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Freezone (FRZ) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Freezone Intro

What are the origins of FreeZone?

We know that the crypto world, irrespective of how beneficial and lucrative it is, is in fact not even partially legitimate. Skeptics from around the world have always had difficulty accepting the crypto market due to its highly volatile nature and lack of governance. The FreeZone, a crypto-enabled project is to put the crypto market on a legal framework to create smooth regulation and impose legitimacy.

This FCEZ framework will offer the following provisions:

  • Within the ecosystem of FCEZ, there’s a free flow of cryptocurrencies.
  • There is an infusion of and support for Initial Coin Offerings.
  • ICOs are enabled with fiat currencies.
  • High, assured business transparency.
  • An assured compliance with AML and KYC standards.
  • Certification or licensing for every financial activity within the crypto market.
  • Data and all other important credentials of investors are well-protected.
  • Immediate resolution of disputes in the court.

FreeZone – Review and Analysis

  1. As a project, FreeZone has been designed to revolve around advancing and protecting the blockchain business.
  2. This is an ecosystem itself, which will work towards validating the blockchain-enabled (similar to Enlte, Adblurb, BlockFood, ECOS, World Wifi, PumaPay)businesses around the world.
  3. The platform is going to serve as a Free Crypto Economic Zone.
  4. It has already helped create several infrastructures for businesses and applied them to the building of a specialized free economic zone, consisting of five infrastructural initiatives – a global trading platform, an investment bank, payment system, bank and marketing agency.
  5. These five enterprises will result in a Liberation Blockchain community.
  6. These elements will work to develop blockchain technologies that work on a government level, along with the assurance of legal certification of businesses using cryptocurrencies.
  7. Following these, there will also be stable, transparent, and soft regulations by the state; smooth KYC/AML course of action, little or no taxation, feasible visa policy, and infrastructure setup to enable more businesses in the state to use cryptocurrencies.
  8. Within the framework of FreeZone, enterprises can be operated with both cryptocurrencies and fiat money.
  9. In addition, FreeZone’s core financial infrastructure consists of a fiat crypto bank, fiat crypto payment system, global trading platform, and marketing agency.

Freezone ICO Bonus


The Free Crypto Economic Zone is said to be the maiden invention to start developing blockchain-based businesses, that are absolutely legal and not prone to risks. The founders of the project are planning to legitimatize future businesses that take place within the blockchain network.

In order to develop more and more space within the cryptocurrency business, the smartest approach is to bring virtual coins into the future. Earlier, cryptocurrency trading used to be complicated and also somewhat ungoverned, but not anymore. There are still a lot of restrictions imposed upon trading exchanges. For an example, virtual coins, despite being decentralized, are not welcome by many countries, preventing enthusiasts from investing in crypto projects. This situation is due to organizations that have led campaigns against the use of cryptocurrencies.

FreeZone is here to reverse the situation, by ensuring compliance at all levels.

Why is FreeZone a better solution than others?

The company claims to be a crypto heaven for investing in blockchain technologies (like other ico tokens such as StealthGrid, Vinchain, Cashbet, NeumCoin, Thrive, BunnyToken). As the name suggests, the founders of this project is busy building a free economic zone where cryptocurrency-backed businesses will be legal. The FreeZone project is targeting the global market. It is therefore maintaining an extensive plan, which includes stakeholders, to ensure the achievement of their goals. The platform is improving every single day and proving to be the best solution available, as a result of the huge efforts of the team.

Why would you want to invest in FreeZone?

The platform is building a financial infrastructure, incorporating five businesses enabled within the blockchain network. This will create favorable conditions for business that could use cryptocurrencies for every single deal and not be penalized. This seems to be a massive project and to make it feasible on every level of its executions, the company has adopted an extensive plan. By following their roadmap, they will also provide various social services to business holders.

Many countries have already shown their interest in building a free cryptocurrency economic zone, and FreeZone has constantly been in talks with them. Once the platform is fully operational, there will be consistent corporation, more space between enterprises and banks, and countries that have no access to cryptocurrency investment, will experience a revolutionary approach to managing their deals and financial activities.

Once this project goes LIVE, things like money transfers and shopping will not be the same again and the countries that have agreed to creating this Free Cryptocurrency Zone are Malta, Armenia, and Georgia (amongst others).

There are a number of representatives from respective countries who have met, discussed and plan to take things further, and the good news is that these first steps are proving to be positive and progressive. This showcases the confidence and potential the project has to achieve what it has promised. There are other countries that have shown interested in investing in this project, but they are currently closely observing the negotiations. In addition, these countries are also trying to streamline their regional laws, so there can be a variety of zones allowed for in the provisions.

Who will need FreeZone and its services?

This project is exclusive, with a win-win-solution that would give value to each individual that is involved with it. The countries that have chosen to join FCEZ and be a home to its Free Cryptocurrency Zones will get to experience the following benefits –

  • Job creation.
  • Income from global investment.
  • An image of being a progressive state, which keeps its eye out for new technologies.
  • Quality of life.
  • Progression in several economic aspects.
  • Freedom of ratings.

