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Ponder (PON) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Ponder?

Ponder revolutionizes the way people meet with the introduction of a decentralized matchmaking platform. It allows you to play a matchmaker by helping people to take a right and wise decision. The matchmaking platform is not just for playing cupid but it also helps with recruiting, business partners, roommates, and even in finding a babysitter. You get rewarded with USD10 if you succeed in making a match and USD1000 if the couple eventually gets married. This way, it helps you earn money for making successful matches.

Whether you are searching someone special to you, wish to play matchmaker for a friend, or want to have a new kind of mobile gaming platform, the Ponder app, earlier known as Spritzr, is perfectly designed for you. The innovatively designed decentralized, human-based matchmaking app makes matchmaking possible using blockchain technology. It uses the blockchain to increase trust and security within the app ecosystem. The platform merges game mechanics, old-fashioned friend-and-family get-together, and the advanced and avant-garde technology to offer its over 70,000 registered users a fun, secure and rewarding platform for creating connections.

That way, Ponder aims to take the traditional way of informal matchmaking one-step ahead by scaling it for the mass-market, exploiting the financial rewards and game mechanics. The matchmaking platform motivates everyone to play matchmaker.

With the introduction of this decentralized matchmaking platform, Ponder wants to become the rendezvous for meeting new people in all contexts where trust holds utmost importance – dating, recruiting, business partnerships, roommates, babysitting etc.

As of now, no one has been able to come up with a project based on the idea of making quality introductions. Through this platform, the first target of Ponder is to revolutionize dating/matrimony, which is a market with a clear problem but without any good solution. However, with this decentralized matchmaking platform, Ponder intends to touch the lives of people worldwide. Ponder Gold is available to use in both iOS and Android platforms and has 70k users.

Ponder Intro


  • Distrust among online community
  • Traditional practice of introductions
  • Eliminates informal matchmaking
  • Trustless online environment
  • Online dating fraud

Ponder solutions

  1. It motivates people to invest their thoughts and social capital into who would make a good couple.
  2. It eliminates online distrust and creates trust among people who look for a perfect match online.
  3. It helps singles to meet a trusted partner selected by friends, family, or a community of motivated matchmakers.
  4. It helps people in taking the most important decisions of their lives, such as – who to marry, which job to take, who to partner or collaborate with in business.

Ponder Gold

Ponder Gold token

Ponder Gold is an Ethereum-based ICO token (similar to other ICO tokens such as Mango Start Ups, Gamblica, Alttex, THEFANDOME, PAYSURA, BunnyToken, Amon, Dentix), which complies with and extends ERC-20 – a de facto standard and widely used token API. Some of the key benefits it claims to offer are as follows:

  1. A Ponder Gold holder who is dating is shown to the best matchmakers, so that he/she can receive suggestions that are more likely to match with his/her requirements.
  2. A Ponder Gold holder who is matchmaking is shown the most active singles; potentially increasing his/her own match rate, and thus receiving more financial reward.
  3. Only a Ponder Gold holder can take part in Matchmaking Groups. These are private sub-communities aligned around values and interests, giving a more intimate matchmaking experience.
  4. A Ponder Gold holder can offer other services to token holders like singles events or relationship advice, with the ability to charge for their services.
  5. As other verticals such as recruiting and more expand, only a Ponder Gold holder will be considered eligible to take part.

Ponder Token Sale

Ponder token sale details

Ponder Gold token is the one that helps you transact and trade on the Ponder platform. The token works with the Ponder Dollars and the conversion ratio is a 1:1 with USD. You can only buy the tokens during the upcoming token sale, and within the app.

The token sale started on 14 February 2018, and would last until 20 April 2018. The company has set a hard cap of 24 million, and nothing is said about the soft cap in its whitepaper. The token costs 20 cents apiece during the sale, while at the time of issue, its price would be USD 0.2. The company will also offer a 15 percent bonus for anyone who buys within the first week of the sale, whereas a 10 percent bonus will be given to those who take part in the second week. It allows conversion from BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, NEO, or USD (with a wire transfer). In order to transfer 1000 USD and over, the transferor is required to use the wire transfer option.

The company will be offering only 25 percent of the tokens during the token sale. The remaining will be reserved for purchase in the app, distribution, and being retained by Ponder. The total sale volume of the token is USD 18,000,000.

In 2018, the split of funds will be along the following lines:

  • 47 percent for marketing
  • 20 percent for matchmaking rewards
  • 16 percent for salaries
  • 15 percent for product

Gold token distribution

The 360 million Gold tokens will be split as follows:

  • 25 percent tokens for sale
  • 5 percent tokens for distribution partners
  • 40 percent for purchase within app
  • 30 percent will be retained by Ponder

Ponder Token Distribution

Ponder Gold team

Similar to other ICOs such as Kelta, Datarius, StarLight, DMine, SprintX, Aktie Social, PodOne, Adblurb and many more, the Ponder Gold team is also made up of brilliant minds and best brains from the different industries. While they all collectively make the team, some of the key members who have led the team since the inception of Ponder Gold are as follows:

  • Manshu Agarwal – CEO
  • Hooman Imani – CTO
  • Patrick Maxwell – Creative Director


Final remarks

Online social networking has undergone immense change since its inception. From Orkut to Facebook, today we live in the world of microblogging or Tweets. The world is in fact squeezed to just a few words, as a result leaving behind the traditional way of meeting each other. Ponder Gold wants to change this very way; for which it has brought to the shelves a decentralized matchmaking platform, which will help people take a right and wise decision in their lives. Since this platform is innovatively designed and has new concept, it has higher chances of getting success and work great when completed. If you also believe the same, then get ready to join its ICO, which slates to take place from 1 April 2018 and will end on 20 April 2018.

