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CorCom (COR) ICO Token Review – ICO Token News

What is COR?

The Core component matrix is a community of ideas and collaborators which is free from any redundant overhead. It provides ideas to the resources to help them in their growth and become reality. COR is the digital utility token offered by the Core Component Matrix so that token holders can use it in the ICO for purchasing goods and services from the core components in the matrix. They will also get rewards for their project contribution in the form of COR tokens.


Concept of COR Currency

The CorCom Matrix is powered by the digital coin called COR. It is a Crypto currency circulated in the form of rewards for value creation events that include the idea for entering into the system or development of that idea created by the project collaborators. COR is being utilized for purchasing goods and services inside the matrix, to promote and develop the idea further. This is one of the three ways for individual core component utility to reach liquidity upon arms-length consensus pricing and maturity milestone. Apart from it, other two methods include where individual utility token can be purchased through COR and independent ICO with bonus of COR token reward.


Introduction to Core Com

Core coms can be services, products, charities, messages, assets, new cryptocurrency or anything new. The Core comes are abstracted from real world and put into a place where they can be defined,tested, gain support and compete with other Core Coms to get best place in the matrix for generating extra COR, and get notified to grow.


What is CorCom Matrix?

The CorCom is the idea, business, intellectual property or charity that comes within the CorCom Matrix. There are no restrictions or limitations for the CorCom (core component).  It offers an economic environment where ideas can be developed, create value and utilize a crypto currency to begin operations and growth. All the while, it will reduce or eliminate the requirement of traditional currency to get essential services. The CorCom matrix is a digital ledger which is borderless, free from redundant overheads where the ideas can be accelerated, developed, raised and grown to create value.

Just imagine the CorCom Matrix as a honey comb where you will find each core component showing different ideas, product intellectual property, charity and skilled artisan. These CorComs are rewarded with digital resources named as COR tokens. The Corcoms can utilize this digital currency within the CorCom Matrix for paying available goods and services.  Apart from it, value creation events are also performed by CorComs for which they get rewarded with additional COR rewards.  These events are known as “Valent Mining Events”


Problems resolved by Core Component Matrix

CorCom matrix provides solutions to the digital economic resources by helping them to overcome the traditional obstacles like legal fees, development and startup costs.  The others problems resolved by it include the below ones:

  • Everyone having a good idea can be tokenized with utility tokens of the ICO
  • The matrix is helpful for the investors seeking for proof, clarity and confidence in new thoughts and teams, and also interested to see documented progress and track record in the competitive and active environment
  • Many a time, there is a problem of lack of clear record that who contributes what in the workplace. CorCom resolves this problem.
  • There is lack of reward and loss of good ideas in the traditional workplace. Corecom is best for the people interested in doing meaningful work and want to get recognized and rewarded for it.


How COR is generated?

The COR is generated by value creation events. To record COR transaction in the outer market, Proof of work and proof of stake mining will be used. But when it comes inside the matrix, proof of work and proof of stake mining (Split, TBD) will be implemented in order to record all Core Com token and COR transactions. Apart from it, value creation events called “Valents” are awarded in the matrix through Valent hyper structure which will track the record of tokens spent, Core Com value increase, COR for token purchase, target COR market cap and other details. For initial level of development and deployment, the company has an outside expert network, and app rewarding participants.


Benefits of Core Component Matrix Token holding dashboard

With dashboard Core Component Matrix concept, COR holders (participants, investors and founders) can check the matrix status and their token holdings in different Core Coms. This dashboard is beneficial for COR holders as it will enable them to see inside the matrix and allow them to spend some of their COR utility tokens on the goods and services of various Core Coms and hold their value only in the form of COR.


Why choose block chain for business model?

All the Core Com tickets and transactions work is recorded on a blockchain due to its high end security and safety features. Even, Blockchain has allowed the development of new business models including the one on which company is building. This technology makes it possible to securely tokenize the product and service of the company. The revolutionary blockchain technology ensures that the transactions are done in a safe and secure manner. Only the authorized users with authenticated credentials have access to account to make transactions. Blockchain technology has become integral for crypto currency transactions, and is widely used in all crypto exchanges. All crypto exchanges utilize blockchain to do trading. Digital wallets are also based on blockchain that provides them added layer of security

Blockchains provide a safe and secure data storage system which includes the chain of cryptographically secure blocks of information. Each block is encrypted by using the content of previous block. It means if anyone tries to edit the blockchain then they need to edit all the blocks. In this way, blockchain provide secure and temper-proof way of storing the information. The blockchain was originally designed to store secure transaction for digital currency. The biggest benefit of blockchain is that it provides completely decentralized system which eradicate the need of any third party interference



For the success of CorCom Matrix revolution, the company has appointed the talented team of experts that includes nano-technology scientists, power grid consultants, scientists, entrepreneurs, web experts, economists and pen testers. All the professionals have extensive years of experience and cross–industry expertise.

