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XWIN CryptoBet ICO Token Review – ICO Token News

XWIN CryptoBet ICO Review

XWIN is an innovative crypto betting platform that brings some key changes to the online sports betting industry.  It is developed on the robust Ethereum blockchain. The platform is the first cypto betting service that not only provides complete access to the user wallet and account, but also control on the investments.  Being a pioneer in the crypto gambling industry, the platform has good chance to attract the audiences and also retain them. It offers the unmatched reliability, transparency and verifiability of the smart contracts and blockchain. The platform is designed to provide best conditions for the first investors. The features offered by XWIN include transparency of transactions and payments, individual coefficient reduction and anonymous registration process. It also addresses issues related to interruptions in internet access and infrastructural risks.

XWIN developers worked to resolve the common issues faced by the sports betters, and came up with a robust and innovatively designed decentralized betting platform that is not only fast and safe, but is secure and transparent too. Integrity of the stored data, safety and transparency are the key considerations for any investor, let alone betters. XWIN developers resolved these issues by utilizing Ethereum blockchain technology.  

Xwin1Key objectives of the platform

  • Development and support of XWIN games software and platforms
  • Promotion, marketing and advertising
  • Implementation of software and platforms
  • Administration and reporting
  • Legal support
  • Licensing

Analysis of the sports betting platform

XWIN CryptoBet is a fully decentralized sports betting platform that facilitates betting for many sports like football, tennis, hockey, volleyball, boxing, rugby, motorsports, E-sports, handball, snooker, chess, mixed martial art, and many more. Results of all bets and games are stored on an Ethereum blockchain. The platform transfers results and games to the smart contract using the trusted addresses. This way, it drastically reduces the possibility of attacks and ways to deceive the system by the hackers. The system ensures that all bets, games and results remain transparent. It allows the players to make bets in crypto currencies in a safe and convenient way.

All bids, payoffs, bets, games, winners and results are recorded in the smart contract and verified against multiple check points to ensure their authenticity. This is done to eliminate the possibility of errors when the bets and results are transferred to the smart contract. The betters can verify the results on interface, or manually though the wallets in the Ethereum blockchain.

How Xwin works?

XWIN CryptoBet consists of two main components:

  • Smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Website interface

The betters’ funds are stored in the smart contract account in the public domain. A player can access the smart contract using the API of the blockchain explorer. Smart contract calculates the below:

  • Coefficient of the XWIN CryptoBet
  • Prize fund of the bet
  • Total prize fund when the better accesses the smart contract.

All these three betting data are displayed on the main page of the website and also in the personal account of the player – both in graphical and text forms.

Each bet, transaction and coefficient are controlled by the smart contract developed on the Ethereum blockchain, which ensures their betting and bet compliance. To initiate a bet, the player has to send ETH directly to the smart contract which will then launch a function to calculate the prize fund of the bet and the coefficients to be paid to the player. It then activates a smart contract function to make a new bet.

The platform serves as an arbitrator that automatically completes a transaction fulfilling pre-agreed terms. The better is provided complete information written on the smart contract before betting, that cannot be changed later. The payout amount is locked in the user’s account that cannot be spent before the settlement. None of the parties can make changes to the bet already made, or spend the prize fund as per their choice.

What problems Xwin solves?

1 – XWIN is the first and currently the only bookmaker which creates real alternative option for the bookmakers, and is largely much safe and protected compared to the traditional bookmakers.

2 – It is designed to receive guaranteed income from the platform’s activities through the distribution of betting margin between the investors.

3 – It facilitates capital management funds and private investors to trade and bet in the new economy development conditions.

4 – The platform resolves the issues related to unfair odds, bans and limits for the winning players


As opposed to the standard investments, the funds are stored in the network on DAO account of the smart contract, and protected by the Ethereum system. This arrangement solves the below issues for the investors:

  • Risks of the embezzlement of funds
  • Risks related to the interruption of internet and technical problems with the equipment
  • Restrictions on the access to the investment funds.

Advantages for investors Investors of XWIN ICO get the unique opportunity to earn 100% of their net income, and also become a co-owner of this first crypto-bookmaker of the world.

1 – By providing early access to the markets, the platform lets the participants occupy majority of the market shares,

2 – Use of Ethereum smart contract security ensures that the funds are securely and automatically managed.

3 – It provides constant control over the investments, providing the investors access and availability of the platform from anywhere, anytime and any device.

4 – It provides for undeniable right of the first, efficient commissions and a key competitive advantage.

5 – XWIN provides unprecedented level of information security, confidentiality and stability.

Innovation it brings to the users: Safest platform

The innovative platform brings forth the following advantages to the users:

1 – Ethereum smart contract means payment and transactions are done in a transparent manner. There is neither any lockout due to frequent arbitrages and wins, nor the individual reducing coefficients.

2 – The betters are given access to simplified registration and cross-border transactions.

3 – Since the better’s money is safely ensured using blockchain technology, it means risks of embezzlement of funds are eliminated as smart contract manages the funds automatically.

4 – XWIN is highly stable as Ethereum network eliminates the risks of disruptions due to the failure of equipment or unavailability of internet. Players get better monitoring and control of their account transactions.

Competitive advantages and sports betting solutions 

XWIN Cryptobet platform makes use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to calculate the probability of the events and betting coefficients. AI allows for determining the most valuable values of the coefficient. It also helps to keep the balance between the payouts to the players and their profit.
Other key advantages of using AI include the below ones:

1 – Higher speed of calculation

2 – Accuracy in the calculation of coefficient and error elimination

3 – Round-the-clock monitoring and instant response to the events that are modifiable

4 – Absence of human error factor

5 – Using AI in the work of bookmakers drastically decreases the chances of incorrect coefficient calculations and accurate matches of the results. This allows the platform to maximize the profits for the participants.

