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Enlte (ENLTE) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Introduction to ENLTE

Enlte is recognized as a decentralized blockchain (similar to other ICO tokens such as  Mango Start Ups, Gamblica, Alttex, THEFANDOME, BunnyToken, KickCity, Amon, Dentix) based system designed to resolve the real-life problems without approaching any centralized government system or other organization.  This is a location-based social engine that allows making system fast with excellent network capabilities. With this system, people can get a power to rate any experience by showing their original identity or anonymously. After that, they can upload their rating to nearby networks through real-time updates and geo-stamping along with geofencing the experience. Today, the internet has become a prime element to connect people all around the world and helps them in socializing with each other. An ENLTE platform is designed with the aim of developing a new social networking platform for the user’s supported secured blockchain  technology. With this platform, people will also get a chance to earn Enlte coin for exchanging required information and spreading awareness among all the users of the platform.

Enlte Intro

All about ENLTE

The Internet is expanding its roots with each passing day. It is the largest network platform used by most of the people across the world. But, still, it is little difficult to find genuine and trustworthy information on the internet. You need to write right keyword to get a correct information for your search and it is not possible for every section of people living in different parts of the countries.  Therefore, in order to make the searching process easy and convenient in the digital world, ENLTE brings an effective social internet with small-world of networks having three different dimensions:-

  • Keywords
  • Location-based network
  • Social connections

The company has proposed a new term called as socianet for the internet of computers comes with amazing social characteristics. This network comes with different features of location-based small world network and social communication. It has excellent network capabilities with amazing benefits of fast and better speed. The social internet is created for the improvement of trust management in the internet and internet of things.

It is a powerful platform where users can easily upload pictures, videos as well as ask questions, get notifications for building a strong awareness in their nearby areas or locations. If people are more active and concern about every new thing happening around them then more people will get attentive to take decision for making a community safe and secure to live.

What Is Location Based Small World of Network?

The location-based small world is helpful in resolving problems of random networks. We generally don’t have much knowledge and awareness about the things going around us. The technology is bringing us together by providing right knowledge and awareness. Therefore, ENLTE has proposed a new small world network with unique advanced networking abilities. They will use a modified version of SWN that is based on location and play well in enhancing the quality of searches and better results. This new style of adjustable Location-based SWN can revolutionize the world for better tomorrow. This small world network, bring the world closers by connecting you with each other while providing more accurate and quality search results.

Enlte- A Decentralized Blockchain Based System

Similarly like other companies including Guardium, TrustedHealth, Energy Premier, TokenLend, CryptoLoans, Omnitude, Ternio, Adblurb, and many more,  Enlte also trusts on the advanced blockchain technology. Decentralization represents a network that operates on the basis of a peer-to-peer network. The blockchain works well in sharing immutable ledger for storing records of every transaction. A decentralized blockchain is playing a significant role in verifying each and every rating, transaction and post done on the platform. Blockchain will securely save the data/transaction which cannot be edited or changed. In other words, you can say that decentralized blockchain is beneficial for validating transactions by recording them on the main server as well as with connected distributed nodes which have secured validation mechanism. Once the data is created it is transferred to the next level of nodes for verification purpose.  The major steps followed by blockchain technology are listed below:-

  1. All the newly created data are sent to the next level of all nodes
  2. Every node will store new transaction in its block
  3. The blocks are validated according to each node
  4. After validation of node, it will successfully broadcast the block to all nodes
  5. If all transaction in the nodes are valid and not spent already then nodes will accept the block
  6. To show the acceptance of block, nodes will create next block in the chain by utilizing hash of the accepted block
  7. Voting process is done to ensure that every node has same information
  8. If in case there are any faulty or errors votes occurs then they are handled by storing the database for reputation of nodes

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Enlte – Decentralized Social Network app

The users can easily download the decentralized social network app through Google store. Soon the application will also launch in the apple store. By referring your friends and relatives you can receive a reward for gaining extra 500 enlte coins. But for this, they have to join the network. After downloading the app, you can earn up to 1, 00,000 coins by spreading awareness in the network and by helping each other.

The company wants to make this app user-friendly and allow the users to generate their own content app related to the pages, location, business pages, etc.  All the content available in an app is generated by the users to spread awareness in the network. This app is always free from ads and no advising material will be posted on this platform.  After page confirmation, the page owner is also not able to post their own content other than just handling the user post comes on its page.

Enlte Experience

Prime Features

Enjoy Nearby Experiences

The platform has an open database which is easily available and allows checking nearby feeds that comes between the ranges of 1 km to 10000 km across the world. It offers basic but useful information to the users.


The inbuilt alert system provides real-time notification about negative reviews shared by people located around you. In this way, all the platform users get a notification related to their location so that they can take an action to spread awareness and motivate to help each other.   The feature is beneficial for spreading awareness, asking for help from nearby users and learn to help others.

Small World Internet

Communicate with the world around you and be the part of the conversation without revealing your identity. It allows choosing an anonymous mode to start communication with people nearby you.

Coin Mining

You can easily mine and validate transaction through your phone and get rewards in the form of enlte coins.

Be a Hero

Create awareness around your area and also help others to become a superstar in the area and create a huge difference in the society.

Communicate Anonymous

Don’t feel hesitated to share your experiences as an app will allow you to operate it anonymously.

