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Cytecoin (CTC) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The  rapid  development  of  virtual  reality  in  2015  and  2016  has  led  an  explosive  growth  of AR/VR/360 contents that include games, photos, and videos.  While  game startups and hardware manufacturers  focusing  on  the entertainment  market,  the real burgeoning market  has  yet  to become the next growth driver . Companies of all sizes are seeking various ways to take advantage of the VR technology to add value to their businesses, brands, products and services.  The WOW factor of the immersive VR experience  has  triggered  limitless  possibilities  in  terms  of  story  telling,  user  experience,  and  brand building .  Major companies are finding VR as a tool to engage with their customers in tradeshows,  exhibitions,  private  and  public  events  with  great  success. CyteCoin    is    the   only   solution   on   the market   that   empowers   brands,   content producers, vent  organizers,  advertisers, KOLs, audiences, sponsors, and merchants to capitalize in AR/VR/360.

Cyrecoin Tokenization

CyteCoin   is   designed   to   decentralizing   the   buying,   selling,   and rewarding  of  viewing  in  VR  by  removing  the  intermediaries  out  of  the equation.  This is accomplished by using CyteCoin Smart Contracts. An  advertiser  can  use  CyteCoin  via  a  smart  contract  associated  with  the  target  content  and its ICO token.   This content  is  now  active,  or  “live,  which  means  content  producers,  viewers,  and  influencers  can engage  with  that  advertiser  through  the  smart  contract  and  be  rewarded  with  CyteCoin  for driving   attention   to   that   content.      Every   ad   view,   click,   and   reward   that   happens   is communicated  to  the  CyteCoin  Smart  Contract  through  VirtualCyte.    The  CyteCoin  Smart Contract   will   then   autonomously   distribute   CyteCoin   to   the   users   participating   in   that engagement.    By  utilizing  smart  contract,  a  publicly  verifiable  blockchain,  and  trusted,  can directly disintermediate the “trade” of attention.  It enables advertisers to execute ad campaigns by  directly  rewarding  the  content  producers,  services  providers,  and  influencers  of  attention instead of going through an agent.  Advertisers can target their smart contract to a much wider genre  of  content  or  even  one  specific  media  item.    Advertisers  choose  the  budget  of  their campaign  by  committing  the  exact  number  of  CyteCoin  that  they  want  to  be  dispersed.  Advertisers can also set custom conditions for the smart contract, e.g. 1 CyteCoin rewarded per ad  click  or  5  CyteCoin  rewarded  per  ad  click.    This  supports  a  transparent,  competitive marketplace, where participants compete for the highest rewarding smart contract.  Advertisers can  then  visibly  aim  for  low -cost,  or suitable  and  effective  cost  campaigns.  This provides  a reward opportunity for all participants. Check ICO ratings to know about the current ICOs and get the knowledge about how to invest in ICOs.

CyteCoin API Can Be Used Anywhere

In addition to be measured and monetized in any AR/VR/360 content, CyteCoin API and wallet allows all stakeholders (advertisers, event organizers, content producers, influencers, audiences, merchants) to integrate the CyteCoin API into content that they are either buying the ad space, receiving the compensation,  or rewarding the audience.  This feature is critical in measuring the performance of ad campaign and make adjustments to achieve optimal result.

CyteCoin in an AR App

Furthermore,  CyteCoin  will offer  additional API  to  integrate  3  party  AR  app  and reward  users when activate AR function in front of a merchant’s retail shop.  When gazing the main entrance over a specified duration of time or treasure hunt of a specific item inside the shop the merchant will reward user with a CyteCoin.  The collected CyteCoin can apply as a discount for immediate purchase or save  it for  the  next visit.

First  Adopter : VirtualCyte

Decentralization  makes  business  sense  in  theory,  but  are  often  faced  hurdles  and  challenges  along the way when applied to  the real world . Without an anchored early adopter to champion the new concept, it can be extremely difficult to generate significant traction and compete with established players on the market. VirtualCyte is the first -mover and the anchored user  of CyteCoin, and already signed up strategic partnership with key players in their respective fields. These partners will form an integra part of the  AR/VR/360 advertising ecosystem,  and  be accelerating  the  growth  of  CyteCoin  adoption throughout  the  marketplace.  CyteCoin  is  intended  to  launch  a  model  that  incentivizes these partners by paying them CyteCoin.  Likewise, good content without a substantial audience traffic is  meaningless  to  advertisers,  CyteCoin  is,  therefore,  will  launch  an  aggressive  scheme  that incentivize  audiences  to  experience  content  by  paying  them  in  CyteCoin  to  build  a  near-term audience reach.

About Virtualcyte

A spin off company of JetOne Motion (Hong Kong) Limited that engaged in providing an end to-end advertising platform for event organizers, KOLs, content producers, cash sponsors, noncash  sponsors,  and  merchants.    VirtualCyte  is  the  first-mover  in  AR/VR/360  advertising  industry offering  cutting-edge  object  embedding  technology  that  is  capable  of  embedding  any object within  any  content  from  logo,  3D  object,  tagline,  banner,  or  pre-roll  video.   Furthermore, VirtualCyte has also developed a proprietary object-tracking technology that allows precise track and  trace  of  objects within the content.    As  the  result,  advertisers  are  able  to  see  their  ad campaign performance down to object level making VirtualCyte the most complete AR/VR/360  advertising  platform  on  the  market. Furthermore,  the  collective  object  tracking  data  could  be used  for  user behavior study  and  big  data  analytics.   Knowing  that  a  company cannot  take  off without a sound and robust business model.


  • Peter Yu
    Peter Yu
    Peter Yu
    Founder | CEO
  • Kevin Chan
    Kevin Chan
    Kevin Chan
    Co-Founder | COO
  • Thomson Lee
    Thomson Lee
    Thomson Lee
    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Tree Yip
    Tree Yip
    Tree Yip
    Blockchain Architect
  • Dr. Philippe Gerard
    Dr. Philippe Gerard
    Dr. Philippe Gerard
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Lucas Lei
    Lucas Lei
    Lucas Lei
    President, Strategic Development
  • John Law
    John Law
    John Law
    Head of Application Development
  • Fion Cheung
    Fion Cheung
    Fion Cheung
    Community Manager
  • Dean Head
    Dean Head
    Dean Head
    Entertainment & Movie Advisor


  • 1
    2018 Q3
    Aggregate more content through partnerships;
    Sign up new international events and event organizers;
    Sign up influencers and celebrities;
    Expand into other territories, such as Macau and Korea;
    Develop new VirtualCyte VR/360 mobile app.
  • 2
    2018 Q4
    Official CyteCoin Token crowdsale will be held on 7 Jun, 2018;
    Launch Alpha version of VirtualCyte VR/360 mobile app;
    Develop Smart Contracts apps;
    Expand into other countries in Asia Pacific region, such as Singapore and Taiwan.
  • 3
    2019 Q1
    Add mobile object-tracking features on VR/360 mobile app;
    Develop AR mobile functionalities;
    Develop online ad campaign dashboard for advertisers;
    Sign up new business partners and merchants;
    Launch VirtualCyte mobile app V1.0.
  • 4
    2019 Q2
    Beta test CyteCoin token protocol with selected stakeholders - advertiser, sponsor, influencer, content producer, merchant, business partner, and audience;
    Aggregate more traffic through online advertising;
    Expand into other countries through direct presence or JV;
    Beta test VirtualCyte mobile app V2.0.

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