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World Wifi (WeToken) ICO Review – ICO Token News

Interfacing with one open wifi network in several spots is not yet possible. As the internet is not portable yet, users have to go through privacy or private locking system to access internet facilities. In addition, there are still some difficulties being faced with quick and versatile internet service such as LTE. LTE usually puts limits on their data, speed, and the service is comparatively more expensive. Secondly and in general, internet connections are becoming a lavish business these days. The central control of Internet connections is authorized to only the service providers. Irrespective of whether the demand is high or low, the expansion of productivity is utterly up to them. Lastly, there’s still no concept of financial assets. Many want to profit, but only if people, who have assets, want to share it with them.

World Wifi Intro

WorldWiFi Analysis

  1. WorldWiFi is a decentralized platform, offering free wifi connections through private routers and normally to residents.
  2. Joining this mechanism, users will be able to share their abounding data limit with other users, immediately enabling them to start interfacing.
  3. However, the good news is that with the share of data limits, there will be rewards for providers each time in the form of cryptocurrency.
  4. For enabling this mutual capacity, WorldWiFi makes it a win-win business for everyone who joins.
  5. Within the system of WorldWiFi, while visitor users enjoy free Internet, users who directly subscribe to routers draw a regular income.
  6. Users, who will possess the routers will technically approach many agencies to join the league, making WorldWiFi a global program to join.

The project has been designed to empower one of the most widespread sectors of private housing largely with the use of home routers and also ensure the smooth, quick, and free distribution of Internet to the highly-used zones such as hotels, bus stops, bars, restaurants and cafes.

  1. Secondly, the project is to endow the world with free wifi access, i.e. no privacy or password locked troubles. The creators of WorldWiFi believe that since the world is becoming increasingly digitized, why not make internet access free? All is needed in the process is for users to see a short promotional ad of the company.
  2. The project is to be powered with their native cryptocurrency, known as WeTokens for all promotions. These tokens as highly valuable financial assets and users possessing routers can share their excess data limit with visitor users, enabling them to access the internet free of cost. Each time they share data through routers and show the promotional ad of the company, they will be rewarded in the form of tokens.
  3. Within the ecosystem of WorldWiFi, users who possess routers are made to feel as they are owning a referral system and also being the supervisor. The platform has actually setup a direct and basic algorithm to process additional salaries for the respective users.
  4. The venture also enables advertising agencies to select their audience base through customization and on the basis of their search history, profiles made on varied social media platforms, age, residential territory, sex etc.
  5. Finally, by joining this progressive movement, every single advertiser (who are already the users) will be able to have 100% insights into the project, its potential revenue, and sustainability. Plus, there’ll be a historical directory of all advertisements within the WorldWiFi’s blockchain which can never be duplicated or copied outside.

WorldWiFi’s innovation and technology

There are basically three groups of individuals incorporated within the blockchain of WorldWiFi. These three communities of individuals include the proprietors of the routers, visitor users, and web clients.

Visitor users

Visitor users utilize the platform to access free wifi access from anywhere worldwide. All they are required to do is find a provider nearby and then watch a short advertisement about the company to get online immediately.


Advertising agencies can buy promotional ads on the platform of WorldWiFi, but of course with the use of WeTokens. Promoters are allowed to access preferred territories and local areas to target. Moreover, each of the promotions will rule the screen of their gadgets, providing a more engaging visitors’ community than the standard type of advertisements.

Router proprietors

Router proprietors will join the platform first and reach out to advertising agencies to persuade them to benefit from WorldWi-Fi. Router proprietors can also share their excess data limit to the visitor users and earn WeTokens in return.

World Wifi Bonuses

Why is WorldWiFi a good project?

This project is a decentralized free wifi network backed by blockchain technology which operates on the basis of the collective endeavours of the blockchain community. Its ecosystem will share free internet to visitor users/web clients in exchange for WeTokens.

By enabling the world to access free internet connections, the creators are contributing to the world’s development. The internet is one of the most extensive private housing territories, which should be more affordable, smooth, and quick to access from anywhere around the globe.

How do WeTokens work?

The venture runs on three connections to the blockchain – the visitor users, router proprietors, and the advertising agencies. The router proprietors are the ones to provide additional internet access to the visitor users, enabling them to enjoy internet services at no cost. However the connection would be different from the general home network.