Benefits of ENLTE

  1. It is a location-based social platform that helps people to get socializes and connect with each other. In other words, it helps in keeping the unity among people all around the world.
  2. It is based on decentralized blockchain
  3. It provides a universal identity
  4. Develop a sense of trust among the users
  5. Provide exact information for all users
  6. The platform is comprised of artificial intelligence with internal reputation system
  7. Platform is useful for both users and government
  8. Provide risk-free transaction on the platform

Rewards System

The Enlte platform appreciates users for spreading awareness in its small world by providing rewards. Social Awareness tokens are rewarded to those individuals who take initiative to post their experience on the platform and receive super likes and support on it. The platform users who have positive experiences get superlike and they are recognized as a star.  On the other hand, platform users have negative reviews are represented as a Hero. The users can earn more coins by spreading awareness in the platform.  Moreover, you can also earn coins by helping others in resolving their problems. So, if you also want to earn coins then do not stop share awareness on the platform.

Enlte Coin Rewards Users as below

For Spreading Awareness

  • Value of Superlike & like-500
  • Value of support:1000

 Resolving Complaints

If you are helping anyone in resolving any negative rating or complaint then you will be rewarded with Enlte coins.

  • 0-120 seconds, 75% of total coins earned on the post
  • 120-300 seconds, 50% of total coins earned on the post
  • 300 seconds – 6 hours, 33% of total coins earned on the post
  • 6 hours – 24 hours, 20% of total coins
  • +24 hours, 15% of total coins earned.

Validating The Transaction

Each and every transaction will process through Enlte protocol with the help of blockchain technology. This will enhance working process of the platform and brighten up its future.

What Problems Enlte Is Resolving?

No doubt, that internet has provided us various information and use cases to get informed but the internet-based social system is lacking to provide alerts and updates of nearby happening according to its positive or negative experiences. There are numbers of cases pending in the court as there is no option to resolve them. This is happening because the government and centralized organization are troubling with various issues while handling lots of cases requested by the people. The judgment process is very slow and comprises numbers of hassles and energy.

In order to resolve this problem, a company is planning to introduce a location-based small world social internet comes with advanced features for offering intelligent queries and better search results. It allows users to share their experiences with the power of being anonymous.

Enlte ico sale

Pre-ICO Details

  • Stage 1 : 22nd Feb to 28th Feb 2018
  • Hardcap for stage 1 : 250M
  • Stage 2 : 1st march to 15th march
  • HardCap for stage 2 :250 M
  • Stage3 : 15th March to 15th April
  • HardCap for stage 3 :500M
  • Stage 4 : 15th April to 15th May
  • Hardcap for stage 4 :250 M

Token Allocation

  • Legal :20%
  • Marketing :2%
  • Team :20%
  • Community : 6%
  • General Public : 50%
  • Reserved :20%

Fund Allocation

  • App Maintenance : 5%
  • Android app :16%
  • Smart City :5%
  • Yolo implement :11%
  • Inbuilt Exchange :11%
  • Web optimization :16%
  • IOS and web app :21%
  • Marketing :11%
  • Legal : 5%


  • Anupam Sharma (CEO & Founder)

Anupam is a CEO and founder of the company. He is serial entrepreneur & programmer and have years of experience in Cyber security, AI & ML, Reputation Management and blockchain technology.

Enlte team


An Enlte is an innovative platform that allows users to share and update their experiences with others and provide awareness in the network. In this way, users will get a notification if there is something happening in their area. A user can easily download this application have amazing feature of asking questions and making the confession about everything happening around in their area. With this application, a user can also share a post without revealing their identity if they feel any threat.  Doesn’t matter whether you are facing a problem of vendor misbehaving or you want to help anyone on the road; this platform is specially designed to share incidents and experiences with your positive and negative reviews.  In short, we can say that Enlte is endeavoring to help people by developing a small world where every individual can easily connect with each other and stepping ahead to make an entire world as a loving family.

enlte Advisors

The company has launched its Pre-ICO to strengthen up its project so, if you find this project fruitful then participate in its ICO.

If you want to know everything about investing in ICO, read our page how to invest in ICOs.


  • Anupam Sharma
    Anupam Sharma
    Anupam Sharma
  • Abhinav Sharma
    Abhinav Sharma
    Abhinav Sharma
  • Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar
    Rakesh Kumar
  • Varun Sharma
    Varun Sharma
    Varun Sharma
    Video Developer
  • Abhishek Rana
    Abhishek Rana
    Abhishek Rana
    Search Scientist
  • Krishan Kumar
    Krishan Kumar
    Krishan Kumar
    Marketing & Promotions
  • Kartik Gambhir
    Kartik Gambhir
    Kartik Gambhir
    Campaign & Promotions


  • 1
    The Idea !! It started with a problem to find a way to empower people and give power to users. Out of hundreds of ways developed by the govt, business owners, societies to resolve consumer complaints, none seems to be working. People have no power to resolve any issue without resolving through a central govt or a central authority.
  • 2
    Finished the first MVP of the project "enlte" We received more than 40,000 complaints registered within 2 weeks over phone and website.
  • 3
    Blockchain Protocol tested with success, further development to make it fast. Along with AR first test.
  • 4
    Alpha Launch of Android App and Enlte Blockchain Closed alpha launch.
  • 5
    ICO Started !
    KYC process started for the app users.
    Web Wallet Launch
  • 6
    Pages Claim process started. Anyone can claim business, location or any pages on the app.
    IOS App launch
  • 7
    Internal Exchange Launched Users can now buy or sell enlte coins.
  • 8
    Helping millions of people with making their life easy. Testing with more than 10+ cities expanding to 10 Million + Users.
  • 9
    Billions of lives changed, helped billions of lives, more than 100,000 heros helping the world. Crime rate and awareness level increased 1000%. Approaching 1 Billion people.

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