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Stopthefakes (STF) ICO Review – ICO Token News

What is Stop The Fakes?

StopTheFakes takes the protection of intellectual property rights to a whole new level with the introduction of a new and novel Blockchain-based decentralized service, which aims to detect counterfeiting and infringement of intellectual property rights (IPR), built on the Ethereum smart contract platform. This is an exceedingly affordable and user-friendly blockchain service, which allows everyone to keep track of and record cases of illegal use of their logos, trademarks or any other intellectual property and to take quick action to eliminate the infraction.

StoptheFake Intro

Stop The Fakes comes with its own token, which is the only method of payment within its framework. Customers can make use of this only means of payment to purchase for remuneration purposes. There is a very limited quantity of these tokens.

The plagiarism and anti-piracy platform leverages the advantage of Blockchain technology whose principles guarantee protection against forgery, while Ethereum’s smart contracts guarantee the fulfillment of the commitments undertaken. The platform gives rewards to those who report violations by awarding them with the platform’s proprietary cryptocurrency. The platform also makes available an affiliate referral program to reward those who bring in new investors to the program.

The completely transparent and reliable system helps in transferring data from users to right holders. It facilitates the necessary infrastructure and unites those who show interest in learning about any infringement of their rights and those who provide this information due to their geographic location or other factors. This way, it is ensured that customers remunerate providers and retain part of the remuneration as a commission fee.

Below is set out the key solutions that StopTheFakes is committed to offer to its customers:

  • Provides both right holders and customers with a reliable communication system
  • Protects the consumer and absolve him or her from excessive responsibility
  • Gives right holders an opportunity to incite consumers and earn rewards
  • Creates a system that completely rules out the possibility of playing around with the results

Who all will get benefitted?

Violation of IPR (intellectual property rights) is a criminal and punishable act under law. However, with STF platform, it is easy to trace and reduce criminal activities. The more effective this fight becomes the more payment the offender will need to make.

This way, it will lead to a considerable decrease in the crime rate in the intellectual property domain.

Following are those who will be benefitting from StopTheFakes:

  • Right holders
  • Producers and retail, brand owners
  • Network owners (affiliations, franchises)
  • Film studios
  • Computer game developers and publishers
    Musicians and labels
  • Independent right holders

Additionally, the service will also be made available to all those who have the rights to:

  • Logos
  • Trademarks
  • TM signs
  • Brand names
  • Copyright photographs
  • Designer developments
  • Paintings or other original pictures
  • Patents for inventions
  • Videos
  • Software
  • Consumers
  • Governments
  • Public organizations

So, snap a picture, create a video or screenshot of the infringement and get rewarded!

Stopthefake Journal

How does STF work?

The main aim of this service is to trace out the illegally used logos, trademarks and brand names and to find out fake products as well as other infringements of intellectual property rights. It is not limited to territorial boundaries and is accessible to users from any country. Following are the ways STF functions:

  1. IP owners, also known as “requestors” submit requests by specifying his/her search query including a logo, a brand, signature style elements, etc.
  2. Then gives account of how and where they believe their IP is being infringed and what evidence they are searching for.
  3. A network of “doers” then selects the requests to investigate and search for IP infractions by geographical location, time, language, etc. The doers then transfer submissions to the system with the evidence, possibly by a mobile app, and thereafter the submission is filtered to ascertain if it consists of bad input, whatever be the case, the submission is then passed onto the requestor for validation and potential enforcement.
  4. The doers do not reveal his/her identity to all but STF.

What is Stop The Fakes (STF) token?

Similar to other ICO tokens such as Gamblica, BunnyToken, THEFANDOME, TokenLend, CryptoLoans, Omnitude, Ternio, Dentix, and others, Stop The Fakes, abbreviated as STF, is the utility token, specifically crafted to ensure the functionality of the platform service. It is an Ethereum-based token that participants can use to send and receive signals informing of infringements. The company will issue a total of 29,000,000 tokens, and it has no plan for additional or repeated issuances. 1 Ethereum will be equivalent to 2400 STF tokens.

The STF token is used by requestors to pay for the project services starting from commission fees for alerts to the generation of a complaint, provision of data obtained after Big Data analysis, etc. It is convertible to any other fiat or cryptocurrency. It allows requestors to access Big Data and analyses founded on it. It is to be noted that these tokens do not work as investment tools. Right holders who purchase tokens during Pre-sale/token sale and use them to avail of company’s service will be rewarded with extra discount.

STF token will be available for purchase both inside the service (via Coinbase) and at a number of stock markets (for instance, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Kraken, etc.). At the same time, the cost of the token inside the service will not differ from that on the stock market.

In return, the Doer who has received remuneration for the Alerts will also be rewarded with STF token. He/she will then be able to exchange them on any stock market or inside the service.

The more number of Requestors and Doers rises; the more will increase the demand and subsequent growth of STF token, as a result boosting the token’s turnover at each stage.

