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LALA World (LALA) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What Is Lala World ICO?

Feeling left out for not being able to access basic banking services or rights is quite an obvious thing, Being ‘unbanked and undeserved’ you can hardly feel good about life and there are millions more undergoing the same odds of this world. There’s been an invention for you and to heal such of conditions – LaLa World.

It’s a project, which indirectly means happiness for billions. Having access to basic banking services and experience a better transaction process is everyone’s right, but that is not getting possible for the families and individuals, whose income is below the minimum balance required by these financial institutions.


The advent of digital currency has though treated this ill situation a tad, but a major thanks to the LaLa World for building a bridge between the undeserved and financial institutions. However, the predicament is, digital currency itself is being unable to induce every needy ones as they find it insignificant and is a ‘bubble,’ looking at its frequent price rise. Besides, there are certain more reasons why people don’t tend to invest in digital currency even yet –

  • Inability to afford the rising price
  • No tracking system
  • Absence of data. Complete anonymity.
  • Volatile legal system
  • Intermediaries are hardly reliable.
  • No credit history.

LaLa World has been designed around resolving these issues involving Government and non-government institutions. Their solutions have as well incorporated blockchain technology, distributed ledger technology and biometrics.

Analysis of Lala World Token

Building up an ecosystem for the unbanked and migrants around the world.

Problem it is to solve

The problems, especially in frontier and emerging market are that there is a rising number of unbanked families and migrants. They have been unable to voice it for the longest time. These markets have approximately 3 billion families and individuals, who are in ardent need of basic banking services and rights. They have been excluded from free movement financial markets, often leading them to crime, slavery and extreme cases such as human trafficking.

Traits that stand alone

LaLa World has been set to bring some changes into the situations. For almost a decade, banking has been completely under control of Government and large scale financial institutions. Who is transferring what amount of money and to whom – There is a tracking to everything, even at the end of the facilitator. This is known as Centralized Processing. However, blockchain turned out to be a lotus in the mud. Creating a comprehensive decentralized, preer-2-peer banking processing, the crypto market has almost entered the mainstream market across the world.

Whom it’s trageting

After the blockchain technology has disrupted the conventions of fiat market, the space itself is having some in-platform developments, so as to persuade corporate, all types of internet content/product developers, and even governments to join the market. But the LaLa World is considering implementing three major traits into the space and these include –

1 – True and immune decentralization

Affording large computers, servers and set a sophisticated hardware system for operating nodes on that network, however they own smartphones though. With decentralized banking and Atomic Swaps, decentralized banking through smartphones is going to create a history.

2 – Proficiency and scalability on-chains

Improved scalability means having an input of millions of transactions in a minute and on-chain. Efficiency, on the other hand, needs to be enhanced by a factor of 90 to 95, so it gets considered disruptive when safety and security is run. LaLa World is planning on many similar proposals as such that will further help the cause.

3 – Free to move, transparency and unlimited access

Money is the only thing people work for, thus they have right to have full access to that money without having it censored and restricted. Be it capital markets, banks or centralized banks, as long as they continue to rule in the mainstream space, unbanked and undeserved will be suppressed for the lifetime. The idea behind building LaLa World is to establish an ecosystem that revolutionizes peer-2-peer banking, particularly for unbanked group of people.


Below are the innovations the platform has infused and how are they benefitting –

  • No more regulations imposed by capital markets
  • Fast and easy settlements
  • Elimination of multiple branches
  • A complete digital processing and payments
  • Lower fees and cheaper cost

The ecosystem is dedicated to expedite settlement time

Simply to generate income through common people, centralized banks deliberately distribute the settlement process amongst several branches and timetable. This not only just generates income for them, but wastes a lot time in the process. While remittance and payments settlements have always been easy to set for rapid completion. This further would enable people to access their assets whenever it’s necessary. Moreover, if time were saved and processing efficiency were increases, it could have made millions of micro transactions to happen in a second and within the same trusted network.

Advanced transactions

Blockchain is compatible with Smart Contracts, which makes transaction of multiple assets between multiple parties possible. Simply put, this supports two-way transactions. Moreover, the technology will enable the undeserved and unbanked ones not only to experience digital instant banking, but also access and know about capital markets on showing value transfers.

Elimination of third party

Having a distributed, tamperproof database for storing data after a transaction and that too automatically was not possible. However, with the advent of blockchain-enabled digital currency transaction, such facility is surprisingly an integral feature. This system will eliminate the need of difficult procedures to ensure that banks have it all and sync.

Great drop in the cost

Ever since Blockchain has taken the place, operational cost has evidently come down, giving some genuine benefits to the entities while reaching out to the customers and not just stored assets. A prediction was declared along with the launch of blockchain that this technology would as well minimize bank infrastructure costs (well, quite obvious as digital banking needs no concrete infrastructure), which would be more secure.

Eliminate error sorting

Blockchain technology is programmed to provide real time tracking history, but in a complete decentralized manner. There would be no double spending or even making double transactions.

  • Protect transaction ledger database
  • Safeguarding transaction ledger database, Blockchain has it distributed in a secure and shared network.

