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Flux (FLUX) ICO Review – ICO Token News


A gaming industry is one of the biggest and popular industries which produce a massive amount of revenue and offer great value for companies and entrepreneurs. The highest rate of turnover brings an exponential growth in the gaming industry but at the same time, it struggles with various issues.  Lack of liquidity is one of the prime issues faced by the gaming industry.  The players or gamers spend hours in playing games, improve their competitive skills and get winning rate, buy certain skins, collect rare pieces, improve their characters but they have to take help of centralized payment system when they want to exchange any of these things. The centralized payment systems are provided by most of the external marketplaces. On the hand, earning of game developers are reduces by publishers and popular markets.

This is a reason why FLUX brings a new system to resolve all major obstacles of the gaming industry. The system will enable the players to receive rewards for matchmaking competition, crowdfund their own idea on the platform and on trading the items. With this system, developers and investors both will get a certain percentage of commission from each game as well.

The system is powered by blockchain technology to make the whole process transparent and automated. This will add a good extension on the platform for existing industry and also play an important role in integrating the cryptocurrency in real business.

The blockchain is a high-tech technology that has been adopted by various companies like World Wifi, PumaPay, ShopIn, Phoneum, BunnyToken, Seal, etc. for the advanced development of their projects.

Flux Intro

All about it

FLUX is representing an exclusive global gaming platform that helps in connecting different parts of the gaming industry at one place. It includes developers, traders, players and gaming community and allows them to transform their time and requirements in money with the help of specific token called as FLUX coin. This is a simultaneous platform specially designed for online broadcasting, competitive gaming, marketplace for games and for trading in-game items.

With this project, a company is aiming to occupy a global market of the gaming industry and wants to create a full ecosystem that will offer outstanding perks to its stakeholders as well as users. The company is inviting everyone to join this global business to enjoy its innumerable benefits.

What is FLUX Ecosystem?

In short, Flux ecosystem join all the different components of the gaming industry and enables everyone to earn rewards in the form of FLUX token which can be easily exchanged in the open market. The ecosystem is developed on the basis of gaming process. When players compete with each other and earn in the Game 1 by utilizing Matchmaking platform and trade the game items in a trading platform or buy an item from the store, the vendor will earn a part of transaction and betting fee. Vendor (game creator) is the one who has uploaded the game1 in the ecosystem’s developer market.

If in case, Game creator utilizes FLUX crowdfunding platform to raise funds for game development then his part of earnings are also divided among investors.  Apart from it, a streaming platform can be utilized to broadcast the gaming process and integrate with Twitch to get the attention of new audiences and streamers will get rewards for it. This whole ecosystem is driven by advanced smart contract system that ensures complete transparency and fair transaction on the platform.

Flux Ecosystem

Matchmaking Platform

With Flux every player can compete in different games of the platform and earn opponent’s money after successful winning. The platform trusts on smart contract technology to make secure and transparent matchmaking process. In this way, the platform ensures that there are only two players in each game with its own arbiter/escrow who will responsible for defining the game outcome.  Arbiter/escrow includes Gaming Vendor, auditable database and Gaming source.

After completing the game, one of the players will win and get rewards in the form of platform tokens and its arbiter will also get some amount of fees for judgment.  If in case arbiter (Game) is not able to judge the game due to any reason then both the players can withdraw after some optional delay.

The gamer can top up their account on the platform by using different cryptocurrency including ETH, LTC, BTC, EUR or Visa/MasterCard payment, etc.

  1. The FLUX will be designed for different versions of MacOS, windows, window Phone, iOS, Linux, Android platforms
  2. Leading online games are compatible with PC and Mobile and easily uploaded to the platform’s market games
  3. The platform is already connected with Bang Game for mobile and PC games CS: GO

Developer Market

It provides a special marketplace for developers that help in monetization their competitive games. The platform will charge 0% commission for downloads and in-game purchases which are done through mobile applications. It is beneficial for enhancing the demand for developer’s game and enable them to earn additional profits as well as allow to distribute their games without paying commission.

The developer can upload a game and get a commission from each matchmaking session. After uploading the game, it will be verified by a platform system and automatically listed on the available list of platform’s games

 Trading Platform and Store

The ecosystem will provide its own trading platform where every participant is allowed to trade items which are available in the platform store. Every purchase will be immediately processed by the server and specific product or service will be automatically credited to the gamer’s account. The list of virtual assets that can be traded include:-

  • In-game items
  • In-game currencies
  • Digital skins
  • Digital game packages

The platform will not charge any commission for virtual goods (VG) to VG trading but you have to pay commission for VG buy/sell process between users in amount of 2%.


No doubt that live broadcasting is capable of grabbing huge audiences, therefore, Flux also planning to utilize its full potential.  If any person utilizes live streaming of specific game or tournament then he will receive a certain amount of rewards for it. Streamers can get a payout in the form of token for fixed amount views and also get a donation from Twitch and FLUX at one time. With this platform, people can earn rewards on the basis of a number of views received on a popular live broadcasting platform like Twitch.

Crowdfunding Platform

The FLUX provides a unique opportunity to raise fund from a community by describing your project quality. This will help fundraiser to receive funds for creating a game that he has envisioned and investors get an opportunity to get paid for matchmaking fees. This will encourage investors to invest more in the project. Moreover, they will also receive VIP packages and pre-order in invested game.

Pre-sales are mainly organized for small and medium game creators who required a certain amount of funds for their project development. The platform offers a secure and transparent way of coin distribution.

