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Yappadappadoo (FLI) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The yappadappadoo Store is a Blockchain linked ecosystem, bringing Progressive Web Applications (PWA) to all mobile devices worldwide. By combining the advantages of two young future-proofed technologies, Blockchain and Progressive Web Applications, yappadappadoo will establish itself as a David against the market-dominating Goliath app stores of Apple and Google and will achieve a significant market share. Until now, apps have been prisoners of their own separate ecosystems. Now the app world is making the long-awaited break for freedom. A new generation of applications will revolutionise the app market: Progressive Web Applications (PWA).

Key Features of PWA:

  • Multi-Platform: Independent of individual devices and operating systems.
  • No download. No installation. No updates.
  • Lightning fast.
  • Clever enough to work offline.
  • On average, less than 1% of the size of a native app

Yappadappadoo App Store

The yappadappadoo Store is much more than “just another App Store”. It is the first and only PWA store worldwide, with a link to the Blockchain. Our store offers applications for all users. There are no restrictions: yappadappadoo apps are multi-platform and work on all smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, on all operating systems, without eating up your data volume irrespective of network quality.

Yappadappadoo guarantees a broad selection of applications and new apps can be added for minimal development input. Thanks to the integrated Blockchain technology, the entire transaction universe of the yappadappadoo Store is independent, transparent and safe. Users will love yappadappadoo, because they can access a universe of Progressive Web Applications. They can try out applications spontaneously and quickly. With Blockchain technology, they can buy, use, and even transfer applications to other users.

Developers and companies will love yappadappadoo, because they can use the integrated yappadappadoo-Suite to develop PWA’s quickly and economically. They can then monetarize these applications in our App Store with margins that are 50% higher than in the App Stores of Apple and Google. The Blockchain guarantees full transparency and security in respect of app sales and reviews.

Featuring Blockchain

Blockchain technology has quickly moved past the stage of being just a vehicle for Bitcoin or for the Finance Sector. As a public, decentral, digital register, the Blockchain shows all transactions in an open and transparent form and is radically changing the ways that supply meets demand across all platforms and industries. App Stores are exactly this kind of platform, and through the use of digital currencies and ICO tokens, Blockchain technology is solving one of the biggest problems of the app-economy, namely micro-payments.

Micro-payments are cost intensive. The high fees charged by the payment providers lead directly to higher costs for the applications and swallow a large portion of the margins from an app and in-app sales. By using payment tokens, both developers and users can profit from low-cost payments. This, in turn, incentivizes the expansion of a loyal developer community.

Furthermore, it remains a fact that traditional, established payment methods can be difficult to reach in many of the current growth markets worldwide. The exchange of cryptocurrencies on the Blockchain facilitates easier entry into these markets. Blockchain integration also means that yappadappadoo does not store personal user data. Key to platform access is a Blockchain-ID and for the first time, apps and in-app purchases can be exchanged among users (peer-to-peer), in a safe and transparent manner.

What makes Progressive Web Applications so Fascinating?

Progressive Web Applications represent a symbiosis of responsive website design and native app technology and provide the solution to some of the great weaknesses of the “mobile first” concept. PWA work, somewhat like streaming solutions in the cloud and are initiated with special secure URLs. They provide a perfect user-experience similar to native applications, irrespective of device type and operating system.

Additionally, PWA also provides offline functionalities, a feature previously restricted to native applications. From now on, it is no longer necessary for a company to develop separate native applications for different operating systems, in addition to a responsive or mobile website. PWA combines all of the advantages of responsive websites and native applications, while at the same time eliminating several of their restrictions.

Extensive App-Universe with Low Development Costs

In order to assist the development of a broad spectrum of applications in the yappadappadoo Store, we will create the yappadappadoo-Suite, a drag and drop development software to assist app-developers worldwide. The Suite is a web-based platform, which allows the developer to complete the app production process quickly and efficiently. The suite covers design, programming, data-interface, database structure, asset management, testing, deployment, monetization and hosting on highly-scalable and highly available servers. The yappadappadoo-Suite enables developers who are new to the development of PWA, to quickly gain experience with the relevant technology, but it also offers experienced developers faster and more cost-effective methods to develop sophisticated SEO-optimized PWA.

High Awareness and User-Engagement

All 4.5 billion users of mobile phones, tablets and other comparable devices are potential yappadappadoo customers. The obvious advantages of the PWA technology over native applications will help generate positive awareness. In growth markets (for example, China, India, Africa and South America), there is already a significant awareness of the advantages of PWA technology. This is particularly relevant because of the restricted availability of high-quality hardware and network coverage in those regions.

With the yappadappadoo bootstrap strategy and attractive incentives for users, such as tokens for recommendations and reviews, we hope to achieve maximum awareness. Furthermore, we expect to cooperate with manufacturers of mobile devices (OEM). Preinstallation of the yappadappadoo Store on new devices would also help to dramatically increase awareness and use.

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  • Urs Kipfer
    Urs Kipfer
    Urs Kipfer
  • Michael Brendel
    Michael Brendel
    Michael Brendel
    Founder & Chairman
  • Jana Lindeck
    Jana Lindeck
    Jana Lindeck
  • Paul Smyth
    Paul Smyth
    Paul Smyth
  • Beat Kipfer
    Beat Kipfer
    Beat Kipfer
  • Amarpreet Singh
    Amarpreet Singh
    Amarpreet Singh
  • Sydney Ifergan
    Sydney Ifergan
    Sydney Ifergan
  • Sergey Inyushkin
    Sergey Inyushkin
    Sergey Inyushkin
  • Vinh Phan
    Vinh Phan
    Vinh Phan
  • Daniil Morozov
    Daniil Morozov
    Daniil Morozov
  • Farooq A Rahim
    Farooq A Rahim
    Farooq A Rahim
  • Roger Crook
    Roger Crook
    Roger Crook


  • 1
    Q2 2018
    yappadappadoo Store Beta
    Initial Coin Offering
  • 2
    Q4 2018
    yappadappadoo Store V1.0
    Extension of Development & Support
    Expand Marketing Team & Advertising
  • 3
    Q1 2019
    yappadappadoo Suite private Beta
    Roll-Out OEM Communication
    Partnership Indian Market
    Business Unit Spain
  • 4
    Q2 2019
    yappadappadoo Suite public Beta
    Developer Conference Europe
    Partnership Chinese Market
    Game Suite private Beta
  • 5
    Q3 2019
    yappadappadoo Suite V1.0
    Strategic Partnership Network Operators
  • 6
    Q4 2019
    Game Suite public Beta
    Developer Conference India
    Developers Conference USA

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