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DateCoin (DTC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The size of the global online dating market reached approximately USD4.88 billion by the end of 2017 and it is estimated that it will reach USD5.87 billion by 2019. It varies from country to country and the demand for dating services is also shaped by cultural differences.

The most popular segment of global online dating market is random and casual dating, which results in 57% of users, but only 28% of revenue. Users around the world are exponentially using mobile applications to find their potential dating partner.

By using proven blockchain technologies and artificial intelligence, DateCoin strives to provide users with the best-ever dating experience.

Datecoin Intro

DateCoin (DTC) Analysis

What is DateCoin (DTC) all about?

DateCoin is a decentralized platform for new international dating services with the added benefit of Denim (their dating app), a next generation product. Reliable growth mechanics will be featured on this platform based on global expansion strategy for the purpose of entering new markets and increasing the audience.

Based on a working business model with Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts, DateCoin is the first dating service in the world that uses artificial algorithms and neural networks.

The target audience for this platform

The development team has easily identified DateCoin target users, based on their profound expertise in the field of dating.

Male audience

The male target audience of this platform will be both married men, as well as bachelors aged from 25 to 50 years with an average to high income.

The target male audience of this platform can be classified into three groups.

  1. Frequent users.
  2. Regular users.
  3. Occasional users.

Benefits of DateCoin over existing dating services:

No hidden fees

  1. There will be no additional or hidden fees associated with the online dating services rendered by this platform.
  2. Users of this decentralized platform will pay for the online dating services only when they use the services.

No fake profile and accounts

  1. The decentralized and open-source dating platform will make use of automated intellectual verification method and blockchain technology to ensure no fake profile image and accounts.

Secure dating experience

  1. Blockchain technology and smart contracts used in the development of this project will ensure secure data storage, privacy, and end-to-end encryption in dating chats.

Artificial Intelligent-based dating experience

  1. Based on face recognition technology, morphological analysis, semantic analysis of dialogues, and personal preferences, a process of fast, intelligent matching will take place in this blockchain-based dating platform.

What does DateCoin (DTC) aim to be?

The primary goal of the DateCoin is to build a distinctive app and to offer best-ever dating experience around the world. The core development team behind this project will employ artificial intelligence (AI) and neural network and incorporate it into their working business model.

The DateCoin platform seeks to build a unique dating app with the fast, intelligent search process facilitating efficient dating around the globe. The decentralized and blockchain-based dating platform is designed to reshape the online dating market.

The platform plans to take dating to new heights and incorporate end-to-end encryption and intellectual analysis into their online dating product. The online dating app seeks to finalize an UX interface for the web and launch a localization App.

Features of this platform

  1. Chat privacy with end-to-end encryption.
  2. Fair and clear options.
  3. The users will only pay for the services they need.
  4. An automated profile verification system and blockchain filters out fake accounts.
  5. This platform will only contain real female members.
  6. Quick and easy search based on face recognition technology and semantic analysis of dialogs.

What problem is DateCoin (DTC) solving?

The traditional dating platform suffers low efficiency in finding a compatible partner. People waste a lot of time looking for like-minded partners by browsing through boring dating profiles.

A lot of traditional online dating platforms suffer from fake photos and accounts with unreliable personal information and non-existent people.

The traditional dating platform is also associated with hidden subscriptions and payments that systematically drain the user’s finances. Weak cybersecurity of the dating services, means that confidential data is often leaked due to successful hacking attacks.

Solutions provided by DateCoin

A new reality of online dating services will be created by DateCoin by using blockchain technology, smart contracts, artificial intelligence, and neural networks to ensure fruitful dating experiences.

Datecoin Generation event

Why is DateCoin (DTC) a good project?

  1. Intelligent algorithms are used in this platform to find the best-matching partners so users will no longer need to scroll through hundreds of profiles to meet the perfect match.
  2. The standard filters will apply and the search engine will be tuned in seconds to meet updated expectations if the users’ preferences change over time.
  3. It is essential to understand that the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in online dating is enormous. Soon, a lot of users will be attracted to this more reliable way of searching for the most comptabile partner.
  4. Big data processing and computer vision algorithm will help users to turn dreams into reality and find the perfect partner online.

What is DateCoin’s (DTC) new innovation?

Neutral networks and intelligent algorithm were employed in the development of these dating services to ensure fruitful and safe dating around the world.

Intelligent service moderator

  • Based on semantic analysis of dialogs, this decision-making system will be used on this platform.

