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Decibels (DCBL) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Decibel is the blockchain approach to music and media encryptions and delivery. The digital era has plagued the overall value of music, media, and files alike. The ability to torrent and pirate information has made simply keeping your digital files on your computer unsafe. Leaks are causing the value of data and art alike to decrease in value, demolishing the overall outcome of entertainment and it’s worth. Decibel plans to lead the revolution is music/media revival by integrating the security, scalability, and speed of the blockchain network to establish an entirely new digital era of music/media sales and advertising. Based on the speed and continued growth of the Ethereum Network, Decibel will provide a perfect ecosystem for growth in the media world along with a secure personal experience tailored to the entrepreneurial and artistic mindset.

Decibel is a design by creators, for creators. With the simple intent to bring value back to creativity and its beholders, while offering the community the ability to base that value as well. Decibel will bridge the divide between creator and audience by introducing a market-like approach to the media industry. Allowing creators to develop and establish their own content markets, while giving their audiences and communities develop and build their overall value and worth. Decentralizing the value of media content from not only the creator but the receivers as well. Decibel’s target consumer would be musicians, artists, designers, directors, developers, producers, filmmakers, journalists, authors, doctors, architects, and media lovers, right on down to the average college student.


Decibels main goal is to provide a secure exchange environment for the artistic entrepreneurial mind who seeks a way to secure his/her digital sales while pioneering their own market for their content that is delivered. Through this, we seek to provide a way to transfer music, movies, and other media files securely to the designated receiver along with it’s inherited value. We believe ideas and developments are as valuable as money can be and many of us today see this as something of near second nature to value art. Decibel will provide a way to value these media works and transfer this value along with it to it’s designated receiver. Allowing the value of the ownership of creation to grow through supply and demand. We intend to revitalize the media market and bring back the value to media itself through separation of power, value, and deliverance. Allowing even the average music buyer to have control over a songs future in a marketplace environment.


Decibels design is based on the growing market of media itself. The current issue with the open market established to sell media files has caused a huge potential for leaks and media theft. Decibel is designed to mitigate, and eventually, remove the worry of piracy and media theft. Key developments for hardware, software, and a digital application will be implemented with the aid of the ICO. The end benefit would be creating a secure media exchange that will be transferable via Wallet Address to all your associated devices. The common benefits related to the use of the Blockchain are clearly established amongst our more experienced cryptocurrency advocates and includes the ability to scale and grow at an unprecedented rate. To label some that we feel are of extreme interest to advocates are:

  1. Secure Media File Exchange and Sales through DecibelLock file integration: DecibelLock file integration will innovate the way music is created right on down to the way it is written to devices!
  2. Addition of a Volatile Market to Media, creating a growth potential for music, movies, media, and photos based on supply and demand through DecibelMedia: Music sales shouldn’t just stop when a song dies down. It still has its value, DecibelMedia will change the way old music sits on your iPhone/Android Devices!
  3. 1-to-1 Media Sales partnered with DecibelLock: We will be removing the worry of piracy and media theft by directing availability to files based on transaction ID and wallet addresses through DecibelMedia. Pair it with our advanced encryption algorithms and deliverance methods and your files will see next-level security and transparency.
  4. .Integrated Media Marketing Platform: Grow your social impression and earn returns on your sales. Have other’s promote your files when transactions are sent out, creating a market for advertising and marketing through a day-to-day transaction. Highest files to receive Decibels gain percentage bonuses as well as free promotion programs!


Decibel will feature a Wallet, Exchange, File Player, and Content Creator. The wallet will initially feature the basic abilities to send and receive your tokens. It will also feature real-time market integrations including the ability to exchange directly to Tether/Ethereum straight from your phone/wallet. In later versions, Decibel will feature your media vault. It will contain all files sent to you attached to your wallet address encrypted with a special algorithm designed by us at Decibel, and these files will be locked to your wallet address. It will be able to be streamed to any device through bluetooth/usb and will be pegged to a set amount of DBL. Tired of the music file and would rather have a different song? Sell your secure file via the Decibel Exchange! Old songs can be purchased from other members for cheaper than the initial release of the file, if allowed so by the artist. If a creator is in high demand, there won’t be any file sell orders. If the creator is beginning to die out, the members can choose to sell off their downloads if the demand is there! Sell to late and there will be no demand, allow your community to sell too early and you give your files no chance to rise in value based on your creative development.



