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PumaPay (PMA) ICO Review – ICO Token News

PumaPay  Introduction

Payment cards processing is one of the key elements used by the merchants. But still, payment processing system is relying on centralized structures due to which merchants are struggling with various issues such as inefficiencies, substantial risks and exorbitant fees. This is a reason why a company is introducing a PumaPay PullPayment protocol to provide a robust, flexible and scalable payment system that resolves all the hurdles of payment processing.

PumaPay is a complete billing protocol designed to combine the traditional way of payment method with advanced blockchain (similar to ShopIn, SAMY, Graz, DataBroker, Data Broker Dao, RootProject, Phoneum, Cibus) technology and make easy use of cryptocurrencies in online and offline outlets.   This protocol will prove significantly beneficial to increase the payment transactions through cryptocurrencies. Moreover, it will also eliminate the need for middlemen and save merchants money on excessive fees and also prevent them from risks of frauds, fines and chargebacks.

To endorse this protocol, company will do the partnership with leading businesses have significant turnovers and encourage them to accept this protocol in their businesses. By using Launch Partners, this protocol will get the plug into those industries which have a good customer base in the different markets.

PumaPay Intro

All about PumaPay

The PumaPay is an open source Pull payment protocol driven by blockchain technology. This protocol brings a new way of robust payment method to offer more efficient, cost-effective, credible and scalable payment process as compared to traditional methods (credit cards).  This protocol is created with an aim of eliminating the various issues comes in payment methods and to provide a set of tools to simplify the onboarding processes for businesses and individuals.

The protocol offers various benefits to merchants that include:-

  1. Various billings options that accept the cryptocurrencies directly
  2. Flexible and comprehensive billing solutions for addressing common billing practices like pay-per-use, recurring, etc.
  3. Avoid the chances of any type of frauds, chargebacks and associated fines
  4. Save money on excess transaction fees (ranging from 3% to as high 15%) charged by middlemen

The PumaPay comes with unique architecture of PullPayment supported with smart contracts that can be reversed with a complete mechanism of cryptocurrencies operations.  The cryptocurrencies were created to make direct transfer between two parties without any need of intermediaries. This is a simple way of sending money from one person to another and it is called as “Push”. But, this process is not enough when it comes to using them on a wider scale for making payment and not capable of addressing the different requirements of modern commerce.

The PumaPay protocol was designed with an intention of facilitating flexibility and rectifying the prime issues of transaction mechanism.   This innovative concept has revolutionized the payment mechanism which is impossible to accomplish with “Push” action like subscription fees, pay-per-use, etc. The high flexibility and adaptability of this protocol allow businesses to use their processing business logic on the blockchain.

The PMA protocol comprises of both types of components including on-chain and off-chain components. The on-chain components are used for representing functionality of PMA protocol while off-chain components are created to make user interaction easy and convenient with a protocol.

PumaPay Mission

PumaPay Mission

The company understands the facts that credit card and foundation of online bill payments are never modified according to the digital trade. They know merchants are facing the issues with old traditional transaction processing. Therefore, a company is aiming to transform the payment processing system by developing a foundation that can flourish cryptocurrency economy with a new modernized protocol called as PumaPay Pull. The protocol is designed to accomplish the mission of:-

  1. To create standardize protocol that enable comprehensive payment method on blockchain
  2. Decentralization of billing layer and save merchant money on substantial intermediary costs
  3. Provide standard method of payment and increase the utilization of cryptocurrency for both online and offline mode

PMA Token Economy

The PumaPay ecosystem will completely depend upon PMA token functionalities. The company is promoting its token for both offline and online mode while providing special attention to e-commerce and online service providers. The company is aiming to make PumaPay as a de facto standard for doing modern payments by offering backed adoption to the providers.

To achieve this mission, company has designed a strategy based on its four different pillars that include:-

Early Adopters

This first pillar is focused on promoting the adoption of PMA protocol by merchants. There are many industries that are already committed to integrating this solution into their business. The early adopters will get the perks of easy integration and get support from the company while integrating its protocol.  The company will reward their early adopters by offering PMA tokens.

Launch Partners

Apart from Early Adopters, the launch partners will also implement this platform and closely work with the company for developing a base of decentralizing their industries by utilizing the PMA Tokens. The company will choose its launch partners very carefully who are capable of exploring the potential of PumaPay in the realm of personal skills marketplaces.

Puma Pride

This support system is designed for promoting the concept of adopting PumaPay Token. It is a hub where token holders are integrated with PumaPay protocol and can search places for utilizing their tokens.  This will play a significant role in improvising the grip at participating businesses.

Third Party Extension Services

With the help of third-party services, companies can design layers of complementary services on top of the protocol. This will expand company services and provide great support for the development of PumaPay ecosystem.

Different Components of PumaPay Protocol 

The platform components are divided into two categories that include on-chain components and off-chain components. Here we have discussed these two components in brief.

1 – On-Chain Components

The PumPay solution will contain various smart contract components to develop a flexible and scalable protocol.

