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MeetnGreetMe (WEL) ICO Review – ICO Token News

The tourism market has already reached more than $ 7 trillion worldwide with more than $ 2 trillion coming directly from the industry. Yet, traveling can be very impersonal, impersonal and time-consuming experience for global travelers.  They are still sharing many of the same level challenges regardless the different applications that have been systematically developed for changing the travel experience.

MeetnGreetMe is a decentralized platform that will connect advanced technologies and real human experiences for changing way travelers travel.

Meetngreetme Intro

MeetnGreetMe (WEL) Analysis

What is MeetnGreetMe (WEL) all about?

MeetnGreetMe will combine up-to-date local expertise, benefits of blockchain technology, a strong community of like-minded local people, integrated advanced analytics and machine learning to ensure easier, comfortable and enjoyable traveling experiences to travelers around the globe.

The platform is precisely developed and designed for making travel experience a really personalized experience worldwide. While outsourcing travel-related tasks to trustworthy and dedicated local people, the blockchain-based platform will also help travelers to save their valuable time.

The team aims at providing everyone with the opportunity to be involved in growing and building a community by tokenizing and decentralizing the platform development. Every member of this platform will feel connected and enjoys the benefits offline and online.


This platform was developed for the purpose of providing its users with the essential infrastructure for mutually beneficial interactions with the travelers and community of trustworthy local expertise.

  • Sending and accepting service requests.
  • Profile creation and promotion.
  • Rating and review system.
  • Mobile messenger for Android (v1).
  • Blog
  • Notification system.
  • Balance management.
  • Search and match of users in a split of cities and predetermined filters.
  • Verification procedure.
  • Chat.
  • Integrated payment system.

Meetngreetme Services


Local MeetnGreeters are equipped to offer different tailor-made services for the purpose of helping international travelers for reaching their travel goals and save a lot of time for things that matter.

  1. Health/fitness

  • Arrange sport activities
  • Sick care
  • Accompany the travelers to a certified doctor
  • Arrange visits to doctors and qualified physicians
  • Request health insurance
  1. Day-to-day issues

  • Gift delivery
  • Buy flowers
  • Assist with banking and money matters
  • Book personal care and services
  • Find relevant contacts
  • Make telephone calls
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Arrange a repair or an engineer visit
  1. Arrival/Staying

  • Help with the shopping
  • Information on the local infrastructure and transport
  • Translate/interpret
  • Meet upon arrival
  • Book a hotel or apartments
  • Drive to destinations
  • Accompany to events
  • Organize or assist with events
  • Rent a car
  • Accompany with them during the stay
  1. Business Matters

  • Provide business referral service
  • Take photos at events
  • Perform personalized shopping and delivery
  • Advice on business etiquette
  • Perform Internet research
  • Book a restaurant/make a recommendation
  1. Entertainment

  • Arrange travel tours to local attractions
  • Arrange a gastronomic tour
  • Information on culture, lifestyle, and traditions
  • Book/buy tickets to events/sports games
  • Nightlife hotspots guiding
  • Plan a trip
  • Charter a yacht, helicopter, etc.
  • Personal city guiding
  • Another request unique to the place of stay
  • Visit a party hosted by locals

Who will benefit from this platform?

The platform is very convenient and easy to use for any travelers who want to have unique and authenticated traveling experience within precise budget. The services rendered by this platform will be ideal for travelers who need help and assistance with organizing a bachelor party abroad.

The services rendered by this platform is ideal for people who want trustworthy local experts to meet their parents at the airport and help them with luggage and provide effective support all the way during the stay in a completely new city.

The services are ideal for people who need to be trusted and like-minded people to help them book the most happening night spots in a new city and guide them through the perfect nightlife of the new city.

How to use this platform?

  1. Choose the city and services

First of all, travelers will need to choose a city that they are interested to travel. On the user-friendly interface of this platform, travelers will be able to enter the city where they are planning to go and choose the services rendered by this platform that they will need during their trip.

  1. Hire a MeetnGreeter

Travelers will be able to discuss all their traveling details with this platform and hire an expert (MeetnGreeter) to support them when they travel to a city selected before.

  1. Travel and enjoy

Travelers will enjoy personalized approach for their needs and budget with unique, authenticated experience.

What MeetnGreetMe (WEL) aim to be?

MeetnGreetMe seeks to start developing a new concept of personal travel concierge services that will be executed by local people to travelers. The life of the travelers will be easier, comfortable, and enjoyable by using this platform that aims to connect to the global travelers with trustworthy people in a visited city.  The services rendered by this platform will be affordable by any traveller who needs them.  A global community of like-minded people will be created by this platform. People in the community will share their hospitality, knowledge, and local expertise with travelers.

What is a vision of MeetnGreetMe?

The primary vision of this platform is to connect the real human experienced the MeetnGreetMe community and cutting-edge Ethereum based technologies for making the traveling experience of people more enjoyable, comfortable and easier.

