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Kind Ads System (KIND) ICO Review – ICO Token News


The Kind Ads Protocol enables publishers to market directly to their audience in a less intrusive fashion – using more natural communication channels like e-mail, push notifications and chat – eliminating the need for annoying and intrusive display ads. Additionally, applications built on top of the Kind Ads Protocol can provide users with a global opt-out list and enable users to be compensated if they do choose to receive marketing messages. Perhaps most importantly, the Kind Ads Protocol, together with its applications (together, the “Kind Ads Ecosystem”), facilitates this functionality without the 30%+ fees charged by most advertising middlemen.

The Kind Ads Solution

The vision of The Leadchain Foundation is to build a better bridge between publishers, advertisers, users, and app providers. Kind Ads has been in development for over a year with a focus on (a) launching a decentralized push notification network and (b) onboarding an engaged set of publishers and advertisers. The Leadchain Foundation believes that push notifications is one of the highest converting ad formats and has the potential to help publishers earn dramatically more income from their content while annoying users less than traditional display and pop-up ads. As a pioneer in developing new digital advertising technologies, the Kind Ads Ecosystem will provide the necessary tools and platform for addressing existing market inefficiencies. To know current trend of ICOs, you can check ICO stats.

A decentralized quality and reputation score for domains and publishers

All publishers will be scored via an algorithm on the Kind Ads Protocol that is primarily based on historical campaign effectiveness and information provided by various oracles such as Google  Analytics. Publishers can boost their Kind Ads Score through third party staking as well as by linking various trusted sources of data. Off-platform advertisers, other publishers, and engaged subscribers/visitors can reputationally ‘back’ a new publisher to improve their initial Kind Ads Score. Once an initial campaign has been run, the Kind Ads Score will be adjusted based on the effectiveness of the campaign.

Publishers can also run their own internal campaigns to boost their Kind Ads Score by demonstrating high open/click/conversion rates on direct publisher to subscriber communication. Advertisers can identify high quality publishers to work with and rent their subscriber bases – alternatively, advertisers who are more interested in traditional display ads outside of subscriber access campaigns can also use a publisher’s Kind Ads Score as a signal of a highly engaged and active audience.

 A tokenized rewards pool

Users will be able to specify exactly how they allow their data to be used, and will be incentivized to grant publishers (and advertisers) more access via token rewards. As an example, a user who grants the publisher the right to let a third party advertiser market to them would be rewarded with more tokens than a user who grants the publisher only the right to market to them directly with no third party marketing allowed. The higher quality a user is as a lead for advertisers, the more advertisers will compensate publishers, and in turn the user will also be rewarded more. This incentivizes the user to be engaged and active as a subscriber.  The Kind Ads Ecosystem is also expected to allow the user to ‘sell’ themselves as a lead. For example, if a user is looking specifically for a product or service in an industry with high lead values, he/she may be able to act as both the lead source and the lead, and allow advertisers to bid directly for his/her attention.

A global opt-out list for users

To keep the quality of the overall lead/subscriber pool high, and to minimize unwanted marketing and communication, all users will have the option to globally opt out of the Kind Ads Ecosystem, after which advertisers or publishers in the Kind Ads Ecosystem will no longer be able to communicate with these users. This is expected to remove low quality subscribers/leads from the Kind Ads Ecosystem and keep the average quality of subscribers high. In addition to the global opt-out, users will have the ability to specify in detail the level of communication they are comfortable with. For instance, they will be able to opt out of having their details shared with advertisers on a publisher by publisher basis (meaning they can grant the publishers that they want to support greater access and freedom with their information). In this way, users can reward high quality publishers that treat their data ethically with greater access, and restrict the permissions of lower quality publishers. Users will also be able to track specifically what publishers are doing with their information. The user opt-in and subsequent advertising will be fully auditable – and is expected to be eventually enforced with a bounty system.

The Token Economy

The Kind Ads (KIND) token will be an ERC-20 compliant ICO token built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, defined by an open-source smart contract, and used for transactions in the Kind Ads Ecosystem.

Key Token Functionality

The KIND token is expected to have several key uses:

  • Token is exchanged by users in order to opt in and out of the Kind Ads Ecosystem
  • Token is used by advertisers to purchase ads from publishers on the network
  • Token is used to pay publishers on a daily basis
  • Token is allocated to the daily reward pool for publishers, users and app providers


  • Saulo Medeiros
    Saulo Medeiros
    Saulo Medeiros
    CEO & Co-founder
  • Rafael Mayrink
    Rafael Mayrink
    Rafael Mayrink
    COO & Co-Founder
  • Jaime Sánchez
    Jaime Sánchez
    Jaime Sánchez
  • Neil Patel
    Neil Patel
    Neil Patel
  • Saber Aria
    Saber Aria
    Saber Aria
  • Trevor Koverko
    Trevor Koverko
    Trevor Koverko
  • Nadav Dakner
    Nadav Dakner
    Nadav Dakner
  • Jay Westerdal
    Jay Westerdal
    Jay Westerdal
  • Jonathan Cronstedt
    Jonathan Cronstedt
    Jonathan Cronstedt


  • 1
    Q1 2018
    Onboard initial launch partners
    Push notification offering
    Private Domain Score
  • 2
    Q2 2018
    Global Opt-Out List
    Public Domain Score
  • 3
    Q3 2018
    Rewards Pool
    Launch Solo Email Platform
  • 4
    Q4 2018
    Launch Chatbot Platform
    Launch Publisher Staking System
  • 5
    Q1 2019
    Launch App Partner Platform
    Launch Bounty Program

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