Thus, the core function of the STF token tokens is that Requestors pay for the Doers’ services and commission fees.

Stopthefake Token Sale date

STF token sale

The STF tokens are to be sold during Pre-Sale and Token Sale, and there will be no restrictions in purchasing the STF tokens.

STF Presale details

The STF presale is still going on (started from 21 January 2018 and slates to end on 21 2018. The presale will last for one month. The number of available tokens during the sale is 130500, while the acceptable currencies are ETH, BTC. The minimum transaction amount in Ethereum is 0.1 ETH, while minimum transaction amount in Bitcoin is 0.01 BTC.

Bonus during presale

  • Day 1-2 – plus 40 percent
  • Day 3-10 – plus 30 percent
  • Day 11-30 – plus 25 percent

STF ICO token sale details

The STF token slates to take place from 21 March 2018 ((12:00 PM NYC Time, UTC -5) and will last until 21 April 2018 (12:00 PM NYC Time, UTC -5). During the token sale, 20 271 000 tokens will be made available. It has fixed a minimum cap of 1 671 000, and the accepted currencies are ETH, BTC. Rest of the details, such as token exchange rate, minimum transaction amount in Ethereum and Bitcoin will be as it is during STF presale.

Bonus during token sale

  • Day 1—plus 15 percent
  • Day 2 to 10 – plus 10 percent
  • Day 11 to 20 – plus 5 percent
  • Day 21 to 31 – no discount

Distribution of the tokens issued:

  • 69, 9 percent (20 271 000 tokens) for ICO
  • 4, 5 percent (1 305 000 tokens) for pre-ICO
  • 10 percent (2 900 000 tokens) for reserve funds
  • 5, 6 percent (1 624 000 tokens) for bounty + affiliate programs
  • 5 percent (1 450 000 tokens) frozen for 6 months, reserved for team
  • 5 percent (1 450 000 tokens) frozen for 3 months, reserved for counselors /advisors

Spending funds collected at Pre-Sale and Token Sale

  • 54 percent will distributed to infrastructure and development
  • 4 percent to bonus for developers and founders
  • 18 percent to PR and marketing
  • 10 percent to operational costs
  • 8 percent to research and analysis
  • 6 percent to legal support

Stopthefake Token SaleLegal status of STF tokens

  1. The STF token is neither a security nor any type of investment
  2. Token buyers are not investors and the token is not an investment.
  3. StopTheFakes token is an application (utility) token that participants can use to avail of its services.
  4. If you purchase tokens, you purchase the license to access the software and data.
  5. Token sales are pursuant to the terms of the offer.
  6. The token’s circulation is unlimited. Token owners are authorized to sell tokens to third parties or purchase them.

Stop The Fake roadmap

  1. November 2017 – This is the first stage of token sales, which will be conducted on favorable terms/growth of the community/engagement of experts/spread of the idea.
  2. December 2017 – During this period, STF will make a launch of the MVP service prototype.
  3. January 2018 – At the time of this main stage of token sales, the mobile app MVP prototype will be launched.
  4. February 2018 – During this period, the Alpha v.0.1 service will be released, testing will be done and adjustments will be carried out.
  5. March 2018 – In this month, the token will be admitted to the stock exchange listing, and launch of the bid/main development stage will be made.
  6. April 2018 – During this month, the app for Android will be rolled out and will be made available to download.
  7. May 2018 –  This is the period when there will be launch of extensions for Google Chrome and Opera/ Security audit; scan for vulnerabilities
  8. June 2018 – Launch of the service and the first 5000 breaches/ Launch of the app for IOS. The app is available for download.
  9. July 2018 – This is the month when the extension for Mozilla Firefox will be launched.
  10. August 2018 – During this month, there will be engagement of major producers and signing of agreements
  11. September 2018 – In this month, STF expects to detect 40000 breaches and reach up to 850000 in numbers.
  12. June 2019 – During this month, there will be implementation of Big Data and expansion of services for Applicants
  13. August 2019 – Expanding audience. 400

Stop The Fakes team

Unlike other ICO tokens such as Joint Ventures, Monaco Estate, BitCAD, RepuX, Phoneum, Cibus, MoonLite, Adblurb, and more,  Stop The Fakes or STF team is the outcome of those who want to carve niche in the crypto space. It is a team of brilliant brains and best minds. Some of the leading core members who have helped in setting up the team of Stop The Fake are as follows:

  • Mikhail Krzhanovsky: Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer – CEO
  • Igor Salikov: Co-Founder / Chief Operating Officer – COO
  • Aleksandr Suvorov: Chief Business Development Officer – CBDO

Stopthfake Team


  • Reuben Godfrey
  • Mikhail Gorshkov

Final remarks

Stop The Fakes really looks an amazing project to ponder. This new and novel project is innovative and facilitates intellectual property rights holders resources to detect piracy and infringements. This bright and innovatively designed platform not just protects your intellectual property, but also allows you to earn money if you find out rights infringement, as well.

