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MONETO (MTO) ICO Review – ICO Token News


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Today, the popularity of Bitcoin cryptocurrency is growing at a rapid pace around the world. The process of legalization and regulation of Bitcoin cryptocurrency have already begun worldwide.  Increasingly, businesses around the globe are using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency for carrying out different business operations.

It will increase the transactions and investment in digital currencies and Bitcoin. Due to complexity of purchasing Bitcoin and transferring their virtual digital currency to fiat currency, majority of potential investors are choosing to stay away.

The FinTech industry around the world is considered to be one of the most popular and promising areas that unites the borrowing and lending, payments and money transfers, money management, currency, and insurance.

Built on Ethereum blockchain technology and smart contracts, MONETO will provide an excellent opportunity for taking a loan on the security of cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as quickly, safely, and conveniently as possible.

Moneto Intro

MONETO (MTO) Analysis

What is MONETO (MTO) all about?

MONETO is a decentralized, secure and user-friendly platform to provide loans in a fiat money (Euro and US dollar) on the security of Bitcoin online and almost instantly.  This platform will be ideal for both experienced cryptocurrency investors and investors who are only planning to enter the cryptocurrency market.

The technological aspects of this project for rendering financial services are actively evolving, along with the development of Ethereum blockchain technology.  This project will also contribute to the development of FinTech industry around the world.

This platform offers an excellent opportunity for potential investors as all the loans will be collateralized against Bitcoin.

How MONETO work?

  • Get offer

Site participants need to tell much bitcoins they have and how much money do they want from the platform. They will get the offer from the platform and can accept it in accordance to their preference.

  • Get cash

Borrowers need to provide payment details for transfer of approved loan amount. They will need to transfer the Bitcoin as collateral to the platform. Once the Bitcoin is received by the platform, the approved loan amount is transferred immediately into the account detail provided by the borrowers.

  • Buy back

The platform will provide the borrowers with a fixed amount of days or time for purchasing their Bitcoin back.  Borrowers will have to pay a small commission in order to buy back the mortgaged Bitcoin from the platform.  In case, the borrowers fail to pay the loan amount, the mortgaged Bitcoin will be sold at the cryptocurrency exchange platforms in order to recover the loaned amount.

Competitive advantages of MONETO

MONETO will provide an excellent opportunity to take a loan on the security of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as quickly, safely and conveniently as possible.  By creating an application for a loan, a participant in the platform will be able to choose the best possible loan.

The maximum amount of loan approved by this platform will be 70% of the current value of the collateral. By paying a very small commission, the user will be able to return the deposit. The mortgaged Bitcoin will go to the platform if the borrowers do not able to pay the loaned amount within promised time frame. The mortgaged Bitcoin will be then sold on the cryptocurrency exchange in order to recover the loan amount.

On the security of the cryptocurrency, the professional cryptocurrency traders will be able to promptly withdraw fiat money such as Euro and Dollar. Borrowers will be able to buy back the cryptocurrency (mortgaged) to the platform by paying small commission.

Features of MONETO platform

Site participants will be able to get more favorable conditions for getting loans by using the decentralized MONETO platform.

1 – They will not need to sell their Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency in order to avail the loan.

2 – The required amount of Bitcoin as collateral will be needed by the users to transfer into the account of this platform to receive the cash.

3 – It is simple to repay the loan and get the mortgaged cryptocurrency back.

4 – Along with a small commission for using the loan, the user must transfer the loan amount by using this blockchain-based platform.

5 – The approved loan is transferred according to the payment data given by the user.

6 – The type of loan can be chosen the users on this platform.

7 – The additional commission and operational costs will be minimized.

8 – Users will be able to use loans funds in the future in a fiat currency to receive cash in their ATM.

9 – While using Testnet Bitcoin as the cryptocurrency, it will allow users to view all operations.

10 – By the rate that was at the time of the loan, this platform will provide users with an excellent opportunity to buy back their mortgage.

11 – Customers will be able to make excellent good money and pay off all possible costs, increasing their capital.

Moneto ICO Crow Sale

Potential client of this platform

The number of those who want to purchase a cryptocurrency will increase given that interest in Bitcoin continues to grow. The platform opens up excellent opportunities for a large number of organizations and people.

This platform is precisely developed for owners of cryptocurrency pools, organizations that provide services for investing capital in virtual currencies, private investors, professional traders, private miners, hedge funds, and ordinary users who prefer to keep part of the funds in Bitcoin. In addition, the platform is also designed for professional traders, private miners, and hedge funds.

What MONETO (MTO) aim to be?

The main goal of this project is to provide an excellent opportunity for registered users for obtaining a currency for a specified period and without significant transaction costs and return the cryptocurrency investment. Advanced Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts will be used for the development of this credit lending platform by qualified and experienced professionals.

What problem MONETO (MTO) is solving?

The Bitcoin market is subject to periodic fluctuations due to its extremely high volatility. The user needs to pass the process of identification in order to obtain a loan. They need to provide a copy of an ID document. Moreover, the users also need to indicate the purpose of obtaining a loan. The lending is one way of investing in a Bitcoin for later profit.

The cryptocurrency investors will make more money due to long-term loans. It is essential to understand that a large number of loans are extremely difficult to maintain and large loans can also bring significant losses to the investors.

When selecting applications for a loan, users depend on the strategy and attractiveness. The risk of a non-return loan is quite high in traditional lending tools available in the market.

Solution provided by MONETO platform

MONETO is a convenient lending tool, through which users will receive fiat currency such as Euro and US dollar on the security of Bitcoin with near-instantaneous transfer.

Why is MONETO a good project?