Decibel (DBL) is an ERC20 Ethereum based Token created to implement a growing technology into media exchange and securities. Decibel fills the gap between artists and market value and gives the digital artist the ability to not only profit from sales, but from the waves and ripples generated from their music sales. Some artists generate 10,000,000 views a week and this kind of attention is the exact reason why Decibel plans to integrate itself into the media world and vice-versa. The constant exchange of music and media will create a beautiful dance of market value ultimately ending in the constant growth of market capitalization that media and entertainment have blossomed so effortlessly on its own. To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.


  • Anthony Rene Colón Jr.
    Anthony Rene Colón Jr.
    Anthony Rene Colón Jr.
    (Chairman & Founder)
  • Vincenzo Boyd
    Vincenzo Boyd
    Vincenzo Boyd
    (Co-Founder & CEO)
  • Carlos Crespo
    Carlos Crespo
    Carlos Crespo
    (Co-Founder & COO)
  • Ian Jackson
    Ian Jackson
    Ian Jackson
    (Chief Marketing Officer)
  • Amit Verma
    Amit Verma
    Amit Verma
    (Lead Back-End Developer)
  • Brian Zermeno
    Brian Zermeno
    Brian Zermeno
    (Lead Blockchain Developer)
  • Michael E. Bryant
    Michael E. Bryant
    Michael E. Bryant
    (Non-Executive Chairman of Board)


  • 1
    January 1st, 2018
    Decibel is born. Decibel is born with the goal of creating the first decentralized jet stream media exchange. With plans to innovate and revolutionize how content is delivered, exchanged, and secured, Decibels will grab the content media marketplace by the claws and show them the bulls are here to stay.
  • 2
    February - March 2018
    ICO and team solidification (marketing and development).
    The Pre-Sale and Crowd-Sale will feature Decibel at its mowest market rate. During this time, the team will be solidify its assigned positions to further display the team goals and modules to the public.
  • 3
    April 2018
    Token distribution and market corrections.
    Decibel will begin to distribute the tokens to the designated wallet addresses. During this time, we will address our community on what they expect from the market and any corrections that should follow.
  • 4
    January 1st, 2019
    DecibelMedia BETA release. Decibel will feature its first massive release of DecibelMedia. The first step of integration for larger development of Decibels. This Beta will feature 100+ radio stations, five developers, artists, musicians, doctors, and manufactures alike. All seeking to secure and distribute their content.
  • 5
    February 2019
    DecibelMedia will undergo a algorithm overhaul where we implement the encryption and content algorithm we have been developing to ensure 1-to-1 content delivery and access. Allowing for value of a file to travel to and from its receiver and sender. This value will constantly be built upon by additions and the traffic generation by the file.
  • 6
    March - December 2019
    Jet-Stream Satellite Distribution.
    Decibel will begin implementation of its research of Jet-Stream Satellite Distribution of its members file contents. Creating a network derived from a web of satellites used to receive, send, encrypt, monitor, and ensure files are sent and received by the designated parties. Creating a security center for your files.
  • 7
    July - December 2019
    Decibels development hardware implementation. Decibels will begin manufacturing of its hardware implementation. Dedicated to being implement in vehicles, mobile devices, computers, hospitals, offices, warehouses, and homes. Decibels will revolutionize the way.
  • 8
    January 2020
    Decibels Network. The new year in 2020 will feature the first signs of the Decibels Network. Created to spread specific information regarding the Decibels Development, Decibel Media, Decibel Lock, and other related developments. It will also feature content from our clients.
  • 9
    January 2021
    Decibels Network Finalized. The Decibels Network will be finalized and Decibel Media, Decibel Lock, and Decibel Wallet will be added to the final development. The Decibels Network will feature all content from our originators and will ensure 1-to-1 content delivery chosen by the receiver. The network will develop a marketplace of information and content with values based on demand, quality, and exchange rates.
  • 10
    January 2021
    Decibel Waves. Decibel Waves information will be released mid roadmap. Please be patient and BULL WITH US!

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