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Ubiatarplay (UAC) ICO Review – ICO Token News

UbiatarPlay: Review and Analysis

One day, we will see a future where jobs, businesses, and travel will all be automated. There will be no time or geographical boundaries. You will be able to travel through time to reach a real place; for example – holograms used in meetings.

This entire automation system is known as Telepresence. The obvious examples of modern telepresence are games, communications, telerobotics, nanorotbots in medicine, travel, customer experiences etc. All these evoke certain images that are space-age and absolutely futuristic.

For instance, when we say customer experience, we actually mean, letting a potential customer check and play with a new mobile phone that is actually placed in the showroom in a remote area.

what is ubiatarplay?

There exists a technology through which we can travel through time to a place that truly exists, but miles away. UbiatarPlay is to enrich and fortify the same very industry by decentralizing and democratizing their processes in the real world.

In short, Ubiatarplay is a project, concentrated around addressing the needs of mankind by boosting the technologies that help eliminate the consumption of time and that help facilitate travelling across territories, to experience real events.

This project or virtual platform, created on blockchain-enabled algorithms, UbiatarPlay is a system that will enable the use avatars to help the industry that create remote beings. It is also a marketplace for the Ubiatar service.

What is UbiatarPlay

Why is this project important?

This project has been created around the idea of boosting the living standards of people by empowering the individual to be anywhere they need to be at any time, similar to teleporting. This project will do this using modern smartphone technologies.

These smartphone technologies will be converted into avatars for those who want to accelerate their individual potential or business’ potential. UbiatarPlay aims to come up with numbers of job opportunities for its users as it facilitates them to be anywhere instantly and effectively. The team takes pride in providing the technologies necessary to teleport people.

Main elements of Ubaitar

  1. Usar: This is the customer who will pay the Avatar to direct them in whatever ‘form’ or ‘position’ they wish. Meanwhile, the ‘Usar’ will see and hear what is being done.
  2. Ubiatar AG: UbiatarPlay is the brainchild of this company.
  3. Avatar: It is a person, who has offered their physical being to be hired in order to practice certain customs.
  4. Ubiatar nc: This is the organization based-out of Silicon Valley. The company has already created the technology which can run UbiataryPlay efficiently.

How is it a better solution than others currently in the market?

This is a marketplace first, for people with services to offer. It can also be considered as a social network to provide people with an interaction platform and make them feel empowered. Individuals, who are to play Avatars, will receive rewards by Usars and the platform too will enjoy monetary gains.

In addition, as mentioned earlier, this project has the significant purpose of creating job opportunities for its existing and potential users. People, who are unemployed and ready to offer their physical services, are always welcome on the platform.

 UbiatarPlay Human App

The origins of the project

We often have the need to be in two places at one time, but we manage it and schedule the events at two different times. Physical transportation takes time and for this to be successful, the project ends up being delayed. This algorithmic platform is to boost the technologies that will help mankind to overcome time and geographical boundaries. The dream to see the world beyond your room now seems close to being a reality.

UbiatarPlay offers ubiquity to its users. This will enable them to allow their physical being to be present at two different places at the same time.

Technology and innovation

UbiatarPlay is a peer-2-peer (P2P) marketplace for services such as Ubiatar. This platform has been designed on algorithms, and is believed to have a solution for teleporting people from one place to another place. What it will do is it will live-stream the video through one of their features named ‘being Everywhere.’ The practice will bring ubiquity with the usage of modern smartphone technology on an efficient platform.

How does ubiatarplay work?

The key elements of this platform are as follows:

  1. The very beginning point of this project is the Usar and their modern phones.
  2. Following this, Usars access the marketplace of UbiatarPlay to select the most fitting Avatar for the job, ie, by hiring.
  3. After this, the payment session follows and all payments to the Avatar are done via Ubiatar’s native token, called Ubiatar Coin (UAC).
  4. If you have an Avatar instantly available, it will be directed through a high-speed network with the use of their voice.
  5. Following this, the Avatar will relay all the voice recordings and videos, using the same network for the task they have hired for.
  6. Little do you know that the Avatar is utterly controlled by the Usar for all intents and purposes.
  7. But, if the Avatar is uncomfortable or disagrees with the task given the Avatar is allowed to say no to it.

