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Yellow Better (YBT) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Review of Yellow Better ICO

Yellow Better aims at creating an avenue where people from different countries can meet in a virtual world, learn and teach foreign languages and exchange knowledge of diverse cultures. As a result of the never ending globalization of the world by advancements in technology it has become necessary to find an easy way where people can learn new languages in the event where they have to work or study in a new country or just interested in the language.

Yellow Better platform intends to bring together people with a common interest of learning new languages from all parts of the world and get people from different backgrounds to exchange knowledge by being teachers and students of foreign languages. This platform will serve as a place of study, place to meet and also a marketplace. It can be referred to as the Facebook or LinkedIn of language learning. On the platform there will be two classes of people; the teacher and student. The teacher already has knowledge of a language and teaches the student who is interested in learning. Teachers have an opportunity to earn on the platform by giving language lessons.

Transactions of services involving teaching and learning languages will be carried out using the Yellow Better token. The purchase of tokens will be on an exchange known as Better Pay.

The Yellow Better platform is the first of its kind as it aims at revolutionizing language education and training by providing an easy way in which representatives from different countries and cultures can find others who are willing to teach them a foreign language. This is a laudable idea at connecting the cultures across the world, broadening peoples’ horizons and exchanging experiences.

The Yellow Better team team is led by Co-founders Damian and Marta Guzik; and Lukarsz Burzawa  who are in charge of Business strategy; Pawel Jurazek a Bank Analyst who Heads Finance and Operations. The Yellow Better team is made up of seasoned professionals who occupy several roles including the blockchain development, website development, marketing and project management of the cryptocurrency project.

Yellow Better is being advised by two experts in marketing and communications, Harold Kinet and Miikka Saloseutu who has several years of experience. Another member of the advisory team is Morten Christensen, a well travelled entrepreneur who has experienced firsthand the challenges of learning new languages and knows the importance of a platform for effective learning of foreign languages. He is also the founder of

Yellow better has forged alliances with notable partners including Skylounge, Admiral Tax, Big Eye and Bestrate (an aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges).

The Company intends to spend a huge sum (58%) of the funds to be raised from the ICO on a global marketing campaign, commit 30% to construction and service of the portal, while 7% will be used to pay the team developing the project. 5% of ICO funds raised will be donated to BetterPay, a currency exchange and payment platform which is majorly owned by Yellow Better. 20% of the Yellow Better token issued at the ICO will also be donated to BetterPay.

The Company intends to have the demo version of Yellow Better ready by August 2018, and the learning platform (website) will be available in 18 languages with more languages added as time as time goes on.

A Pre-ICO is ongoing and will end in August with 7.5% of tokens to be issued to facilitate the release of the demo version of the Yellow Better portal. The ICO will be held between the first day of October and the end of 2018. The final version of Yellow Better and Betterpay will be released by the end of first Quarter 2019.

Interested participants in the ICO have to undertake a KYC and validation procedure. The technical specification for the Yellow Better token is Ethereum ERC20 which makes it easy to subscribe for the token by using Ethereum, and storing in existing ERC20 addresses.

The minimum amount to purchase the tokens is 50 Euros per participant and the hard cap for the token has been set for 1.5 billion Yellow Better tokens. People from all countries except United States of America, Canada, Republic of Singapore and China are eligible to participate in the ICO.

This innovation by Yellow Better offers endless opportunities as it provides an effective method of learning foreign languages via a social platform that connects people to share and transfer knowledge of cultures, customs and experiences.

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  • Damian Guzik
    Damian Guzik
    Damian Guzik
    CO-FOUNDER/ Business

    A graduate of the University of Economics in Cracow. The originator and co-founder of the Yellow Better portal. An active entrepreneur for over 10 years, e.g. acting as Director in Crypto Invest Polska LTD or Blockchain Invest Group. An investor in the real estate industry.
  • Marta Guzik
    Marta Guzik
    Marta Guzik
    CO-FOUNDER/ Business Strategy

    A graduate of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. The originator and co-founder of the Yellow Better portal. Specialist in political science. She successfully achieved professional triumphs as a counselor.
  • Łukasz Burzawa
    Łukasz Burzawa
    Łukasz Burzawa
    Founder / Business Strategy

    A graduate of the Cracow University of Technology. Active entrepreneur, marathon runner, golfer. Currently, the director at Crypto Invest Polska LTD and Blockchain Invest Group, with over a dozen projects in various industries, e.g. developer on the real estate market or a forex investor.
  • Paweł Juraszek
    Paweł Juraszek
    Paweł Juraszek
    CO-FOUNDER/ Finance & Operations

    Bank analyst by education. A specialist in the analysis of start-ups and research on the profitability of enterprises. Since 2014 he has been fascinated by the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries. The creator of the conference devoted to topics related to new technologies and cryptocurrencies. President of Crypto Invest Polska sp z.o.o. and director at Crypto Invest Polska LTD, as well as the Blockchain Invest Group – these companies are involved in investing in cryptocurrencies, trading and research on blockchain technology.
  • Kamil Kostrzewski
    Kamil Kostrzewski
    Kamil Kostrzewski
    Lead Developer

    Active entrepreneur, creator and President of one of the largest crypto currency exchanges in Poland, Speaker of many lectures related to the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. A talented programmer. Since 2011he has been the cryptocurrency fascinate.
  • Krzysztof Maczyński
    Krzysztof Maczyński
    Krzysztof Maczyński
    Blockchain Developer

    An IT specialist by education, programmer and polyglot of programming languages as well as human languages. Strict mind and visionary with an interdisciplinary approach. He has always been teaching with passion, he conducts trainings, develops curricula, he also educates brilliantly talented young people. Podcaster, radio journalist, author of written and spoken texts. A libertarian and anarchocapitalist, activist and organizer of bottom-up initiatives, popularizer of science, libertarian and economic thought, new technologies, as well as cryptocurrency knowledge.
  • Wojciech Dziuban
    Wojciech Dziuban
    Wojciech Dziuban
    Project Manager

    An experienced Project Manager with a documented history of work in the IT sector. A great specialist in the field of program and project management, qualified in international project management. One of the first programmers responsible for creating the Yellow Better platform.
  • Paweł Prudło
    Paweł Prudło
    Paweł Prudło

    Active in internet marketing and sales for 5 years. Creator of projects social groups and fanpages related to cryptocurrencies. Co-creator of marketing and advertising campaigns for cryptocurrencies. Also a professional cyclist who makes a use of his developed over the years charisma and perseverance, in business and marketing.
  • Piotr Stogowski
    Piotr Stogowski
    Piotr Stogowski
    Marketing & Community
    Social Media Marketing Manager, who also has experience in creating business relationships. For several years a cryptocurrency enthusiast, a trader with several significant successes on his account.
  • Patryk Spirra
    Patryk Spirra
    Patryk Spirra
    Graphic Designer

    Owner of a digital marketing agency making websites, creating visual identities and boosting recognition of brands. Computer engineer, specialist in computer graphics.
  • Daria Gaca
    Daria Gaca
    Daria Gaca
    Marketing Manager

    A graduate of the WSB University in Sales Management and Marketing, Modern Marketing and Manager. I specialise in conducting audits and marketing campaigns for Initial Coin Offer projects.


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    Pre ICO

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    Yellow Better Bounty
  • 3
    Website available in 18 languages
  • 4
    Demo Version of YellowBetter
  • 5
    Start ICO
  • 6
    Final Version of Yellow Better Cantor BetterPay

  • 7
    Yellow Better App
  • 8
    BetterPay App

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