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Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (TBIS) ICO Token Review – ICO Token News

What is TBIS or Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services?

Whether you run a small-sized, middle-sized or large-sized organization, there always remains an astounding requirement of hardware like the multitude of routers, load balancers, server racks, and several other network components to run its Internet network. This not just causes mammoth cost, but it is also not considered as an efficient setup.

Moreover, the system is also not immune from the vulnerabilities already available in the design that a DDOS and other malicious attacks like spyware, malware can easily exploit.

However, ever since blockchain technology has been introduced, the face of the Internet has changed for always. The blockchain implements decentralization, and also makes the same possible with infinite applicability.

Leveraging this potential of blockchain technology, Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services has innovated and revolutionized the Internet Infrastructure industry by decentralizing the network infrastructure process and making the operation of an enterprise network module possible directly from a smartphone or a tablet.

With the introduction of this elegant and intuitive design, the company aims to make the problem of network downtimes an old saga because its framework enables the immediate shifting of network load from the faulty component and divert it onto another network.

The TBIS blockchain sprints on the Ethereum network, thus providing robust or strong protection from malicious attacks. All components of this framework come integrated within the Ethereum network, which signifies that any components of this framework cannot be overwhelmed with a DDOS or other address-centric attacks.

That way, by introducing Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services, the company finally answers the question:

“What if an entire IT enterprise could be decentralized, including data centers, firewalls, load-balancers, routers, switches, network appliances and servers?”


TBIS history

Michael Stollaire, the CEO, and founder of Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (TBIS) is adequately knowledgeable, and boasts of a proven record of accomplishment of the enterprise infrastructure management. During the year of 1999, the founder of TBIS came up with a firm, named EHI. The core business of this firm was to offer customized consultancy services as well as address and provide solutions to all those issues that a network infrastructure management is supposed to encounter at the time of its operation.

The earlier EHI and today’s TBIS works with some of the biggest giants from a variety of business segments.

Some of the major EHI clients include:

  • The Royal Bank of Scotland
  • The Federal Reserve Bank
  • Universal Studios
  • Hewlett-Packard
  • Walt Disney
  • Honeywell
  • Accenture
  • Microsoft
  • Boeing
  • Apple
  • eBay
  • IBM
  • Intel
  • GE


Team that made Titanium existence possible

The CEO, Mr. Michael Stollaire, has a team of highly creative and intellectually strengthened people to work on this project. The group of creative, expert and intellectual people, working with Stollaire, has extensive experience as well as expertise in their respective fields. They are, in fact, the genius of blockchain technology, and know this revolutionary and innovative technology right from its very roots.

Apart from being master of the blockchain technology, they also have experience in business management, internet network infrastructure management, and more. The team of best brains with Stollaire is also experienced in Ethereum, NEM, and Smart Contracts. It also consists of members who have attained expertise in Enterprise Management, Systems Engineering, Network Administration, and Business Marketing.

The TBIS team, aside from the founder, further includes other members like Richard Silver and Christopher Snook who are the CTO and COO respectively whereas Stuart Siegler, James Connolly, and Jesse Ure are among those who have expertise in Ethereum.

The group of Enterprise management at TBIS includes Richard Whitaker and Nilo Ampunan.

In fact, if we talk about the entire team, we will find the company has a history of two centuries, and thus its team has a combined experience of over 200 years in their respective fields.


Mission statement

Our Mission: “Our mission is to leverage the power of the immutable blockchain to provide virtual infrastructure services for businesses and individuals, creating a Titanium clad guarantee of reliability which had previously been wholly impossible.”


What solutions Titanium provides

Strongly committed to provide a holistic network infrastructure management solution, the company has designed its operating framework, which can address and satiate all aspects of the business.

Whatever service or solution this framework offers is a completely customized approach to a particular area of the business, which truly works as the main enterprise solution. With its implementation, the company aims to cover all their bases.

A few of the key solutions TBIS provides through its core components on the TBIS Platform include:

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service): The platform aims for the creation and promulgation of a shockproof distributed network infrastructure, which has the capability to replace the inefficient and bloated hardware base on which today’s internet functions. In fact, it wants to build an internet that no one can destroy or control it.

DEXchange: This service provides support for the top twenty fiat currencies. You can trade through this exchange the top 100 cryptocurrencies in an entirely decentralized fashion. Listing these digital currencies is free of cost, meaning no fee, just free.

DaaS (Desktop as a Service): You can also host entire user computers on the Titanium Cloud. This means that the custom designed ultra-light TitaniumOS lets you have access to your entire computer from any publicly available smartphone or terminal.

CaaS (Company as a Service): This automated wizard allows you to start a fresh business from base, by taking advantage of the power of Smart Contracts.

CryptoEscrow: You can use this service to use any supported digital currency to buy any items, auction items, etc., and take advantage of an Ethereum-enabled escrow service built on the Smart Contract. This helps both sellers and buyers to perform all of their transactions without worrying about the service charge as other do.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud): This service is built on a PoW ERC20 token that helps in generating an ever-fluctuating hash for communications encryption. You can join BYOC secure computing environment, but you will have to contribute hashpower to the network.