The router proprietors may also set some parameters such as the browsing speed, the total number of promotional ads to be watched, and the number of connections to be distributed. Visitor users, who are linked to the public access points, are to watch the promotional ad of WorldWiFi first before being able to get online.

This ecosystem features a brilliant user-targeting attribute that helps choose their users through the information found on their social media platforms, search history, and where they are located. The router proprietors are paid on the basis of how many times they have showed the promotional ads, and to how many users. In a nutshell, anyone who has been an active user of WorldWiFi benefits from the platform in the long run.

Current operations on the platform

The project already has certain projects running, called as Adrenta and Radius Wi-Fi. They are concentrated around wifi promotions on public access points. This venture already has operations in 80 urban areas across the globe, managed and supervised by more than 100 staff along with 100 partners. In the last year, WorldWiFi has witnessed an increment in the number of their wifi access points by 7.84%. Adrenta deserves a mention here as it has above 14, 000 active and functioning networks linked to it, along with 100 active partners.

World Wifi Token

Token pre-sale details

Transactions on this platform are powered by crypto tokens called WeTokens. This is their utility currency.

  1. 1 WeToken -> 10 ads = USD0.1 during the token sale.
  2. WeTokens are presently provided at discounted price since the current market rate of 10 WorldWiFi ad impressions is USD0.3.
  3. A total of 258,000,000 tokens have been supplied by the company to be sold during the pre-sale and main ICO.
  4. The WorldWiFi pre-sale has already commenced and the main ICO has been scheduled shortly too.
  5. All undistributed tokens will expire as the ICO ends.
  6. The main ICO has been scheduled between April 18, 2018 and May 18, 2018.

Benefits of WeTokens

The world is seeking smooth and fast internet access while this project is all about empowering the world with free access to the wifi network. WorldWiFi is concentrated on resolving advertisers’ problems too. By joining the platform, advertisement agencies can make a purchase of ads that suit their audience and needs.

As far as the internet is concerned, people still face limitations on data usage and speed especially in developing countries. Additionally, there are international roaming fees that are always increasing. WorldWiFi aims to provide free internet to global users. By joining such a progressive movement, even home router proprietors can generate additional income for themselves.

Advertisers are currently facing problems due to the presence of intermediaries and their expensive fees. Apart from that, agencies are unable target all options, as they know it will not be as effective as it should be. As a result, advertisers can’t say who has watched their ads and what exactly they are paying for.

On the platform of World WiFi, advertisers are allowed to make the choice of who should view their ads through an extensive analysis of their social media profiles, search history, sex, age and residential locations. Advertising agencies will then be able to run various ads at a lower cost on free wifi than on social media platforms and search engines. Moreover, this way, the agencies can expect more ad impressions.

As the entire system is to be operated on blockchain technology (similar to other ICO tokens such as Onyx, JOYSO, FRIENDZ, Ponder, BunnyToken, RepuX, Phoneum, Cibus, there’s going to be better transparency, higher security, and improved reliability as it concerns the distribution of information.

World Wifi Token Sale Scheme

ICO details

The venture is already going through their pre-sale token phase. Tokens are powered by ERC20 and 1 WeToken equals 10 ad impressions on the platform, which further equals USD0.1 at the pre-sale stage.

Here are the dates and details of the ICO:

  • Token symbol : WeToken
  • Pre-sale : Ongoing
  • ICO starts date : April 18, 2018
  • ICO end date : May 18, 2018

World Wifi team


World WiFi is a universal project, developed through the mutual efforts of the blockchain community. This ecosystem is built on the premise of privately-owned routers, of which most are residential. Users, who possess these routers, also allowed to share their excess data limit with visitor users linked with public access points, with an ad shown before accessing the internet. On this platform everyone benefits, whether it be router owners, guest users or advertisers (who will be able to choose their audience on the basis of some significant facts).

In a nutshell, this entire program is to provide free wifi to the masses worldwide. Any business organizations, or individual involved in the WorldWiFi network will benefit in the end. Furthermore, since it is based on the blockchain such as Enlte, Adblurb, BlockFood, ECOS, World Wifi, PumaPay, ShopIn, Phoneum, there is no fear of data loss, fraudulence, and low-grade security.

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