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The idea of the project is the construction of the first unique plant in Eurasia for the production of polymer bituminous binders with the capacity of 150,000 tons per year by the investment of the financial blockchain-product – SINT derivative. Buying SINT each investor is guaranteed the growth of investments twice or more. In addition, in the case of growth of the value of the cryptocurrency the company will compensate for the exchange difference. The invested funds are protected in case of a decrease in value. The growth of profits is guaranteed to investors. Capitalization of investments by 8.5% is envisaged after the commencement of production on March 1, 2019.  This project for the production of polymer bituminous binders was developed at Moscow School of Management Skolkovo as part of the program for the professional training of teams for the management of projects for the development of monocities in the Russian Federation.

The project involves the construction of a large plant for the production of polymer bituminous binders with a capacity of 150,000 tons per year. The total amount of investments is $ 30 million. The implementation of the investment project for the construction of the plant for the production of polymer bituminous binders can be broken down into several stages.

I stage. At this stage, registration of documents for the land plot is carried out (their approval has already been carried out), the coordination of design and estimate documentation (design has already been done). Preliminary work is carried out for the organization of construction of industrial premises, storage tanks for PBB and raw materials (duration 5 months).

II stage. At this stage, the construction and production of equipment is carried out (duration of 9 months).

Stage III. At this stage, we hire and train personnel, set up equipment, issue a trial batch of products and reach production capacity (duration 3 months).

The technology of production of polymer bituminous binders and market

New technologies for the synthesis of polymer bituminous binders (PBB) are based on the principle of forming a polymer composite from a high molecular weight petroleum agent, polymers (rubber chips), fillers contained in a polymer, a protonated complex, and various modifiers. The main difference from the applied crumb rubber bitumen modification technologies is chemical (nanomolar) transformation of the initial components (raw materials).

The obtained homogeneous polymer -bitumen composition has properties of thermal stability, operational strength, ductility, water resistance, characteristic of cross-linked polymers (rubber) and high-molecular oil components. Molecular synthesis of polymer-bitumen binders used in this project is a product of modern nanotechnology process. This technology is used on an industrial scale for the first time in the Russian Federation. The key issue in the construction of the roadway is the quality of bituminous binders in the production of asphalt concrete and compliance with the technology of production. If the second component requires only the resolution of organizational issues, there is no possibility to influence the quality of bitumen traditionally used in the construction of roads. To correct this situation, Rosavtodor made a decision to certify all the bituminous binders produced in accordance with modern requirements that meet world standards, which opens the possibility of creating new materials for independent producers of bituminous binders. Over the past four years, five laboratories have appeared in Russia that are capable of attesting bituminous binders in accordance with the American standard Superpave. The basic evaluation of the American standard is the classification of bituminous binders in terms of performance properties – PG.

Use of blockchain technology in SINTEC project

To ensure the transparency of the financial and technological flows of the project, the blockchain electronic document management system (BEDMS) will be used on the basis of an electronic document circulation system with open source Alfresco Community Editions and database on the blockchain. All ongoing financial payments and deductions, contracts, internal project documents, internal documents of the project production invoices for production leave, will be signed electronically and registered in the blockchain (similar to BEDMS DocSensus of Deloitte). Any investor will be able to fully control all stages of project implementation, shipment of finished products, etc. To ensure protection against forgery and any manipulation of SINTEC products, each lot will be marked with a chemical marker with registration in the blockchain. Thus, if the products are used as an example for the production of roadway cover, it will always be possible to determine in which area the batch of products was used and from the calculation of the service life, it will be possible to plan repair and other types of work, and, accordingly, to plan financial costs for servicing organizations. If in the future, the tax service will use the blockchain technology, there will be no need to send any reports, as all information will be available in real time and fully transparent to any regulatory authorities.

Project economics

This project involves crowdfunding investments in derivative SINT, which is implemented in the form of a financial instrument on the blockchain-ETHEREUM platform and provided goods production of polymer-bitumen binders. The first stage, the investment campaign (fundraising (ICO)), involves a 30-day period: ICO’s in the acquisition of SINT options using the US dollar (USD), bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto-currencies.

The cost of 1 SINT = 5 USD.

The minimum amount of investments is 5 USD

Crypto-currencies are exchanged at the rate taken from at the time of transfer.   The total number of tokens sold for the entire investment company will be 13,200,000. The number of SINTs, intended for sale, for each day of the campaign is fixed and every day the investment of the company will decrease. A total of 13,200,000 SINTs will be issued, 11,000,000 SINT will be sold to the ICO and 2,200,000 SINT will be left to the developers to pay for the bounty company payments to the project’s advisers and the project team. At the expense of funds raised ICO will be the formation of the investment budget for the construction of a plant for production of polymer bituminous binders. The total amount of investment required to implement the project is $ 30 million. To protect the funds collected on the ICO, various hedging schemes are used in cooperation with hedge funds. In order to neutralize the impact of risks on the project implementation, a comprehensive risk analysis was carried out depending on the degree of influence and the amount of the alleged damage. A set of measures aimed at eliminating risks and protecting investments was developed. Details of this information can be found in the business plan of the project. Regardless of the amount of funds raised through the ICO project, the construction of the plant will be provided at the expense of the project participants’ own funds, borrowed funds, as well as through a set of program activities to support investment projects under the current legislation. Check ICO stats for more information and services.


  • Anton Prokhorin
    Anton Prokhorin
    Anton Prokhorin
  • Nikolai Urban
    Nikolai Urban
    Nikolai Urban
  • Vyacheslav Parfenov
    Vyacheslav Parfenov
    Vyacheslav Parfenov
  • Viktor Glukhov
    Viktor Glukhov
    Viktor Glukhov
    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Mikhail Shevtsov
    Mikhail Shevtsov
    Mikhail Shevtsov

  • Tatiana Rusinova
    Tatiana Rusinova
    Tatiana Rusinova


  • 1
    September 2017
    Company Registration
    Agreement signing with raw material suppliers
  • 2
    November 2017
    Investment Campaign
    Site launch
    Property/Land registration
  • 3
    December 2017
    Final project design and construction plan approval
    Order machinery
  • 4
    February 2018
    Factory building, acquisition and equipment installation, production of a limited amount of PBB
    Provisions for electric infrastructure
    Signing agreement for the construction of production factories
  • 5
    March 2019
    SINT token repurchase with percentage increase
    Full power production starts

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