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Eligma (ELI) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Eligma is designed with an aim of resolving the identical problems faced by traditional retails and online shopping. The project offers a set of solutions in order to resolve the previous issues of discover, purchase, track and resell of items. This project comprises of three main pillars that includes discovery, inventory and loyalty. These three pillars make this project, AI-driven and blockchain based platform and allow it to work as a personal commerce agent.

About Eligma

All about it

Eligma is a cognitive commerce platform powered by two advanced technologies that include Artificial Intelligence and blockchain. The project will transform the way of shopping by offering a new way to discover, track, purchase and resell the items online. The platform has come up with advanced features that provide a “one place” from where users can shop from all the online stores across the world from anywhere.  With this, people can check the value of items in their household and get to know about the perfect time to sell them. This platform will also provide decentralized universal loyalty program to benefits its users and bring every household into a world of business

The company envisions to design a modular platform for online shopping to save users time which they spend on searching and purchasing products with the help of AI and blockchain technologies. The platform will also advise users to buy the product into their account while considering quality, price, shipping, cost and other factors. Moreover, it also provides a secure and transparent way of selling the used items of the users in multiple second-hand markets at right time.

Eligma Date

The three pillars of the platform are discussed below:-

  1. Discovery

It is a first and core pillar of the platform that contains the unique AI algorithms to develop smart solutions in the future.

Global product discovery

A deep neural network-based product recommendation engine is used by discovery pillar to help the users in finding best deals which they are looking for. While considering product specifications and characteristics this algorithm will help users in comparing products as well as also provide an efficient solution to match the user’s requirements. With ELI chatbot, users can easily find a right product within few seconds; it means users don’t need to waste time in searching numbers of product through online.

Unified online shopping account

By using unified shopping account of Eligma’s, users can easily manage any online store account without any hassle.  It allows users to do all the purchases from various online stores by using one single shopping cart and checkout process.  With this users can perform different actions like register with a new online store, login to online stores, make a payment, etc. Now, users don’t need to memorize all the login credentials for different online stores and do their shopping easily from any online store in a convenient way.

Cryptocurrency Payment

The users can choose from different payments options like paypal, credit cards, etc. provided by Eligma.  The platform users can also do the payments with cryptocurrency with the help of ELI cryptocurrency payment gateway.

Digital Item profile (DIP)

The platform will develop a blockchain-tracked Digital item Profile (DIP) to track every item purchased from the platform. It also allows users  to store various records including Proofs of Purchase.

  1. Inventory

Every DIP is written in the user inventory through an automatic process so that users can get a record of all the items in their household. Users are allowed to add other purchased items manually.

AI-Predicted Item value

With inventory, users can see the AI-Predicted current and future value of the items which is based on following points:-

  • Local market demand
  • Local market value
  • Age of the item
  • Condition applied to the item and more.

Household trading agent

By merging a two elements that include future value of an item in the household inventory and price of replacement item on the market, the platform will help users in predicting the best time for selling and replacing the item. Users will get a notification when the product can sell and replace at best price with the help of automated process of Eligma household trading agent.

Second-Hand Markets

Automated Listings

If users want to sell an item from their inventory then they are allowed to create a universal listing.  The ELI platform will automatically create and issue the listing on the selected second-hand markets.

The platform also provides two effective solutions to make C2C transaction safe for the users that include Escrow services and decentralized sale. In Escrow services, Eligma will work as a reliable mediator to ensure complete transparency of contractual items. And, in the second option that is a decentralized sale on the blockchain, both the parties deposit into a smart contract for guarantee purpose. The deposit amount and buyers payment will remain to stay locked until the contract terms get fulfilled.

  1. Loyalty

In the last pillar, Eligma will focus on combining the retailers into an integrated open-loop universal loyalty system to offer them convenient and easy user interface based on customer-centric approach. The users don’t need to register with any standalone loyalty program of every merchant and they can easily redeem their ELI tokens with any member of other networks. In Eligma loyalty system, the value of ELI tokens will directly credit to the user’s wallet. The users can enjoy earning loyalty tokens by performing certain actions, by purchasing from any other offline or online merchant or through buying them from an online exchange. However, most of the features in the platform are free of cost and some will require ELI tokens to unlock them. The Eligma is endeavouring to become a recognized platform for online shopping.

How to Earn ELI Token Rewards?

Eligma Token

Token Rewards through Platform

  • User registration
  • Purchase via Eligma
  • For uploading receipts
  • Offering additional profile information
  • Publishing wishlists, result in sales
  • Adding more items in the inventory
  • Conducting social media actions, results in sale
  • Referring new users and new online stores

Token Rewards from Other Enrolled Merchants

The merchants are enrolled in the ELI loyalty program and allow rewarding their customers in different ways like:-

  • When the purchase done through merchant
  • For purchasing selected products and service during a set of timeframe
  • Reward any purchases in the past

Uses of ELI Token

As we already said, most of the platform features are free but users can consume ELI token for special features that include:-

  • For using “Product Hunter” services of the platform
  • For buying on Eligma
  • Use of Escrow service
  • Advertising on Eligma
  • To complete a decentralized item sale on a blockchain
  • To order Eligma for listing an offer to any second-hand market

What Problems Eligma Is Resolving?

According to research, online shopping market is growing with high pace but still, people are troubling with some the prime issues of it that include:-

Time-consuming online research for shopping

Nowadays, you can find numbers online stores in the internet world where users spend a lot of time to search a right product for them. Most of the time, users are not able to find great offers provided by the online stores.

