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RedBUX (RedBUX ) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Virtual Reality (VR) will become affordable for each and every user, due to increasingly lighter and cheaper hardware. The adult entertainment industry was the first adopter of VR technology, like many technological innovations regarding digital payments and media.

vrXcity is the first interactive VR erotic platform built on the Ethereum blockchain technology. The users of vrXcity will be able to touch, feel, and do whatever they want with the 3D avatar of their favorite porn star on this platform.

Users of this platform will be able to pay for experiences using the redBUX token with professional and amateur performers. This utility token will be accepted as the method of payment on the vrXcity platform.

What is the redBUX token?

All the payments on this decentralized platform for VR adult content will be made using the redBUX. It is a cryptocurrency that is said to contribute to the biggest revolution in the adult entertainment industry in the world. Given the head-start of this project in terms of partners and technology, the redBUX will be the number one utility token and vrXcity will be the number one decentralized platform in the adult entertainment industry.  Presently, the ICO list has many innovative crypto projects such as CryptoflixIryoCloudmoolah.


  1. It is the only form of payment that is accepted on the vrXcity platform.
  2. It will become the dominant cryptocurrency token used in the adult entertainment industry.
  3. It is a future model of payment of erotica on the internet.
  4. It is a utility token, which is a decentralized and secure digital currency for making payment for adult content in VR.
  5. Users will be able to anonymously access pornographic as well as erotic content through adult entertainment websites by using the utility tokens.
  6. Thanks to innovative blockchain technology, this digital currency will ensure remuneration for porn and erotic stars.
  7. Build on the Ethereum blockchain technology, this token is the secure digital currency for user-generated or decentralized adult content.
  8. It is built in accordance and compliance with the ER20 standards with acceptance obligation with vrXcity.
  9. This digital currency has triggered strong interest among platforms and market leading studios around the world.
  10. Given the expected strong increase in brand awareness, the digital currency offers great investment opportunities to new, as well as old, cryptocurrency investors.

How does redBUX work?

This digital currency will improve the development of the most advanced and responsive VR ever seen in the adult entertainment industry. The VR experience will be fully user interactive with ultra-realistic, 3D versions of their favorite erotic and porn stars. By using the redBUX, the users of vrXcity will be able to create their own adult VR content to fulfil all their sexual fantasies. The digital currency will also will be used in conjunction with artificial intelligence avatars.

Benefits of using redBUX as a method of payment on vrXcity

The utility token will become the centre of a decentralized ecosystem for adult VR porn.  This cryptocurrency will ensure fair, transparent, and instant payment between the content and service providers. By incentivizing models, users, and third parties to engage with vrXcity, this cryptocurrency token will kickstart the decentralized platform and their community. The transaction costs between different parties will be minimized using this cryptocurrency. The fee from single payments on the platform will also be avoided by the users when they pay for the services using this cryptocurrency token. It will be easily traded and exchange on reputed and popular cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

What is vrXcity all about?

vrXcity is the first interactive VR erotic platform for adults, where users will be able to interact with fully animated, intelligent, lifelike, and naturally moving digital avatars of their favorite and popular porn stars.

Users will be able to create their own space in this platform, create their own content, or effectively invite other users around the world to collaborate. You can even earn money with it by allowing other users to watch your erotic content. The fan becomes the producer and this platform becomes the source of totally new erotic fantasies with the decentralization of erotic content on vrXcity. The core members behind this project believe that trends come and go but sex and online games are here to stay forever.Redbux2

Features of vrXcity

  • The decentralized platform will contain real-life 3D avatars of porn stars with natural movement.
  • Users will be able to feel and touch the real-life avatars of porn stars.
  • Users of this platform will be able to do whatever they like with the real-life avatars of popular porn stars.
  • This platform is made using state-of-the-art technology, which ensures that users will be able to experience every detail of their favorite erotic porn stars.
  • This platform will contain more than 900 real life 3D avatars of famous and well-known erotic stars.
  • In order to enhance the VR experience of the users, this platform works together with real sex toys.
  • Sex toys used on this platform will be precisely designed to respond to the bodies of the users and their desires so that they can shape their own sexual pleasure.
  • This platform will be highly interactive in order to enhance the VR experience of the users.
  • The platform will make use of artificial intelligence in the development of the VR in order to provide users with real-time sexual experience and pleasure to the users.
  • Using this decentralized platform, the users will be able to engage in any kind of fetish.