LaLa World Ecosystem and how it is run

How you initiate – Getting an in-platform wallet first

How do you validate your LaLa World account? – Getting a LaLa ID, which would be unique, applicable to one person and is also globally accepted. That one ID will also include all your records.

LaLa ID and its diverse usage – Transfer assets. Whether you want to make international transactions or domestic transactions, money remittance would be a matter of a couple of clicks at the crypto market. Or from crypto or fiat.

Lend assets – The ecosystem allows you to make lend your assets via both fiat and crypto markets. Whether you are an individual or a business entity; if it is a domestic deal or international – A blockchain-enabled crypto platform lets you process your necessities in a single click and accurately.

Pay the bills conveniently – Have you been facing complications while paying your global bills or making payments for any other kind of bills – Time to calm your veins. LaLa bill system brings the easiest way to make payments via both fiat and crypto LaLa wallet through 180 countries.

Get LaLa Card – Your LaLa card is usable at millions of Point of Sales worldwide and it is synced to your LaLa wallet.

This ecosystem has been planned and designed in order to facilitate migrants and families in frontier markets. This is to allow them access to basic banking by designing an in-platform wallet and by issuing a unique ID for that matter.

How do you get LaLa Wallet?

The wallet is accessible in an App form. It is being the underlying module of the ecosystem, designed to incorporate every other fundamental modules of the ecosystem. Once the wallet is downloaded, you are given the access to all the facilities, means services such as –

  • Buy and transfer of fiat currencies
  • Buy and transfer of crypto currencies
  • Paying bills
  • Doing sales and making all other banking transactions 


How do you benefit from LaLa membership?

The platform has come up with a lot of financial perks, especially for unbanked and undeserved ones. However, little does anyone know that investing in LaLa World’s tokens, you can also become a verified and most privileged member of the whole LaLa culture. They go Live with ICO token sales, allowing each and every one to come and avail the splendid facilities of LaLa world. Investment in tokens has varied advantages and yours completely depends upon your type of investment – is it long-term or short-term. Get the glimpse below:

  • Price appreciations on long-term investment.
  • By investing, you get yourself automatically enrolled in LaLa reward program
  • Avail exciting discounts as you use its in-platform Wallet

Besides, you can also avail free tokens at any point of time when you use their wallet. They also come up with ‘product wise reward event’ created by their specialized marketing team. This reward program is ideated to propose certain reward points to the holders of LaLa Tokens and the conditions are as follows:

  • You have to reach a certain number of total transactions
  • You have to make transaction of certain amount
  • Your weekly and monthly sales will be counted
  • There are several more offers as well on each product you use or make within the network.

Team that has brainstormed LaLa World

Sankalp Shangari – Founder cum CEO of this project has invested his everything, not just capital to improve the blockchain technology, thus it can turn out to be an easy platform that will allow the unbanked and undeserved to access basic banking facilities and get a better experience.

Ranjit Kumar – Chief Revenue Officer of the project is not only counting the revenues earned by the brand, but brainstorming and proposing new technologies to the platform, using what each and everyone associated with this world can count their respective revenues.

Nitin Bhatia – Head of Strategic Partnership has as well big contribution to the establishment of this world.

Juri Kopotko – Chief technology Officer, knows better how to break a rule to introduce new rules in a fiercer manner. LaLa World has taken a promise to facilitate the unbanked and undeserved at both fiat and crypto market. For this, he is burning the midnight oil.

Apart from them, here are the other specialists, working behind launching the platform into the mainstream. They are such as:

  • Vivek Kumar Tripathi – AVP Technology


  • Prakash Somosundram (Serial Entrepreneur, Fintech Influencer, SG Gov Adviser)
  • Thomas McAlister (Blockchain Magician, BanKoin Reserve Several Patent)
  • Han Kyul Park (X BosCoin, Blockchain Enterpreneur)
  • Ajay Bhatia (Chairman, Learning Largest Wings Remittance Network)
  • Ari Paul (Co-Founder of BlockTower Capital, Angel Investor)
  • Sri Mohd Amin Abdul Nor (Founder and Chairman of Bestinet Sdn Bhd)
  • Rathakrishnan (Managing Director of Bestinet Sdn Bhd)

About LaLa World ICO

Token Dates and Price Details are Below.

  • TOKEN SALE: January 5, 2018 – February 5, 2018
  • Ticker: LALA
  • Token type: ERC20 ICO
  • Fundraising Goal: 113,800,000 USD (150,000 ETH)
  • Token Price: 1 LALA = 0.76 USD (0.00100 ETH)
  • Available for Token Sale: 60%
  • Total Tokens: 250,000,000

They are tending to make total of 150 millions tokens available for their investors. And, the figure converts to 150, 000 Ethereum. That means, one user will use 1 ETH, if he wants to buy 1, 000 LaLa tokens.

Have a quick look at the LaLa World ICO below:

  • Pre-sale will be followed by review and feedback starting in the same month and also ending in the same month.
  • Cryptocurrencies that potential users can use are ETH and BTC, and convert them into tokens

Here’s what its bonus includes –

There is a loyalty bonus program, conducted by the project, but only the sale of total 125, 000, 000 tokens. It would be in the preparation for ICO, of course. Besides, the bonus will also serve as a marketing element that would apparently persuade crypto investors.

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