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Sether (SETH) Token Review – ICO Token News

Sether: Blockchain Meets Social Networks Review

Why and How Sether Originated?

It’s been decade since social media networks have taken over the world, people’s minds and emotions. Experts say, today, social media profiles are the goldmine of User Information; hence its safety is a primacy. Blockchain, a new technology has been integrated into social networking Apps, for saving content of the profile and engagement activities. Going by the studies and surveys, people of all age and especially the teenagers spend the largest share of their day, discussing their life and profession with kin from the similar virtual world. This is why, these networks become a goldmine of private data and information. With majority of such activities done via Smartphones and Applications, it fuels the risk of being easily vulnerable to cyber-attacks.


Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the creators and admins are although working hard on Privacy Policy, yet complaints of profiles being hacked are never going down. Remember, you are given access to these profiles in exchange of something invaluable, such as – one’s behavior, personal preferences, life’s modus-operandi, social connections, professional details, whereabouts, most visited places and the likes. The main downside here is, the actual control is centralized by the owner and your information is never as private as you are consoled.

Blockchain Integration by Sether and how is it helping out –

Looking at the Cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin and its sustenance over these 8 years, evidently it has become the most potential investment-vehicle. Cryptocurrency value is volatile and the fundamental technology that is holding the promise across the market is – Blockchain. Blockchain is a decentralized ledger, castoff by Cryptocurrencies and it can also be used for other industries. Let’s refer SETHER to know how.

About and Around

If you address Sether as the first Blockchain intelligent social network marketing platform, you are addressing it absolutely right. Sether has been used for various purposes including information share with target audience, put out diverse promotional campaigns, perform audience breakdown and even carry out case studies related to a user’s particular way of using the social media platform. For example – User’s behavior, total time spent and doing ‘what’ mostly. This is a platform, enabling Blockchain technology for social network APIs integration, which further will allow any Blockchain initiative to communicate, receive information, evaluate and invigilate social networks.

Besides, Sether as well offers custom explanatory and monitoring competence for blockchain initiatives and operations. Their aim is to enable users (here users refer to the businesspersons or service providers) for having insights into their particular social media platform, learn about the influencers, find the ultimate reach of their business posts, make a watchlist to get notified when certain events occur and also experience the sentiments of various other social media posts, events, pages and messages. Simply put, Sether is creating business opportunities to come, use and get benefitted for the Blockchain enterprises.

With the comprehensive use of Smart Contracts, Sether is concentrated around providing exclusive marketing strategies that are crowd-aligned, using dedicated algorithms to bring dynamics into the way clients used to interact before with their service-providers. As this is on the go, Sether is as well working towards eradicating monitoring and supervising costs to add to the annual profits. That surely is not all. Sether makes the use of best customer loyalty programs, thus enabling business-owners to reap benefits, for instance free promotional and discounts offers. On the whole, when a business-owner comes to promote certain product or service through Sether-enabled Blockchain-social-networking-platform, the person receives certain rewards in the form of discounts or free promotional offering.

SETHER analysis

Benefits of using Sether’s Blockchain-based social networking approach are the following –

1 – Your become the ‘product’

As told earlier, social media platforms are goldmine of user data and information. World’s leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tinder, etc are like exchanging crucial information everyday to feed target clients advertising and promotional items.

2 – Secure control over content

Blockchain enterprise enjoys high-grade security and control over what they want to post and whom it should reach. Addressing through decentralized connectivity, you get rid of central ownership over the monitoring and content regulation that are generated of users.

3 – High-grade security

There is one downside of these biggies, i.e. Facebook, Twitter and the likes that they practice user-targeting and collective analytics. If these do not sound bad or even as a drawback to you, know that they have also been indicted of eavesdropping, using microphones compatible with mobile devices.

4 – Enjoy freedom of speech

Businesses under an oppressive command or where censorship seems a trouble, Blockchain-based attitude to social networking platforms benefits the user in several ways, and one is ‘secure authentication’ while adhering to user anonymity policy. Although, you will find end-to-end encryption facility with instant messaging platforms such as iMessage and WhatsApp, still the peril lies with meta-data that is shared with the messages, leaving breadcrumbs for third party to pick up. This means, even though the eavesdroppers are unaware of the content of the message, they can easily guess from where it has come, who’s addressed and many such details.

5 – A streamlined payment mode

Messaging surely is not the only trait; your business can actually experience peer-to-peer dealing with social networks. If you have ever used or using BBM, you must have experienced the same with it, but in certain Asian markets, specifically Indonesia has it. Facebook is though as well planning to implement certain payment mechanism into its system, but success seems to be taking a few more time since there is hardly any relation found between Messanger and Payment platform.

6 – Perhaps the best – Latent for crowdfunding

Finally, we are to talk about the fame and extensive operations of Indiegogo and Kickstarter – world’s leading crowdfunding platforms through innovative approaches. Be it a startup or an established business, token sale or ICO has been a great source of capital raise, if investors are approached in an innovative manner. A social network based on Blockchain protocol can also conduct crowdfunding and raise money. Most social networks based on Blockchain protocols run on Cryptocurrency, especially Ethereum. Thus, the time has come when business-owners will earn running their ad campaigns through Blockchain, Smart Contracts and receive rewards in exchange. Put simply, this way, you can monetize your social networks content and build a community across other networks.

