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CVProof (INK) ICO Review – ICO Token News


CVProof is a digital validation platform connecting credential holders with their respective issuers, powered by blockchain notarization, for highly reliable and screenable career needs. This validation proof is as a green light “laissez-passer” for all kind of career compliances. Our mission is therefore to provide a legitimate and seamless validation mechanism using indisputable secure online tools  connecting CV holders to the credentials issuers for blockchain-based validation, and incidentally for proof-of- validation. Credentials refer to diplomas, expertise certificates, assessments, references, workcertificates, publications, scores, medical certificates, criminal records, training certificates, conference speaker certificates, others. On CVProof, the user is given access to a dedicated secure zone representing the CV, including the set of relevant career credentials subject to issuers’ validation. Separately from the official CV credentials zone, the user can also present on the platform a totally free resume format.


Blockchain makes it possible to achieve trustworthy validation without the need for a trusted party. This can be used in cases as simple as notarizing any digital format document or more complex workflows like career credentials validation. DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) is used to store proof-of-validation in the form of hash outcomes (‘fingerprints’) in the blockchain. CVProof uses the Ethereum token standard ERC-20 developed by the network (INK). INK are used to propel all kind of transactions (from basic instructions to business value-added services) executed within the CVProof Ecosystem.


CVProof has been engineered to establish a new credential standard in the job market. The commercial initial strategy will focus on the following business areas:

1 – Industries with highly regulated credentials verification requirements

  • Aviation
  • Medical
  • Education

2 – Heavy users of credential verification services

Corporate Human Resources across all industries. CVProof will offer the right digital platform to provide their employees with all required credential documents (work certificate, assessment, training certificate…). CVProof will engage HR teams directly as well as through partnerships with major Human Resources Information System (HRIS) software vendors, by integrating CVProof services via API (Application Program Interface).

  • Recruitment Agencies (primary focus on top Manager and C-level candidates, as well as jobs requiring a vetting).


Pilots are by definition very mobile and the majority work in different countries during their career. Currently, a “license validation” process is required before a pilot can start employment in a new country. The “Civil Aviation Authority” (CAA) of the new country requests a confirmation from the CAA of the previous country of the said pilot’s licence.

There is currently an estimated population of 290,000 professional airline pilots. Significantly, over the next 20 years, an additional 500-600,000 new pilots will need to acquire a validated licence. Aviation is certainly one of the most regulated sectors and the most complex when referring to credentials verification. Amongst the credentials that must be checked on a regular basis:

  1. Medical certificate
  2. Flight simulator training attendance
  3. Number of hours of flight on specific engines

The market penetration for this segment will be driven by acceptance from the authorities to embrace this new procedure and adoption from pilots. The commercial strategy for airline companies and flying schools will be led by co-founder and aviation expert Francois Bouteiller. At this stage a number of flying schools have been contacted to join CVProof early access program.


It’s the opportunity to streamline and optimize corporate HR credentials delivery. Time for work certificates and other career credentials sent by post has gone. CVProof will be the ultimate distribution channel for corporates to securely deliver digital and certified career credentials to the legitimate recipients. As a result, CVProof will allocate a significant part of its marketing efforts to create awareness and adoption in this business segment. CVProof will develop partnerships with major Human Resources Information System (HRIS) software vendors, to integrate CVProof platform services via API (ApplicationProgram Interface). By providing them with an innovative added-value service to theiroffering, we will benefit from the existing reach of those software companies in the HR space.


Recruitment agencies will be key partners to carry out CVProof user acquisition strategy. Focus will be given to the segments related to top managers and C-levels, and to sectors requiring a vetting procedure. Through an attractive incentive model, CVProof will offer recruitment agencies to use

its platform to receive job applications using an API. In other words, head-hunters will receive INK ICO tokens for each candidate applying for jobs via the CVProof platform. This will allow CVProof to build a critical-mass user base rapidly, while enabling recruitment agencies to introduce candidates with validated credentials to their clients, hence offering a higher standard of service.


The token creation and sale process will be handled by based on smart contracts running on the Ethereum protocol (ERC-20). Buyers will send ETH currency to a designated address in exchange for the relevant amount of INK tokens to be credited to their wallet. network regulates the tokenization of multiple business cases and sustains the underlying protocol in the field of files validation and verification described earlier in this document. will organize a token sale with the objective to finance start-ups developing use case applying its protocol and revenue sharing paradigm using its INK token. Check ICO list to know more about ICOs.


  • Ray Chow-Toun
    Ray Chow-Toun
    Ray Chow-Toun
    CEO, Co-Founder
  • Frederic Verin
    Frederic Verin
    Frederic Verin
    COO, Co-Founder
  • Guillaume Goutaudier
    Guillaume Goutaudier
    Guillaume Goutaudier
    Technical Integration
  • Laurence Blazianu
    Laurence Blazianu
    Laurence Blazianu
    Investment and Communication Strategy
  • Vincent Maillard
    Vincent Maillard
    Vincent Maillard
    Recruitment Firms and HR strategic Advisor
  • Adriana Belotti
    Adriana Belotti
    Adriana Belotti
    Digital Marketing
  • Jimmy Paris
    Jimmy Paris
    Jimmy Paris
    Software Developer


  • 1
    June 2017 Incorporation
  • 2
    July 2017
    POC with EPFL
  • 3
    August 2017
    Angels Financing
    White Paper
  • 4
    Token Sale
    End Of Token Sale
  • 5
    July 2018 launch

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