API and enable user to find out that how to invest in ICOs. Users will be able to trade and exchange different cryptocurrencies around the world by using this platform.

Investors will enjoy benefits such as higher liquidity, lower trading fees, and faster trading times by using this user-friendly platform. Advanced consolidated order books, customer order types, and hotkey order entry are features equipped in this platform.

The majority of ICO tokens such as Guardium, CryptoLoans, Ternio, BitCAD, CHERR.IO offer opportunities for smaller investors to participate in the sale. This token sale is designed for large investors with assets over USD1 million or income of USD200,000 per year.


  • Alexander Kravets
    Alexander Kravets
    Alexander Kravets
    (Founder, CEO) -
    Alexander Kravets has spent more than a dozen years in high frequency and proprietary day trading.
  • Serg Gulko
    Serg Gulko
    Serg Gulko
    (Founder, CTO) -
    Serg Gulko founded Axon Software, a leader for more than a decade in developing high-frequency algorithmic models for hedge funds and broker/dealers in the US equity and Forex markets.
  • Jon Giacobbe
    Jon Giacobbe
    Jon Giacobbe
    (Founder, COO) -
    Jon Giacobbe spent six years in finance with Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, specializing in Equity Derivatives, Structured Products, Market Liquidity, Senior Bank Debt, and executing institutional client orders.
  • Sergey Pogorelovsky
    Sergey Pogorelovsky
    Sergey Pogorelovsky
    (Developer) -
    Experienced Java/Perl programmer, TDD evangelist, smart contracts developer
  • Iryna Lebedeva
    Iryna Lebedeva
    Iryna Lebedeva
    (Business Analyst) -
    Business analyst, economic and financial models, risks management
  • Aleksey Pekar
    Aleksey Pekar
    Aleksey Pekar
    (Developer) - Java/C++ developer with deep understanding of financial markets.
  • Sergey Grishkin
    Sergey Grishkin
    Sergey Grishkin
    (Developer) -
    DevOps engineer - virtualization, monitoring, server configuration, and security, continues integration and delivery
  • Alexander Levakov
    Alexander Levakov
    Alexander Levakov
    (Developer) -
    Front-end developer (JavaScript) with solid C++ background. Programmer and web-developer with 12 years experience. Currently, focused on modern JavaScript technologies.
  • Nikita Tropin
    Nikita Tropin
    Nikita Tropin
    (Developer) - Hard-core C++/Perl developer and Solidity enthusiast. Developer of high-performance applications on C++ with deep knowledge of web-development and Linux administration using Perl, FIX protocol and big data specialist. Has created automated trading bots in cryptocurrency markets.
  • Oleksandr Lutskevych
    Oleksandr Lutskevych
    Oleksandr Lutskevych
    (Advisor (CEO, Co-Founder CEX.IO)) -
    Oleksandr Lutskevych is co-founder and CEO at CEX.IO LTD, a successful London-based holding company consisting of the CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange and GHash.IO Mining Pool.
  • Mushegh Tovmasyan
    Mushegh Tovmasyan
    Mushegh Tovmasyan
    (Advisor (Founder, Divisa Capital)) - Mushegh Tovmasyan is a FinTech entrepreneur and a veteran of the online trading industry.
  • Lex Sokolin
    Lex Sokolin
    Lex Sokolin
    (Advisor (Global Director, Fintech Strategy Autonomous Research)) -

    Lex Sokolin directs Fintech Strategy at Autonomous Research, a global research firm for the financial sector.


  • 1
    XTRD Pro - Q2 to Q3 2018
    XTRD is an advanced, multi exchange manual
    crypto trading platform built by traders, for
  • 2
  • 3
    XTRD’s advanced FIX API and robust market data handlers combined with collocated hardware
    at exchange data centers will ensure fast, reliable data delivery to XTRD Pro clients. XTRD servers
    will receive raw market data feeds directly from exchange matching engines and therefore quote
    packet loss will be minimal once rebroadcast over the Internet, greatly minimizing stale and
    crossed/locked quotes.
  • 4
  • 5
    SPA VIA JV – Q4 2018
    SPA, or Single Point of Access, will allow XTRD to facilitate execution across multiple exchanges by
    opening just one account
  • 6
    SPA (Q4 2018)
    XTRD’s centralized order management system will manage all positions for clients with a global
    position management system, including risk management, PNL and market exposure calculation,
    mark-to-market performance in real time, master/subaccount allocation, and other advanced

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