‘Innovation’ brought by Sether

Cryptocurrency-based Blockchain technology has already started to transfigure the way social networks function. Owing to this technology’s outstanding incentives and rewarding format, now many industries are getting inclined towards adopting Blockchain model for their respective operations. Creases are something every new thing has, but presently it has high potential to change the data and information sharing process.

SETHER is a ‘solution’ in the following areas


1 – Marketing strategies: This is what advancement and innovation called

Making the most of Sether platform, business-owners can be much clearer and loud about their terms with promoters, meaning the ball is always in your court. Well, that’s not all. There are many more activities, that can be done on this platform including ‘offering bonuses,’ ‘making payments’ and the likes. All these activities are performed based upon one’s social activity, reaction towards other’s posts and ultimate reach.

2 – Breakdown of target customer segmentation

Less important might it sound to many, but owing to its ‘prognostic analytics’ being used by the platform, it gets down to profiling any customer depending on his or her emotional and psychological attributes. With this data, the platform then categorizes audience, hence paying more and personal heed to each and everyone involved.

In addition, by classifying population, it becomes convenient and more of a streamlined process for the business-owner to predict how a group of people will reach to this ad campaign. This further helps design an attractive or more of a persuasive ad campaign, using all possible tactics to draw as many eyeballs as possible.

3 – Dedicated promotions

Sether, integrating Blockchain with social networks, has made promotional activities direct and discounted.

4 – Social development analysis

Perhaps the best aspect of Sether platform – it has Artificial Intelligence integrated. When it comes to deciding or designing customer behavioural patterns, it has AI to pick all the necessary components out of regular habits and trends that a particular person rends to follow. Put simply, AI-based marketing is going to make every process and strategy to be implemented effortlessly and most importantly ‘accurately.’

5 – Compatibility

As their authorities say, social network APIs can easily be integrated with Sether, enabling immediate tracking of ‘some keywords’ and multiple other pointers to help with prediction and assessment of a normal public reaction towards the particular company, product and brand.

How SETHER is different and a better solution?

Sether has made the most of Blockchain technology like Intel SGX and facilitate bolster hardware security to safeguard personal data and code from any alteration or revelation. If you go through Sether’s Whitepaper, you will get a clear picture of their ICO schedules and content. It say, they minted 100, 000, 000 Sether tokens (SETH). And price them as 1 SETH = 0.003 ETH. Although, the hard-cap has been decided at 165, 000 ETH; but there is no soft-cap.

SETHER TOKEN sale and allocation details –

  • During Pre-ICO sale = 25% of the tokens are to be sold.
  • During ICO sale = 30% of the total tokens are to be sold.
  • 35% of remaining tokens are to be saved by Sether as they plan to incentivize their community, strategic members and of course beta testers. That’s not it. 7% of the remaining tokens is to be diluted in next 5 years in order to upkeep the future sustenance of the project.
  • Finally, 10% of the funds is to go directly on sale at the platform itself.

On the other hand, if there remains any token unsold, it is then supposed to get into crowdsale. Looking at the allocation format, it is pretty much visible that 55% is to be possessed by community, while the platform and company are to possess 35% and 10% individually. Sether is committed to going LIVE even if their ICO turns out to be a fail, this year and every year. Thereby, no soft-cap as the project is going to be continued with productions.


Sether’s pre-ICO schedule is to create an opportunity for the loyal investors to come and join the full ICO. Full ICO by Sether has been decided to run for 4 weeks and it will close as soon as the pre-set amount and tokens are sold. While the pre-ICO is ON, tokens are to be sold on first-come-first-served basis. About the issuance of tokens, SETH tokens are to be generated to all the investors immediately after their payments are received. In any other case, timeline may vary depending on delays due to regulations or certain law compliance roadblocks.

ICO – Timeline

  • The main crowdfunding, i.e. full ICO took place on jaunary 15th, 2017, GMT 2PM.
  • 25% bonus is issued with 375 SETH tokens at 1 ETH in Week 1
  • 20% bonus is issued with 360 SETH tokens at 1 ETH in Week 2
  • 10% is issued with 330 SETH tokens at 1 ETH in Week 3
  • No bonus with 300 SETH tokens at 1 ETH in Week 4

Usage of funds and the bottom line

ICO conducted by Sether is to enable the company to hire new more talents for expanding and enriching their varied divisions within the platform. They have plans to enrich their marketing team and also business development efforts to rank top in the market. As the competition in the IT selling market is high, to keep updating and upgrading self traits is as well essential and contributory industry growth. Below is the chart that will better tell you about the fund’s usage –

  • 55% of the raised fund is to go into Research and Development
  • 10% of the raised fund is to go into Partner Enablement
  • 20% of the raised fund is to go into Business and marketing Development
  • 10% of the raised fund is to be used for meeting Administrative Costs.
  • Lastly, 5% of the raised fund to be used for Law and Regulations.

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