Jesse Adams, Ph.D.: Chief Executive Officer

He is an experienced executive, educator, inventor, communicator, author and programmer. Jesse has strong track record of creating millions of dollars in value for the businesses leveraging his skills in deal formation, fund raising and project management.  Currently he is working as CTO and is a member of the Board of Directors for NevadaNano & Vice President of North America for HIL Applied Medical.

Robbie Moen: Chief Communications Officer

Robbie has an entrepreneur mindset and experience of working as television producer and storyteller. He is a touring musician. His experience has helped him in developing his communication skills. He is responsible for creating actionable strategies which are based on available data and cultural foresight.  Robbie is working as President of Moen America LTD.



Laura Levin

She is a marketing professional based in Reno, Nevada. Laura has eight years’ experience in integrated marketing that includes logo development, web design and search engine optimization. Currently, she is an owner of Levin Media and helping the clients to reach first pages of search engines to increase their web traffic, sale and customers by using data-driven strategies.

Tyson Cross (LL.M)

Tyson is one of renowned authorities on crypto currency taxation and regulations. He provides his consultancy services to clients in all 50 states on federal tax and regulatory matters. Before starting his own law firm, he used to work for a boutique tax law firm in San Diego, California. Apart from it, other practice areas of Tyson include estate planning and asset protection.

Other advisors to the team
  • Greg Durkin
  • Scott Erwin
  • Information Security Advisor Nathaniel Jones, CISSP
  • Robb Smith
  • Tyson Cross LL.M.
  • Ray Sidney
  • Steven Malekos
  • Jesse Lukayi
  • Laura Levin



The ICO will be held on January 1, 2018.

At ICO, COR Token holders can buy goods and services from the Core Components which are currently in the COR Matrix. Apart from this, it they can also get rewarded for their contribution in the project with COR token. The new project of core component matrix will be listed, monitored, ranked and rated by the community and algorithm. The company will reward the progress by consensus and initial algorithm. They will also develop the new and more advanced reward algorithm later.

The participants will also get rewarded for developing their project with COR and for using COR token for their goods and services. If they use more COR token for accessing their goods and services, then they will get good opportunity to get more rewards for it. In this way, company expects increased demand of COR token because individual core components are getting success in their respective markets.

Incentive for investors

Qualified investors can invest in CORCOM Inc., and also in the upcoming security token sale.

Incentives for Core Components

Creative companies and individuals will be appreciated for seeding their idea into the matrix. Reducing startup costs, securely recording and tracking early contributions, startup funds and matrix activities, and fundraising are part of the activities of a risk reducing group all working together. The matrix rewards is given to Core Coms for value creation activity.

Incentives for Participants

The early participants who provide advice and support for Core com matrix will get rewarded ar every step, from the first interaction. The task is accepted by a C3EO in order to try the task which is rewarded with 10%, no matter what, 80% is for good job and 100% for excellent job.  The task can be paid in the form of hybrid pay packages which include core component utility tokens, COR utility tokens and ETH.

C3EO: It stands for Core component CEO. They are the decision maker for a Core Com unless they are not removed by the equity block.  Core com token holders can also be surveyed for opinion.

Core Com Matrix Token Allocation
  • 2M are to be assigned to the founders who have developed and are developing this new concept
  • 200K are assigned for the key advisors
  • 200k are assigned for pioneers (developers, investors and users)
  • 9M is allocated for combined mining and value creation (Valent) pool.
  • 7M is to be provided at ICO on 1st January 2018 to fund this Core Com matrix technology development, legal & overhead for the project
  • 1M will be provided at SCO 15th Jan, 2019


Company Milestones

Founding: – After doing two years of hard development work,  Core Com Matrix was established on 14th July 2017

Alpha Launch (Off Chain): – In 26th July 2017, they went live with

In July 2017, the company went live with the working matrix based off-chain in Google documents to create value for the Core Coms. It developed rules and algorithms to feed into Alpha and the forthcoming Beta paper. C3EOs are currently defining value in PoC and CoreCom Whitepapers.

Alpha White Paper: – 2nd September 2017, Released the limited distribution COR Alpha White Paper

Beta White Paper: – 2nd November 2017, Released the Block chain Proof MVP and COR Beta white paper

Alpha ICO: – The targeted date for initial utility token sale is January 1, 2018

Beta Launch: – December, 2018 for beta launch

Beta ICO: – The date targeted for second utility token sale is 15th January 2019



Core Component Matrix is a borderless, free from redundancy overhead, digital ledger where the ideas are created and accelerated in order to create the value. COR is the token value of Core Component matrix. It is used for buying goods and services, and is also one of the methods for individual core component utility tokens to reach liquidity upon maturity landmarks, and arms-length consensus pricing. Apart from it, other two methods are purchasing individual utility tokens through COR and independent ICO by bonus reaped from COR token reward.

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