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Current (CRNC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Undoubtedly, personal data and attention have become the most significant commodities online. Media has evolved as a robust destination to develop data/attention economy, and it’s ready for experiencing blockchain disruption. Amid all of this stands Current—a blockchain-enabled multimedia ecosystem that’s all set to incentivize the world of online streaming.
By simply picking one passive habit and attaching significant value to it, Current is successfully establishing a precedent in the digital landscape of today. The team behind this ecosystem believes that users should get much more than entertainment, creators should get a fat cut of the revenue, and, finally, curators should be paid for finding the best content online. This sure sounds exciting. Well, let’s then delve further into this innovative crypto project and its ICO campaign.

Current analysis

The Current ecosystem is engineered to evolve with time, and that’s why it has been built to include both off-chain and on-chain solutions—something that’ll easily accommodate any form of shifting dynamics happening in the media, cryptocurrency, and blockchain sectors.
As a multimedia ecosystem, the platform’s chief is to create highly personalized content recommendations that’ll be delivered across the entire universal media platform and its third-party networks. The Current’s native token along with the network protocol will be used for introducing innovative incentive mechanisms and fresh revenue streams.
These revenue streams and incentivizing models will be first introduced in Current’s framework; afterward, they’ll be made available to different developers of third-party streaming applications. With the help of a utility token, the ecosystem will democratize the entire value developed across the media consumption cycle. In a way, these tokens will shift different benefits from advertisers and other intermediaries to the people who’re streaming, curating, and creating media. Apart from having a token, the network will even have its own robust protocol—including smart contracts—that’ll make sure every user is justly incentivized in the whole consumption cycle.

Current innovation

In terms of innovation, Current is similar to other ICO projects such as ViMarket, Dragon, BunnyToken, DenCity, and CoinMetro to name a few—it’s highly innovative. So here are a couple of factors that highlight Current’s commitment to innovation.

Correctly incentivizing multimedia streaming experience

This multimedia streaming ecosystem is based on the blockchain technology. Now, the use of a blockchain makes this ecosystem have transparent accounting protocols. Furthermore, the blockchain even lets the ecosystem’s developers accurately valuate time, data, and attention invested by every user. And with the launch of this platform’s native tokens, the users will be rewarded for streaming content from a number of third parties such as SoundCloud, Spotify, YouTube, and the like.

Making intelligent multimedia recommendations

Current understands that it has to make smart multimedia recommendation for rising as a robust streaming ecosystem. For this purpose, the platform includes a variety of behavioral data points that’ll monitor the times, types, and topics that are played by the users across different networks. It’s a type of smart algorithm that’s built inside the ecosystem for making better recommendations. By bringing different popular media-streaming networks under a single virtual roof, Current is ready to provide much more than 200,000 users with an unbeatable discovery experience.
CURRENT Referral

Taking data sharing to a whole new level

While building Current, the team behind it placed everyday streamer in its mind. The team, here, has considered all the media that a user can stream on different and the most popular networks. This research is done to create a very flexible platform that can adapt to cultural shifts quickly. The platform, further, has integrated a number of media-streaming networks and has given the user the ultimate control over how her/his data is shared and used. For managing data sharing and usage, the team has even developed smart contracts.
Current fund

Current token sale

 The chief aim of launching this token is to raise funds that can be used by Current’s development team to make the ecosystem more sophisticated. This blockchain-enabled multimedia ecosystem has its native tokens that can uniquely reward the users for the time, money, and data they’ve spent on creating rich streaming experiences. Further, for being a true utility, the Current token can be used for buying services, products, and in-platform advertising. Here are a few details that every investor should know before investing in this ICO campaign.

Other ICO details

  • Ticker: CRNC
  • Token type: ERC20
  • ICO token price: CRNC 1 = USD 0.24
  • Hard cap: USD 36,000,000
  • Soft cap: USD 5,000,000
  • Total tokens: 1,000,000,000
  • Available for token sale: 35%
  • Min/Max personal cap: 0.03 ETH/TBA
  • Accepts: ETH, BTC, and NEO
  • Public presale period: February 7, 2018 (12:00 AM CT) to February 21, 2018 (11:59 PM CT)
  • Main sale period: March 14. 2018 (12:00 AM CT) to April 4, 2018 (11:59 PM CT)
  • Minimum Transaction: 0.03 ETH
  • Within a month of the token sale, smart contracts will distribute the tokens

Current team

The team has good experience and deep expertise in building media and consumer products. The project is helmed by Dan Novaes, CEO and co-founder, who is admired for his entrepreneurial achievements; he has been in the blockchain space since 2013. Likewise, Kiran Panesar, CTO and co-founder, has provided scalable, secure web services; he is very passionate about bringing high levels of scalability to the decentralization technology as a whole. Apart from these two, there are countless advisors, multimedia experts and blockchain specialists who have been dedicated to creating a powerful decentralized multimedia-streaming platform—Current—for the future.

Summarizing Current

All in all, this ecosystem is targeted toward all those audiences that are interested in streaming multimedia. (Basically, these audiences comprise Millennial and Gen Z as these two generations are likely to consume a lot of multimedia.) So with very well-defined targeted audiences and a proper road map for the future, this project is all set to successfully take off. (Actually, that’s the case with every good ICO project such as Celsius, Dock, SkyChain, Bountie and Altair VR ) Plus, another revolutionary step, which is taken by this ecosystem, will be in the direction of incentivizing the users for streaming content—something that hasn’t happened up till now. Because of this fact, the project and its ICO campaign look promising.

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