The process is not as challenging as it might sound. From meetings, to taking notes, or even taking a ride across the Colosseum with live audio and visual streaming, the Usar is allowed through anything and everything the Avatar is doing on their modern mobile phones. Cool, isn’t it?

 UbiatarPlay network

The VR (Virtual reality) camera

UbitarPlay has released its latest version and the most enticing feature is that the video directed by the Usar is bi-dimensional. Hence, it displays every single thing that is seen by the camera. However, the creators of this blockchain-enabled project have now announced that in the second revision of their virtual product, they have allocated an eye-camera for the Avatars, which will further allow the Avatar to transmit a video in 360° panoramic view at any given place and which the Usar will scroll through.

How is blockchain enabled within the entire ecosystem?

  1. This project runs in a decentralized manner, but the fact is that this project is not entirely designed within a blockchain network, but it features a few of its elements.
  2. The UbiatarPlay marketplace is certainly featured on a blockchain platform (like other ICO tokens such as ORCA, Bitnation, Cappasity, Lotuscore, DIW, Koios, XYO, ORIGAMI NETWORK) and also ensures that there will be decentralization of the process in an utterly automated environment, but only partially.
  3. These partially blockchain-enabled features allow members to make service exchanges at very lower transaction costs and with only Ubiatar Coins.
  4. The founders of this virtual marketplace have made the coin distribution wisely as it will be running on smart contracts compatible with the Ethereum network along with other blockchain-enabled networks.


Each blockchain-enabled project has to go through an ICO, because such projects are initially quite expensive and they also need to engage with investors from the real world. The cryptocurrency market is still often doubted and challenged and so the ICO serves a couple of purposes – fundraising and also make it a trade of real people.

Initial Public Offerings (IPO) have been proven to be poorer, more expensive, less-efficient and time-consuming, when compared with ICO. The fiat industry is still dominant, but the ICO has proven to be faster, highly-efficient, low cost, and time-savvy within a short period of time. In addition to these attributes, the process is completely decentralized, for the network is run on blockchain technology (similar to other ICO tokens such as Rate Date, EtherJack, Global Spy, Darico, BunnyToken, World Wifi, PumaPay, ShopIn), further eliminating the need for intermediaries, so it is cheaper and has less risk of fraudulence.

Blockchain technology is totally disrupting the conventions of the fiat industry with its unparalleled speed, and security level. In addition, each ICO is powered by its native crypto-token, with UbiatarPlay’s ICO being powered by UAC.

Ubiatarplay ICO

UbiatarPlay ICO details

The reasons why UbiatarPlay has chosen to go LIVE with their ICO are namely that the platform is decentralized, and crowdfunding is a fast, high-efficient process. During their ICO phase, they have planned to supply approximately 15 million UAC tokens at the price of USD2 per UAC token.

Most ICOs have two phases – the pre-ICO sale and the ICO sale. UbiatarPlay has already completed their pre-ICO token sale successfully. Their main ICO is scheduled to commence on March 23, 2018 and end on April 22, 2018.

  • Token: UAC
  • Price: 1 UAC = USD2
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist
  • Restricted areas: USA, China

This virtual and decentralized marketplace is the only marketplace, offering a feasible and efficient real solution to the dream of mankind, i.e. to be at different places at the same time and overcoming the challenges put by time and geographical factors.

Your journey will simply start with a smartphone, held by a native individual (called an Avatar); everything that is heard and seen by this individual (Avatar) is transmitted via a network to the individual (the Usar), who in turn controls the Avatar, so he can be heard, seen or both at a remote place.

To run the entire process, there are directions, given with new-age Graphical User Interface (GUI), influenced over the LIVE streaming video.

 UbiatarPlay info

The summary

This is quite an ambitious project that has captured a million hearts, according to the response to their pre-ICO sale.

