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CloudFish (CFH) ICO Review – ICO Token News


CloudFish is an Atlanta based startup focused on developing cloud security solutions for enterprises. Founded in 2015, the company is a leading innovator and a cutting-edge technology provider for the cloud security market. The Company is developing a cloud-based product that provides security for digital assets like documents, emails, pictures, crypto-currencies etc. using block-chain. The product is built on a proprietary technology developed by CloudFish which encrypts the digital assets, breaks the encryption key into millions of pieces and store it on block chain thereby making it impossible for someone to hack or steal the sensitive data. The technology developed by CloudFish is backed by US’ top-tier engineering university, Georgia Institute of Technology and the company is an of icial member of Georgia Tech’s prestigious ATDC Accelerate program.

A Unique Approach to cloud Security

Unlike the encryption-based cloud security solutions available in the market, CloudFish is using an innovative approach to secure data that leverages the block-chain technology. Traditional encryption-based security product available in the market, encrypt user data and store the encryption keys on cloud servers. This approach secures data in most cases. However, if the cloud server that stores the encryption keys is itself hacked then the users’ stored information can be decrypted and hacked. In contrast, CloudFish developed a proprietary technology that encrypts the digital enterprise assets like documents, emails, IPAs, crypto-currencies etc. It then splits the encryption key into millions of pieces and distribute it on block-chain thereby making it virtually impossible for a hacker to decrypt and steal the sensitive data. The dynamic key split and reconstruction mechanism on block-chain is a proprietary technology of Cloudfish for which a patent is in-progress.


CloudFish Cloud Services Gateway (CSG) is a separate licensable product which integrates with CloudFish Enterprise Security Server. The CSG provides enterprise data services related to security including automatic detection and control of security threats for the data, the companies store on commercial cloud servers. The CSG is an agent-based software. Each node in the enterprise network (laptop, desktop, server etc.) runs a CloudFish agent software that monitors the network use pattern on that machine. It uses the artificial intelligence technology and machine learning algorithms to detect unusual activities like suspicious login attempts, hacking or intrusion attempts, ransomware or a potential spyware or malware activity on each. Upon detection of a suspicious activity on a node, the CloudFish agent running on that node immediately takes preventive actions on that node and it triggers an ‘alarm’ about the security risks that propagates to other nodes in the network . Upon receiving this information, the agent software running on other nodes takes preventive actions to isolate themselves from the network threat. This sharing and learning about network threats among different network nodes acts like a ‘collective network wisdom’ which minimizes the risk of large-scale data loss and services interruption for the enterprise.

Market Strategy

We plan to use a three-pronged approach used to reach out to the individual users and enterprise customers. We plan to ef ectively utilize the social media as well as third party software resellers to approach the enterprise customers.

Purpose of CloudFish Token

CloudFish token is NOT A SECURITY. It is a utility token that can be traded on ERC20 compliant exchanges or used for buying products and services from CloudFish. The holders of CFH token are only entitled to trade the token or use them to buy CloudFish products, if successfully developed, as described in this document. The CFH token itself is be based on Ethereum, a blockchain-based computing platform. Ethereum allows smart contracts – distributed computer programs which can facilitate online contractual agreements in a cryptographically secure manner. CloudFish public token sale will be executed in 5 waves. All waves will be executed by ERC-20 standard and the token sale will be distributed via smart contracts on the Ethereum Network. The smart contract will cover all 5 waves including pre-ICO stage. The smart contract will automatically close in 120 days after the start of ICO. CloudFish public token sale will be executed in 5 waves as described in previous section. The first wave is considered a pre-ICO and is worth 1000 ETH. A portion of the funds contributed during the pre-ICO waves will be used for marketing & legal expenses of the CloudFish ICO campaign. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.

KYC and its Need

The primary objective of token sale registration is to enforce a mandatory Know-Your-Customer (KYC) check to prevent identity theft, terrorist financing, money laundering, and financial fraud. It also allows our team to understand our token holders better and manage risks prudently. At CloudFish we take social responsibility very seriously, thus, we believe that it is important to play our part in combating money laundering and terrorism financing. That is why we have benchmarked ourselves to the same KYC standards typically adopted by banks and financial institutions globally. The due diligence process includes screening against international sanction/terrorist lists, politically exposed persons, and people with adverse reputation. Risk assessment and on-boarding outcome will be performed and determined through the use of a proprietary software.


  • Faisal Faruqi
    Faisal Faruqi
    Faisal Faruqi
  • Zia Hydri
    Zia Hydri
    Zia Hydri
    Chief Research Adviser and Co-founder of CloudFish
  • Ammar Naqvi
    Ammar Naqvi
    Ammar Naqvi
    Blockchain Architect
  • Ehrar Jameel
    Ehrar Jameel
    Ehrar Jameel
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Drew Lanham
    Drew Lanham
    Drew Lanham
  • Azam Ali
    Azam Ali
    Azam Ali
  • Syed Hamid
    Syed Hamid
    Syed Hamid
  • Shumael Rehman
    Shumael Rehman
    Shumael Rehman


  • 1
    Q4 2015
    Company established in Alpharetta, Georgia.
    March research started.
  • 2
    Q1 2016
    Product strategy defined.
    Angel investment of 350K USD.
  • 3
    Q2 2016
    Established Offshore Office.
    Total team size = 5.
    Engineering work initiated.
  • 4
    Q3 2016
    Minimum viable product (MVP) created.
    US team ramped up.
    Total team size = 10.
  • 5
    Q4 2016
    Recognition by Georgia Institute of Technology.
    Technology presented at Cyber launch conference in Atlanta.
  • 6
    Q1 2017
    Company accepted in Georgia Tech's ATDC Accelerate program.
    Engineering work started on first beta.
  • 7
    Q2 2017
    Beta product released on OS and Android platforms.
    Customers validation initiated.
    Development started on Web version.
  • 8
    Q3 2017
    Beta product released on web platform.
    Company selected for Venture Atlanta Conference in August 2017.
    Received recognition as a key innivatorstartup cloud security space.
  • 9
    Q4 2017
    Released official enterprise product (Beta) on Web/OS and Android platforms.
    Product distributed to enterprise customers for evaluation.
  • 10
    Q1 2018
    CloudFish Enterprise productversion 1.0 development complete.
  • 11
    Q2 2018
    ICO started.
    Sales & business dev. team ramp up. (Target team size = 55)
  • 12
    Q4 2018
    CloudFish Enterprise Product Suite version 2.0 with unified security wallet.
    Product partnership & integration with other enterprise software companies.
  • 13
    Q1 2019
    CloudFish Enterprise Product Suite version 3.0 with Cloud Security Gateway (CSG).
    Established marketing team for Europe.
    Channel partnership program in Europe.
  • 14
    Q3 2019
    Expand customer service and marketing team (Tean size = 130).
    CloudFish Enterprise Product Suite version 4.0 with Unified Security and Crypto currency exchange.
  • 15
    Q4 2019
    CloudFish Enterprise Product Suite version 4.0 with Unified Security and Crypto currency exchange.
    Expand channel partnership in Asia

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