How does vrXcity work?

1 – The casting

Users will be able to select their own virtual avatar and select one of the pre-scanned 3D avatars of popular porn stars to play with them and fulfil their sexual fantasy. There is a great variety of pre-designed features for creating your character on this platform. You can customize your characters on the platform according to your requirements. It is essential to visit one of the physical scanning stations of vrXcity. Users will become a 3D model and play with popular porn stars.

2 – The location

Dive in and find/develop the perfect setting on this platform depending on your choice of sexual fantasy. This decentralized platform will provide a wide range of virtual apartments, houses, and other spaces if you are searching for a comfortable and cosy place to experience your sexual fantasies and pleasure. It also provides apartments for users who are looking for spacious apartments to invite all their virtual friends.

Citizens of this platform can purchase virtual real estate and use the virtual reality composing tool in order to individualize every detail of the property. Reputed and well-known companies like Wicked Pictures will provide you with pre-designed apartments or rooms that effectively reflect their brands.

3 – Action

Once users purchase the space on this virtual reality platform then it will be time for them to get their VR experience started. You have selected one of the many pre-selected scenarios that let you experience sexual intimacy by interacting with your favourite erotic porn star. You will be able to become a scene director of high quality adult VR content by using a cutting-edge VR composing tool.

Users can also invite their virtual friends over for a sex party if they like to have company while meeting the popular porn-star.  You can also publish your unique VR production on the platform if you are open to sharing your sexual fantasies with users of this platform. In order to let other users to see your VR productions, you can charge users.

4 – Payment

The interests of various financial stakeholders are systematically managed by this platform. Some of the financial stakeholders associated with this platform are the creators of adult VR experiences, owners of virtual scenery, and the VR models who virtually act inside that experience, and of course the VR consumers. All the stakeholders want to reliably receive and send payments from and to other platform members. The cryptocurrency associated with this project automatically handles all revenue and will make sure that all stakeholders of a VR experience receive their smart contract-based cryptocurrency share.

Redbux cryptocurrency

redBUX token price and token sale

redBUX ICO will be launched to generate funds for the development of vrXcity platform. The funds collected through the token sale will help the company to take a big step into the future by systematically integrating cryptocurrencies, one of the most promising technological developments, into their business. The digital currency will become the engine boosting the “me.mento ecosystem” by systematically integrating cryptocurrency into their business operations.

The cryptocurrency token is designed as a utility token in accordance with ERC20 standards just like other popular ICO tokens such as BunnyTokenCrowd MachineDorado. This token will be used as a guaranteed means of payment in the ecosystem of vrXcity. The token will be used as a mode of payment in at least 6 big third-party platforms in the adult entertainment industry.

This utility token makes it possible for users of adult entertainment industry to make payments within the VR world without having to exit the 3D-world or remove the VR headset, due to technical innovations and the use of cutting-edge Ethereum blockchain technology. The token grants users with real-time commission settlements to the partners of this project. Moreover, users will be able to have anonymous and secure access to adult content using the tokens. Various ICO companies are also launching their airdrop token

Furthermore, the development team behind this project will be giving the early backers of this project an excellent opportunity to participate in the success story from the onset, rather than getting venture capital or investment bankers on board.

redBUX other details

  • Token: redBUX.
  • ICO start date: April 16, 2018.
  • ICO end date: May 15, 2018.
  • Total token supply: 20,000,000,000.
  • Type: ERC20 standard.
  • Price: 0.01 EUR.
  • Platform: Ethereum.
  • There will be a minimum investment of 10,000 redBUX.
  • No additional tokens will be issued in the future.
  • Payment accepted: USD, EUR and ETH.
  • Total number of token for sale: 13,000,000,000
  • Pre-sale bonus: up to 35%.
  • Country: Germany.
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC and whitelist.
  • Restricted areas: USA and China.

