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MeFy (MEFY) ICO Review – ICO Token News


Healthcare industry has been inconsistent despite its impressive growth. While there are world-class hospitals, state-of-the-art technologies, highly qualified doctors and health care professionals, an average patient still faces high prices, inadequate access, and inconsistent quality. Due to lifestyle changes, an ageing population and other parameters the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and co-morbidities combined with their enormous economic impact and the increasing shortage of healthcare providers are the leading cause of higher mortality. Thus, changing the approach of care is of utmost social importance.

MeFy believes individual health or society’s health cannot be improved by individual efforts either can it be improved just by having best healthcare facilities. It requires an effort from the complete society. MeFy and its platform MeMe Care does not just focus on medicine but believes to improve individual health. Hence individual lifestyle, diet and society have a big role to play for the overall improvement of health and healthcare.

MeMe Edge

MeMe Edge enables patients to test different health parameter as many times as the patients’ needs based on a yearly subscription and paying for the consumables. It can scan patients body for multiple parameters like Pulse rate, Blood pressure, Temperature, body scale, body position, ECG, Glucometer, SPO2, Airflow and many others. Once body scan is done they can request for consultation. Our platform is based on patients set preferences and current condition searches for available doctors for consultation and connects the doctor. Based on the health parameter and discussion with patients, doctor will write down a prescription which is delivered to the patients through the MeMe Edge device and on their mobile.

MeMe Care App

MeMe Care Individual mobile app provides access to MeFy platform for individuals or patients. The app is a single point of access to securely view and update different parameters of individual health. It allows a user to capture diet details and receive analysed feedback from the platform. It captures daily activity like walking and running while letting a user enter details about other activities. It allows a user to view his past health data and reports of the tests performed on MeMe Edge device and view or post health tips or research papers. It also allows patients/individuals to pay to doctors, pharmacists, hospitals or insurance companies in fiat currency or MEFY tokens. It also allows users to earn MEFY ICO tokens for sharing health tips or posts or submitting a research paper on the social platform.

MeMe Doctor Web App & Mobile App

MeMe Doctor Web and Mobile app allows doctors to expand their practice beyond geographical boundaries. It allows doctors to manage multiple clinics, his clinic appointments and MeMe eConsult™ appointments, write MeMe ePrescription™ for patients and receive payment from patients in fiat currency or MEFY tokens.

MeMe BOT  It captures individuals’ health and lifestyle data in an interactive way, reminds users on various aspects of their health like appointments, diet, activity, medicine and schedule appointments for health test. It will also help a user with auto prescription and tips to resolve certain conditions.

MEFY Token

MEFY tokens — a new economy and incentive structure for the MEFY platform The fundamental unit of value within the MeFy system is the MEFY Coin token (“token”), backed by healthcare services. Tokens provide non-volatile, inflationary-resistant digital value within the MeFy system. The MEFY token will be derived from a standard Ethereum ERC20 token and will be tradable on exchanges. The platform will maintain one-to-one mapping with legally bound promises for healthcare services from the MeFy network of Health Coaches, redeemable at any given time.

Token Features

The MEFY token provides for multiple features within the MeFy platform:

Form of payment

MEFY tokens will serve as the main means of payment within the system, although we will accept and use other types of fiat or cryptocurrencies depending on the country and legality of cryptocurrencies.

Currency exchange

It will also support price determination for MeFy services. The system will take a fee in MEFY tokens, and some premium features will be available only in MEFY tokens.

Gamification of healthcare

The MeFy platform will award MEFY tokens for behaviours that lead to desirable outcomes. Individuals will earn MEFY tokens for achieving markers, such as improved blood pressure, cholesterol, and other health measurements, or ratings and timeliness. Health Coaches will earn MEFY tokens for patient achievements, lower hospital readmission rates, ratings, timeliness, and more. Corporate partners will receive bigger discounts for higher satisfaction ratings from their individuals and Health Coaches or better adherence to smart-contract governance.