PumaPay Token Contract

The token contract will be a smart contract that helps in mediating and storing the PumaPay token ownership in the accounts. This is the latest version of ERC223 token contract beneficial for adding flexibility to its payments and transfer protocol.  It will work like a ledger for PumaPay and track records of balances associated with every address and associated accounts with Pullcontracts and Limited associated.  The essential notes of Token Contract will be managed through:-

  • Approvals of PullContracts
  • Executing PullContracts
  • Adding Limiters to Accounts

PumaPay Token (PMA)

The PMA tokens will be based on Protocol ecosystem and can be used with launch partners from the day of its issuance. It acts as a payment mechanism utilized in the PumaPay protocol and it is based on an ERC233 standard.  The token has a feature of comprehensive all-in-one billing mechanism that makes it stand different from other cryptocurrencies.


The account will be executed on a public address to track the balance of PMA token, Limiters and PullContracts related with that specific address.


It will work like a modular component to set up a condition for determining whether PullContract should be pulled or to request money from an account. The authorizers can be bound together in the PullContract for making it development more easy and simple for merchants.


It will be recognized as a smart contract that represents payment relationship among accounts and allows transfer of tokens.  This will enable flexibility and easy implementation of different payment features and mechanism.


The account user can add this on-chain component to set a different quantitative limitation on a particular account.

PumaPay Features

2. Off-Chain Components

The different types of off-chain components are beneficial for adopting and using the protocol. It ensures that developer can build outstanding user interface and outlet on the protocol.  This will cover those things which are not going on the blockchain.

PMA Wallet

The PMA wallet will be utilized for making payment interaction among accounts. These interactions contain a PullContracts, previous transactions and display the account balance. The company is developing its wallet in two versions:-

  • The wallet is developed in Android version and then for IOS for mobile applications.
  • The second version is for Chrome-based application

Protocol SDK and API

The PMA SDK contains an off-chain set of tools to expand and facilitate the protocol adoption by Merchants. It will provide complete tools to the developers required for leveraging the protocol. The flexibility of PullContracts is highly beneficial for reducing the technical glitches of the token contract.

PMA PullPayment Protocol Use Cases

One of the most important features of the Protocol is its flexibility.  It is meticulously designed by implementing a unique that allows merchants and customers to use its various types of billing mechanism to achieve their prime needs.  Here we are listing the use cases of PMA protocol that works on blockchain:-

Fixed Amount Recurring Payments

The Protocol will allow creating contracts that charge a fixed amount base according to time like subscription fees, monthly fees.


The utilization of Pull Contracts to charge clients on the basis of pay-per-use like for expert counseling charge by the minute

Fixed Time Recurring Payment

The use of protocol can be done to set up the recurring payments while considering the time and variable amount.

One Time/Single

The pull contracts can be used for single payment both online and offline through wallet app

Shared payment

PMA protocol has a great flexibility that can be utilized for dividing the payment for multiple parties. Like for facilitating an affiliate program.

Restricted Payment

The user can restrict the pull contract as per the user’s preferences

 Token Generation Event Details

The company is going to conduct its Token Generation Event in order to encourage the PMA token adoption and its protocol development.  The tokens will be sold at fixed price dominated in ETH.

  • Start date :  22nd March 2018
  • End date : 29th March 2018
  • Soft Cap :20K ETH

If in case, the soft cap threshold isn’t met then project shall be cancelled and the raised fund will return back to the contributors.

Like PumaPay, there are many other companies are also launching ICOs like Cibus, BunnyToken, SprintX, Fire Lotto, Amon, SandbIock, Fiancia, PodOne, etc. to generate funds to growth or expanding their projects. To check out the complete list of current running ICOs, just click on this link .


At the time of TGE, the company will provide a special bonus of 5% to a person who will contribute at least six ETH.

If you wish to grab more information on how to invest in ICO then click the

Pricing Program

During the TGE, the company will initiate special pricing program for contributors that include:

Duration from TGE Starts                             PMA/ETH Ratio

  • First 24 hours 50,000
  • 2nd Day 40,000
  • 3rd Day 30,000
  • 4th Day and onwards 25,000

PumaPay Token Allocation

Token Allocation

  • Public Contributors :30%
  • The Company :30%
  • Strategic partners and early adopters :17%
  • Advisors, bounty, bonuses and fees :13%
  • Founding Team :10%

Team Members

  • Yoav Dror (CEO)

He is a founder and CEO of the company. Yoav has extensive years of experience as an executive level in various online companies. He is a blockchain enthusiast and has a brilliant record of accomplishing the setup of new business ventures.

PumaPay Team


Currently, retailers and services providers are facing the problem of expensive and inefficient payment methods. There is no credit cards or payments method or blockchain technology has been yet designed to resolve the today’s processing needs to optimize the payment processing.  This is a reason PullPayment protocol has been created to overcome such issues by using a new architecture contract known as “PullContract” based on blockchain technology. This protocol will be useful for promoting the use of cryptocurrency in online and offline markets as well as enhance the volume of payments done through cryptocurrencies.

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