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Onyx (ONYX) ICO Review (SCAM Warning) – ICO Token News

ONYX Futures Exchange

Welcome to Onyx Commission-Free CryptoCurrency Futures Exchange


Warning! Our investigation team found out that this ICO might be a SCAM – Do not invest. Text below is purely for informational purposes.

Trading futures has reinvented the investment landscape. This format has shot to fame because it easily minimizes the risk factor for many investors. Today, more and more speculators pick this trading format whenever they want to invest their capital in volatile commodities, including cryptocurrencies. Cryptocoins are a new phenomenon, and their rise is improving the trading volume associated with futures.

As digital coins are volatile, the investors want to introduce futures trading to the crypto world in order to earn big in a short interval. Right now, there are a lot of exchanges—Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Exchange—that have started rolling out Bitcoin futures.

Onyx, too, wants to become part of this transformation and take the crypto-oriented futures trading to the next level.

Onyx analysis

Onyx, a radical futures exchange, is committed to introducing a revolution in the way futures trading is done. With Onyx, the traders will join a decentralized, independent, transparent, democratic futures exchange platform. On this platform, the traders can enjoy risk-free, quick, easy trading while retaining the full profits.


To deploy this visionary project, the development team behind this platform has designed and executed a number of initiatives. These initiatives have collaborated in the creation of an innovative strategy.

The biggest issue with many trading platforms is that they’re fully committed to maximizing their revenues. So, a trader will unsurprisingly find many trading platforms using a lot of tactics to improve their profits; these tactics generally include funding costs, maker/taker fees, big spreads, registration fees, funds security fees, and countless other hidden charges. These profit-building tactics usually pinch the small-sized traders who’re looking to make small trades.

That’s basically why today’s traders dream of having a platform that’ll focus on the quality of trading rather than building its own profits. That’s what Onyx is giving all these traders, because this innovative platform is eliminating all of these extra charges.

Onyx is definitely offering a true innovation with this crypto-oriented futures exchange—and that’s what’ll give this project a special place in the crowded ICO list. 

Onyx innovation 

Every successful ICO project upholds their initial innovative concepts. For instance ODEM, Requitix, Shping, TV-TWO, Signals, BunnyToken, LocalCoinSwap have remained true to their commitment to bringing something new to the world; that same thing can be said for Onyx too. This revolutionary exchange will change the way futures trading is done.

Here are some highlights that make this project truly inventive. 

Reimagining trustless futures trading 

  1. A trustless environment is created whenever the traders—buyers and sellers—don’t trade alone as they don’t know and trust each other. In such an environment, a third party acts as a mediator; however, these mediators charge a fee. This fee is fixed for every transaction, but the Onyx futures exchange believes that the traders shouldn’t have to pay the fee; instead, they should retain the total profits.
  2. For this purpose, Onyx will introduce blockchain technology to streamline futures trading in every way. This trading platform will use a decentralized, transparent, secure network for those investors who’re interested in futures trading of crypto-related commodities. 

Introducing commission-free, crypto-centric futures trading 

  1. Generally, trading platforms charge a hefty commission for their services from the traders and this commission eventually limits the profits of the traders. This way, many brokers and brokerage companies earn thousands of dollars that actually belong to the investors.
  2. Traders want to change this business model—and with Onyx, futures trading will change for the better. This platform is designed to give the traders all the true profits without ever charging any transaction fee. The exchange will cover all its operational costs by generating new coins; because of this, the network will successfully prevent the need to charge any transaction fee.

Creating a unique hybrid model 

  1. Onyx has built a hybrid model to bring both decentralization and centralization concepts under a single platform. This combination has definitely provided a unique process that’ll allow the investors to experience the best of both worlds when it comes to futures trading. In this futures trading exchange, there’s a centralized server and a decentralized smart contract.
  2. Through a centralized server, this platform will provide a user-friendly user interface and will reliably control market regulations. Also, the centralized server will speed up all the transactions happening within the network. On the other hand, through decentralization, the network will experience the power of smart contracts for eliminating the needs of the traders to transfer the funds into a broker’s account.

Onyx ICO sale 

The real utility behind this innovative futures exchange model is its native token that’ll bring real value to the investors. All the trading profits or losses and account balances will be dominated by these tokens. The traders on this futures exchange will have to own the native crypto tokens, and that’s what’ll definitely push the native currency’s demand and eventually its value.

Other Onyx ICO details 

  • Ticker : ONYX.
  • Price per token : USD0.01.
  • Total tokens available : 720,000,000 tokens.
  • Bonus : Available.
  • Accepted currency : Ether coins.
  • Hard cap : USD6,000,000.
  • Soft cap : USD200,000.
  • Total supply : 1,000,000,000 tokens.
  • Sale date : February 22, 2018 to March 23, 2018.

The team behind Onyx

The team that’s powering Onyx is hard working and committed to changing the way futures trading is done. This team includes finance experts and blockchain specialists, and they all work together to create value for those traders who wish to bring cryptocurrencies to the futures-trading market.

Onyx Team

Summarizing Onyx

Every successful ICO project, such as Cibus, THEKEYTrustaBit, MedTokens, Play2LiveApollo, AQwire, brings a new idea that aims to disrupt the world in one way or the other. And Onyx is no different. This project try to revolutionize the future exchanges—even of cryptocurrencies—without charging any commissions. However, we found out that team members in this ICO might not be real people, so we recommend that you stay away from this ICO.

Warning! Our investigation team found out that this ICO might be a SCAM – Do not invest. Check out other similar ICOs at the bottom of this review.

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