Platform Features for Players

Achievement, Quests and Tasks

The system is meticulously designed to count the achievements and tasks of each game and allow users to get extra income on their performance while playing a variety of tasks during the game.


When players win more games his account also goes up with high level. Once a player reaches a certain level of a point he will be eligible to participate in the big leagues. The league is characterized by accessing a special tournament and low commission for each game. Once a player achieves the winning level of 50, his winning rate will be at least 15% and he moves to silver league automatically.

Referral System

The platform also brings a referral system through which players can invite other people to join the services and get a certain amount of percentage from all their gaming sessions. But, referral system comes with the limits of 10 levels of players. The earring received at each level is counted from the platform commission that comes from each gaming system.

Flux Token sale

Benefits for Players

  • Ability to earn real money, utilizing gaming skills
  • Different types of games
  • User-friendly interface
  • Great community
  • Additional income
  • Excellent data privacy for all users
  • Provide safe transaction system with decentralized system
  • Free plays after viewing and advertising video

Benefits for developers

  • Quick verifications of games
  • Open account with easy registration process
  • Get continuous support from FLUX team
  • Revenue from each game session
  • Rapid audience growth duet to tournaments organized by the platform team
  • 2% commission is provided for each game transaction for non-competitive games

Benefits for Traders

  1. Possibility to purchase skins by utilizing tokens
  2. Possibility to trade skins with tokens
  3. Opportunity to design a skin in stream workshop and use a platform audience to vote for accepting certain type of skin. In case of acceptance, 20% go to FLUX, 60% go to skin author and 20% of sales divided between voters.

Benefits for Streamers

  • Donations in FLUX coins are available
  • 10 FC bounty rewards allotted for streamer

ICO Details

  • Public Sale start on : 17th April 2018
  • Public Sale end on : 24th April 2018
  • Soft Cap  : Achieved
  • Token exchange rate : 1 FLUX token =0.5$


  • Whitelist : 30%
  • 1st day : 15%
  • 2nd-3rd day :10%
  • 4th -5th day : 5%
  • 6th-7th day : 0%

Flux Roadmap


  • Summer 2016

Concept creation and team gathering

  • November 2016

Demo development finished

  • May 2017

Product version architecture designed

  • July 2017

MVP development finished

  • August 2017

Mobile client development has started

  • September 2017

MVP testing period finished

  • November 20th

MVP release bounty Program

  • December 1st


  • December 10th


  • April 2018

PO version release Public Token Sale

  • May 2018

Flux token listed on the exchange

  • 2018 3 Quarter

Mobile client trade and developer market release

  • 2019 2 Quarter

Streaming and crowd funding platform release

  • 2020

Expanding and scaling of ecosystem


Alexandr Sushko (CEO, CO- Founder)

He is a co-founder of the FLUX. Alexandr has more than 7 years of experience in the arena of management and development and known for their strong commanding communicative skills. He has gathered highly experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals from different companies and industries for exponential growth of the project


Flux is a first real gaming ecosystem designed on the advanced blockchain technology. It is created with the aim of joining all stakeholders of the gaming industry under one roof that includes gamers, investors, developers and bloggers. The platform assumes a transparent economy that provides a new way of monetizing any game and activities on the ecosystem with a unique token. The ecosystem has its own token (FLUX) to make all the payments.  The project team includes professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in the arena of e-sports game industry and blockchain technology.

Similarly like other ICO’s such as Streamity, Upline, DenCity, BitRewards, COTI, Auctus, the company is also launching its ICO to generate funds for its project development and rapid growth. If you are also interested to invest in ICOs then you can invest in its ICO and become a part of its project development. Do you want to grab information on how to invest in ICOs then check out our page.


    (CEO, co-founder)
    (Blockchain architect)
    (Business developer, co-founder)
    (CMO) - Jan is currently a VP of marketing at Infopulse Ukraine, with 17+ years of experience in business development, marketing and software development. Jan is fully engaged in FLUX proccesses.
    (Product manager) - Eugene has 5 years of experience in digital marketing, being involved in several cryptocurrency projects, creating and advertising companies as a product manager and marketing consultant.
    (CFO) - Project partner at SAFIR LAW & FINANCE, running several international companies, experienced business optimization expert.
    (PH. D., Business analyst) - With 11+ years of management experience and strong technical competence. Dr Bogdan Tanygin is a head of the Service Line responsible for new technologies R&D, commercial PoC and MVP development managed product services in wide technological and industrial domains ranges.
    (Brand manager) - Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry.
    (PR and community) - IT-Woman and CEO of IT outsourcing company (Innovations Development Lab),
    doing SE Conference(2013-2018) and UA IT Rock'n'Roll.
    (Project manager) - With 9+ years in web application development, 3+ years of experience in project management and mentoring, Grigoriy Grudiy is a skilled software engieer and team leader.


  • 1
    Concept creation and team gathering
  • 2
    Demo development finished
  • 3
    Production version architecture designed
  • 4
    MVP development finished
  • 5
    Mobile client development has started
  • 6
    MVP testing period finished
  • 7
    MVP release.
    bounty campaign
  • 8
  • 9
    PRE - ICO
  • 10
    PC version release
  • 11
    FLUX token listed on exchange
  • 12
    Mobile client, trade and developer market release
  • 13
    Streaming and crowdfunding platform release
  • 14
    Expanding and scaling of FLUX ecosystem

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