Secure data storage and chat privacy

  • The key development team will make use of symmetric data encryption for secure storage and dialogs of database keys on distributed servers.

A quick search for perfect partners

  1. Based on computer vision technology, face recognition will be used by the development team to ensure a quick search for a perfect and like-minded partner on this platform.
  2. A quick search for perfect partners will be ensured by using syntactic and semantic analysis of personal data and dialogs.
  3. Big data analysis will be used to ensure a quick search for perfect partners on this platform.
  4. The application performs a personalized search based on preferences revealed during the use of the dating service such as profile views, chats, calls, duration, and type of communication.

Automatic verification of users

  1. Private and Ethereum blockchain technology will be used by the decentralized platform for account verification based on other user options.
  2. Image recognition technology will be used for automatic verification of users on this platform.
  3. Developers seek to make use of alphanumeric code and use photo technology to ensure efficient verification of users on the platform.
  4. Decision-making system will also be used by the development team for ensuring quick and efficient verification of girls.

How is DateCoin (DTC) different and better than other solution?

Each user wanting to join platform will need to send a confirmation photo with her profile ID, on a white sheet of paper. The person in the photographs will be analyzed and compared by the moderators associated with this platform.

The artificial intelligence and neural networks are used by the platform for automating the verification process. It will minimize moderation costs, as the moderators will only have to deal with disputes. The users will be protected from dating female user posing as other people by using computer vision technology.

User identification is done through private blockchain technology

It is important for users to be real on the online dating platform to guarantee an enjoyable dating experience. Image verification procedures for men and women were implemented by the core development team to ensure that all the users of this platform are real and verified.

The numbers of technical support representatives should be increased to process all requests of the fast-growing audience of the international online dating community. Moreover, it would be difficult to comply with high quality standards of verification of the users on this platform.

Moderation should be automated in order to tackle this problem efficiently. The process of verifications will be handed over to the users themselves to achieve the goal of exact user identification on this platform.

The users will be allowed to generate trust in the services offered by the platform, based on public opinions. The identity of the partners will be confirmed by the users themselves on this platform. By confirming the identity, the users can make another user trust this platform.

DTC token price and token sale

DTC tokens are freely convertible and in demand among the clients of the DateCoin service as the tokens provide favorable conditions of service on the platform.

The current revenue system of DateCoin is not sufficient for the scaling and development of their project at international scale. The best option for the development team to maintain project development is to raise funds via an ICO campaign.

DTC token is the highly liquid utility based on ERC20 standard just like other popular ICO tokens such as Auctus, EtherJack, Global Spy, Darico, Bountie, Fintechbit, KaratBank, HeadStart. The price mechanics of the DTC tokens will be implemented and secured by the growing active audience of this platform around the world. DateCoin will transfer DTC tokens to buyers’ wallets after the token crowd sale closes.

Datecoin Crowdsale

DTC ICO details:

  • Token name: DTC.
  • ICO sale start date: March 30, 2018.
  • ICO sale end date: 30th May 30, 2018.
  • Total number of tokens issued: 290,769,231 DTC.
  • Total number of tokens for sale for pre-ICO and ICO: 189,000,000 DTC.
  • Token type: ERC20.
  • Platform: Ethereum.
  • Minimum investment: 1 ETH.
  • Accepted currency: ETH and BTC.
  • Soft cap: USD4,000,000.
  • Hard cap: USD20,000,000.
  • Token price: 1 DTC = 0.00025 ETH.
  • Restricted areas: USA, China.
  • Country: Belize.
  • Know your customer (KYC): Yes.
  • All unsold and unused tokens will be burned.

Distribution of DTC token

  1. 1% of the DTC tokens will be reserved for bounty campaigns.
  2. 4% of the tokens will be allocated for marketing and development.
  3. 10% of the DTC tokens will be allocated as reserve funds.
  4. 20% of the tokens will be allocated for the team and qualified consultant remunerations.
  5. 65% of the DTC tokens will be issued for sale.

Allocation of funds

The development team plans three scenarios for project development depending on the volume of funds collected.

Use of funds when total fund collected is USD4,000,000

  • Legal: 2%.
  • Operating: 4%.
  • Web advertising: 5%.
  • General advertising: 5%.
  • Promotion: 10%.
  • Mobile web advertising: 10%.
  • Android advertising: 14%.
  • iOS advertising: 14%.
  • Development: 36%.

