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Influencer Marketing For Promoting ICOs

In the past few years, we have seen a sea change where influencers play a vital role in spreading the word about various rising industries. ICOs are one such growing industry that utilizes the power of influencers for ICO marketing. An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is organized with the aim of raising funds for a business startup. But, today so many companies have entered into the market and launched their ICOs that it has become difficult for businesses to grab the attention of potential investors. This is the reason why ICO companies are implementing proven marketing strategies to educate people about their project or ICO. Influencers have great expertise in specific domains through which they help to enhance the demand for the ICO or token.

The importance of marketing influencers

Marketing influencers are individuals who hold a grip on specifically targeted audiences and have huge followers and fans on their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels, as well as other social media accounts. By sharing authentic reviews, blogs on social media channels and creating Youtube videos, influencers educate investors on particular ICOs like ABYSSEQUIBunnyToken, and help them in taking the right decision. There are many people who do not trust advertisements but trust influencers. With a strong base of followers, influencers can advertise a company’s product and connect them with their targeted audiences. This is the reason why marketing influencers have a strong power to promote any brand and make it stand out from the crowd. When compared with traditional marketing strategies, influencers prove beneficial in captivating the interest of the audience and triggering genuine engagement in the company or ICO.

Influencer Marketing ICO

ICOs and influencer marketing

Every month, new ICOs are hitting the market and grabbing investors’ attention. But, remember that not all ICOs are to be trusted, so investors have to pay attention and only invest in genuine ICOs that can bring interesting returns for them. ICO events are also organized specially for those who plan to launch their own ICO project or want to invest in a сrypto-currency tokens.In this scenario, most investors rely on the original and trusted marketing tool –  word of mouth.  Today, word of mouth advertisement is not limited to only people but has shifted to a wide digital ecosystem. Yes! Social Media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. bring a new way of advertising and allow ICO influencers to introduce any project or token to millions of investors across the world.  Influencer marketing strategies have expanded their roots and become standard marketing technique for brands. This is the reason why most ICO companies prefer to hire influencers for marketing purpose and investor can get an idea about best ICOs to invest.

Why are YouTube influencers important for ICO marketing?

Various methods are used for ICO marketing but a YouTube channel is one of the most prolific ways to advertise any ICO while covering all its aspects. YouTube channels, also known as “Cryptovers” cover all general news about ICOs and their ratings. A video is the most versatile tool to advertise any ICO in the marketplace. Whether it’s for live streaming announcements or interviewing team members of the company, video storytelling offers relevant information for investors to check the strength and inside news of any ICO startup. YouTube influencers have great ability to represent your company or ICO in a better way in front of a larger audience as well as bringing huge engagement with their strong followers and fan base.

Here, we discuss the prime benefits of YouTube marketing for ICO and Tokens.

Establishing transparency

Before investing in any ICO, every investor wants to know who exactly is behind the ICO and also its purpose. Transparency is an appropriate way to tell people what you are and what your project is for. By developing an attractive video with all relevant information, you can share it on social media channels and tell the unique story of your business. People develop an interest in a story that they can connect with, which shows the real picture with an important message. YouTube influencers understand the tactics used to represent a company’s profile in an interactive way so that people can connect with it.

ICO Influencer Marketing

Describe your solution 

An ICO is launched to transform a certain industry or provide an effective solution for a widespread problem that helps in grabbing investors’ attention. The projects that make sense and are well planned can easily attract investors who are confused about what exactly the ICO offers. You can take reference from ICO Planning guide to get more clear and systematic steps for investment.ICO providers construct a white paper that comprises complex technical explanation and is difficult to understand for readers. But, storytelling through video is an efficient and effective way to describe the existing real-world problems and the innovative solutions provided by the project. The influencers ensure that ICO marketing videos cover all important issues and details the project intends to accomplish.

Describe a reason to invest in it

If you want to make your ICO successful, then you must give a clear reason that encourages investors to participate in it. After all, investors are investing their money in your project, so they have a right to know that the company is doing something to resolve a global problem. YouTube videos display essential information and inform potential investors about the reasons to invest in the ICO. YouTube influencers make sure that the video clarifies the mission statement of the company as well as touches the heart of the audiences.

Covering the basics and details

In the ICO marketplace, there are three different types of investor audiences including:

  • Blockchain engineers, miners, Fintech experts, developers, and others with extensive knowledge of cryptocurrencies.
  • Entrepreneurs who recently entered the ICO marketplace and are in their learning phase.
  • And the last ones are those who don’t have any idea of Bitcoin but are interested in it.

While marketing an ICO, it is difficult to determine the exact nature of your audience. In this case, YouTube influencer or video marketing is beneficial to appeal to all three groups of the audience.

These are some of the important benefits of YouTube marketing through which companies can make people aware of their ICOs like CelsiusSkyChainAltairLendo.  But, for this, you need to approach the experienced and renowned YouTube influencers who have a strong fan following and are capable of presenting your ICO in an attractive way. There are many well-known YouTube ICO influencers who provide their services in the market with productive results and gives you a credible third party opinion about your ICO. The ICO countdown has already started for many tokens.

If you are also looking for a marketing influencer service to promote your ICO or you want to reach out to your targeted crypto audience, then we are here to help you. At ICO Token News, we create high visibility for your ICO by providing outstanding influencer marketing services to provide you with the competitive edge. Don’t hesitate to ask help for your ICO marketing. You can contact us by filling the form below.

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