Social and gaming functions

The MEFY token also acts as an “in-game” token, and participants in the MeFy ecosystem earn tokens for certain actions. Also, network members can use the token to unlock network resources such as MeFyness resources for individuals, clinical education resources for Health Coaches, and data and analytics resources for enterprise clients and partners. We intend to create strong community connections between the different parties in healthcare.

Data share

Every time MeFy receives a payment for de-identified and anonymous patient and clinician data, the corresponding patient and clinician will earn MEFY tokens. MeFy respects the personal details of all clients and will never disclose any information to third parties without consent from the client.

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  • Sanjay Sinha
    Sanjay Sinha
    Sanjay Sinha
    Founder & CEO MeMe Information Technology & MeFy Pty Ltd. | Blockchain and Smart Contract Expert, Health Advisor and Researcher
  • Kaushik Kumar
    Kaushik Kumar
    Kaushik Kumar
    Co-Founder MeFy Pty Ltd. | Marketing & Business Development
  • Alfred Certain
    Alfred Certain
    Alfred Certain
    CEO at Gecko | Health Coach, ICO Advisor, Business Coach
  • Ronald Certain
    Ronald Certain
    Ronald Certain
    Blockchain Advisor | Cybersecurity Specialist
  • Tomslin Samme-Nlar
    Tomslin Samme-Nlar
    Tomslin Samme-Nlar
    Blockchain Lead

    Consultant on technologies that enable customer experience and collaboration

  • Rohit Agarwal
    Rohit Agarwal
    Rohit Agarwal
    Blockchain Developer & Smart Contracts
  • Nandan Mishra
    Nandan Mishra
    Nandan Mishra
    Health Advisor
  • Mark Haynes
    Mark Haynes
    Mark Haynes
    ICO Advisor
  • Jeyson Támara
    Jeyson Támara
    Jeyson Támara
    Advisor Blockchain Math

    Theoretical Physicist and Mathematician. Coach of World Olympics in theoretical Physics and Astrophysics. PhD Candidate
  • Sana Najeeb
    Sana Najeeb
    Sana Najeeb
    Asst. Product Manager | Blockchain Developer
  • Brij Kishor Singh
    Brij Kishor Singh
    Brij Kishor Singh
    IOT & Blockchain Developer
  • Bala Murali Krishna
    Bala Murali Krishna
    Bala Murali Krishna
    Cyber Security professional
  • Bashir Johansson
    Bashir Johansson
    Bashir Johansson
    Lead Blockchain Developer with skills in C++, Solidity, Hyperledger


  • 1
    OCt 2014
    Idea Concluded.
  • 2
    Jun 2015
    Product kicked off.
  • 3
    Oct 2015
    Development Started.
  • 4
    Jun 2016
    Company Incorporated.
  • 5
    Aug 2017
    Team Building ans strengthening.
  • 6
    Mar 2018
    MeMe App Pilot Launch with its first EDGE Clinic and Web App for doctors.
  • 7
    Q1 2018
    App Functionality:
    Econsult; Appointment; EDGE Reports; Health Records; Immunalization: Treatment Details; Notification.
    EDGE Functionality:
    Temperature; Blood Pressure; Gluco meter; Body Scale; SPO2.
  • 8
    Q2 2018
    MeMe Pharmacy Functionality:
    Account; Inventory Management; ARAP, GST; Reporing.
    EDGE Functionality:
    ECG, Body Position AirFlow; Spirometer; GRS; Snore EMG.
    App Functionality:
    Reminders; Social; Bot; Blockchain.
  • 9
    Q3 2018
    App Functionality:
    Auto Prescription; Activity; Diet; Local Remimder; Social Bot.
    EDGE Functionality:
    CBC; Thyroid; LFT; Cholesterol/Lipid Profile; Cardiac and Renal profile.
  • 10
    Q4 2018
    App Functionality:
    Machine learning.
    MeMe Pharmacy Functionality:
    Supply Chain.
    EDGE Functionality:
    Full blood count; Anti bodies test; Serum Electrolytes; Urine test; Widal; Hepa A; Hepa B; CT Scan.
  • 11
    Q1 2019
    App Functionality:
    Localisation Machine learning.
  • 12
    Q4 2019
    Hospital Management.

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