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Votem (VAST) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Voting is an industry—a largely uncovered one. Electronic voting has been deployed in many instances. In one way or the other, non-paper ballot voting has been compromised more than once. There have been many cases of severe, shocking security breaches in a number of jurisdictions. So, specifically speaking, there has to be an ecosystem that should be developed to democratize the democracy itself.

In short, there has to be a process that’ll make voting independent and easily verifiable; a system that’ll push the democratic process toward becoming more accurate, accountable, and dependable.

Such a platform that’s set to revolutionize voting is Votem; this is a remote e-voting system that’ll be designed from the ground up to improve the verifiability of a paper- or an e-based election system. With such a system, voting adoption can go to the next level in the face of rising privacy and hacking concerns.

Votem analysis 

Votem is a blockchain-powered network that’s leveraging its native crypto tokens to change the way citizens are voting today. Because of this ICO project alone, the voting process can achieve an unimaginable level of accessibility, transparency, security, and verifiability. 


The company behind this platform has closely watched the evolution of the blockchain technology. As a result of their astute observations, the core development team has successfully recognized the potential to blend the mobile platform with the blockchain.

The result is an end-to-end ecosystem that’ll store immutable voting data. Up until now, this ecosystem has successfully partnered with a number of municipalities and states in the United States. Many customers have even deployed this voting network in the District of Columbia, State of Montana, City of Detroit, Ohio State Bar Association, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This voting network is powered by blockchain—the same concept that’s backing ArmPack, THEKEYBunnyToken, MedTokens, Play2Live; because of that, it upholds any voting system’s basic elements including, verifiability, security, accessibility, and transparency. 

Votem innovation

When it comes to innovation, Votem brings the blockchain tech to the existing election systems—this sort of integration will rarely be found in the existing ICO list. This blockchain-powered network has positioned itself between tech-savvy blockchain experts and conventional election system manufacturers. The best part is that this revolutionary voting system is designed only after understanding the demands of legislators and election officials and a voter’s behaviors. 

VOTEM sale advisor

CastIron™ Mobile Voting Platform 

The development team behind this platform provides all the functionalities of the Election Management System, or EMS, to support online elections. As a result of this platform, voters and the election managers can reap the following benefits. 

  1. 100-percent verifiability: With this voting platform, advocacy groups, political parties, and election watchdogs can independently validate all the votes. The voters, too, can confirm whether their votes are counted correctly. This elaborate process, increases the chances of preventing election-related corruption and ensuring trust. 
  2. Fault tolerant: The records of the cast votes are stored across the distributed network. As a result, the system becomes fault tolerant and resists any cases of machine-related failures and tampering. This system, further, ensures that the election can be up and running within the defined timeframe. 
  3. Unalterable: All the election-related data are stored immutably on the decentralized ledger—that is, the blockchain. The biggest advantage of storing the data on such a network is that the immutability will be more strongly reinforced with every single vote cast. All in all, this system will ensure that the elections are free from the fear of getting hacked or manipulated at any moment during or after the election. 
  4. Auditable: When it comes to auditing the votes cast, this platform does that job with effortless ease. By using this platform, the blockchain-powered voting ecosystem will record every cast vote in real time. As a result, there’ll be a real-time audit log provided; this log will give the blockchain users the ability to apply auditability at multiple levels.

VOTEM timeline

Votem ICO sale 

The native tokens of this ecosystem will let citizens vote online from their mobile devices. These tokens follow the ERC20 standards and will allow an organization or individual to securely access the Votem platform. The token has all the necessary features and functionalities that’ll be needed to seamlessly operate elections on a decentralized platform. In a way, these native tokens are quite similar to a software license.

Whenever tokens are bought, they can be used for different elections—but only a single token will be used for one election at one point in time. The best part is that the token sale conducted by Votem will comply with SEC, so the legality checkbox is checked then and there.

Other ICO details

  • Ticker : VAST (Verifiability, Accessibility, Security, Transparency)
  • Public pre-sale ICO : February 27, 2018, to March 29, 2018
  • Crowd sale : Late 2018
  • Minimum investment : 1 VAST token
  • Platform : Ethereum
  • KYC and whitelist : KYC
  • Country : USA

Votem team 

This blockchain-enabled election platform was founded by Pete Martin—a successful serial entrepreneur who’s started and sold a number of businesses; the most recent enterprise that Martin has sold, was his consulting firm, and the buyer was KPMG. Thanks to this deal, Martin raised the seed money to begin the development of Votem. Apart from Martin, this ecosystem includes different seasoned, diverse entrepreneurs, experienced election experts, and tenured academics.

Summarizing Votem 

Right now, we’re living in a world that’s governed by really sophisticated technology. Nevertheless, our voting systems are still operating on outdated systems. Many countries still rely on paper ballots for carrying out elections. However, some regions have begun using electronic systems, online voting platforms, and mobile voting mechanisms only to face some serious cases of fraudulence.

Well, Votem seeks to solve all that because it does things differently; because it embraces the blockchain technology just like other ICO projects such as Celsius, SkyChain, Altair, Lendo, ABYSS. Respecting mobility out and out, this blockchain-powered voting ecosystem is accessible via mobile devices as well. So the project looks good—but, still, as always, we recommend you read the whitepaper if you want to join this ICO sale.

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