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ECOS (ECOS) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Fake, counterfeit and illegal food products and drinks are dangerous for well-being and health of millions of people around the world. ECOS aims to develop software for quality control and inspection in food industry around the world.

ECOS (ECOS) Analysis

What is ECOS (ECOS) all about?

ECOS is a project to develop decentralized software for quality control and inspection in the food products and drinks manufacturing industries. Public blockchain technology used in the development of ECOS helps consumers around the world from dangerous, counterfeit and fake food products and drinks.

Ecos Intro

What ECOS (ECOS) aim to be?

This project aims to remove the possibility of fakes, adulterations, counterfeits and other life-threatening food products and drinks from the huge multi-billion world food market with the use of its decentralized software which is built on Ethereum blockchain technology (similar to other ICO tokens such as BitCAD, RepuX, Phoneum, Cibus, MoonLite, Adblurb, Ternio, Dentix).

Benefits of ECOS platform

  1. The decentralized platform builds on the public blockchain technology will prevent bribery.
  2. It will be impossible to bribe quality control bodies and certification centers
  3. A large number of consumers around the world will stop overpaying big money for counterfeit food products and drinks.
  4. Quick shake-out of fake food products and drinks from the global market will give a start to the formation of a trustworthy business community in which there will be no place for counterfeit products and fake products.
  5. People will fall less ill as they will consume healthy, vitamin and mineral saturated food products by using the ECOS technology.
  6. It will become a faithful assistant for millions of consumer who are aiming for good nutrition, healthy lifestyle and longevity.

What problem is ECOS (ECOS)/are solving?

The sale of poor-quality, illegal, and counterfeit products are dangerous for the health and well-being of millions of consumers around the world.  Expired and fake food products and drinks are one of the main reasons for the emergence of different intoxicants and diseases, especially in young children and infants. The quality of food products and drinks influences the living standards of millions of people globally, their social activity and demographic aspect.

With the ECOS software, a usual consumer can easily and quickly check whether a particular product complies with the safety and quality standards with just a single click using their smartphone or tablet PC.

Ecos Finance Plan

Why is ECOS (ECOS) a good project?

ECOS software will prevent manufacturers to forge data and sell poor-quality food products and drinks to people. Multiple legal procedures should be followed by the manufacturers of food products in order to sell their products. It takes a lot of money and resource in order to complete the paperwork.

This platform will eliminate bureaucracy and paper chase. Unified quality standards and norms for the food products will be developed at this platform. The paperwork procedures will become transparent and clearly structured with the help of transparent public blockchain technology. It will be much easier and quicker for honest companies to pass all the required stages of quality control and inspection.

ECOS Token Price and Token Sale

ECOS tokens will be used for making payments for internal network services of the ECOS project. The tokens will grant investors an access to the extended functionality of the system. It will also give them extra opportunities for the development and systematic adjustment of mobile apps in the network of this project. This token can be purchased using ETH just like other ICO tokens such as PAYSURA, KickCity, Amon, BunnyToken, Graz, DataBroker, Data Broker Dao, RootProject.

Ecos Bonus Awarding

ECOS Token sale

  • $77 million tokens will be the total token supply created by this platform. \
  • The price of 1 token will be $.10 during the pre-ICO and main ICO sale.
  • All the unsold tokens will be liquidated after the token sale is over.
  • The pre-ico sale will start on 2nd April 2018 and will end on 31 may 2018.
  • Main ICO sale will start from 15 September 2018 and will end on 15 November 2018.
  • $7.7 million is the hard cap of the ICO sale.
  • $1 million is the soft cap of the ICO sale.
  • The bonus of 5-25% will be awarded to the early investors.

Usage of funds

  • 50% of the funds will be used for further design and development of the project.
  • 21% of the funds will be used as bonuses awarded to the investors for purchasing these tokens.
  • 5% of the funds will be used as bounty campaign and other marketing campaigns
  • 2% of the funds will be used as remuneration for any special support of the project.

Ecos Roadmap

Summarizing ECOS (ECOS)

Counterfeit, fake, and illegal food products and drinks are dangerous for the health and well-being of millions of consumers around the world. Consumption of these food products and drinks can cause a lot of health-related issues, especially in young children and infants. This project will give a particular emphasis to food safety and quality control in order to ensure high and long-lasting living standards of millions of consumers around the world. Public blockchain technology is used for development of this project.

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  • Aleksei Zeleznyak
    Aleksei Zeleznyak
    Aleksei Zeleznyak
    (CEO & Founder) - A founder of the project ECOS, business development, 7-year experience of work in the blockchain developments. 2008-2015: worked as an official in the Jõhvi City Department.
  • Nataly Zeleznyak
    Nataly Zeleznyak
    Nataly Zeleznyak
    (CAO) - Business partner, a leading analyst in the sphere of consumer rights protection, searching for business contacts and client expansion, business development in Russia.
  • Iraida Drobinina
    Iraida Drobinina
    Iraida Drobinina
    (Business Partner) -
    Chief business partner in the project ECOS, an expert in the certification of food products quality in EU countries + project promotion and searching for business contacts in the territory of the European Union.
  • Egor Sporykhin
    Egor Sporykhin
    Egor Sporykhin
    CWO & Business Partner
  • Denis Orlov
    Denis Orlov
    Denis Orlov
    (Community Manager / PM) -
    2 years in strategic planning and community building
  • Nadia Konyagina
    Nadia Konyagina
    Nadia Konyagina
    (Senior Content Manager)
    Responsible for communicating with external partners and stakeholders and for helping define the vision behind the project.
  • Luis Palicio
    Luis Palicio
    Luis Palicio
    (Raw Material Technologist) -
    Graduated in Msc Food Quality Management at the University of Wageningen (The Netherlands). Have great experience in Technical function, Quality Assurance and Process Development within the Food industry.
  • Andrei Zolin
    Andrei Zolin
    Andrei Zolin
    (Blockchain Developer) - Andrey provides expertise in Blockchain technology and smart contracts. He has 3 years’ experience in research and 5 years’ experience in IT. He developed backend solutions for Russia’s Sberbank, worked with Blockchain and smart contracts and helped to establish relations with the Ethereum network.
  • Vladimir Gurevits
    Vladimir Gurevits
    Vladimir Gurevits
    (Pralinee OÜ CEO) -
    Etrepreneur with over 20 years of experience under his belt. Primary focus on food industry and brand creation.
  • Anni Säär
    Anni Säär
    Anni Säär
    (Legal Support Partner) -
    Legal support, an executive partner and a sworn attorney in the law bureau Hansa Law.
  • Vahur Kivistik
    Vahur Kivistik
    Vahur Kivistik
    (Legal Support Partner) - Legal support, an executive partner and a sworn attorney in the law bureau Hansa Law.
  • Gloria Hanna
    Gloria Hanna
    Gloria Hanna
    (Head of Quality and Food Safety Department) - 8+ years’ experience in the Food Quality. For the last year Head of Quality and Food Safety Department Lebanon.
  • Olga Glazman
    Olga Glazman
    Olga Glazman
    (Private Inspector - Food Service) -
    Olga consults with food safety and others interested in using technology to shorten the distance between action and impact.


  • 1
    Strategy Backtesting
    Team Formation MVP Developing
  • 2
    Token Pre-Sale April 2018
    Strategy Alpha Developing
  • 3
    ICO Preparation Marketing
    ICO Token Sale Sept 2018
  • 4
    Software Dev. Preparation
    Examination Alpha Software
  • 5
    Beta Software Expertise
    Testing Software in FMCG Segment
  • 6
    Launch Marketing Campaign in the World
    Worldwide Launch

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