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Dafzo (DFZ) ICO Review – ICO Token News

It is not possible for logistic companies to track record of every movement of their transportation due to a traditional centralized system. Moreover, it is the not possible for logistic companies to connect with the receiver at the same time for delivery of the shipped item.

The receiver often slips window time for the delivery of items due to this gap, which causes a delay of delivery, inconvenience and additional cost to logistic companies for arranging re-delivery of the shipped consignment. Logistic companies around the world still find it difficult to find methods for 24/7 support for pick up and drop and ensure express delivery of the consignment.

Dafzo is decentralized global P2P logistics platform that is built on Ethereum blockchain technology to ensure quick and efficient delivery of parcels and consignments without any geographical barriers.

Dafzo intro

Dafzo (DFZ) Analysis

What is Dafzo (DFZ) all about?

The blockchain technology and artificial intelligence are used by Dafzo platform to democratize and revolutionize international trade finance, consignment forwarding system, and global e-commerce logistics by systematically eliminating the bank and geographical barriers. This platform will help small logistics companies tackle the issues of safety, smuggling, and frauds.

Users will be able to effectively track shipments for all logistics based transactions. It will cost much less for small companies to ship and deliver consignments with this platform that provides enhanced safer technology and straightens the wholes supply chain.

What are benefits of using this platform?

Goods will be available for users at this platform to purchase at local rates instead of international rates. In addition, the platform provides flexibility to the users to select international shipping method in accordance to their convenience, budget and time constraint. The entire delivery procedure is carried out using Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts that ensure safety and security of logistics companies and the customers.

How Dafzo works?

  1. The users of the decentralized global logistics platform request goods from any e-stores around the world.
  2. They can request the delivery of consignments, parcels or shipments to their doorsteps through local custodian address.
  3. The e-store will forward the request for delivery of the consignment to the custodian country local address.
  4. The delivery team associated with this project collects the products or parcels from the custodian local address and ship the consignments to the delivery address of the users.
  5. When the parcel, shipment or consignments are received by the users, which is confirmed through receipt, then the local custodians will receive their fee in DFZ token.

Dafzo Token Economics

Features of Dafzo

  1. Zero transaction fees

By using P2P custodian network, DFZ tokens are ERC-20 utility tokens empowers the user to save fees charged on international transactions on global e-store to offer exclusive deals all its users through e-marketplace corporate partners.

  1. Global reverse pickup

Users can book consignment from any third location with decentralized network and Dafzo app (Dapp). This platform will provide a multi-model delivery option to users without sender physical presence. Dapp will save the time of the users and money with guaranteed lowest rates.

  1. Decentralized ledger technology

Tampered proof design and real-time tracking will be ensured by Dafzo ecosystem with a unique combination of smart contracts, artificial intelligence, and Ethereum blockchain technology. The platform will ensure detection of fraud and enhanced security to the logistics industry.

  1. Earning opportunities

By joining custodian and partner programme, the platform is an opportunity for community and business for working with Dafzo and start earning additional income.

  1. Expand business globally

While global logistics support to its partners, the platform is an excellent opportunity for new logistics business for the purpose of expanding their logistics business sales around the world.

  1. Automated smart-lockers

For the purpose of ensuring 24×7 pickup and drop service for the user, smart lockers are installed strategic locations.

What Dafzo (DFZ) aim to be?

What is the Mission of Dafzo?

The mission of the project is to develop the P2P, open source, blockchain-based, and decentralized global logistics aggregator ecosystem by placing the power entirely into the hands of the global community. Moreover, logistics support will be provided to its partners. The support for the expansion of small business companies will also be provided by this platform, which will be the win-win for all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

DFZ global E-store partner

It is an excellent opportunity for small logistic business enterprises to expand their business sale around the world. The blockchain technology and smart contract, minimizing operational cost as well marketing cost associated with this decentralized project. This platform will provide multi-modal delivery methods.

Earning opportunities with Dafzo Programme

An excellent opportunity for the community to work will be provided through custodian and partner programme. By joining the programme, users will be able to start earning additional income.  One of the easiest ways to earn additional income is Dafzo Custodian programme through the P2P decentralized platform for global package forwarding system.

What is a vision of Dafzo platform?

The primary vision of this project is to build a unique decentralized ecosystem built around the DFZ token for P2P global parcel forwarding system and international trade finance without any geographical barrier.  The decentralized and open source platform developed by blockchain technology will support borderless shopping irrespective of the seller does international shipping or not.

This platform empowers the community and SME through a business and custodian partnership programme for the purpose of innovation, efficiency, and decentralization. Especially focusing on cryptocurrencies friendly countries, this platform aims to create a utility token market for the world. This platform aims to decentralize funding for new blockchain projects.

Smart contract utility tokens will act as a gateway to cryptocurrency based logistic markets for different logistics companies around the world. This platform will also help small logistics companies to develop a legal framework for cryptocurrencies and carry out different logistics projects efficiently.

Dafzo Solution

What problems is Dafzo (DFZ) solving?

Lack of innovation in the logistics industry, the presence of financial intermediaries in the traditional system, high time consumption, optimum operational costs, security concerns and issues, and lack of delivery options are some of the problems and issues that this decentralized and global logistic platform aims to resolve.

  1. Time consumption

Receivers often miss delivery of the consignments in traditional logistics delivery system. it causes a delay in delivery, inconvenience, and lack express delivery or 24/7 drop and pickup facilities.