While rights holders would for sure like to trace out who is illegally copying and infringing their services as well as goods, identifying these individuals is just one step – the second is putting a stop to the infringement in its tracks. Making so possible demands financial and legal resources, which it may not let rights holders spend much on rewards for infringement bounty hunters, as a result restraining Stop The Fakes as an income stream.

If you believe that this project is innovative enough and may get you monetary benefits, then get ready to join its token sale, which schedules to come about in March.

Looking for investing in ICO, then you are at right place visit our page of “how to invest in ICOs”  for more information.


  • Mikhail Krzhanovsky
    Mikhail Krzhanovsky
    Mikhail Krzhanovsky
    (CEO) - Mikhail co-authored the project idea. Being a natural team-builder, he provides general guidance for the team and always comes up with some new ideas. Mikhail has a four-year legal experience in copyright protection.
  • Igor Salikov
    Igor Salikov
    Igor Salikov
    (COO) - Igor is the co-author of the project idea and is in charge of the ongoing operations. For over a decade he has been working on the problem of counterfeit beauty products in EU countries.
  • Aleksandr Suvorov
    Aleksandr Suvorov
    Aleksandr Suvorov
    (CBDO) - Aleksandr devises the basic strategy and is in charge of investor services. He successfully obtained an MBA degree. In 2009, Aleksandr founded a consulting company Suvorov Business.
  • Dmitry Kostachev
    Dmitry Kostachev
    Dmitry Kostachev
    (CTO) - Dmitry is in charge of technological processes in our team. For 23 years, he held top position in IT sphere and was actively involved in creating telecommunication networks in Moscow.
  • Aleksey Zhunin
    Aleksey Zhunin
    Aleksey Zhunin
    (Lead Backend & Blockchain developer) - Aleksey supervises Blockchain development and implementation. An active participant in Blockchain Hackathons, he has five years' experience in IT development and three years' experience in Blockchain.
  • Olga Belyakova
    Olga Belyakova
    Olga Belyakova
    (CMO) - Olga handles the Company’s public relations; among other things, she prepares press releases and presentations. She has twelve years' experience in PR and public communication, as well as in organizing conferences and other major events.
  • Maria Dvoryanchikova
    Maria Dvoryanchikova
    Maria Dvoryanchikova
    (Chief Communications Officer) - Maria also manages the Company’s PR activity, and she prepares press releases and presentations too. She has three-year experience in public communication and event organizing.
  • Maksim Kononenko
    Maksim Kononenko
    Maksim Kononenko
    (Social Media Community Manager) - Maksim is responsible for communication in social networks and other media. He has 5 years’ experience in copywriting and spent 9 years in IT. He owns a SMM studio.
  • Roman Rulkov
    Roman Rulkov
    Roman Rulkov
    Front-end Developer) - He is a leading front-end developer on the team. Although young, Roman is highly experienced and has proven to be quite a talented programmer.
  • Roman Kapralov
    Roman Kapralov
    Roman Kapralov
    (Full-stack Developer) - Roman is responsible for technical side of the project in the team. He has over 10 years of working experience as a software developer. He is a self-taught specialist who started off as a programmer's assistant and managed to secure a top position in the development department of the same company in a matter of just three years.
  • Eugene Savochkin
    Eugene Savochkin
    Eugene Savochkin
    (Web application developer) - Eugene develops web apps in the team. He has over 7 years of experience in developing IT products. His career started at TechNano company where he сlimbed his way up to the head of new projects department office in just two years.
  • Aleksei Markov
    Aleksei Markov
    Aleksei Markov
    (Database Developer) - He develops software designed for processing BigData and databases. During his 9-year career in IT industry he changed several web studios and had some experience in managing large teams.


  • 1
    The Idea of the StopTheFakes Project
  • 2
    Service concept formation
  • 3
    Copyright protection analysis
  • 4
    Building token sale and blockchain development team
  • 5
    Negotiating on the service use terms with potential applicants
  • 6
    Development of the ERC-20-based token sales official website
  • 7
    Launching token distribution website
  • 8
    Community development, involving experts, spreading the idea
  • 9
    Launching service prototype
  • 10
    Launching mobile app prototype
    Token sales promotion stage
  • 11
    Alpha v.0.1 service release, its testing and debugging
  • 12
    Main stage of token sale
    Main development stage
  • 13
    Submitting token to the stock exchange listing. Initiating bidding
    Launching Android app available for download
  • 14
    Launching Google Chrome and Opera extensions
    Security audit. Vulnerability scanning
  • 15
    Service launch; hitting first 5,000 copyright violation detections
    Launching IOS app available for download
  • 16
    Launching Mozilla Firefox add-on
  • 17
    Engaging in close collaboration with major producers. Agreement signing
  • 18
    Reaching user count of 850 000 and a total of 40,000 breaches detected
  • 19
    Big Data implementation. Expanding the range of services for Applicants
  • 20
    Аudience building. A total of 400,000 copyright infringements detected

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