XWIN Tokens and ICO: Useful information 

Pre ICO of XWIN CryptoBet starts at 30 October 2017 and ends on 31 January 2017.

The current cost of XWIN token is 0.003 ETH.

Sale of tokens

80% tokens will be available for open sale.

Rest 20% tokens will be blocked and made available to the development team a year later. This will keep the team motivated to maintain the sustainable growth of the business.

Use of the funds

The funds collected though ICO will be used as per the distribution provided below:

  • 35% to be utilized for PR campaigns and promotional activities to attract the investors.
  • 32% will be utilized for hiring the developers to develop smart contracts, applications and interface.
  • 15% for legal expenses and paying for the attorney’s fees.
  • 15% for administration, maintenance and operational costs for smooth running of the platform.
  • 3% for bounty funds distribution.


The distribution of 3% bounty funds will be done as under:

70% bounty funds tokens will be provided as remuneration to the participants of the marketing and PR programs of the Bounty Fund Distribution.

Remaining 30% will be provided as part of the remuneration to the technical experts and developers associated with the bounty fund program.

In case the ICO gets more investors, additional tokens will be emitted in accordance with the additional investment received with a proportional percentage allocation of shares.

History of XWIN

The betting industry started shifting from offline to online, thanks to the boom in digital currencies. The developments in blcokchain and smart contracts have also affected the sport betting scenario. XWIN was developed based on the innovative technology of smart contract and blockchain to address some of the problems often faced by the gamblers. It is truly a bookmaker which is protected from the traditional market and provides real alternative options to the betters. It guarantees the investors to receive income from the bookmaker’s activity, while the gamers are provided guaranteed access to the betting on the outcome of an event. The developers put lot of efforts prior to the launch of their ICO before the emergence of competitors. XWIN smart contract is designed to automatically and independently fulfill the terms of agreement.


Syomin Aleksander: Pioneer

Syomin is a two-time world champion. He is also the Advisor and Consultant to the Sports Analytical Group.

Baikov Artyom: Co-owner, Founder and CEO

He is an ideologist and developer of the B2C web applications for consumer services and platform. Baikov has been a finalist of the “Business Success” contest.

Kiryanov Vladimir: Co-owner and Director of Strategic Partnerships

He specializes in structuring transactions and licensing. His other expertise include development and brand promotion, positioning, business development and the resolution of corporate conflicts.

Greenstein Ilya: Co-owner and Director of the Sports Analytical Group

He specializes in the development and implementation of B2C XWIN products.

Salitrinskiy Eugene: Director for Software Design and Development

He is ICO specialist and senior web developer.

Vladimir Zhitov

Vladimir is a financer and entrepreneur with extensive experience of structuring of investment projects, financial planning and risk assessment.

Kronberg Dmitry

He is Ph.D. in physical and mathematical sciences. Kronberg is a consultant on AI development, mathematical models for risk assessment and encryption.

Poskonin Vyacheslav

He is a blockchain expert and solidity developer.

Litvak Vadim

Litvak is a UI/UX and interface designer.

Driga Aleksander

He is a consultant on ICO issues.

Julian L. Zegelman

Julian is an advisor to the company and an experienced corporate attorney.


He is legal advisor to the company.

XWIN ICO tokens

The tokens are used to connect and access a XWIN platform by the third parties who already have these tokens. The tokens are used to identify the counterparts, management of odds, accounting for transactions and ensuring security and representation of the operations in Ethereum blockchain

On successfully joining the platform, the bookmaker gets multiple benefits. All its casinos, slot machines, offices, VIP-rooms etc., gain access to multiple functionalities like:

  • Betting contract
  • Betting lines
  • ID/win protection
  • Multi wallet platform
  • Odds
  • Ticket and token issues
  • Games blockchain

The tokens guarantee accuracy, convenience and timeliness of calculations, and provide opportunity to the company to make use of the General Guarantee Fund. Platform integration with the connected companies helps in significantly speeding up the process.

Benefits of XWIN

Here are the key advantages of registering on XWIN platform:

  • Protection from non-payment of winnings, account thefts, blocking, substitution of results, etc.
  • Payments from general guaranteed fund
  • Multi wallet platform
  • ID protection
  • Win protection
  • Cross-platform functionality
  • Accessibility and convenience
  • Low fee

Economic model

XWIN margins range from 6% to 20% of the betting rate. The management of the margins is completely automated and credited into the better’s account safely, automatically and securely. The margin is to be distributed as follows:

35% is to be used for PR, advertising, marketing and promotions

25% is to be used to the fund of guaranteed payments to the investors

20% is to be used to meet the legal and administration expenses

20% is to be used to distribute income among the investors

Final Thoughts

The rapid growth of blockchain based online bookmakers and crypto casinos will lead to the increase of interface parts for bet placements to retain the customers and increase the implementation pace, as per the industry insiders. To meet this increasing demand for adoption, XWIN has the plans in the pipeline to develop mobile applications for the Android and iOS devices pretty soon, and also in-demand web interfaces. Over the time, more games will be added to the platform to meet the requirements of the players. XWIN redefines the relations between online gambling resources and the betters by utilizing the innovations in blockchain technology. There is no doubt that the bookmaker’s business gets considerable returns. The increasing interest of the people in online games and gambling simply means that XWIN tokens and ICO are most probably successful project.

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