Other benefits for companies, customers and the community include:

  1. Companies registered within the ecosystem of FCEZ may legally carry out cryptocurrency and blockchain operations.
  2. And, this will be done while avoiding income tax with the help of the in-built infrastructure and reformed, blockchain-enabled business.
  3. Businesses going LIVE with ICOs will receive a wide range of essential services from FreeZone, which include legal, logistics, expert project review and financial assistance.
  4. They will also receive access to marketing and investment assistance as well.
  5. Customers of FreeZone businesses including both corporate and private, manage their cryptocurrency transactions while being compliant with AML/KYC standards and in favorable tax conditions.
  6. FreeZone and their holders, who come to investing in their ICO will receive higher service perks for those, who invest earlier.
  7. In addition, approximately 50% of the company’s profits will go the initial investors and investors are also allowed to benefit from the predicted growth in the ICO.
  8. The members of this community, enjoy free access to the entire social network where they may approach like-minded individuals and make money from the referral programs.

Freezone Token

The Free Economic Zone and its very integrated advantages

Lately, the rate of budding companies wanting investments to fund their blockchain-backed activities has upsurged. There’s no doubt that 2017 was dedicated to cryptocurrencies. And, as far as 2018 is concerned, it has already been predicted that this year will become the year of blockchain projects that will repair the new-age market of ICOs.

Presently, however, it seems to be difficult to find a favorable space for launching and developing blockchain projects. There has always been uncertainty and no regulation in the market of cryptocurrency, which has made the life of entrepreneurs and developers very difficult when progress in the conditions. Until recently, there was no smart alternative to this until FreeZone comes up to be an initiative.

Below are the principles, FCEZ will be be built on:

  1. Validation of free flow of cryptocurrency and the possession of ICO.
  2. There will be no VAT or what is otherwise called income tax on blockchain businesses.
  3. There will be full-time backup for blockchain businesses, forwarded by the local regulatory firms.
  4. There will be full protection of investors’ rights and interests.
  5. Higher business transparency is assured.
  6. There will be fully-fledged infrastructure for developing blockchain projects within the zone.

Freezone Token Sale

FreeZone ICO: Dates and details

  • Token name: FreeZone.
  • Code: FRZ.
  • Start date: March, 2018.
  • Duration of token sale: 28 days.
  • Token allocation cap: 1,000,000,000.
  • Tokens to be Sold: 500,000,000 (50%).
  • Target: USD100,000,000
  • Accepted forms of payment: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC and fiat payments ($, €, ₤, ₣, ¥).
  • Minimum contribution amount: 0.1 BTC, 0.5ETH, 0.3BCH, 3LTC, €500, USD600, ₤500, ₣600.
  • Maximum contribution amount: N/A.
  • Token type: ERC20 standard-based Ethereum token.

The team behind FreeZone

Most projects launching ICO campaigns have specific experience in building software products, however they don’t carry relevant experience in business development. FreeZone stands alone with this fundamental competitive advantage of treating each project as a business. Using rich and extensive experience, their team launch, manages and develops businesses.

This project has been founded by a stout team of businesspersons, who have already had success in building more than 10 businesses from scratch. The range of companies they have built includes investment firms, online/offline retail chains, outsourcing IT firms, wholesale businesses, recommendation service, and pawnshop chains too.


With every new approach in the market, there is the audience’s expectations and the company’s goals. Success comes when both meet at a mutual point. For FreeZone, it was to engage as many countries as possible and help all blockchain businesses to grow seamlessly and effectively.

They have therefore decided to bring the project upfront, fully operational and once it is launched, businesses will enjoy fundamental changes in the way of trading cryptocurrencies. This project completely revolves around developing an infrastructure, focusing on those projects that are entitled to low taxation. In addition, it is aimed at the growth of local economy and job creations.

If you read their white paper, you will see that FreeZone is a project that is long desired by the cryptocurrency investors. It’s a dream come true. There are numbers of leaders and business owners, for whom, talking about a huge program and creating jobs now seem possible. FreeZone has created a new hope for investors, who are eager to join the business.

If you are looking for investing in ICO, then you can visit our page of “how to invest in ICOs”  for more information.


  • Nikolay Batalin
    Nikolay Batalin
    Nikolay Batalin
    (President, co-founder)
  • Evgeny Mukhin
    Evgeny Mukhin
    Evgeny Mukhin
    (CEO, co-founder)
  • Denis Kolesnikov
    Denis Kolesnikov
    Denis Kolesnikov
    (CIO, co-founder)
  • Evgeny Makhankov
    Evgeny Makhankov
    Evgeny Makhankov
    (Head of Legal Department)
  • Tatyana Chlenova
    Tatyana Chlenova
    Tatyana Chlenova
    (Senior lawyer)
  • Vasiliy Maryutenkov
    Vasiliy Maryutenkov
    Vasiliy Maryutenkov
    (BlockChain Developer)
  • Kamilo D. Aranda
    Kamilo D. Aranda
    Kamilo D. Aranda
    (IT Developer and Database Manager)
  • Igor Troshin
    Igor Troshin
    Igor Troshin
  • Nadezhda Eliseeva
    Nadezhda Eliseeva
    Nadezhda Eliseeva
    (ITSM Manager)
  • Ashot Tsaturov
    Ashot Tsaturov
    Ashot Tsaturov
    (Financial Analyst)
  • Petr Fedorov
    Petr Fedorov
    Petr Fedorov
    (Financial Manager)
  • Dmitriy Sushkov
    Dmitriy Sushkov
    Dmitriy Sushkov
    (Financial Specialist)


  • 1
    Up to 15 mln $
    Universal trading platform is launched
  • 2
    15-30 mln $
    + Fiat crypto payment system
  • 3
    30-40 mln $
    + Free Crypto Economic Zone is established in one or several countries
  • 4
    40-60 mln $
    + Crypto invest bank Marketing agency Crypto Zone infrastructure is developed
  • 5
    60-100 mln $
    + Fiat crypto bank

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