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  • Manshu Agarwal
    Manshu Agarwal
    Manshu Agarwal
    (CEO) - 20 years of startup leadership and corporate experience. Helped raise over $100m for startups. Former investment banker and strategy consultant. Cambridge engineer, Columbia MBA.
  • Hooman Imani
    Hooman Imani
    Hooman Imani
    (CTO) - 15 years full stack experience. Former CTO at Storybox, funded by Eric Schmidt’s VC fund, where he grew platform to 4m hits per day. Architect/senior engineer at and Qualcomm.
  • Patrick Maxwell
    Patrick Maxwell
    Patrick Maxwell
    (Creative Director) -
    16 years design experience. Patrick has worked for companies such as Hilton, AP News,, Forbes & more.
  • Dan Flanegan
    Dan Flanegan
    Dan Flanegan
    (VP of Product Marketing) - 15 years of product marketing experience. Grew the social app Butter to over 1million users. Mentor at top LA accelerator, Mucker Lab.
  • Elliot Yan
    Elliot Yan
    Elliot Yan
    (User Acquisition) -
    15 years of digital marketing experience. Grew own advertising firm to $10m+ run rate. Created business models for Idealab, the famous incubator.
  • Vladimir Ryhlitskiy
    Vladimir Ryhlitskiy
    Vladimir Ryhlitskiy
    (Lead Mobile Developer) -
    More than 7 years of experience in mobile development. Helped to develop more than 15 applications with millions of users and high ratings on Google play and AppStore.
  • Tianqi Wang
    Tianqi Wang
    Tianqi Wang
    (China Business Associate) - USC graduate student. Worked at Plug and Play LA supporting the Cross Border Program.
  • Londynn Metten
    Londynn Metten
    Londynn Metten
    (UI / UX Quality Engineer) -
    SOU Computer Science graduate. 5 years of quality assurance experience with an emphasis on technical writing and UI/ UX design and development.
  • Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim
    Daniel Kim
    (Business Analyst) -
    Daniel has six years of commodity trading experience. He has a Masters in Financial Engineering from the University of Southern California.
  • Deepak Rao
    Deepak Rao
    Deepak Rao
    (Blockchain Consultant) -
    15 years experience in consumer payments, dispute and fraud management systems at Visa. Worked as VP of Product for a startup focused on accounting, auditing and reporting for cryptocurrencies and enterprise blockchains.
  • Satya Kumar
    Satya Kumar
    Satya Kumar
    (Blockchain Engineer) - Hands-on software architect and principal engineer with over 15 years of experience building enterprise and consumer-facing web applications, mobile-apps, data analytics, data rich front-ends and scalable backend systems.
  • Bjorn Lestrud
    Bjorn Lestrud
    Bjorn Lestrud
    (Community Advisor/Crypto Hero) - Bjorn has 10 years sales and marketing experience, including online and offline.
  • Greg Taylor
    Greg Taylor
    Greg Taylor
    (Principal Engineer) -
    10 years back-end coding experience. Programmer and PhD in bioinformatics.
  • Alexey Bakhtin
    Alexey Bakhtin
    Alexey Bakhtin
    (iOS Developer) -
    7 years of mobile development experience, primarily iOS development. Has successfully released over 10 mobile apps on the AppStore.
  • Gleb Maltsev
    Gleb Maltsev
    Gleb Maltsev
    (Android Developer) - 4 years of development experience. Has successfully released 5 applications to Google Play.
  • Ryan Lasher
    Ryan Lasher
    Ryan Lasher
    (Graphic Designer) -
    5 years Graphics Design experience working in several fields ranging from the political sector to marketing and social media advertising.
  • Denis Korkhov
    Denis Korkhov
    Denis Korkhov
    (Blockchain Consultant) -
    Denis is a cryptoplatform architect and consultant. His extensive software development experience includes blockchain, Ethereum and Solidity.


  • 1
    Launch of Ponder Beta
  • 2
    Start of Ponder Gold Sale
  • 3
    End of Ponder Gold Sale
    Launch of Ponder Gold Coin Inside App
  • 4
    Release of Chinese Version
  • 5
    Launch of Game Levels
  • 6
    Launch of Matchmaking Groups
  • 7
    Japanese Version
  • 8
    Korean Version
  • 9
    Release of Indian version
  • 10
    Release of recruiting product beta

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