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ImpetusOne (NUDGE) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Introducing Pay Per Mission (PPM), Impetus One is taking PPC advertising to a whole new level, whereby the reward is given to the customer after the mission goal has been accomplished. The advertiser gets the desired result and can pre- Impetus One is a means for businesses to engage with their customers based on shared goals and ideals, an interaction that creates a special bond between the two parties. Through Impetus’s unique functions, advertisers can engage and motivate customers with rewards, nudging them into action such as, for example, burn a certain amount of calories in a given timeframe or go to the gym more. Motivating the users into actions primarily profitable for them, the advertiser gains “voice of conscience” status and a special relationship with said user, who is now a highly engage-able customer.


Impetus One is a revolutionary advertising engine, changing the rules of online advertising. It does so through a mutually beneficial relationship between the advertiser, publisher and the customer. We are changing the paradigm in online advertising: the customer is not the target anymore, but rather a partner to be rewarded, based on a mission completion principle, for the benefit of the entire ecosystem. We all prosper from the money our customers spend. That’s how economy works!

The platform will split the entire ad revenue three ways:

  • 70% to the customer as a reward for completing the mission;
  • 20% to the publisher from which the customer joined the mission;
  • 10% to the platform for running costs

In this way, the advertiser strongly and transparently incentivizes the customer to do exactly the mission that their business needs. Rewarding the customer directly, the advertiser establishes a bond between the brand and the customer. Traditional digital marketing manages to spend huge amounts of money with, the customer not getting much other than pissed off. That’s about to change.

Problems Solve by Impetus

  1. Expensive and inefficient ad targeting As it currently stands, all marketing operations are directed at unknowingly convincing the customer into buying the advertised products or services. The customer is being targeted, and often annoyed, by the amount of ads directed at them, and gains nothing out of it. Glazed eyes make the advertiser’s job harder and more expensive.
  2. A short-sighted market The leading actor in any market interaction is the customer, yet, in the current paradigm, it’s the party that has the least to gain from an exchange. In other words, precisely the party that generates the profits and keeps the market on its feet is being abused by aggressive advertising campaigns. It’s a short-term, limited interaction, devoid of personal significance.
  3. The conversion cost rollercoaster Conversion costs, although somewhat predictable within certain industries, require a lot of optimization and skilled tweaking to be kept within boundaries.
  4. A high market entry barrier to small companies High advertising costs protect existing businesses with budgets large enough to pay advertising costs from competition, as few small businesses and startups can manage to stand out
  5. Making payments easier Pay at your local restaurant, transfer funds to friends or make a joint payment for a split check with one scan of a QR code. The Impetus wallet will do all that, and send funds to anyone from your contact list.

The Impetus one Platform: Website. App. Ad Review

The Impetus One platform is an advertising engine, combining the website, the Impetus One mobile app and the Impetus AdReview app. The founding principle is reward end consumers for fulfilling mission goals set by the advertiser. Missions will be domain specific, and will allow the advertiser to precisely target customer actions. A website could target the visitor to subscribe to a newsletter, rewarding them with a small amount of NUDGE ICO tokens. An event organizer will be able to reward customers based on their participation at the event, verified with thecustomer’s location. A sports brand will reward users for running X miles or burning Y calories. Business specific goals and rewards will lead to higher Click Through Rates (CTR) and Mission Fulfillment Rates (MFR).

NUDGE: The Impetus One Token

The NUDGE token is an ERC20 token, of which a fixed amount will be issued. The system of incentives at its core will create constant demand, indirect connection to the amount of FIAT attracted into the network from the advertisers using the platform. The NUDGE token is a non-refundable utility token, and does not give the holder equity, privileges or rights in the company.

There will be a fixed amount of Impetus One tokens, minted once, after the crowdsale. The total amount to be minted is 3,780,000,000 NUDGE tokens. The hardcap of the entire crowdfunding process is 22.200 ETH, at a rate of TBA NUDGE tokens for every Ether contributed. The soft cap of the crowfund is 5.000 ETH. This will allow as to do a basic functionality product within close to spartan conditions and will leave us some funds for a coherent global marketing campaign. It will force us to have a grass-root take at our awareness marketing campaign, which means a lower speed in our efforts to reach he desired global market share.

To track the performance and status of current running ICOs, you can check ICO stats.


  • Samuel Kurtmann
    Samuel Kurtmann
    Samuel Kurtmann
  • Daniel Kurtmann
    Daniel Kurtmann
    Daniel Kurtmann
  • Eduard Nuta
    Eduard Nuta
    Eduard Nuta
  • Remus Deac
    Remus Deac
    Remus Deac
    Head of Business Development
  • Adriel Dragan
    Adriel Dragan
    Adriel Dragan
    Lead Mobile Development
  • Simon Andrei
    Simon Andrei
    Simon Andrei
    Lead Web UI/UX Designer
  • Roxana Gramada
    Roxana Gramada
    Roxana Gramada
    Words. Crisply. Fluent in business.
  • Narcis Ciobotariu
    Narcis Ciobotariu
    Narcis Ciobotariu
    Blockchain Developer & Software Engineer
  • Radu Stanescu
    Radu Stanescu
    Radu Stanescu
  • Abdullah Al Mahmoud
    Abdullah Al Mahmoud
    Abdullah Al Mahmoud
  • Marius Opran
    Marius Opran
    Marius Opran
  • Valentin Radu
    Valentin Radu
    Valentin Radu


  • 1
    LATE Q2 2018

    Start of implementation of the Impetus web app
    Development of API for future iOS and Android app
    Start of development for two Impetus apps that will act as publishers
    Start of development for the Impetus iOS and Android app
    Development of Impetus SDK for publisher apps
  • 2
    LATE Q3 2018

    Alpha release of web app
    Release of Phodrop Android app
    Release and first implementations of Impetus SDK
  • 3
    EARLY Q4 2018

    Release of two Impetus owned publisher apps
    Start of marketing campaign for own publisher apps
    Website beta release
    Release Impetus iOS app beta
    Start of development of Impetus iOS and Android reviewing app
  • 4
    Q4 2018

    Release of Impetus Android app beta
    Implementation of SDK in own publisher apps
    Beta-testing for entire platform
  • 5
    LATE Q4 2018

    Marketing campaign for product launch and call for publishers
    Release of Impetus iOS and Android reviewing app
    Official product launch

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