This project has interesting potential and if you believe that it could be successful, you should join its ICO. But first, we recommend that you do your due diligence and check their website in detail.

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  • 1
    STEP 1 – ubiatar technology development and worldwide distribution
    This step has already occurred. The ubiatar platform and technology are available; at this
    moment the current online production version is 2.14 The mobile apps for Apple iOS
    products and Android devices are publicly available on the relevant marketplaces. Webbased
    applications, that do not require any installation and run on the fy, are available for
    all the major browsers and are currently working in the feld over any operating system
    and any computer from private homes to big companies, even with closed systems.
    See more at or search for “ubiatar” content on Google, facebook,
    linkedin, twitter, ...
    The concept and the technology have been presented at the Las Vegas CES 2017, raising
    huge interest into the startup investor world and the Silicon Valley ecosystem.
    ICO has been presented at the CES 2018 and during the CES 2019 the working
    marketplace and the AvatarEcommerceServices will be presented to the world
  • 2
    STEP 2 – ICO
    (frst quarter 2018)
    Crowdfunding activity to collect resource to develop the marketplace from the
    technological and commercial point of view and for the following steps. The resources
    collected will be used for software development, blockchain creation and extensive
    promotion to grow the Marketplace user base.
  • 3
    STEP 3 – Marketplace platform development
    (second quarter 2018)
    Software development for the marketplace services: list of users, social network-like user
    pages with images, world map location and description of services ofered and limitation
    to operations that can be performed. Ranking System development and integration.
    The marketplace has been presented at the Las Vegas CES 2018
  • 4
    STEP 4 - Wallet and ubiatar card
    (second quarter 2018)
    We want to give to the users of the Marketplace the option to store value with crypto
    currencies directly into the ubiatar app and use them when they need, even in the real
    world with standard debit cards.
  • 5
    STEP 5 – HumanEmpowermentNetwork°
    (third quarter 2018)
    Start of the marketplace with advertising and special events to spread the knowledge of
    this new platform. Growth hacking initiatives for the rapid dominance of this new market.
    The target of registered users is set at 10.000 unique signups in the frst three months.
    We expect the start of substantial revenues from this phase, with a large part of them
    used for cash & burn to continuously grow the Ubiatar Token value.
    VR platform development, to create a real immersive experience for all Usars and free
    the Avatars form the camera positioning task.
  • 6
    STEP 6 – UbiatarPlayLiveBroadcastWorldwide° campaign
    (third quarter 2018)
    A specifc investment into at least one thousand Avatars that will be paid directly from
    UbiatarPlay to broadcast live from the streets and interesting areas of the places where
    they live. Sponsors will be found to cover in part or in full the amounts of ubiatar coins
    that will be given to the working Avatars.
    This initiative will have two efects:
    1) the creations and ofer to the world of the largest 'TV network' of realtime live video
    streams from all over the planet, something that has never been done until today.
    2) the constant ofer of free video streaming from live streets of the world will be a
    powerful and permanent advertising campaign, leading to clients hiring in realtime (for a
    price) the Avatars to explore interactively the interesting places they will see in the free
  • 7
    STEP 7 – Narrative and creative cross-cultural contests
    (last quarter 2019)
    To create awareness and involvement, UbiatarPlay will sponsor contests to publish the
    most interesting narrative works based on ubiatar technology stories.
    UbiatarPlay will also support cultural exchanges the world over, using its telepresence
    technologies over the HumanEmpowermentNetwork°.
  • 8
    STEP 8 – Partnerships and structures for large AvatarEcommerceServices°
    (frst quarter 2019)
    A subsequent important step is to develop a pervasive AvatarEcommerceServices°
    system, to enter this very lucrative world now exclusive of platform like Amazon.
    By leveraging the Avatars base we will be ofering powerful option to buy item wherever in
    the world, directly from the shops while-you-watch, and have them delivered directly to
    controlling Usars.
    The AvatarEcommerceServices° will be presented at the Las Vegas CES 2019

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