Hospitality and travel will be revolutionized by converting it into crowd sourced systems that will be supported by smart contracts and Ethereum blockchain technology. Every member of the community will contribute with their resources, local expertise, time and skills to help people to travel carefree. Travelers will be able to enjoy personalized approach to meeting and managing their traveling needs and savour authentic experience wherever they visit.

Meetngreetme Safety

What problem is MeetnGreetMe (WEL) solving?

Different culture, foreign language, business ethics, fake reviews, insecurity, irrelevant information, overpaying services, and need for advice of local people on what to do, are some of the common peoples associated with traditional travel and hospitality industry around the globe.

In order to arrange a perfect travel trip, travelers need to invest a lot of energy, time and money. Although, booking a flight and accommodation online do not take much time but a travel want to get more to arrange a perfect travel trip.

The traditional concept of concierge service used in travel and hospitality is expensive, conservative and comes with a lot of entry barriers.

The expectation of a traveller

  1. While arranging the trip, a traveller needs to know if he/she will be safe and welcome in a particular destination.
  2. They want to have an authentic and unique traveling experience.
  3. Travelers around the world want a personalized approach to their travel needs.
  4. They want to make sure that they will reach their travel goals at the end of the trip.
  5. Majority of the travelers want someone (local) trustworthy available to them when they need them.
  6. Travelers value flexibility in their traveling trip.
  7. They seek value for the money invested in the trip.

Solutions provided by the MeetnGreetMe

The platform believes that everything that a traveller needs to make their global traveling experience a positive one can be achieved by simply connecting global travelers with like-minded and trustworthy local people through secure blockchain technology and smart contracts.

Why MeetnGreetMe (WEL) is a good project?

The hybrid and advanced blockchain technology used in the development of this project delivers customer-centric services that are customized and tailored-made to meet the traveling needs of their customers. The services rendered by this platforms aim to make the travel experience of the people a really personalized experience.

An infrastructure for the value creation will be provided to the local people by this platform to sell their products and services on this platform. It will enable value exchange between all the participants. Participants will be able to set the rules to access and usage of different services. Desirable interactions between different participants are encouraged and undesirable ones are removed immediately using the blockchain technology.

The core development team behind this project see this platform as a community-driven marketplace where all the travelers as well as local people will find an excellent opportunity for self-enhancement and expression by systematically helping other travelers. The community members will be rewarded with WEL tokens for their contributions. The blockchain technology will be brought to masses due to the background diversification of the community members.

The platform will also popularize the blockchain technology among other people worldwide. It will also produce traveling packages and offers based on their customer behaviors by integrating cutting-edge and the state-of-the-art advanced analytics and machine learning programming into this platform. By offering travel packages based on the behavior of their customers, this platform will systematically change away travelers approach the process of arranging and planning their travel related activities and tasks.

What is infrastructure behind this project?

Keeping a rational balance between input and output in terms of limited resources present in the travel industry, the platform will prove that smart decentralizations of travel industry around the globe are the efficient way to create a peer-to-peer marketplace.  All the benefits of personalized approach will be accessed by the travelers through this platform to meet their traveling needs.

The decentralized and open source platform will also support local businesses and travel communities to efficiently market their products and services to travelers at market leading prices while meeting the diversified and ever-changing needs of different types of travelers around the world.

The core development team behind this project aims at revolutionizing travel and hospitality industry by turning it into a crowdsourcing ecosystem with decentralized elements where every member every member is incentivized for contributing with their resources, skills, and local expertise to the MeetnGreetMe ultimate goal.

WEL Token Price and Token Sale

The platform will introduce its own cryptocurrency, known as WelcomeCoin, for rewarding all the players of this platform for their contribution, not just MeetnGreeters. Just like other ICO tokens such as Mango Start Ups, Gamblica, Alttex, THEFANDOME, PodOne, EQUI, StarLight, Kelta, WEL tokens will be built on Ethereum blockchain technology. The utility token is developed with the purpose to uniquely access this platform, use and contribute to its development and expansion. Contributors will be rewarded in accordance with their contribution and efforts.

WEL ICO other details:

  • Symbol: WEL
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepted currency: ETH and BTC
  • WEL tokens ICO start date: 27th March 2018
  • WEL tokens ICO end date: 21st March 2018
  • There is no minimum cap in this ICO
  • Price: 1 WEL= 0.0004 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 8800 ETH and 7,500, 000 USD
  • Minimum investment: 0.1 ETH
  • Based on the ICO results, each contributor will be additionally rewarded with 4-9% bonus.

Meetngreetme token distribution

WEL Token distribution

  • A total number of WEL tokens released: 150, 000,000.
  • 50% WEL tokens will be issued for sale during the ICO sale.
  • 25.5% WEL tokens will be reserved for ecosystem development.
  • 15% tokens will be issued to founders and team.
  • 7% tokens will be reserved for early backers and advisors.
  • 2% tokens will be reserved as bounty program.
  • 0.5% will be reserved for bounty managers.