Instant ICO Incubator (III): If you are a startup with a solid idea, the Titanium ICO Incubator will work great for you as it gives end-to-end launch solutions.


The EHI Advantage

An ICO can succeed only if it is an economically viable and tangible product, and the TBIS idea outshines in this regard.

The company is not just partnered with EHI, which has already gained recognition; but it also has connections with big shots as mentioned above. That means if you wish to invest in the TBIS ICO, you need not worry because this fresh concept of the company will never let you down in the ICO market. It is not like other pump and dump ICOs that leave the meadows right after their ICO campaign has finished.


BAR Token details

TBIS has christened its Titanium cryptocurrency as “BAR.” It is in fact the native token of the Titanium Blockchain. You can use it to carry out all your transactions within the TBIS ecosystem.

It is an ERC20-supported token. The company has plans to offer the total supply of 35 million BAR token. Its ICO is scheduled to be launched on January 1, 2018, but if you are keen enough to adopt it fast, you need to take part in the already-ongoing pre-ICO.

The company decides to offer investors 21mln BARs tokens at the cap of 60% whereas 7mln BARs (which is 20%) are to be made available for the TBIS team in terms of an incentive. From the rest 20%, 3.5mln BARs (which is 10 %) has been held for the bounty campaign, and the last 10% are to be invested in the reserve pool.


Ready to compete with giants like Microsoft, Amazon, and Rackspace

While there are many giants to compete with in the World Wide Web, such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Rackspace, they all have certainly carved a niche when it comes to offering the internet infrastructure, their dearth of the integration of blockchain feature does not make people have blind faith in them. All these platforms are even now not without loopholes. They are even today insecure, encouraging and providing the rampant hackers sufficient chance to take their partial control and hack them.

Therefore, unless decentralization takes places, all our browsing activities and financial transactions ins and outs in the investment world will be scanned not just by the malicious hackers, but also by the organizations that show a little interest in our web and financial activities, will be able to monitor what we are up to. However, thanks to Titanium blockchain, the dooms days for data sniffing are near and soon to be ended.


Committed to assure quality at any cost

Where blockchain technology works like a passerby for many people, there still exists those who have not even heard about this advanced and avant-garde technology. However, TBIS is certified by BBB, and it is all set to fulfill its promises through trustworthy means. A few of the chief principles of Better Business Bureau upheld by this company comprise but not confined to trust building, honest advertising, transparency, embodying integrity and safeguarding privacy.


Operations and Roadmap

The team of talented and highly creative people at TBIS wants to progress, but certainly not at the cost of its users’ potential asset loss. As these smart contracts get deployed on the Ethereum blockchain like immutable code, it becomes vital that everything is intensely battle-hardened and become easy to update so that bugs can be handled with ease. The company, as part of the development process, therefore further plans to outsource independent professional software auditing for all smart contracts, along with its internal verification pipeline – this detailed testing routine has already been allocated with its required portion of time and is depicted in the paced release schedule.

What the company has specifically planned to come up within upcoming five years is demonstrated through a graphic below:


Plus value

Titanium Values – Titanium first-to-market, on provision of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) on blockchain, its core competence.

  • Decentralized resources will allow Titanium to fill as a minimum 50 percent lower than its competitors do.
  • Since Titanium is decentralized in nature, it may ensure 99.99 percent customer uplift for all services, devices, apps, etc.
  • Strictly PaaS and IaaS are centralized, and hence susceptible to performance degradation, outages, and frequent hacker attacks, like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).
  • Titanium is the sister firm of EHI, the first consulting service providing company originated and started by TBIS’s CEO and founder. EHI has been operating for two decades.
  • The Titanium Core Team comes with over 200 hundred years of experience, and has a share of 1 percent in almost all technology fields.
  • Though this is the first blockchain startup company, it still has enough potential to grow and grow due to being accredited with Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Dun and Bradstreet (D & B).


Final words

Finally, it can be said that the TBIS idea has many of the pluses that a well-reputed and recognized ICO campaign should be having it aims to run a long race, especially when the competition is very strong and rigorous. If the company follows and implements proper and perfect marketing strategies, its ICO has many possibilities to get its hard cap target. And if after so many hypes in the web world if the company does what it says, it would surely and profoundly affect the existing network infrastructure landscape.


Brief on token sale

Symbol: BAR

Price: 1 ETH = 300 BAR

Total Titanium BAR Requested Early: 60.000.000.BAR

Soft Cap: 1,000,000

Cap Hard: 35,000,000

Remember, the pre-sale will come to an end on 31 December 2017.

The BAR token crowd-funding sale is already on the floor as per its slated date of 1 January 2018

Right after the initial period, the price of 1 BAR will be BAR $ 1 (for remaining sales).


TBIS in the Media

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