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PAYSURA (IPC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

PAYSURA will provide a decentralized customer gratification system that will be built on Ethereum blockchain technology.

PAYSURA (IPC) Analysis

What is PAYSURA all about?

This platform aims to improve the inefficient traditional customer rewards system and develop a new solution. Paysura tokens will be used for rewarding customers for purchasing services and products from this platform. It wants to bring the reward coin into use whenever a digital payment is made.


It will aim to bring IPC tokens into different services such as the car sharing market and video-on-demand. The customers will earn IPC tokens by using these services on this platform in the future. For other ICO details you can refer ICO stats. These IPC tokens may then be used in the reward pool and will be exchanged for products or services offered on the platform.

What problem is PAYSURA solving?

Leveraging the blockchain technology, PAYSURA will try to solve problems associated with the traditional reward/loyalty programs.

Problems with the traditional reward system

  1. Lack of trust
  • Customer behavior manipulation.
  • Data of the customer is often shared and sold to third parties.
  1. Lack of data security
  • Single point of failure.
  • Traditional storage of data.
  1. Lack of customer experience
  • Physical reward cards.
  • Complicated registration processes.
  • Limited usability options.
  • Reward point expiration.

Solution provided by PAYSURA

  1. Improving trust
  • No customer behavior manipulation.
  • Data will not be sold to third party and it will be anonymous.
  1. Improving merchant position
  • Reward pool provided by this platform.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Simple scalability worldwide.
  1. Improving the customer experience
  • Digital reward card.
  • One international reward system.
  • Fast, modern, and easy registration.
  • IPC as a digital asset.
  • No expiration of the reward pool.
  1. Cutting-edge data security
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Underlying blockchain technology for ensuring flexible, fast, and secure authentication.

Paysura blockchain

Why is PAYSURA a good project?

This platform does not allow for any tracking of customers’ data, unlike traditional reward programs who share the details of their customers with third party solutions. There will be no complicated registration required in order to make use of the services rendered by this platform.

There will be no need to use a card to make an online purchase once the user is in the system. There is no date of expiry for using the IPC token. This platform is completely secure and can be used in any part of the world.

What is PAYSURA’s new innovation?

It is based on the Ethereum blockchain technology similar to ViMarket, Dimensions Network, Cryptoneum, BunnyToken, SapphireCoin. This platform will be implemented with Angular2 using TypeScript and HTML5/CSS3. It will ensure a responsive and creative design so the PAYSURA platform will have great usability.

  • Angular2:
  • Angular2 is a very fast and modern framework for web development. The unnecessary modules will only be loaded if they are required through the lazy loading paradigm. This platform will load faster even with a poor internet connection.
  • Module oriented development is allowed by Angular2 on this platform. It makes the platform very scalable.
  • JavaScript:
  • The latest version of JavaScript, which is ECMAScript 6, is used to enhance the functionality of this application.
  • Neo4J:
  • In order to store all the product information, the graph database Neo4J is used in this platform. It will allow a comfortable and fast search for the user.

Token sale

  • The crowd sale of IPC token will run from March 3, 2018 to April 2, 2018.
  • The participants will get a bonus from 35% -15% on purchases of IPC tokens during the ICO
  • Unlike most ICO tokens such as Cibus, Amon, KickCity, Guardium, Omnitude,, the unsold IPC tokens will be put back into the token pool.
  • The returned tokens will be redistributed to the community in the form of different rewards.

Paysura Token Sale

Distribution of IPC token

  • The total number of IPC token created by this platform will be 440,000,000.
  • 264,000, 000 will be released during the IPC sale for investors.
  • 110,000,000 IPC token will be reserved for the community as a form of reward.
  • 66,000,000 tokens will be reserved for partners and advisors.

Allocation of collected funds

  • 70% of the collected funds will be used for the further development of this platform.
  • 30% of the collected funds will be used for products that will be available to the community in the reward pool.


The primary mission of the development team associated with this project is to establish a universal reward system that is fair and trusted. This system will empower consumers without weakening the merchant. An IPC token will be used for carrying out all the business with the Paysura ecosystem in order to establish an international reward system.

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