Distribution of funds collected during the ICO

  1. 35% of funds collected during the ICO will be used for growth and expansion of the platform.
  2. 30% funds will be used for platform development and UX excelling.
  3. 20% funds will be used for community development.
  4. 10% funds will be used for operations.
  5. 5% of funds collected during the ICO sale will be used for founders.


MeetnGreetMe relies on a team of experienced developers just like other ICO tokens such as Dentix, Adblurb, Kelta, Fire Lotto, RootProject, Stopthefakes, ECOS, BunnyToken. The team consists of Elena Shkarubo (co-founder and CEO), Nick Vyhouski (Co-Founder & Product designer), and Andrew Gaidukevich (Co-Founder & CTO).

Meetngreetme team


The decentralized platform is a lifestyle management and travel concierge service ecosystem where the request of a traveller will be customized to their traveling needs and budget. The traveling services on this platform are delivered by a like-minded and resourceful people.  Through P2P payment systems, the travelers will be able to pay for the services on this platform by using WEL tokens. Put simply, MeetnGreetMe is the future of the way people will travel around the world with more enjoyment and less money—and that is why any ICO token investor should consider joining MeetnGreetMe’s ICO.

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  • Elena Shkarubo
    Elena Shkarubo
    Elena Shkarubo
    (Co-Founder and CEO) - MBA from Kingston London University. 8 years' experience in banking, business development. Member of SPARK initiative to promote entrepreneurship globally.
  • Nick Vyhouski
    Nick Vyhouski
    Nick Vyhouski
    (Co-Founder & Product designer) -
    Exceptional specialist with a strong background in UX/UI with a Bachelor’s degree in Media and Communication. He worked for SelectStar, Evote, Strevus, Toptal.
  • Andrew Gaidukevich
    Andrew Gaidukevich
    Andrew Gaidukevich
    (Co-Founder & CTO) - Qualified engineer with 8 years' experience and outstanding technical skills. He has worked for XB Software, Strevus, Viber; founded and run Appetite IT company.
  • Ilja Satchok
    Ilja Satchok
    Ilja Satchok
    (Software Engineer) -
    Experienced Software Engineer skilled in web & mobile development with a Degree in Applied Maths & Computer Science. Worked for Viber, Inkitt, Epam Systems.
  • Anna Bobekh
    Anna Bobekh
    Anna Bobekh
    (Digital Marketing Manager) -
    Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris. Marketing guru with 7 years' experience in digital-agencies dealing with SEO, SEA, SMM, web analytics.
  • Alexei Pashkevich
    Alexei Pashkevich
    Alexei Pashkevich
    (UX/UI Designer) -
    Besides his 2 years’ experience as a UX/UI, Alexei holds a Bachelor’s degree in sociology and has a marketing background which helps him better gasp the users’ needs and create user-friendly interfaces.
  • Katya Klishchuk
    Katya Klishchuk
    Katya Klishchuk
    (Community Manager) -
    Intercultural Communication graduate with deep knowledge of 3 foreign languages responsible for customer support, content management, and public relations.
  • Aleksey Ladutska
    Aleksey Ladutska
    Aleksey Ladutska
    (Front-End Developer) -
    Skilled Front-end developer with 5 years' experience of working in such IT companies and start-ups as FiveHeads, Appetite Soft, Data+Math, LeadLiason.
  • Lizaveta Deikun
    Lizaveta Deikun
    Lizaveta Deikun
    (Content Manager) -
    Multifunctional specialist with experience of studying abroad and background in behavioral psychology, linguistics, and culturology.
  • Hanna Zhyhar
    Hanna Zhyhar
    Hanna Zhyhar
    (Business Development Manager) -
    Degree in Applied Science and Economic Cybernetics. 2 years' experience of working as a Growth Hacker in OntourCloud and start-ups.
  • Dmitry Dudin
    Dmitry Dudin
    Dmitry Dudin
    (Full Stack Web-developer
    Belarus) -
    Professional in various fields: project-management, programming, consultancy, business-analysis.


  • 1
    Early 2014
    MeetnGreetMe Idea.
    3rd prize at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit held in Morocco.
  • 2
    Successful introduction of MeetnGreetMe at the SXSW Eco Conference in Austin. Elena Shkarubo was invited to join Spark Initiative by the 44th President of the USA. Initial funds were raised for the platform development.
  • 3
    Incorporation in Estonia.
    Launch of a fully operational platform.
  • 4
    UN recognition in the Culture and Tourism category.
  • 5
    Q1 - Q2 2018
    Pre-ICO & ICO
  • 6
    Q3 2018
    Community development
    Smart contract based motivation
    Partners in key cities
  • 7
    Q4 2018
    Expansion in new cities
    New partners
    P2P payment system
    Functionality for advertising
  • 8
    Further expansion in new cities
    Big data preparation
    Testing algorithms
    AI and personalized offers

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