It is difficult to get loans against cryptocurrency with traditional credit lending tools available in the market. MONETO will create an excellent opportunity for registered users of this platform to obtain loan in fiat currency for a specified period of time. The loan will be given without any significant transaction costs charged by this platform.

The borrowers don’t need to sell their cryptocurrency in order to get money to meet their needs. They can just mortgage their Bitcoin and avail up to 70% loan on the current value of their asset.  Within a promised time frame, the borrowers can also buy back their cryptocurrency by paying a small commission.

There are no risks on the part of the system since it will make use of advanced Ethereum blockchain technology for development of this project under the supervision of qualified and experienced developers. All the loans on this platform will be collateralized so there will be no risk involved for the lenders to lend money. The decentralized platform will open a wide range of opportunities for potential investors.

The money invested in the ICO by investors on this platform will be completely free from any potential risk for all potential investors and tokens holders. Keeping the convenience on the token holders and investors in mind, the core development team behind this project is planning to develop a special dividend policy.

How is MONETO (MTO) different and better than other solutions?

Compared to traditional financial institutions that offer loans, the MONETO will offer several advantages. The users will be provided the opportunity to take a loan on the security of cryptocurrency. The users will have an excellent opportunity to select the best loan conditions by developing an application for a loan. The site participant will get loan amount up to current value of the collateral cryptocurrency.

The MONETO lending service will not have any analogues. Through ICO investment, the financing is planning to be obtained. A special dividend policy will also be developed for the token holders. The project will allow the users for carrying out such operations safely, quickly and conveniently.

Moneto Token

MTO Token Price and Token Sale

MTO will be book-entry securities and can be freely transferred between all participants in Ethereum technology. The initial release of MTO tokens will be developed and produced in compliance with the standard ERC-20 in the public blockchain technology just like popular ICO tokens such as BeEasy, Ice Rock Mining, SmartGenie, Rate Date, EtherJack, Global Spy. Moreover, the code of the advanced smart contract will be systematically published on Gethab to carry out pre initial coin offering.

MTO ICO Detail

  • Token name: MONETO
  • Pre-ICO start date- 10th April 2018
  • The duration of Pre-ICO: 30 days
  • Pre-ICO price: 1 MTO = 0.008 ETH
  • Price 1 МТО = 0.01 ETH
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Whitelist/KYC: None
  • Restricted areas : U.S. CITIZENS
  • Minimum contribution during the pre-ICO-0.008 ETH or its equivalent
  • Token symbol: MTO
  • Token standard-ERC-20
  • Maximum token supply- 3,950,000 MTO
  • Accepted cryptocurrencies: ETH
  • ICO start date: 10th June 2018
  • Duration of ICO-30 days
  • Minimum contribution during the ICO sale: 0.01 ETH
  • Soft Cap: 2500 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 25000 ETH

How to participate in the ICO TOKEN sale?

The interested investors need to register themselves on the official website of MONETO platform in order to participate in the token sale.

Moneto Token Distribution

Distribution of MTO tokens

  • 2% of the tokens will be released for bounty rewards.
  • 5% of the tokens will be released for advisors, partners, and early investors.
  • 5% of the tokens will be released for marketing and promotion.
  • 7% of the tokens will be released for the core members associated with this project.
  • 11% of the tokens will be released to the founder.
  • 70% of the MTO tokens will be issued for sale during the token sale.

Allocations of funds collected during the ICO sale

  • 10% of the funds will be used for technical development.
  • 10% of the funds will be used as reserve funds for future development of this project.
  • 12% of the funds will be used for business development.
  • 5% of the funds will be used for team behind this project.
  • 63% of the funds will be used for developing loan portfolio.


The MONETO platform depends on a team of qualified and experienced developers just like other ICO tokens like Darico, Bountie, Fintechbit, KaratBank, HeadStart, BunnyToken.  The developers and other professionals associated with this project hold expertise in their area of work. The key members behind this project consists of Michail Gabov (Co-Founder), Andrew Grishchenko (Founder), and Mikhail Baranov (SMM).


MONETO is an anonymous peer-to-peer, decentralized, and open source cryptocurrency lending tools, where the users will be able to get fiat money with Bitcoin as collateral. The future perspective of this platform will depend on changes in the Bitcoin market and on how the blockchain and Bitcoin currency will behave in the future. Many experts believe that this platform will lead to the expansion of a huge client base due to small business representatives, e-commerce owners, and online merchants around the world.

The run of the decentralized platform will be in demand for investors who are planning to enter the cryptocurrency market. In addition, this platform will also be demanded among already experienced and qualified cryptocurrency players.

Put simply, MONETO is the future of modern FinTech industry—and that is why any ICO token investor should take another look about MONETO’s ICO sale.

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  • Andrew Grishchenko
    Andrew Grishchenko
    Andrew Grishchenko
    (Founder) - Andrew is an engineer and lawyer with 8 years of experience in managing the collective at industrial safety enterprises
  • Michail Gabov
    Michail Gabov
    Michail Gabov
    (Co-Founder) - Michail has experience in direct sales in international companies and business development in the entrusted territory.
  • Andrew Maxunov
    Andrew Maxunov
    Andrew Maxunov
    (Project Lead0 - 4 years in Digital-marketing
  • Mikhail Baranov
    Mikhail Baranov
    Mikhail Baranov
    (SMM) - Internet Marketing and Blockchain Enthusiast.
  • Vasiliy Baranov
    Vasiliy Baranov
    Vasiliy Baranov
    (SMM) - Vasiliy has experience in B2C and B2B since 2015. In the cryptocurrency sphere since 2017.
  • Boris Otonicar
    Boris Otonicar
    Boris Otonicar
    Boris Otonicar has a Masters degree in psychology and economics and a certificate as Blockchain Specialist BVS.


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