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Kairos (Kairos) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Kairos’ Human Analytics products are powered by state-of-the-art face analysis and machine learning algorithms — trained on millions of diverse human faces from around the world– we deliver fast and accurate [real-time] results.

You can analyze any image, video, or stream from most embedded, USB or IP cameras. Kairos software currently measures dozens of unique points on the human face to gather data that includes emotions, expressions, eye blinks, age, and gender.


Since 2012, Kairos has been creating best in class Artificial Intelligence driven B2B solutions for businesses around the world. We have developed Face Recognition and Human Analytics technologies that consistently deliver valuable business solutions– defying their reputation as futuristic novelty and gaining the trust and respect of global business culture.

We process millions of faces every month for clients ranging from independent developers to enterprise businesses, and as we continue to grow, we seek to develop new products that will enhance customer experiences while accommodating ever-changing markets.

How it Works?

First, we scan the image or frame of video looking for all the faces. Next, we look for the feature points on each face i.e: the location of the eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth.

Once we locate these feature points we are then able to determine emotional expressions, age, gender, and if people are wearing glasses or blinking. That information is then provided back in the form of various code objects via our APIs and SDKs.

For video, based on the initial finding of feature points– we are able to keep track of the location of each face per frame. Conversely, competitors need to find feature points in every frame– which results in compromised accuracy and poor performance as compared to Kairos’ proprietary feature-point detection.

This also means we can still measure faces even when they are partially covered, or ‘occluded’. So, if someone scratches their nose, for example, it won’t affect the results. This advantage also serves in keeping our algorithms fast and their resource consumption low.

Kairos + Blockchain

The advent of blockchain technology has enabled its users to securely and efficiently store value without it being tied to a physical identity. This ability to represent ownership without divulging the owner’s true identity is a powerful characteristic of blockchains that facilitates efficient and private economic activity. However, this also enables malicious users to exploit the pseudo-anonymous nature of these systems.

The only requirement for a user to participate in a blockchain system is to obtain a public/private keypair. Because there is no other form of identity required, malicious activity perpetrated within these systems can be extremely costly to track and respond to in the form of legal or other external actions. A malicious user could be a:

  • Hacker
  • Fraudulent market participant
  • Participant in a transaction for illicit goods or services

This fundamental discrepancy between digital and physical identity creates the perfect opportunity for Kairos to use its industry-leading facial recognition software to optimize and democratize identity management and verification on the blockchain. The concepts proposed in this section will introduce real world accountability to the decentralized, digital economy of tomorrow.

The Kairos Protocol™ Advantage

Decentralized applications that utilize the Kairos Protocol™ greatly reduce costs associated with the process of physical identity verification for their users. Because Ethereum transactions are public and immutable, each transaction that occurs within such applications are necessarily, and transparently, associated with an address tied to a physical identity.

This phenomenon contributes to an economic environment that disincentivizes malicious behavior because a user’s true, physical identity is associated with a digital identity on a blockchain, and thus, all the actions associated with the digital identity.

Our Products

Kairos’ face analysis platform is comprised of three core features:

  • Identity – used for searching and verifying faces
  • Emotions – used for measuring sentiment and mood
  • Demographics – used for gathering demographic data; age, gender, and ethnicity

Collectively branded as ‘Human Analytics’, these features can be used individually or in combination to gather unique and actionable insights about people as they interact with the world. Key performance indicators, specific to Human Analytics, allow us to truly establish our value to businesses. They serve as the foundation whereby decision makers can visualize and envision ROI.

Customers integrate Kairos into their own software applications using a suite of developer focused API and SDK solutions. The REST-based API is available over the Internet, with data storage provided in the Cloud. Alternatively, offline SDKs provide flexibility for customers looking for more sophisticated integrations that require stricter control over security, network access and geographies.

The Kairos Identity Token™ and Anonymized Identity

Powered by face biometrics and blockchain technology, Kairos plans to create a method of identity verification which allows the user to remain anonymous– because we believe to validate a transaction, businesses only need to know that you are you.

The process of verification will begin in the same way that face recognition does– by establishing feature landmarks (identifiers) and comparing them to those in the image to determine a match. When a match is established, rather than linking back to a person’s actual identity (as in the case of face recognition), our algorithms will create a face template — a digital identity — by converting these identifiers into a unique and random string of numbers. Once the template is created,  the original image can be discarded.

The Kairos ID ICO Token is the specially designed digital currency of this system and enables users to reduce the risk of face recognition specific identity theft and increase privacy during secure transactions.

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  • Brian Brackeen
    Brian Brackeen
    Brian Brackeen
    Founder & CEO
  • Mary Wolff
    Mary Wolff
    Mary Wolff
  • Dr. Stephen Moore
    Dr. Stephen Moore
    Dr. Stephen Moore
  • Max Porter
    Max Porter
    Max Porter
    VP Sales
  • Cole Calistra
    Cole Calistra
    Cole Calistra
  • Ben Virdee-Chapman
    Ben Virdee-Chapman
    Ben Virdee-Chapman
  • Mario Pazos
    Mario Pazos
    Mario Pazos
    Blockchain Angel Investor • COO, Pazos Law Group (advisor)
  • Herwig Konings
    Herwig Konings
    Herwig Konings
    Co Founder & CEO, InvestReady (advisor)
  • Steve O'Hara
    Steve O'Hara
    Steve O'Hara
    Chairman of the Board, Kairos • President, New World Angels (advisor)


  • 1
    APRIL, 2018
    ICO Opened
    Soft Cap Reached
  • 2
    MAY, 2018
    Kairos Receives Shareholder Approval to convert all shares to tokens
    Utility Tokens completed by Decent
  • 3
    JUNE, 2018
    Kairos signs agreement with Bancor
    Hosho completes successful audit of Utility Tokens
  • 4
    JULY, 2018
    Kairos sets date for token generation event
    Tokens distributed

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