Use of funds when the total fund collected is USD12,000,000

  • Legal: 2%.
  • Operating: 3%.
  • Web advertising: 5%.
  • General advertising: 6%.
  • Promotion: 9%.
  • Mobile web advertising: 11%.
  • iOS advertising: 17%.
  • Android advertising 17%.
  • Development: 30%.

Use of funds when the total fund collected is USD20,000,000

  • Legal: 2%.
  • Operating: 3%.
  • Web advertising: 6%.
  • General advertising: 6%.
  • Promotion: 8%.
  • Mobile Web advertising: 12%.
  • iOS advertising: 18%.
  • Android advertising: 18%.
  • Development: 27%.

How to participate in the ICO sale?

Interested investors will be able to participate in the ICO sale after subscribing with a valid email address on the official website.

The team behind DateCoin

The DateCoin development team relies on strong competencies and extensive experience in the development of modern UX design, use of intelligent systems, and modern IT projects just like other ICO tokens such as BunnyToken, Seal, Streamity, Upline, DenCity, BitRewards, COTI, BeEasy.

The core members consist of:

  • Nikita Anufriev, Founder & CEO.
  • Aleksey Sinitsin, Co-founder & Investment Director.
  • Maksim Kozlov, СТО & Chief Crypto Officer.

Datecoin Advisors

Summarizing DateCoin (DTC)

Put simply, DateCoin might be the future of online dating experiences, based on artificial intelligence, neural networks, blockchain technology, and smart contracts.

DateCoin seeks to create a new reality of online dating with proven technologies and their profound expertise in dating. The innovative concept of this platform allows the core development team to have the opportunity to achieve high efficiency in dating and provide their users with positive results.

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  • Nikita Anufriev
    Nikita Anufriev
    Nikita Anufriev
    Founder & CEO
  • Aleksey Sinitsin
    Aleksey Sinitsin
    Aleksey Sinitsin
    Co-founder & investment director
  • Maksim Kozlov
    Maksim Kozlov
    Maksim Kozlov
    СТО & Chief crypto officer
  • Elena Platonova
    Elena Platonova
    Elena Platonova
    Marketing manager
  • Dmitry Starostin
    Dmitry Starostin
    Dmitry Starostin
    Product director
  • Oleg Gervalov
    Oleg Gervalov
    Oleg Gervalov
    PR director
  • Eugene Alferov
    Eugene Alferov
    Eugene Alferov
    Traffic Manager
  • Dmitry Gritsenko
    Dmitry Gritsenko
    Dmitry Gritsenko
    Localization project manager
  • Dina Vukmanovic
    Dina Vukmanovic
    Dina Vukmanovic
    Attorney with over 15 years legal experience
  • Ken Tachibana
    Ken Tachibana
    Ken Tachibana
    Brainstorming and Integrating


  • 1
    DateCoin token presale
  • 2
    • Implementation of DTC tokens and other cryptocurrencies acceptance in current MVP (product
    prototyping, blockchain integration into the current MVP)
    • Detailed study of dating service audience and identifying the most convenient payment options
    • Legal issues analysis for service launch in particular countries
    • Development of legal solutions and adjustment of MVP
  • 3
    • Start R&D of neural networks and AI; machine learning tests
    • Conducting marketing campaign in target countries
  • 4
    • Start R&D for further implementation
    • App launch in first 7 countries
  • 5
    • Covering target audience in 2-3 countries of the first stage
    • DateCoin app launch for specified target segments
  • 6
    • Implementation of systems development technologies: image recognition system, user clustering,
    morphological and semantic text analyzer, encryption and secure data storage system.
    • Start of a marketing campaign in the countries of the second stage.
    • Blockchain tests for further implementation
  • 7
    • Project launch in 7 countries of the second stage (14 countries in total)
    • Covering an estimated target audience in all the 7 countries of the first stage
    • Intelligent matching system (photo-based) beta version development
  • 8
    • Covering an estimated target audience in 2-3 countries of the second stage
    • Implementation of data encryption and secure data storage systems
    • Image recognition and morphological and semantic text analyzer beta version development
  • 9
    • Implementation of fast intelligent selection system
    • Covering an estimated target audience in all the 7 countries of the second stage Implementation of
    fast intelligent selection system
  • 10
    • App launch in 9 countries of the third stage (23 countries in total)
    • System adaptation and intelligent selection algorithms tuning in accordance with local and mental
    audience specifics
  • 11
    • App launch in 29 countries and further scaling of the project around the world

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