How to participate in the redBUX sale?

Participation in the token sale is so easy and simple that even an investor without any prior knowledge on how to invest in ICOs can also register and purchase tokens by just registering themselves on the website with a valid email address.  Also you can check ICO beginners guide to know how the token model works in this cryptocurrency world.

Token distribution

  • 5% of the token will be reserved for the future development of this project.
  • 7% of the token will be reserved for referral programs.
  • 5% of the tokens will be allocated for the core members of the team associated with this project.
  • 14% of the tokens will be allocated for advisors, legal expenses, and marketing.
  • 5% of the tokens will be allocated for the public pre-sale.
  • 5% of the tokens will be issued for sale during the token sale.

redBUX fund allocation

  • 3% of the funds will be used for carrying out legal expenses associated with this project.
  • 7% of the funds will be used for carrying out operation.
  • 10% of the funds collected during the token sale will be used to establish the project.
  • 10% of the funds collected during the token sale will be used to guarantee exclusive content.
  • 15% of the funds collected during the token sale will be used for business development.
  • 25% of the funds collected during the token sale will be used for the marketing of this project.
  • 30% of the funds collected during the token sale will be used for technical development.


It is the first cryptocurrency token for virtual reality porn. This digital cryptocurrency will be used as a guaranteed means of payment in the ecosystem of the vrXcity platform. This cryptocurrency enables payments within the VR world without having to remove the VR glasses or leaving the 3D world.

To ensure proper planning and launch of the ICO campaign, the development team behind this project has hired ICO services from reputed ICO planning professionals. To attract more investors, the project will be promoted according to the ICO marketing guide, by professionals. Professional ICO planning experts will make use of their knowledge and experience to make this campaign the best ICOs to invest in, for interested investors.

The decentralized token will provide the user with anonymous and secure access to erotic content. This cryptocurrency token will offer users real-time commission settlement to all stakeholders. Put simply, redBUX could lead to a revolution in the adult entertainment industry—and that is why any ICO token investor should consider joining the ICO sale of this token. You can check on ICO stats to know more information about ICOs.






    CEO - Tobias is the CEO of the me.mento 3D manufacture GmbH since 2016 and transitioned the company into a leading digital innovator in adult virtual reality. A banker and marketing manager by trade, Tobias was the head of marketing at a Deutsche Bank and later ran a international advertising agency. The additional experience as founder and COO of several startup companies developed his strategic and analytic mind that is now the driving force behind the vrXcity ecosystem, including the redBUX token.
    CPO - Sebastian is in charge of the whole production cycle with a focus on product development, services and coordinates the production teams. He has years of games and finance-experience under his belt and is a renowned expert for gamification/UX. Perfecting highly complex systems and excellence in delivery are Sebastian's daily basics.
    Founder Wicked Pictures
    CEO/Founder BitBlock Ventures
    Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Expert
    Founder and CEO of Leondrino Exchange
    Software Engineer at Google. Blockchain expert.


  • 1
    Founding me.mento 3D manufacture GmbH
    Start scan & production, opening onlineshop
  • 2
    Continuous construction of the 3D scan database
  • 3
    Start US onlineshop
    First conception & planning VR experience
  • 4
    Hiring first employees for VR experience, start conception & prototyping
  • 5
    Launch alpha version with early access
    Closed beta version
    Open beta version
    • continuous optimization of software and monthly
    • release of new versions starting in summer
    • monthly new model and content

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