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FRIENDZ (FDZ) ICO Review – ICO Token Review

Friendz is a new innovative decentralized platform specially designed to transform the arena of digital marketing. It is a new trend of marketing in the digital world that has the potential to reap maximum profits for businesses. This technology relies on effective marketing tools and the use of blockchain to run the operations. The platform is completely based on content marketing and promotional activities.

Friendz already has an operating product engaged in delivering services through the community support of over 2,00,000 users who are continuously helping in running the activities of the app. The users of a community participate in the app campaigns and receive rewards for it. The rewards are provided to motivate and thank users for their contribution in content creation and validation.

Friendz Intro

All about Friendz

Friendz is a digital marketing company focusing on its prime goal of connecting different brands with their targeted audiences so that they can enjoy the complete benefits of the most powerful marketing tool – “word of mouth”. They are introducing a new way of advertising digitally, that completely depends upon communication among peers. It is driven by communication marketing and contributes to providing digital marketing services in a new advanced way. The users of the Friendz community are responsible for creating content and validating it on the platform.

The company believes that the inclusion of blockchain technology will prove beneficial for improving the business world and help their app to achieve outstanding results with a centralized system.

How does the Friendz app work?

  1. Users can easily download the Friendz app through their Facebook account and look for different activities available.
  2. They can then participate in any activity (after reading the provided guidelines and rules).
  3. After that, users can develop content by following the guidelines and upload it to the app.
  4. Once a user uploads his content, the skilled approvers of the network will check the content and compile it with the prime requirements.
  5. If they find the content to be good, then it will automatically be published on the user’s social network profile.
  6. Otherwise content will be rejected and a user will be invited to upload new content.
  7. The approvers will receive rewards for validating the content, and after publication, a user will also be rewarded for participating in content creating activity.
  8. These rewards can be utilized for purchasing vouchers and gift cards from a special section of the app.

Main elements of Friendz

This is a community-based application focused on the idea of connecting people with their favorite brands. The key actors of the community include:

Clients: The clients can enjoy the beneficial results of the Friendz magic (word of mouth on social media) by purchasing campaigns for advertising purposes.

Users: Users are allowed to participate in the campaigns to create content and receive rewards in exchange.

Approvers: The qualified users of a community are responsible for checking and validating contents manually and receiving rewards for it.

Social media: The contents published on the platform are tracked to figure out the numbers of likes, comments, and interactions.

What problems is FRIENDZ resolving?

The idea behind Friendz is to resolve the different problems encountered by companies such as:

  1. Companies must now deal with the issues of attracting the audience’s interest in social media and the involvement of final users for brand communication campaigns. Users are not able to identify a communication run by the companies due to the inefficiency in understanding the perception of contents. This is a reason why brands will receive poor results in maintaining quality and engagement in their marketing strategies.
  2. People are creating and publishing a lot of content on their social media profiles such as audios, videos, text, photos, etc. This is one of the great ways to seek personal gratification through comments and interaction with their post, but they don’t know the exact tactics to boost their profile and are unable to post unappealing content.

Friendz has come into an existence to resolve all these issues by developing creative content that catches the audience’s attention. They provide services and products on a platform where people can trust each other and share their values to empower the companies’ communication process, making it more efficient and effective than normal impersonal advertising campaigns.

Friendz is focusing on encouraging the creativity of campaigns to target users and boost their persuasive power on social media community. The platform encourages their clients to produce and share funny and creative content that are helpful in explaining brand products and grab users’ attention.

The platform provide top quality content with the help of a gamification system.

Advantages of FRIENDZ platform

For brands

  1. The uses of dedicated coins will make a brand more identifiable for the people.
  2. Everyone will understand that FDZ coins are used as a tool to activate communities in the digital marketing
  3. This will help brands in the future to perform marketing campaigns across the world by using one single tool.
  4. With this platform, they don’t need to interact with different marketing agencies, as they can rely on Friendz to enjoy those services.
  5. The platform will provide its services for enhancing several businesses and newcomers from the blockchain industry.

For users

  1. The FDZ coins will helps in enriching the user experience by unlocking the new features and services of the app.
  2. The new features are specially designed for optimizing the online user interaction.
  3. This will comprise new items such as games which will help in increasing the interaction between users, and some will contribute to boosting the user profile and influence their social activity.

Future plans of FRIENDZ using the blockchain

  1. The company is planning to utilize blockchain technology to offer a safe and reliable way of transferring funds to enhance the customer’s experience. There are also other ICO tokens which are based on blockchain technology such as Mango Start Ups, Gamblica, BunnyToken, THEFANDOME, PodOne, MoonLite, SprintX, Fire Lotto. This will make the platform safer and advanced in order to protect the community interest and clients across the world.
  2. They are planning to decentralize the business of digital advertising by introducing a transparent system that helps in tracking the flow of marketing on the platform. The utilization of the Friendz coins is beneficial for providing an opportunity to the brands for spreading their advertising messages and help in reaching the Friendz users in a genuine manner. The users will receive rewards to become active in the app and use the rewards to purchase different services of the Friendz.
  3. The company wants to maintain their focus on the digital advertising world while paying attention to the trending markets and opportunities. The platform will be used by any company that requires services such as a validation system, app review, bug testing, etc. The company will deal with both B2C and B2B clients from the blockchain industry, with the aim of targeting their final users.