Privacy issues with users

When users shop from an online store they have to disclose their personal data with a website to place the order. This means that store website can monitor the every move of a user and collect extensive behavioral data of every user.

Need of Registration with Every Online Store

Users have to register their account with each online store before going to purchase a product from any website. This will create inconvenience for users and sometimes discourage them to shop from online stores.  It becomes really tedious for the user to track record of different accounts, therefore, consumers shift to those stores where they have already a registered account.

Tracking records of household belongings

Users don’t have an idea that what they exactly have and how much their belongings are cost for.  Every household has different products that contain some value but they are not in use and people forget about them even having them.

Creation of second-hand listing for quick sale conversions

When users are selling their used items, they are facing issues with setting its appropriate price. Secondly, they are troubling in finding a second-hand market with a high probability of potential buyers.

A problem in payment with cryptocurrency

Today, the trend of cryptocurrencies is booming in the market but still, there are only a few online stores that allow making payment through cryptocurrency.

A huge number of individual loyalty programs

There are numbers of loyalty programs introduced by the big retailers but, all those programs are not connected.  It means if users want to grab the benefits from those programs then they have to keep a record of all of them which is again an impossible task.

Inaccurate or incomplete product descriptions

Generally, online stores write their own description of the products but a quality of descriptions vary from store to store. This will confuse the users to know which description is authentic or relevant. In such cases, users mostly look for products with higher prices and visit that websites to which they can trust upon.

Lack of personalized approach

This is a technology world but still, most of the online stores are not working on the personalized shopping experience approach. Most of the cases, online stores are not able to display the right product according to customer requirements.  The users have to explore the website to find an appropriate product for their needs.

To resolve all above issues, Eligma brings an effective solution based on AI and blockchain technologies.  There are most of the companies like Thrive, BeEasy, Ice Rock Mining, SmartGenie, TokenLend, StarLight, DMine, SprintX, etc. that rely on blockchain technology and develop their project on it.

Benefits of Eligma

  • Save the users time by making a searching process easy for online shopping
  • Beneficial for managing all the online store through one account only
  • Allow doing online shopping by using cryptocurrencies
  • Enable users to track everything they own
  • Beneficial for protecting users privacy while shopping online
  • Allow users to enjoy benefits from different loyalty program

Eligma Token Crowdsale

Token details

  • Symbol : ELI
  • Total ELI Token Supply (100%) : 500,000,000 ELI
  • Total ELI Token Supply For Sale (60%) : 300,000,000 ELI
  • Offered Token exchange rate : 1 ELI= 0.1 USD
  • Public Presale start date : 20.3.2018 (12:00:00 UTC)
  • Public Presale end date : 10.4.2018 (11:00:00 UTC)
  • Public Crowdsale start date :17.4.2018  (11:00:00 UTC )
  • Public crowdsale end date : 8.5.2018 11:00:00 UTC
  • Soft cap / hard cap : ETH in equivalent of 3,000,000 USD / 24,000,000 USD
  • Minimum contribution : 0.1 ETH

Token distribution

  • Crowdsale : 60%
  • Team : 19%
  • Advisor : 5%
  • Future partners : 4%
  • Community and user growth : 12%

Team Members


Dejan is a founder of ABC Accelerator and provides his services to the renowned high-technologies. He has a good experience and involved in various successful token sales


Matej is a founder of one of the biggest event management agency named as Slovenia. He has recently run the viberate team with a successful token sale in the region.


From 1993, Joze has been responsible for managing a BTC city. With his initiative and guidance, BTC city has become one of the largest businesses, recreation, entertainment, shopping and cultural centers of Europe.

Eligma Team


With a mission of revolutionizing the online shopping market and saving users time which they spend on searching an appropriate product on numbers of websites, Eligma has come up with a new platform powered by AI and blockchain technologies (similar to other ICO tokens such as Global Spy, Darico, Bountie, Fintechbit, Bunnytoken, Seal, Streamity, XYO).  Apart from it, the company is striving hard to provide transparent and secure C2C trades, decentralized loyalty program as well as try to bring cryptocurrencies into a mainstream.

The platform supported with its three strong pillars that include discovery, loyalty and inventory.  If you are looking to invest in any ICO then you can participate in Eligma ICO to give your contribution to this project development. To check the list of currently running ICOs in the market click our page ICO List.


    (Founder & CEO) -
    Dejan began his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager in a successful San Francisco based start-up before continuing his path in Shanghai, China.
    (Co-Founder) -
    Matej has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. He founded a marketing agency, which is nowadays one of the biggest event management agencies in Slovenia.
    (Co-Founder) -
    Since 1993, Joze has been successfully managing the BTC company. Based on his initiative, BTC City, which is one of the largest business, shopping, entertainment, recreation and cultural centres in Europe, was established.
    Chief Technology Officer
    Lead Machine Learning Engineer
    Chief Operating Officer
    Chief Security Officer


  • 1
    Idea for Eligma is born and first investment (1.5 M EUR) received
  • 2
    20 MARCH – 10 APRIL 2018
    Public Presale
  • 3
    Beta version of POS system for crypto payments installed at several large retailers in BTC City
  • 4
    Public Crowdsale
  • 5
    Eligma platform MVP
  • 6
    Eligma’s AI-driven item discovery is launched in Slovenia
  • 7
    User inventory module is added to the platform and DIPs are introduced
  • 8
    Decentralized item sale on a blockchain is enabled
  • 9
    Geographical expansion to the UK market begins
  • 10
    First merchants start claiming loyalty ownerships
  • 11
    Second-hand "Automated listing" from user inventories are introduced
  • 12
    Global unified shopping account with crypto payment gateway is launched

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