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SmartGenie (SMAG) ICO Review – ICO Token News

In countries such as Russia, China, or the USA people can use the internet without any filtration or censor. However, governments censor many applications and content from the internet. If you want to use the internet safely while maintaining your privacy then it is only possible when you are not tracked by the government. There are different types of applications such as VPNs or Proxies used to ensure complete data privacy but most of them are hosted by a third company who will take all your personal information during the registration time. wants to enhance privacy levels for users by offering an intelligent platform that works like decentralized and distributed applications to offer easy connectivity and secure way of data transfer with complete privacy.

All about

Similar to other ICOs such as Dock, BunnyToken, Bananacoin, Dragon etc, is a decentralized and distributed network-sharing platform driven by cutting-edge blockchain technology. The platform allows the hosting of different sharing projects and applications with an outstanding level of privacy and ability to fight censorship. It is comprised of different decentralized applications like VPN, VOIP, CDN and other decentralized database storage options.

The company aims to develop decentralized and distributed applications that will help the next generation by providing excellent protection and reduced community costs paid by people for their bills. The community members will receive SMAG for sharing their resources, internet, and telecommunications from others who will use them. is a decentralized network that eliminates the need for any middleman. The company is willing to introduce the following ideas in the future:

  • P2P VPN application: It is a decentralized application that enables users to earn money by sharing their unused internet connections. The application is equipped with a built-in firewall to ensure complete privacy and to control the outgoing traffic.
  • P2P CDN application: This is another project of the Content Delivery Network that the company wants to develop in future so users can share their unused storage and network capacity on their servers and home computer. In this way, they can enjoy earning a profit and save money by paying for unused resources.
  • P2P VOIP application: This is called a voice over IP which will allow customers to earn profit by sharing their telecommunication resources all over the world. In this way, users can reduce the fees of their telecommunications.
  • P2P Database application: This is one of the major applications of the platform based on blockchain technology. This will enable the user to use the blockchain as cloud services for database resources.

What problems is resolving?

Currently, there are a number of issues faced by VPN, VOIP, CDN, or other data storage applications. Here are some of them:

  • Don’t provide any possibility of selecting location of your VPN.
  • Speed and quality services are not optimal.
  • Problem of fraud and spammers.
  • You have to pay expensive fees to use such services.
  • Quality of VOIP services is poor.
  • To purchase service you have to provide all your information.
  • Some of the applications are restricted to use in some countries.
  • Services are centralized so you may be affected if the server fails. understands these issues and has come up with efficient applications and platform that helps in resolving these major issues around the world.

What is the SMAG token?

Similar to other ICO tokens like Repux, Lendo etc, SMAG token is a utility token which will be utilized in the Platform to access its applications and as a payment method. If anyone wants to enjoy the benefits of earning money as a community member then they need to set their own costs and fees as SMAG tokens. When someone uses the network over their node then they will receive the SMAG tokens.

ICO Details

  • Token name : SMAG
  • Pre-sale start date : February 1, 2018 at 00:00 UTC
  • Main sale ICO : February 15, 2018 at 00:00 UTC
  • Token standard : ERC20 Token Standard


  • Markus Lochte, CEO and Co-founder.
  • Brian Lippmann, CFO and Co-founder.


The SmartGenie Company is engaged in developing a new generation resource-sharing platform and applications powered by advanced blockchain technology. With this, users can earn money by sharing their unused network capacity, computer resources, and telecommunications.

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