Friendz Token Utility

What are the uses of the FRIENDZ utility token?

The platform token is abbreviated to FDZ. It is used for different purposes including:

Services and campaigns

Clients can use FDZ Coins to access Friendz marketing services and campaigns and receive special discount offers on the final price of products and services.

Blockchain-based games

The users are required to use tokens to take part in gamified contests organized by Friendz. The rules are already set in the chain so that it is possible to use the full power of the transparency in the network to provide a genuine and fair game system.

In-app features

The platform will work like a real social network where users can easily access the in-app features to improve their online experience as well as optimize the degree of pleasure via gamification process.

In this mechanism, users are able to improve their visibility and get exposure within the app and also develop interaction with other users to improve their profiles. Smart contracts play a vital role in maximizing per day boosts for users.

Some of the examples of possible features include:

  • You can check who voted for you in the past.
  • Check who rates you in one week.
  • Participate in more than one Facebook campaign a day for 5 days.
  • Allow to change the color and level of the profile.
  • Take part in token campaigns matched to your profile color.
  • Improve profile quality by 1 star for one week.
  • Appear in the most famous user section in the app for one week.

What are Friendz credits?

When brands are willing to access marketing services of FDZ platform, then they will receive Friendz credits. These credits act as tools for the clients to define a campaign structure and level of participation. The credit numbers are related to the size of the campaign that completely depends upon the budget defined by the clients.

These credits will be utilized to appreciate the users and approvers in the form of rewards. Users will receive credits for taking pictures, participating in activities, etc., in the app.  Approvers will also accumulate credits for checking and validating the content in the app.

What makes Friendz different from others?

  1. Friendz is not only designed for brand campaigns with adverting messages but also in engaging users on a daily basis via using Fun Campaigns.
  2. These campaigns are created to enhance the engagement level in the community and also provide opportunity to receive rewards by posting their fun pictures.
  3. One of the most important benefits of participating in these fun campaigns is that it will make social media profiles of users more genuine and creative with diversified content.
  4. Participation in the campaign is regulated by first served first mechanism because the seats of users are limited in the activity.
  5. According to meritocratic logic, users who create excellent content will receive first preference to enter the campaign while others with average photographic skill need to wait.
  6. The assignation order is determined with the help of an algorithm while using three parameters that include the use of profile quality, post reach, and interaction generated on the content posted.
  7. The overall performance of the profile is rated on the scale of stars that ranges between 1 to 5 stars.
  8. The worst quality content receives 1 star, while quality content receives 5.

Friendz Token Sale

ICO Details

Friendz Coins are a utility token powered by ERC20, supported by Ethereum blockchain technology. Many companies like Joint Ventures, Monaco Estate, BitCAD, RepuX, SandbIock, Fiancia, PodOne, EQUI etc. trust blockchain technology and use it to launch their ICO tokens.

  • Token name : Friendz coins.
  • Symbol : FDZ.
  • Total FDZ token amount : 1,500,000,000 FDZ.
  • Available in ICO (hard cap) : 750,000,000 FDZ.
  • Minimum goal : 50,000,000 FDZ.
  • Emission rate : New Tokens will not every be created. The unsold tokens will be destroyed.
  • Conversion rate : 1 FDZ=USD0.067.
  • Main ICO distribution period : March 1, 2018.
  • ICO ends on : March 21, 2018.
  • Token distribution : Smart contract will distribute token instantly after successful transfer of ETH.

Friendz Bonus


Power hour

  • March 1, 2018, 11 AM UTC : 1 FDZ = USD0.048 (tokens progressively unlocked in 12 moths).


  • March 1, 2018 : 1 FDZ=USD0.056 (token not locked).

ICO Week 1

  • March 1-7, 2018 : 1FDZ= USD0.061 (token not locked).

ICO Week 2-3

  • March 9-21, 2018 : 1 FDZ= USD0.067 (token not locked).

Token distribution

  • Team : 5%
  • Bounty program : 2%
  • Liquidity fund : 5%
  • Advisors : 7%
  • Partners : 11%
  • Reserve fund : 20%
  • ICO : 50%

Friendz Bounty Program


  • Alessandro Cadoni, Co-Founder.
  • Cecilia Nostro, Co-Founder.
  • Daniele Scaglia, Co-Founder.


The Friendz platform has been created with the purpose of decentralizing the advertising process and content creation and its validation on social media network. By launching the ICO, the company wants to raise funds to develop the benefits for their business, such as expanding their business worldwide, winning the trust of new clients, integrating an advanced technology system, increasing their offers, and broadening their international community.

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