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Datarius (DTRC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Datarius?

Datarius aims to become the world’s first social P2P cryptobank with the introduction of its social-type P2P cryptobank with transparent conditions, built on a decentralized, partially closed system. The system will enable its users to make their own decisions when it comes to choosing and using from the available banking services and applications. Moreover, in order to leverage the advantages of this system, users do not need to pay the higher transactions fees normally charged by other cryptocurrency platforms.


Datarius works well for both lenders and borrowers as they can easily connect with one another without any hassle.

This P2P crypto bank intends to provide the following key elements to its users:

  • Insurance companies.
  • Financial managers.
  • Trading terminals.

Thus, the primary objective behind the introduction of this system is to provide users with equal and free access to the maximum number of financial products available. Dissimilar to conventional types of banks, which deny access due to their high prices, or ID requirements, Datarius wants to become a bank for all and sundry.


  • Difficulties in using cryptocurrencies in a non-digital world.
  • Large amount of time consumed when taking out loans.
  • Demand for outstanding credit history.
  • Lots of paperwork and formalities.
  • Higher transaction fees.

How does Datarius work?

Originally, Datarius intends to make services available to holders of any cryptocurrency.

No matter where you live in the world, you will be able to deposit cryptocurrency into your Datarius account and enjoy the benefits of a variety of banking services. Moreover, charges for depositing and receiving money are minimal.

Datarius allocationsThe system also allows you to engage in P2P borrowing and lending activities. You will be able to discuss with investment advisors, benefit from their suggestions or opinions, and gain access to credit to cater to your small or mid-sized business requirements.

That way, Datarius intends to bring forth all of the services of a traditional bank – but tailored to the crypto community, and at a reduced price.

In all, Datarius makes it possible for its customers to pay 30% lower fees in comparison with traditional banks.

The forte of Datarius is the credit scoring system, which works as a judge to check out whether a user is creditworthy or not. The system relies on data obtained from outside sources though it does come integrated with a “Trust Limits” system.

Datarius features and benefits

Datarius offers the following core features and benefits:

  1. The most complete set of financial tools, comprising currency transactions (automatic exchange, internal exchange, and TOP exchange gateways), direct lending, investment programs, credit for SMEs, demand deposits, intrasystem card products, and more.
  2. A new credit scoring system that makes use of a unique algorithm built on previously available data obtained from partner companies.
  3. Internal user accounts are duplicated by real physical accounts.
  4. Enhanced integration of links between cryptocurrency and fiat, comprising the integration of instant transfer systems.
  5. Unique verification methods along with previously available blockchain
  6. A trust limit system that helps in setting a limit for a specific user, group, or all users in accordance with pre-defined criteria.

Details about the Datarius DTRC token

  1. In order to roll out the Datarius project in the shortest possible time and to provide its customers with a feature-packed product alongside an extensive range of tools that completely caters to the requirements of market participants, the ITO Datarius campaign is divided into several stages.
  2. The DTRC token is built on the smart contracts ERC20 of the Ethereum network similar to ArmPack, BunnyToken, TrustaBit, MedTokens, Play2Live.
  3. You can use it to take part in the Datarius ecosystem.
  4. When you hold a DTRC token, you become entitled to receive 65% of the charges and fees collected by the Datarious cryptobank.
  5. The company has also planned to make an annual distribution of this collected money, which will start from 2019.
  6. The collected money will be proportionally divided into the number of token holders.

Datarius bonus

Datarius ICO token sale

  1. Datarius will be making a total supply of 200,000,000 DTRC tokens, each of which will have a fixed value of USD1.
  2. The company has kept a hard cap of USD67 million.
  3. Though the DTRC token pre-sale lasted from December 9 to December 31, 2017, its official ICO token sale is ongoing and will last through February 2018.

Out of the total generated 200 million tokens:

  • 73% are reserved for crowd sale.
  • 15% are reserved for fund.
  • 2% for a bounty campaign.
  • 5% for exclusive bonuses.
  • 5% for the project team.
  • 7% for bonuses.

On the other hand, the direct bonus fund will be offered to advisors, supporters, and bounties.

The participants who contributed during the first ITO hours will be rewarded with the following bonuses:

  • 30% for 0-6 hours.
  • 25% for 6-12 hours.
  • 20% for 12-24 hours.
  • 15% for 24-48 hours;
  • 10% for 48 hours – 15 days.
  • 0 percent for 15 days.

How to participate

  • Register
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Accepted currencies are ETH, BTC, LTC, BCC.
  • Get in touch with the company if you want to take part with fiat money or currency valued at over USD50,000

The team behind Datarius

Similar to other ICOs, such as Guardium, CryptoLoans, Ternio, BitCAD, Zupply, etc., Datarius is also a team of the best brains and veterans from different industries. It is led by:

  • Aleksey Vuyko, CEO: He previously worked as Director of Debt Management at a law firm and Collection Directors at Kiev-based banks (Delta Bank and VAB Bank).

Founded in October 2017 and formed under the name iCrypto S.A., a Fintech company, the Datarius team also includes:

  • Ruslan Vasyutin,
  • Larisa Sokolovskaya,

Final remarks

The main aim of Datarius is to providing banking services to the cryptocurency industry. However, it must not ignore the presence of other already existing blockchain-powered projects that too have their business running on the same concept, and to some have really carved a niche.

Datarius does want to replicate the services of a traditional bank, but at a significantly lower price while remaining the first priority of any upcoming startup in the cryptocurrency world. The Datarius project seems to have potential if you are looking to invest, but do not forget that investments are subject to market risks.

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