  1. Presence of financial intermediaries like bank

The banks are responsible to clear international transactions on different global e-commerce store at the moment. A robust check is also required for clearing transaction procedure on e-commerce store. It further complicates the document flow in clearing processes such as international finance and trade.

  1. High operational costs

Traditional logistics industries around the world are associated high operational costs as they have to handle a pile of data in the centralized way, which requires a huge IT infrastructure, manpower, and additional cost for the purpose of arranging re-delivery of the shipped consignments or parcels to the receiver.

  1. Security issues and concerns

Logistics companies fail to track down records of every movement of the courier professionals and the consignments. They fail to detect fraud within stipulated time frame due to a centralized system. Insurance coverage covers the only limited interest of the receiver in case of dispute or fraud.

  1. Lack of international delivery options

Majority of the e-commerce global stores don’t offer international shipment and delivery. The shipment and handling rates are high if global e-commerce store offers international shipment.

  1. Lack of innovation

With recent development and IT boom around the world, even today majority of the logistics companies globally provide limited innovative or creative methods for benefiting its end-users.

Why is Dafzo (DFZ) a good project?

  1. Peer-2-peer ecosystem

The present-day geographical barriers and financial intermediaries such as bank are eliminated by this platform by using advanced and cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and smart contracts. Zero transaction fee methods and universal ledger time stamp systems will be offered by this platform to its users.

  1. Express delivery

The easy to use and work express delivery of this platform fill the gap throughout the day with its 24/7 delivery system, which makes the delivery process easier for the receiver and the logistics companies.

  1. Low Cost

The ecosystem costs much less to operate for small logistics companies. In addition, it provides small logistics companies. It will save time and the additional cost of the small logistics companies and customers by systematically straightening the entire distribution and supply chain system.

  1. Smart contracts

Built on Ethereum blockchain technology, this platform uses smart contracts for the purpose of delivering decentralized services to the small logistics companies around the world. The services rendered by this platform will address a wide range of global logistics finance, sale, and related issues. Free insurance for fraud detection will be provided to the users via smart contracts. In addition, smart contracts will be used to provide users with the trustless payment system.

  1. Multimodal delivery methods

The owner of the consignments or parcels will be able to find the best possible solution for different transport through a user-friendly and convenient interface. It will ensure delivery of consignments with the lowest price, high quality and optimal time.

  1. Innovation

The patent applied the decentralized business model of this platform provides users with highly innovative services. The use of blockchain, smart contracts, and artificial intelligence provide users with accurate logistics information of every single product to be delivered to customers. In addition, it will create an excellent opportunity for small logistic firms around the world to create new logistics and business models.

Dafzo ICO

DFZ Token Price and Token Sale

The DFZ tokens can be traded in listed exchanges or use as a utility for availing services from this platform just like other popular ICO tokens such as Fintechbit, Aktie Social, Qilin.Market, RepuX, Phoneum, Cibus, SprintX, Fire Lotto. Users will be able to earn income from custodian programme using the DFZ token. The ERC20 smart contract token will be built cutting-edge and the state-of-the-art Ethereum blockchain technology.

DFZ Token sale details:

  • Token: DFZ
  • Pre-ICO start date: 29th March 2018
  • Total DFZ token created will be seventy Million.
  • Price: 1 ETH=2000 DAFZO
  • Accepted currency: ETH and BTC
  • There is no soft cap.
  • Hard cap: 20,000,000 Million USD.

How to participate in the DFZ ICO sale?

Interested investors need to sign up with a valid email address on the official website of Dafzo to participate in the ICO token sale.

Dafzo Token Distribution

Distribution of DFZ tokens

  • 2% of the DFZ tokens will be reserved as bounty rewards.
  • 3% of the tokens will be allocated as referral rewards.
  • 10% of the DFZ tokens will be allocated to advisors.
  • 20% of the tokens will be allocated as a reserve.
  • 65% of the tokens will be issued for sale during the Pre-ICO and ICO sale.

Allocations of funds collected during the ICO

  • 7% of the funds will be used for carrying out the legal expenses.
  • 12% of the funds will be used for marketing and promotion of this project.
  • 38% of the funds will be used for carrying out the operations associated with this project.
  • 43% of the funds will be used for developing IT infrastructure of this project.


Dafzo is backed with a core team with a deal of experience in the blockchain technology just like other popular ICO tokens such as BunnyToken, Vinchain, Cashbet, NeumCoin, Thrive, BeEasy, Ice Rock Mining, SmartGenie. Moreover, the team is also experienced in law & compliance, UI development, software development, project financing, institutional financing, government liaising, and cloud computing. The core members consist of Prateek Sharma (Co-Founder and CEO), Sushant Kumar (Co-Founder & COO), and Nischal Arvind Singh (Project Lead & ICO Legal Consultant).

Summarizing Dafzo (DFZ)

Put simply, Dafzo is the future of logistic industry—and that is why any ICO token investor should consider joining Dafzo’s ICO sale. Built by using the state-of-the-art Ethereum blockchain technology, advanced smart contracts and futuristic artificial intelligence, the decentralized ecosystem of this platform seeks to systematically solve the problem associated with the International Trade finance around the world. Dafzo offers unique proposition of collateral free issuance of Letter of credit. Moreover, this platform will offer efficient end-to-end global logistics support for the purpose of performing international sales without financial intermediary.

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